How To Dry Your Clothes Without A Dryer?

Whether your dryer has malfunctioned or you are searching for ways to save energy, drying clothes without a dryer is not as hard as it may seem to many.

Also, drying clothes without a dryer augments the life or longevity of your clothing, decreases your carbon footprint, and saves a lot of space in small apartments. Generally, in the warmer months of the year, clothes will air dry outside in almost the same amount of time as it takes you to dry a load of laundry using a tumble dryer.

11 Ways to dry your clothes without a dryer:

Preferable to dry your clothes without a dryer?

As assumed by most of us,heat is not the only factor that aids in the drying process of clothes.A warm summer day may seem perfect for drying up your laundry but trust me other factors also contribute to the science of air drying your clothes.

Hang Your Clothes To Dry

Mostly apartments don’t offer much space to hang-dry your clothes so we recommend you to invest in a drying rack-that folds up and hangs on a wall for easy storage- or you can buy some retractable clotheslines.They are braided and made up of stainless steel,will only cost you approximately $10 each and can be pulled back and put away when not in use.

If you don’t get along with these two things, you can always show a little creativity and hang your clothes on things around your home. A shower rod and dining chairs would do great!

Pro Tip: In an attempt to avoid having a musty smell all around your home,you need to make sure that air flow is enabled by keeping the windows open or the fan on.

Use A Hairdryer

If you are in search of a quick and effective way to dry your clothes, maybe while getting late for an important meeting, a hairdryer can come in handy! No cap, a hairdryer does wonders.

All you need to do is take your wet clothes and place them on a flat surface. Now hold the hairdryer near the garment and dry it spot by spot with hot or warm air. Change the sides of the clothing frequently so that it dries out completely.

That’s pretty much it, you are good to go!

However, if your laundry load is a lot, then this may not be the most feasible option for you. We don’t want you to be spending your day away holding your hairdryer and cursing at us for giving you this idea.

Pro Tip: If a single spot is exposed to the heat of the hairdryer for too long, it can cause damage and we are sure you do not want that.

Use Inflatable Hangers

People prefer using them in conjunction with the clotheslines. They keep the garments separated which allows greater airflow and saves space too as many hangers can be hanged on the clothesline simultaneously.

Pro Tip: Use them while traveling as hotel rooms never have enough space for the big bags of clothes we bring along with us!

The Iron And Towel Trick

It’s one of the simplest ways to dry your clothes without using a tumble dryer. You just have to lay your article of clothing on the iron stand and place a towel on top of it. Next, you got to iron the towel firmly on both sides with high heat.

Within no time your garment will be ready for you to wear!

Pro Tip: Don’t iron the clothing directly when it’s dripping wet as it can cause real damage to both the iron.

Strategic Drying

In order to take out maximum water from your clothes, you can shake the water out before hanging them. Not only will it reduce the moisture, but make them wrinkle-free too!

We all know that crumpled clothes can take a bit longer to get dried up.

Pro Tip: Try to set up your drying rack or clothesline near a source of heat such as a fireplace or a window that is exposed to direct heat from the sun.

Use An Oven

Yes, you read it right! You can use an oven to dry small articles of clothing. However, this method is only preferred for small articles of clothing, for example, socks, and gloves and it can take up to an hour to make them completely dry.

Still, if you want to give it a try, you have to preheat your oven to 100 degrees. Place the garments on a baking sheet and put them inside the oven when it gets heated. Don’t forget to turn the oven off!

Pro Tip: Wring out your clothing before placing it in the oven.

Use A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can assist you to dry your clothes faster than any other method. It uses the humidity of the room to dry clothes. This is perfect for drying your laundry indoors! Moisture will evaporate rapidly from your damp clothes in a dry room.

Pro Tip: Dehumidifiers can use a lot of energy if you keep them switched on constantly for a long period of time, so turn them off as soon as you use them.

Invest In A Heated Rack

This is a new invention that saves up space and dries your clothes faster than you can imagine! It uses about 300 watts of energy that is about a tenth of the energy required by a tumble dryer. Also, it can hold up to 33 pounds of damp clothes and has certain customizable features too!

Pro Tip: We are sure you don’t want to get your house damp and musty so use it only when necessary as it takes the moisture from the clothes and releases it into the atmosphere.

Clothes drying with the Sun:

Clothes dry much quicker in the sunshine as the water evaporates by the free energy provided by solar radiation.Evaporation is when the liquid or water in this case is turned into a vapour and the water disappears.

Moreover, when the water is warm it tends to evaporate more quickly than when it is cool.That is the reason why the heat from the sun helps to dry clothes within no time.

Clothes drying from wind:

Another essential factor that contributes towards the air drying process of the clothes is wind.

The greater the speed of wind,the greater the evaporation, the particles of water vapour move away with the wind,thereby decreasing the amount of water vapours in the surroundings.Hence,you might see clothes getting dried up faster on a windy day.

Clothes  drying with Precipitation and Humidity:

It’s true that high levels of humidity in the air make the drying process a little longer than usual.However, sometimes a cold and dry winter day might dry up your clothes a lot faster than those long humid days of summer!

Well, we have got your back if you are living a dryer-free life! Check out these strategically amazing methods of drying clothes without a dryer.

But why is it preferable to dry your clothes without a dryer?

  • Dryers are an expensive investment and it may take a long time to pay the debts off if you sometimes buy one. Anyone would agree that hanging clothes on a clothesline outside in your garden or on your terrace is a much much cheaper option than investing in something huge like a dryer! We are sure you want to save some money, let’s do it this way! Does the same job but in the quarter the money, so why not?
  • It is an established fact that all machines are not of the same capacity. That being said,it is possible that your dryer is of a lesser capacity than your washing machine which would make you divide the bigger loads into smaller ones and the entire objective of drying clothes fast will not be achieved. You basically will be putting in double the time.
  • Tumble dryers use a lot of energy which can add up to your utility bills. On the contrary,the clothesline and other dryer-free methods dry your clothes free of cost and do not use up energy.
  • It’s possible that your dryer increases the humidity level inside your house which means that you would have to install a vent pipe adding up to the overall cost.
  • Another important factor is that a dryer may not be suitable for all clothes.For instance,delicate clothes may shrink in size on repeated exposure to heat from the dryer; synthetic fabrics get full of static electricity after getting dried up in a dryer;woolen fabrics do not get dried up completely in the dryer and clothes with elastic may wear out earlier than expected.
  • Due to the rare availability of dryers,it can be costly to repair them once they get broken or start to malfunction.
  • Dryers make a lot of noise that can be a cause of disturbance for many.
  • Maintenance costs increase by the frequent cleaning of lint filters.


After reading all this information, you might have come to the conclusion that dryers are a luxury and not a necessity.

Let’s just be honest here, we are all better off with a dryer for sure! Drying clothes without your clothes without a dryer is far more advantageous than drying them up with it. So try these tricks out and we are sure you are going to love them!