Best UV Phone Sanitizer | Do UV Phone Sanitizers Work?

The best phone sanitizer and screen cleaner should be the one that is able to give you an almost 100% cleansing of not only the dust and grime but also the viruses and bacteria.

Your phone can be one potential source of germs transfer, and we believe a good phone sanitizer should work at a microscopic level and also clean the grooves and holes on the phones which are the hotbeds of germs.

For this purpose, we selected a few UV sanitizers which claimed to give you a germ-free phone after sanitizing with the devices.

We decided to test their claims and after careful experimenting, we selected the best option for the phone sanitizer and screen cleaner.

And as for the question, Do UV phone sanitizers work? We brought you the product that does.

PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer

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Meet the PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer, a very good option. A UV phone sanitizer that really works well. And may I say a recommended gadget for men and woman.

Our Criteria

We only had one focus in our mind that do UV phone sanitizers work for real or is it cheaper and easier to simply use a disinfectant wipe.

So we decided to test the results by taking a swab culture and testing it in a laboratory.

The before and after cultures helped us to choose our pick.

We also considered the ease of use and portability of the devices.

This phone sanitizer and screen cleaner was the only one that gave us the results to the satisfaction of our minds. The sanitizer worked wonders on not only the surfaces but in the deeper crevices and holes. This device employs revolutionary UV rays technology in the best effective way and zaps the bacteria in no time at all.

Why It Is the Best

It is the only product that gave us 99.99% results after only a few minutes of sanitizing the phone. We have made this claim by taking culture swabs before and after the sanitizing and then testing it in the laboratory.

Two UV Light Bulbs

There are two UV light bulbs one in the lid or roof of the container and other in the bottom or floor, covered with UV transparent glass. The reflective interior makes sure that the light generated by the two bulbs reaches the deeper cracks and crevices and even the jacks and holes. So you can rest assured that your phone is super clean even in the areas where you can’t reach easily. And usually, those places are the breeding places for all kinds of germs.

Fits Every Kind of Phone

This is a very thoughtful design as it ensures that you can fit larger phones as easily as you fit the smaller ones. And if you can fit, you may sanitize anything you fancy. For instance, your money, keys, flash drives, credit cards, etc.

Stay Healthy

With the use of PhoneSoap UV sanitizer, you can eliminate one big source of germs.

During the flu season, there is every risk of transferring the germs from your hands to your face via your phone. At those times, this device may become a very useful gadget, and you can use it anywhere there is a plugging-in facility.

The phone actually feels squeaky clean once you are done with it.

Outstanding Features

  • You can charge your phone while the phone is being cleaned in the device.
  • It saves a great hassle because you already have to charge your phone and charging the phone via this device does two jobs at a time.
  • The device boasts two USB ports for charging anything including your phone or some other device while the sanitizer is doing its own job.
  • It is very simple and easy to use. Once you close the lid after putting on your phone, all you have to do is to wait and look for the light to go off and your phone is sanitized.

Who Is It for?

We will say it is for every person with a phone. Our phones travel with us to virtually every place we visit. You cannot even exclude restrooms and bathrooms. In fact, our phones are sometimes the source of entertainment and amusement while we are doing our business in such places.

We wash our hands afterward, but I am sure no one has thought about washing the phones.

Our phones work like little Petri dishes in our pockets for culturing and breeding germs from different sources. But this phone sanitizer and screen cleaner give you a tension-free ride when you are using public transport or a public restroom.

Dropped your phone in the toilet?

Eww, Gross! But not anymore, when you can sanitize your phone to 99.9% of your satisfaction. All you need is to plug in the device and put your phone in it for about 5 minutes, and you are good to go. Your phone actually feels sparkling clean and you can easily shake off the gross feeling that never goes away even with the vigorous use of a wipe or a disinfectant.
Hassle-free sanitizing for Doctors and Nurses

You can never be too clean if you are a healthcare professional and with your phones in your pockets, you can never ensure that. But with the use of phone sanitizer and screen cleaner, there is no worry anymore of transferring germs from one patient to another.

Do UV Phone Sanitizers Work?

Still, wondering about this same question, the answer is a big YES. And we have laboratory results to prove it.

The revolutionary technology uses UV rays which acts as an ultimate killer for bacteria on the exposure of even 10 seconds.

UV rays are harmless for people when exposure is of less than 8 hours

So you need not worry about causing any harm to yourself. Your cells are far stronger and resistant than the germs when it comes to UV rays. And we believe this exclusivity of UV rays can be employed in other areas as well to clean our workspaces and homes.

Summing Up

After some careful testing on a number of devices, we were able to answer the doubts about the question do UV phone sanitizers work? They work, but the best among them is PhoneSoap 3 UV Cell Phone Sanitizer which apparently works wonders with your phones.

You can have an ultra-clean phone with this device as it zaps 99.99% of the germs and bacteria.

It can also accommodate the phones of every size and the two USB ports for charging make it a very thoughtful design. It is a great investment as it ensures your good health by destroying a potential breeding ground of germs.