Kiierr vs Revian Hair Growth Helmet

Let us face it, we all know that hair loss sucks! But now the question appears what to do when there are thousands of hair loss products available in the market. Multiple studies have proven that laser caps are one the most tremendous ways to prevent your hair loss and for the people who are going bald with no side effects.

Different studies have also proven that the Hair Hero formula used in these laser caps helps hair grow faster, thicker, and stronger. But there is only one condition and that is you have to use them regularly.

A survey conducted in 2019 shows that more than 80% of the male say that hair loss reduces their confidence and self-esteem and that’s why in today’s article we will be comparing the best laser cap companies Kiierr vs Revian that will help you to regrow your hair.  If that sounds interesting to you then let us compare them.

Comparing Revian with Kiierr Laser Hair Growth Cap

Duration of Therapy30 minutes every other day10 minutes per day
Treatment19000 treatmentsNot mentioned
SizesOrdinary and XLOnly comes in 1 size
Guarantee and Warranty7 months money back Guarantee and 2 years warranty6 months money back guarantee and 12 months warranty (Conditions may apply)


Both of them offer laser caps but they use different technologies to regrow your hair. Revian works on dual-band all LED technology that covers all the scalp while on the other hand, Kiierr uses laser diodes.

The two different wavelengths are used by Revian in their Led technology which is better than other competitors but when you compare them with Kiierr they are a step behind because Kiierr uses laser diodes to treat hair development and laser diodes produce better and faster results. Furthermore, they used lithium-ion batteries which provide great battery life to their cap.

Kiierr uses a 5mW laser that covers the whole scalp while revian uses 2 different wavelengths to cover the whole scalp. 1 wavelength produces Nitric oxide while the other produces L-Arginine to promote hair growth.


Both Kiierr and Revian follow all the rules and safety patterns and that’s why both of them have been approved by the Food Drug Administration and Center for Devices and Radiological Health ( CDRH ). Hence you can be rest assured because both of them are safe to use.

Both of these companies shared very similar aspects with different features hence now we will be going to compare them both side by side. By this, you can easily choose the perfect fit for yourself. Furthermore, in the end, we will also provide you with pros and cons as well. So let us start comparing them both side by side.

Difference In Guarantee and Warranty

Revian offers a 6 monthly money back guarantee which gives you a mental peace that your money is secured with them. Not only they offer a 6 months guarantee but if you don’t like their product and it wont work for yourself then you can return it to them with no questions asked. Furthermore, they also provide you with 12 months of warranty period with some conditions that apply. Conditions such as manufacturing defects etc. The warranty period will start from the date of delivery and if you find any manufacturing defects you can also replace it with them. Sounds so convenient, Right?

While on the other hand, Kiierr offers 7 months of guarantee and 2 years of a warranty time period. But there are some conditions that will apply if you want to claim their 7 months of a guarantee time period. Such as if you want to claim the guarantee then you have to prove to them that thor laser caps would not work on you. You can prove it to them by providing before and after pics and the duration of those pics is 7 months. Furthermore, you also have to claim the shipment charges if you return their product to them as well.

Differences in Sizes

Both of the laser caps offer different sizes for different scalps. Revian offers only one size that is ideal for most customers and it has a very light weight of 5.44 ounces which is very slim and light as compared to its competitors.

While on the other hand 3 different sizes and their ordinary and XL sizes are among their best-selling list. Their laser cap is also slim and stylish and has a weight of only 5 pounds.

Difference in Products

Kiierr offers their caps in 2 different variants such as 142 and 272 laser diodes, laser caps. While on the other hand, Revian offers only one cap with 2 different wavelengths by Led in one size and that is why we again have a clear winner between Kiierr vs Revian but wait there’s more. There is a major big difference that will be the game-changer for many consumers and that is Revian requires only 10 minutes to work while on the other hand, Kiier requires 30 minutes. As you know that you have to use both of these caps daily for several months to see the proper result and 20 min is a major difference that you need to consider before choosing the best one.

Differences in Return Approaches

Revian offers a 6 monthly return policy with no questions asked. If their product does not work on you within a duration of six months you can return it to them. While on the other hand Kiierr offers a 14 days return policy from the day of the delivery with no question asked as well.

Winner:- Revian

Difference in Prices

Revian caps cost 1495$. Yeah I know that sounds expensive, they are very durable and stylish and offer a 12 months warranty period. There are many testimonials on their websites that show that many people have been using their caps for over 3 years now and won’t face any issue in the given time period. Whale on the other hand Kiier offers two different variants; its base model which is 148 starts at 595$ and the premium model which is 272 goes all the way up to 845$. So, in price comparison between Revian and Kiierr we have a clear winner.

How to use both of these hair helmets?


There is no rocket science involved when you use the revian cap all you just need to do is follow these steps mentioned below.

  1. Put the Revian cap on to your head
  2. Open Bluetooth
  3. Connect the Cap with Bluetooth
  4. Download their mobile app
  5. Open the 10 minutes timer and start

Using the Revian mobile app is just like plug and play and it is very simple as well.


Using the Kiierr laser cap is very simple as well. Just follow the simple and easy steps mentioned below to use Kiierr.

  1. Unload all the components from the pack
  2. Place the hair cap module into the ball cap/shell
  3. Connect the USB from both the power cap and hair cap module
  4. When its completely charger put it on to you head
  5. Turn on it and it will start and automatically turn off within 10 minutes.

How do they work?


The lasers radiate low light treatment to the skin’s tissue on the scalp. Thus, the blood starts stimulating the scalp. The blood circulation will provide oxygen to the air follicles that help in regrowth. When the light goes in the scalp the cells absorb the light and start protein synthesis. When the damaged cells get healthy again, they again start the regrowth process.


Revian uses LEDs to cover the whole scalp. They use lights of 2 different wavelengths, 1 of 620 nm and the other is 660nm which is safe and approved by FDA. Both of these waves provide nitric oxide to your hair and enhance the hair cells to grow again naturally and due to this natural procedure, these hairs are thicker and stronger. Furthermore, to increase the period of this procedure they also use DHT.

Duration of Therapy

Kiierr therapy sessions consist of 30 minutes and you need to use it once in 2 days to work effectively. 30minutes are significant and recommended for diodes to work effectively.

Because Revian uses LEDs that is why you can use it every day for just 10mins and their mobile app will also remind you daily and track your progress as well.