4 Ways To Kill The Awkward Silence And Start A Conversation

Ever wondered what are things to talk about with a girl? What do you do if you are left alone with your wife’s friend? And trust me; she doesn’t even have good taste. That is real torture. How do you kill the awkward silence?

You can’t even push the curtains forward to avoid her and tell her; hey I am not interested much in talking, leave me alone! You just can’t do that.

And let’s not forget to mention that super awkward moment when your mother leaves you alone with your relative (you know nothing about) and she keep staring at you with big eyes waiting for you to start talking about something.

Being around friends is so much easier and so much fun too. But at times, you do come across people, you know nothing about and you need to perk up the conversation, kill the silence and create a chatty environment.

And sadly, sometimes the burden falls all on you. I still remember that I actually sucked at making new friends at college. I still wonder how I made friends?!

I am certainly bad at killing awkward silence and slowly, as I have learned how to kill it here I am, ready to share some easy and quick ways with you! so the next time, you are left alone with your wife’s friends, you actually talk so much that they might think twice before they drop out at your place.

Saying “I am not visible here, avoid me”, won’t rescue you at all. So it is better to take off that awkward silence curtain and embrace a bit of conversation! Anyways the following are the main points which give you ways to kill the awkward silences.


Observation is an art, seriously!

And the first step to breaking the ice with people you have just met (strangers basically), is to observe before you let something out of your mouth.

And observing a lot might look weird so don’t stare directly at places you know.

Also ask yourself what kind of things interests you, what do you like, what the thing that you can blabber on continuously, I mean if you are into cellphones then you might want to break the ice by asking them; “which phone are you using? I just got the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.” see my point?

But observe first, see if you can find anything; like if there is a guy wearing a Rolex, you can say something like “Wow, what a nice watch” or even crack a lame joke “O 10 brands, I guess time is money.” And then you fake that laugh also.

Observations like these will make breaking the ice much better.

Conversation Ratio:

No, I am not going to do the math here. I hate it myself!

But your conversations with someone who is all new to you should be more about them or else about you.

Let’s say the conversation ratio should be: 2:1. Like 2 is their ratio and 1 is yours!

If you talk more about yourself, then you are a definite wannabe.

And that is what strangers won’t like about you and as soon as you leave the room; they will probably just love it. And if you just keep on babbling about yourself, the conversation might turn into; “how should I shut this narcissist down” rather than how to break the ice.

Catch my drift?

Let me go at it another simple way. Don’t talk too much, let the other person speak too and give his/her opinion too.

Even psychology says it, that if you try to impress someone a lot, the impression really goes down the aisle for you.

You don’t get evaluated, you basically get judged a lot. So try to talk more about the person with whom you are trying to break the ice with.

Praise them:

I know, this sounds so cheesy but trust me, extroverts love this like hell.

Don’t really try it with introvert because they catch your game too early and you don’t even realize that you have been caught.

How are you going to get to know whether they are extrovert or not? Well, see the first heading!

The first point (an art of observation) will get you through this.

Introverts don’t like small conversations; as soon as you say “hey I love your haircut”, you will get to know whether they are an extrovert or not. The smaller the answer and the cheesier the smile; you get it, right?

Don’t look for Similarities – Look for Differences:

There is beauty in differences and all those people who tell you to end it all with him/her on a good note because you have nothing in common. The point is that you don’t have anything in common with your bro even!

Why expect people to be similar when everyone is totally different?

If the other person has nothing in common with you, that is no barrier at all. Try to learn something from your differences. Talk about your differences and make the conversation grow.

You can certainly break the ice while weighing the differences. Just make sure that you don’t turn the convo into an argument.


So I guess now you know what are things to talk about with a girl. How I hated when I was left alone with people, I knew nothing about. It was nothing less than a torture and I even hated it when they tried to break the ice. Why didn’t they let me stay isolated?

Well, in all phases of life, you can’t just stay isolated forever. However, having some techniques to help you along the way is really good. Now you can even talk to a guy/girl in a coffee shop or anywhere for that matter easily!

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