5 Turbulent Personality Characteristics

5 Turbulent Personality Characteristics: When talking about personality types, thinking in terms of ‘good’ and bad’ is kind of problematic and is not really appreciated. There are no good or bad types of personalities, only different ways of looking and interpreting life.

Having a turbulent personality means that you are ore likely to be self-conscious and in some cases perfectionists.  People having a turbulent personality are really concerned about their abilities and how other people might perceive them.

It can clearly be seen that the turbulent personality variant is often un-welcomed but that is only because the turbulence is often perceived as having a weak personality. That is not true at all! Turbulent people have their own set of strengths and weaknesses and unlike some assertive people, turbulent people can live up to their fullest potential.

Note: Turbulent personality basically mostly are ESTJ Type Personality. (We have compiled a blog post comprising of all the characteristics of a turbulent personality so you can learn and clear your misconceptions about turbulent people).

5 Characteristics of turbulent personality

People with turbulent personality traits normally have so many strengths, maybe so many that sometimes they have a hard time recognizing them and it might create an imbalance in their life.

Always striving for the better

Turbulent people are generally known to be individuals who always feel the need to be more and have more.

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This is caused by their internal drive to push themselves to the limit.

They experience a broad range of emotions and sometimes might even find it hard to control them.

On one hand, this is a positive trait because everyone should be working to makes themselves better every day.

The problem arises when you tend to never settle and are always trying to achieve more in life.

These people are so much concerned about the outcomes of a certain thing that they forget to live and enjoy at the moment.

Sometimes you just have to let things be but these people are success-driven which might be one of the main reasons that they are rarely ever happy.

They are always trying to achieve the best and sometimes they are unable to appreciate the small things they achieve on a daily basis.

Overlooking your small achievements can create a lack of satisfaction.

Sensitive to their surroundings

Turbulent people are known to be more anxious.

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Their anxiety normally stems from their sensitivity to their surroundings.

Sometimes this sensitivity might lead to the ‘spotlight effect’.

Not everybody appreciates the spotlight effect.

Turbulent people do not like the feeling of having all eyes on them.

They are not entirely wrong on this one.

People judge each other on things as simple as their color or caste without having the slightest idea of the profound experiences it can have on someone’s life.

Their sensitivity to potential problems can b pretty useful, unless that ends up being the only thing they think about.

They always have their eyes on what might go wrong instead of looking at the positive factors of what might go right!

We have all heard the saying: ‘first impression is the last impression’.

Assertive people do not really care about this fact because in reality, you do not know what the other person might like in your personality so they tend to be themselves.

But when it comes to turbulent people, they try their best to make an interesting, long-lasting, likable impression.

For example, while going on a first date or meeting a client for the first time, turbulent people tend to keep in mind all the factors that might affect their first impression and think about offering the best they can.

While the anxiety of a turbulent personality is really exhausting for themselves.

It is the pressure of their anxiety that makes them to leave an impression of a person who cares enough to prepare for something that matters.

Turbulent people are concerned about the details and they spend a lot of time to make things perfect.


Turbulent people are without a doubt, perfectionists.


They try their best to make things perfect.

Sometimes they think that their achievements, no matter how big they maybe are never adequate for their current role.

Turbulent people are very enthusiastic about whatever they are doing.

They are very hardworking and goal-oriented and this is the reason for their success in the professional world.

They are very concerned about the little details that other people might look over.

They prioritize their work over self-care to a point where they ignore the healthy boundaries that develop a balance between self-care and professional achievements.

Sometimes turbulent people rely on their professional lives so much in order to avoid feeling deeper emotions.

They might think of their work as a scapegoat from the emotional world.

Turbulent people constantly evaluate and re-evaluate themselves.

The good part about this is that they are less likely to experience meteoric rises in their lives which also means that their successes are also less likely to come crashing to the ground.

Turbulent people accept new responsibilities reluctantly because when they do something they make sure that it is done in a perfect manner and this might push them to a point of exhaustion.

This pressure might force them to reject new responsibilities.

Worrying too much and overthinking

Turbulent people are the biggest example of over-thinkers.

Fear of being judged

They are always over analyzing stuff.

They are always questing for self-improvement and if someone advises them to worry less, it always has the opposite effect on them.

They even worry about worrying too much.

They care about the smallest things that are why they are almost always stressed.

Turbulent people do not deal with stress in a healthy way.

They have worrying thoughts about almost everything.

Overthinking might be one of their biggest problems.

For example, if they are invited to dinner.

They will start stressing about long before the day comes, they will be putting a lot of thought in hat they will wear, how will they go, at what time they should be there?

In short, they worry too much even about the trivial things.

They are so concerned about achieving their goals and fulfilling the purpose of the role they are currently in.

If their goals for a specific day or month are not achieved, they are likely to overlook all the small things they did achieve and might think of the day or the month as a complete failure.

While doing a certain task, they are really concerned about the outcomes.

They are not very optimistic about life.

They expect the worst to happen even if they have done everything they could.

Some people might consider this as good practice so that you do not get disappointed when the worst because you already predicted it!


What Exactly is the fear of being judged?

Assertive personalities are more likely to be satisfied with their circumstances.

But when it comes to a turbulent personality they always have this feeling that something is missing.

The have the constant feeling to be more, to have more, and sometimes the efforts they make to satisfy this need might get exhausting for them as well as the people around them.

While this practice is often exhausting, their ambitions are rewarded with success and achievements, and only achieving their goals perfectly can make them happy.

Turbulent personalities have contingencies that often lead to their success whereas the ‘go with the flow’ attitude of assertive people can be sometimes disastrous.

Turbulent people have the need to master everything which often helps them to be ready for unexpected events that life might throw at us.

Where dissatisfaction is looked down upon it can also become a way for you to learn and master new skills that may help you in the longer run.

Turbulent people are goal-driven and because of this they are pretty hard on themselves and push themselves to a point where they are able to achieve their goals.


  1. Is being turbulent a bad thing?

No, being turbulent is definitely not a bad thing. In a way, turbulence can be looked as at being more adjustable and concerned about certain things in your life.

  1. Can a turbulent personality become assertive?

Yes, a turbulent personality can become assertive. It is something you can change by changing your perspectives and reactions to the situations around you.

  1. Is it better to be assertive or turbulent?

None of these types can be classified as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

You can be either assertive or turbulent but always remember balance is the key to having a good life.

Excess on anything can be dangerous.

Final Thoughts

All the above-mentioned characteristics have both positive and negative aspects but anything in excess can turn out be disastrous. Turbulent people need to learn to balance their professional and emotional lives.

These people also should try not to control everything because sometimes you just have to let things be and just wait for the outcome. We cannot always force things to be according to us and that is the beauty of life.

Overthinking about everything is not going to solve your problems. Turbulent people need to be optimistic at times so they are able to appreciate small things and achievements in their life.

Go a little easy on yourself so that you can live and enjoy in the moment rather than being constantly worried about the future and what it might bring.

We hope that this article was helpful in learning about some interesting facts about turbulent people!

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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