5 types of horrible & manipulative bosses & 5 ways to deal with them

So how to deal with a manipulative boss? So it’s that same, old Monday morning and you have somehow managed to drag yourself out of bed. And you are back on that “extremely dull” and boring desk of yours.

Where a lot of people might be feeling happy about the Monday and seem to be in an extremely productive mood; you just don’t seem to be fitting in that atmosphere. And what else had to be added to that sickening environment?

You hear a familiar shoe sound, which is nearing your desk. You pretend to be indulged in the files that are assigned to you today but your mind and heart know that there is nothing that can be done now.

The door shuts loudly and one by one, the phones on someone or the other’s desk starts to ring. The boss has arrived! What could be more horrible on a Monday? Actually, that is what makes a Monday horrible, right?

Let’s just think of some good and leader like bosses…they are hard to find but they still do exist, okay? Just don’t lose hope. But then again, the majority sucks.

And you have gotta deal with it anyhow. So it is better to stop crawling behind the desk and learn how to tackle with the variety of horrible bosses that are available these days! It sounds like I am promoting a new product here, doesn’t it?

Just don’t despair, okay? There are different ways to handle different horrible bosses. The mean ones and the difficult ones and the list just go on and on. But you can handle them all…all you need is some tips to get it done.

How to deal with a manipulative boss

Here is a list of all the common types of Horrible Bosses that we come across now and then along with some tips as to how you can handle them so that your life is not that HARD!

The Bully Boss:

Every boss is the bully, right? But then there are the specific ones. They are just too intimidating. They are always found shouting at you and the entire staff.

They are just so scary that no one seems to be in a very good or productive mood around them.

Everyone just seems to be going on! The bully bosses don’t even listen to ideas.

They use aggressive words and expressions to make sure that they are being heard. So in all, they are the perfect bullies.


A lot of you might think that there is no solution to such retards but there is. You can handle them! They are certainly scary but you sitting down because of them are going to give them the power to stand up for you. Make sure that you bring your ideas up and speak up. They might listen to you. Just make sure that you don’t act like the boss; you obviously need to be polite.

By staying professional, you are likely going to handle the situation. If they yell, calm them down and ask them politely to listen to you first. If all of this fails; just know that you need this job and it is good to stay out of their way. Just work with all your heart for that salary that you need!

Micro-Manager Bosses:

These bosses are the ones which seem to be sitting right next to you. Or maybe they make it seem like it. They are going to listen to everything you say around or maybe listen to all the calls that you make.

They keep poking their nose into everything you do and make you start losing your interest and confidence. They are more like the murders of work spirit.


Micro-manager bosses are better because they are always just concerned with the work. They aren’t the extremely intimidating type. So the best way to tackle them is to provide them with what they need. Just give it to them before they ask for it. Try doing it with extreme excellence and maybe a bit before the deadline.

Such bosses love to listen to new plans and want their employees to update them. So you can try doing that as well, to be in their good books. You need to prove yourself. You can also ask them politely that he, monitoring you, is making you uncomfortable. There are 20-30% chances that they might listen.

3-Workaholic Bosses:

They didn’t become bosses, just like that you know! They had this illness of working all the time, which made them stand in the boss seat. Anyways, the workaholic bosses are the first ones to be in the office and the last ones to leave as well.

They just do everything at their desk. They could just arrange a pooping system close to their desk even. You know what I mean right? Their head is always crawled down in their keyboards.

They are the ones who will send you work-emails on Saturday mornings, leaving you all guilty and stuff.


Such bosses want everyone to prioritize work. But just because your workaholic boss puts everything aside for work, doesn’t mean that you have to do that as well. You are just supposed to play on his orders while you are in the office premises.

After that, you are a free bird. You can relax outside of the office and ditch his calls now and then. The weekend comes after long 5 days and just stays for 2 days!

Don’t work over lunch breaks and turn off your email alerts once you step outside. If anything urgent is up, your boss might ring you for that. Work hard and put in all of your efforts when you are at your desk and leave all the worries behind when you are out of it.

Politician Bosses:

Politician bosses can be termed as coward ones as well as they put their needs and demands upfront! They want to be heard at the very first time. They are going to act all candy floss and sweet on your face but if they need to stab you in the back, they won’t hesitate once.

The politician boss can steal your ideas and present them as his own in the office and can just break that promotion promise within seconds. And let’s just not put the whispers and gossips about you, all around the office.

You can simply thank your politician for that. So it is better to stay alert with such perverts.


If you get to know that your boss is much more of a politician…try to do everything with him in written form. If you are presenting some idea to him; write it down.

Keep one copy for yourself and email him the other. This way, you will always have evidence to back you up. Any proposal or essential documents that need to be signed by the boss; it is always good to keep an extra copy with yourself.

If he plans to finally some agreement on verbal terms, ask him to send you an email confirmation on that. He might understand your game but you need to play it, right the way he does.

Another solution here is that you can always CC another person from your office in such emails.

But make sure that the people you choose it trustworthy and won’t stab you in the back. In all, you need to be the game changer for him.

The Ego-Driven Nut head:

No offense to House Fans but Cmon you guys know what I am talking about here!

I am calling them a Nut head because they simply are.

Also sorry, if any boss finds his offensive. But the ego-maniac bosses love the fact that they are your boss.

The size of their ego is so huge that it could roam around the entire world and just come back to them again, embracing them with open arms. They adore the fact that they are the center of attraction and would do anything to be there.

They have to be right, even when they are wrong. They sound more like wives because of the last point, though.


Out of all the bosses, these are the easiest to handle. Pet their ego and let them be the center of attraction. Who really cares? Do they own the damn office, right? So what’s the big deal if they are the center of attraction! An employee can’t be one, right?

Give them the impression that you love each word that they have to say and you cannot imagine anything better than their idea. Call them by their first name as a lot of psychologists say that the ego-driven people to love it the most.

It sounds extremely sweet to them. You just need to feed their ego, stroke it and pet it. And trust me; the egomaniac boss will leave you alone. Or should I say that his ego will leave you alone?


Bosses have always been a problem for the world, right? But there is nothing that is impossible. If a lemon is bitter, why suck it to make yourself bitter as well? Just leave it as it is. You just can’t dump every other job, can you? It is better to handle the bosses with care and a professional manner.

We don’t want to lose our job but we also don’t want to feel worthless because they decide to make us feel that way. Everything in this world has a solution, so why not the horrible bosses? Handle em guys!

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