Silence Treatment is a Killer-STOP IT RIGHT AWAY

Silence Treatment is a Killer: Who hasn’t heard of the silent treatment? I mean, we all come to a point in life, when we decide that we have had enough with someone and it’s now time to give them the silent treatment.

Whereas there are some people who actually do it with people all the time.

It is said right that you really don’t have to be rude to someone in order to take revenge on them…you can just stay quiet. That is the worst kind of revenge you can take from anybody.


I sense a lot of girls deciding that it’s time for them to actually start the silent treatment with a lot of people in their life. But, to be honest, and quite FAIR here…the silence treatment is usually and most commonly from the male side.

So why did I pick this topic?

I am not just talking about relationships here…the young and fresh teenage and immature love; NOT AT ALL.

This is for all kinds of relations; your siblings, parents, and friends.

No one deserves the silence treatment. It’s like drowning someone’s peace into the depths of a dark ocean. It is the worst form of abuse. I know a lot of people think that abuse is all about hitting someone so hard that they might just break their damn, ugly nose…but this adds to all the different types of abuse that already exist.

I know a lot of people think that abuse is all about hitting someone so hard that they might just break their damn, ugly nose…but this adds to all the different types of abuse that already exist.

I found it important to talk about because I have seen a lot of people doing it around me. I also noticed the after effects it could have and it actually had on people who endured it.

However, I decided to write it down for you guys. How is silence treatment a killer? Why do we need to stop it? It’s all in here. And to be quite honest, anyone who gives you the silence treatments…wave them a huge goodbye, please.

I mean, you really don’t deserve to feel worthless and no one should ever make you feel that way. If someone prefers staying silent with you over issues or problems…know that they don’t deserve that special place in your life.

And don’t let it change you. So before it gets too touchy for a lot of people here, let’s start the amazing discussion.


So I never understood the fact that why did people choose the silent treatment path? I always believed and still do believe in talking out problems and whatever you feel.

Through some personal experiences and a lot of research, I came down to realize the following points, as to why people believe in silent treatment or why do they do it in the first place?


1. Thank you but YOU CAN KEEP THE BLAME:

This is something natural; when you have an issue going on with someone and you are the one who prefers pouring your heart out to the next person, you expect them to talk back to you.

What if that doesn’t happen?

You babble on and on and on and they prefer staying silent.

And we all know what happens next. It feels like you are the one to blame for the entire drama.

I believe that people do it for two reasons; either they are too mad at you that they prefer to keep it inside and enjoying killing you with silence or they just want to avoid the drama, making you feel nothing but guilty.


The silent treatment givers are the hurters.

They hurt you like anything.

They believe in punishing the other one with their silence and their belief turns quite right as you go down the hills with extreme anxiety.

Well, we will come to that part later though.

So, the people who give you the silent treatment are too selfish to care about you.

All they care about is themselves and how they want to take control of any situation. They would rather murder your peace for their silent treatment.


Not all people give the silent treatment deliberately. Some just think that it is the right thing to do.

They just believe that their silence will help solve the problem but in return, it actually damages the next person.

I mean the people who believe in silent treatment might just be staring at the screen with disbelief.

They might be wishing to just find me from somewhere and set me on fire. But dudes, I am not making you the villains here. Everyone has their own reasons.

But something or let’s say everything that you do (thinking that you are doing it right), is not actually right.

I know we cannot be the saviors for everyone or make them feel wonderful all the time but as I mentioned above silence can be just killing. So you need to know how it affects others.

And this is also because if someone changes with you totally…you should know that maybe your silence turned them the way around totally.

Silence Treatment is a Killer; Consequences of silent treatment:

So let’s come down to the point where we tell people that what does their silent treatment do with people. I know I know, you are the “can’t talk it out with people” person but don’t kill someone else due to your choices or habits.


• Extreme Anxiety and Trauma:

The silent treatment brings in a flood of emotions in people.

They feel depressed, stressed, left out, nauseated and the list might just go on and on.
It makes you feel like an extra couch in the room, which is just kicked out when it’s covering up too much space. And that is when you are struck by the dirty wonders of stress and emotional trauma.

• Ostracism:

Psychological stress is termed as ostracism. A lot of people can’t handle the silent treatment. It gets tough for them and their mind starts sending in signals of extreme stress that is hard for them to handle. These people feel like their self-esteem is going down the aisle and that they simply cannot handle it anymore.

They become serious victims of stress, fear and gain a fear of losing someone and abandonment as well. If ostracism keeps on going for a long time…it can cause serious psychological issues for people.

• Changes:

And then they say: “You have changed a lot.

People who suffer through the silent treatment can be patients of stress but if they overcome it, they change. They come out as totally different people. These behavioral changes can be good or bad both, depending on how long a person has been handling it.

Feeling or realizing the fact that you are acting as a totally different person brings in further emotions of guilt. And it makes you feel like the bad person in all. As I said, it depends on how a person wishes to handle the changes that are coming along. But sometimes it just too late and the loss is already done.

• Perfect Recipe for Destroying Relationships:

The silent treatment is the perfect recipe for destroying all kinds of relationships. When we talk about relationships, be they of any kind, communication is the key to them all.

People being indulged in the act of silent treatment, believe that they are doing the right thing but it is actually the complete opposite. Without them knowing, the next person gets used to it and sooner or later…it doesn’t matter whether any of them is talking through issues or not. The intimacy between people is lost and the spark dies sooner or later. Till when is one person going to take the “talk it out session” on his/her shoulders. As I said, before they actually know it, the loss is done and it is quite unamendable.


So yes, today my topic has two conclusions to it; for the givers and the sufferers both.

People who believe in silent treatment aren’t the bad ones. However, you need to understand that when you are in a relationship with someone, you need to communicate.

Until days, weeks or let’s say months, your silent treatment might do the job for you.

Until one day, you will be losing people because of it. Don’t abuse someone you are close to, or someone you love, with the silent treatment. It has killed more dreams and love stories than you might ever imagine.

Even if you don’t have a bad intention, try getting control over it. Communication is the key to the success of all relationships.



I have seen a lot of people endure it and my personal experience too.

Don’t let anyone kill you down with it. Understand the fact that talking issues out is not only your job.

Don’t take it on your shoulders because one day you will get super tired of it.

Don’t let someone make you feel worthless. If someone is giving you the silent treatment, it is best to stay away from them.

You would rather enjoy your life than sitting in a mental hospital or maybe taking sessions from some sexy psychiatrist or eating those antidepressants.

Just let it go. and don’t let it affect you. Even though writing it down here is quite easier than actually doing it. But once you are motivated enough and you decide that you deserve the best…it all gets easier and better.

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