5 points that speak of high intelligence in adults

So what are the characteristics of high intelligence in adults? What are the signs that tell if a person is intelligent? Common sense is very uncommon these days. You have heard it a trillion times, right? Is it that our world is lacking the entire smart and “oh-so-bright” people? Do they totally go from the surface of the Earth? Or were Newton and Einstein the only ones?

Well, not at all; Bill Gates too rocked the world just like Newton and Einstein did. They all gave us something we needed.

Newton gave us those laws which seem impossible to cramp down in our brains which led to tons of genius discoveries.

The recent proof of Gravitational Waves which Einstein predicted are still studied worldwide.

And Bill Gates needs no introduction.

By the way, I am a huge fan of Einstein and when I saw the news which said those gravitational waves have been proven I was just… well Mind = Blown!!! I mean this can prove that Worm Holes exists and even time travel.

The summary is Newton, Einstein, Thomas Edison and many other scientists and physicists were all simply awesome genius people.

And there are a lot of genius people alive still. A lot of them don’t believe in showing off their genius-ness.

They don’t even wish to keep attention drawn towards them. They have the gold old manners in them.

5 Characteristics of high intelligence in adults

However, there are some people who don’t even know that they are the real genius.

Are you wondering whether you fall amongst these genius people or not?

Well, here are some signs that might help you discover the smartness in you.

1. Can you think like a genius owl:

I know how our moms think we are making ourselves ill by staying up all night. It does affect our health but it also proves our genius. Yeah, you heard me right.

A recent study has also proven it.

So next time your mom says that you are an owl, you can proudly say that you are a genius owl.

People who prefer staying up late at night, completing their project and doing anything creative, have a much higher IQ level than those who sleep early and fall into the category of genius people.

They don’t only stay up late for studying or working they prefer partying at night also. But that doesn’t mean that they sleep through the day. They make it productive as well.

2. Facing Problems:

Problems are like magnets, as soon as they sense immense happiness; they just come running towards you. So till when are you going to cry about them? One day, you won’t even feel like crying on them!

That is exactly what genius people do.

He or she prefers handling their problems rather than crying about them.

A smart person will know exactly how to deal with issues and prioritize them so that dealing with them gets easier.

They gain control of their issues before they can spin their world around.

3. Hanging Out with Smart People:

Even though a lot of people don’t think they are really geniuses, they try to pick smart, creative and genius people to hang out with.

They do it unconsciously but it proves them to be intelligent.

We all have heard our parents say that the company you keep is a reflection of who you really are. So this is what makes sense here also.

Genius people prefer hanging out with other smart and genius people.

4. They want Perfection:

 I know there ain’t a thing like perfection. But genius people tend to achieve it.

They aim at perfection and achieve excellence. This helps them to make improvements every time they do something. It takes them to a higher level each time.

Genius people apply this perfection aspect to all they do in their life…whether it is their projects or looking good or taking care of their relations.

They aim at achieving everything in life perfectly.

5. They are Self-Critical:

Everyone these days is indulged into criticizing and judging others. But the genius people don’t do that.

They better look inside themselves and see how they can improve themselves and they really aren’t interested in what others are doing because they basically aim at improving themselves.

They are willing to accept their mistakes and flaws and work on them.

Eventually, they make themselves smarter, without even knowing each other.


You go for a job and you need to be exceptionally smart to get in. The world is such a competition these days and we are just unaware of who are the real genius people.

Sometimes you are a genius without you even knowing about it.

Even if you do, it’s better to keep it under the covers right?

Do share your results with us in the comment section.

How did the signs turn out for you? Are you a smart person?

Do all signs compare well with you or just half?

Do let me know!