Why Shouldn’t You Believe in The Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a so-called theory that explains; when someone has a strong will or desire to obtain something, things will become easy for that particular person and he/she will be successful in achieving their desire.

It won’t be an overstatement to say that the law of attraction (LOA) is entirely wrong and has nothing to do with reality. There are very few people who believe in this law and they do not have any valid reasons for doing so.

The law of attraction is fictitious, so you should not believe in it; it’s against the reality of life. The law of attraction encourages desires, it makes people selfish and results in mental disturbance. If everyone starts to believe in the ‘law of attraction’, this world will become unbalanced.

The law of attraction has been practiced from older times, though as  humans have developed and educated themselves with the evolution of time, they have gotten to know that there is no such reality in this law. But why?

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should not believe in this so called law of attraction.

Encourages Desires

Law of Attraction Encourages Desires

The law of attraction develops a state of mind in which the person thinks that he can achieve whatever he desires.This sort of a state of mind may prove destructive to not only that particular individual, but to the people around them too.

With the further development of this state, desires keep increasing as well as the person wraps their head around achieving more and more only because they think that the LOA works.

If someone gets something that he wished for coincidentally, he will start to believe in the law of attraction, and later on, his desires will increase as well.

Conclusively, the law of attraction boosts desires and, as a result, people start to despise things that they have and always wish to get more or better stuff.

Creates False Perception Behind Every Failure

How LOA Is Damaging the Society?

People who are the true believers of LOA, when they are unable to achieve their wishes, they start to blame themselves for the failure.

In some cases, the situation becomes so worse that people may even try to harm themselves due to the inability of achieving something and the depression that comes with it.

Such happens because people expect too much, but when things don’t go as planned, they get transported to a state of shock.

Instead of doing hard work to achieve their goal, people spend time always thinking about it ‘to implement the law of attraction’ and, in the end, they come to know that they have wasted their precious time, which cannot return.

People Become Selfish

Woman angry

People who believe in the law of attraction become selfish and careless about others.

They become jealous of other people and do not care about the feelings of others.

It is a legitimate reason ‘why you shouldn’t believe in the law of attraction’ as people become greedy and always wish to have what the other people have around them.

They are never satisfied with their life and want more and more.

It disrupts the balance of the world

LOA disrupts the balance of the world

Everything in this world is working in a balanced way and, if the balance is disturbed, things will not operate properly.

Similarly, humans are also working with a balance.

Many are doctors, some are engineers, some are pilots but, if all the humans were to become doctors then this harmonious balance would be disturbed immensely.

Likewise, if all of us start to believe in the law of attraction, no one will do hard work. And if everyone decides to sit around and wait for the law to do its magic, no one will ever work. So, believing in this law will prove to be just a waste of time and energy.

One should spend his time working on his goals rather than just thinking about them.

Law of Attraction is just a Business

Manage your Sources of Income

The law of attraction is not just a simple law; it has become a business for many people and, those people cannot afford that people stop believing in LOA.

Since all their business is associated with it, they use LOA to make money by fooling innocent people who are easily misled.

Many clever people have started to run small or large businesses where they sell products related to the law of attraction to make money. These include exclusive merchandise that focuses just on words like ‘manifestation’ and ‘being the energy that you want to attract.’ While these things may sound like some powerful life mottos, they truly are nothing but strategically clever business tactics.

Every year countless books are being written about the law of attraction. These books include information about LOA and tips and tricks to practice it. Moreover, these books also include the fake success stories of the people who achieved their goals using the LOA.

All across YouTube, there are several channels that focus on guiding people about the law of attraction and getting millions of viewership. They also make a handsome amount of money out of it. How? Because people are not well-aware of the absurdity and the lack of any scientific evidence behind this law.

The law of attraction is also promoted in different TV serials, sometimes openly and sometimes not; and here again, it is used as another tactful way of making money by taking advantage of the naive people in society.

How LOA Is Damaging the Society?

Law of attraciton is damaging to society

Considering the destructive impacts that the law of attraction imposes on people, it will be undoubted to say that the law is affecting society badly.

Day by day, the number of believers in this so-called law is increasing which is actually an alarming situation for society.

Due to the misguiding content on the internet, people are being misled and their lives and futures are getting destroyed.

Those who believe in the LOA stop focusing on their goals, their family or friends. They stop doing hard work and only try to concentrate on the LOA and finding new ways to implement it.

Some people are following it as if it is their religion. They are wholly mad about it, which again accentuates the negativity that this law projects onto society.

They always practice it like they are doing worship and are emotionally attached to it greatly. If somebody tries to restrain them from believing in it, they get mad at that person and become angry.

These types of people never let anyone speak against this fake law because their belief has become too strong about it and they cannot handle it if anyone attempts to break or disturb it.

All in all, instead of putting all our faith in meaningless laws and theories that do more bad than good, we should try to increase awareness regarding their negative effects and push ourselves and others to stop seeking shortcuts in life because there aren’t any. Rather than wasting time, sitting and waiting for such laws and theories to magically start working and channel positive effects onto our lives, we should instead start focusing on our goals and try to make efforts to be able to achieve them.

Repeatedly Asked Questions

  1. Is the law of attraction harmful?

–   The LOA can be evil if you overthink about your desires and are unable to achieve them. It can lead to severe mental problems.


  1. Did Einstein believe in the law of attraction?

–   Einstein did not accept that concentrating on negative or positive things can affect someone’s life. He concluded that imagination and curiosity are the keys to learning and conclusion for the achievement of goals.


  1. Who discovered the law of attraction?

–   The principle of the law of attraction was first mentioned in a book by the author ‘Helena Blavatsky’ in 1877.


  1. Is the law of attraction biblical?

–  No! The law of attraction is nowhere mentioned in any religious scripture and is not in accordance with the teachings of God. Somewhat, it is totally against the instructions in the bible.


  1. What religion is the law of attraction?

–   Those who follow the law of attraction focus on positivity to bring great things in their lives. Zoroastrianism has similar teachings and respects the law of attraction.

Ending Note

The law of attraction is simply false and is a way of misguiding people. A business strategy, rather.

Whoever wants to practice the LOA should know that it is a waste of both time and money and nothing can happen through it.

You shall never practice this law, and if you notice anyone around you who practices it or believes in it, you should try to stop him before it’s too late.