How To Find Out If Your Boyfriend is Cheating on WhatsApp?

Has your boyfriend been acting weird lately? Do you find yourself lying in bed at night and doubting his loyalty?

Did you catch a glimpse of his WhatsApp and think your boyfriend might be cheating on you, but could not possibly follow up on the suspicion without sabotaging your relationship?

If you have been getting the feeling that your boyfriend is cheating on you on WhatsApp, you can get to the bottom of it by looking out for some of the many signs, such as the excessive time spent on his phone, being secretive about his phone, clearing his chats, your friend noticing something is up, and most importantly, your gut feeling.

Since the signs are not enough to be a hundred percent sure, you can read his messages using one of our ways or just confront him and see what he has to say for himself.

Instead of torturing yourself with these thoughts, it is better to find out the extent of the truth of your intuition.

If you find out that it was a false alarm and that he is loyal to you, no harm is done.

If you find out that he is after all cheating on you on WhatsApp, you can confront him and put an end to it rather than wasting your time with someone unfaithful.

Do people really use WhatsApp For Cheating on their partners?

Cheating on Whatsaap

In this day in age, it has become more common for people to cheat on their partners using social media and instant messaging applications.

It is the easiest and most convenient way to get in touch with other people, who are willing to partake in such activities.

And if your boyfriend is being unfaithful, there is a huge chance that there are traces of it on his WhatsApp. You can spot these by paying a little more attention to his behavior.

Signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you using WhatsApp

Spends Too Much Time On His Phone

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If your boyfriend is suddenly on his phone all the time, something is definitely going on. Especially, if he wasn’t the type of person to use his phone in your company in the past

You may see him texting on his phone all the time, catch him secretly recording voice messages, and being online on WhatsApp for hours and not replying to you.

It may also be coupled with constantly being on his phone and putting it away the second you walk in.

If any of this matches your boyfriend’s behavior, you need to be on the lookout.

He may wave it off, and say “it’s just the guys”, or “it’s just a friend”, but if you see him constantly smiling at the screen, likely, it is not “just a friend”.

Does Not Want You To Use His Phone

He is hiding something on phone

If you recently picked up your boyfriend’s phone to google something real quick or maybe place an order for food delivery, and he suddenly got defensive, you have every right to be a little anxious.

Especially, if he suddenly has a new password on his phone.

If he didn’t have anything to hide, he wouldn’t be acting shady.

So, if you find him being possessive of his phone and not letting you use it, there is room for suspicion, especially if he has had no problem with it in the past.

Acting Different

Boyfriend acts differently around using phone

If your boyfriend is cheating on you using WhatsApp, the usual signs of cheating will still be there.

If he is doing things that are unusual in his behavior, such as being flaky, being late to see you, canceling on you, forgetting plans with you, not replying to your text messages for hours, you need to put two and two together.

He may be giving you vague explanations, which do not make sense and sound more like cover stories instead of actual reasons for his behavior.

If things do not add up, do not dismiss them. Read into the signs.

Cleared Chats

Cleared chats on Whatsaap

If your boyfriend is suddenly clearing his WhatsApp chats, something is up. People do not usually clear their chats if they have nothing to hide.

He is probably afraid that you will read his messages and know what he is up to.

This is just his way of clearing his tracks. He may also be clearing his chats with you because he may be concealing his relationship with you from others as well.

It is even more suspicious if chats with a certain person are always deleted.

Renaming Contacts

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Go through his contact list. See if there are any unusual contacts that you may not have seen before or that seem suspicious to you.

He may have renamed some contacts and given them certain nicknames, initials, emojis with the name, or aliases to hide the fact that he is in constant contact with them or as a sign of closeness with the said person.

Find out who the contact numbers belong to.

Your Friends Notice Something is Different

Friends notice Boyfriend use phone a lot

Your friends may also have noticed that something is up. When someone is not loyal to you, your friends are often better than you at judging it, since they have a more objective view of it while you are invested in the relationship.

They may have pointed out certain behavior in your boyfriend and told you that something does not add up. Instead of being offended, you should try and understand where they are coming from.

Even his friends, who are aware that he is cheating on you, may act differently around you.

They may be acting super nice to you or cracking jokes about his infidelity that you may not have understood if you were not suspicious at the time.

However, now is the time to read into the clues.

Acting Defensive


It is highly probable that when you ask him about any of this behavior, he will just get defensive.

When you ask him such questions even in a casual conversation, and he suddenly starts acting anxious, trying to provide explanations and defending himself, it is because he is scared that you are onto him.

Do not take this lightly and understand why he is acting like this. Especially when a lot of other signs are there, do not dismiss it and take it as another sign that he is cheating on you.

Your Gut Feeling

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In the end, it all comes down to your gut feeling.

Do you think and feel like you are being cheated on? Do you think the signs he is exhibiting are of someone who is being unfaithful? Do you think he is capable of cheating on you?

If you constantly have the feeling that something is not right and your sixth sense tells you that your boyfriend is up to no good, do not dismiss the feelings.

Trust yourself, your intelligence, and your intuition, and deal with the problem instead of torturing yourself in silence.

Ways to catch your boyfriend cheating on WhatsApp:

Ways to catch your boyfriend cheating on WhatsApp

If the above-mentioned suspicious behaviors perfectly match your boyfriends’, then it is time to confirm that he’s cheating by catching him in the act.

Read His Messages Using Your Computer

The easiest way to catch him is to read his WhatsApp messages on your computer.

When he is not around, take his phone. Open Web WhatsApp or the WhatsApp Desktop Application on your computer and scan the QR Code using his phone.

You are now logged onto his WhatsApp from your computer and can now read all his messages.

It does not matter if he keeps clearing his chats because you can definitely catch him in the act like this. It is also a sure way to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity.

Spying Applications

You may or may not have heard of these before but spying apps are real.

They are mobile applications that you can install on someone’s phone to monitor them without them knowing.

To catch your boyfriend in the act of cheating, you can install one of these applications on his cell phone so that you can see what he is up to when he opens his WhatsApp.

The best part is that this form of spying goes undetected. A few applications that will be helpful for this are mSpy, Auto Forward, SpyBubble, TheTruthSpy, and MobiPast.

Catfish Him

It’s time to go old school!

Suspect that your boyfriend is cheating on you using instant messaging? Create a WhatsApp account from another number, message him and see how he responds.

Ask him questions like whether he is in a relationship, and whether he would be interested in you.

If he is unfaithful, he’ll most probably be interested in this offer, and you’ll know for sure!

Confront Him

Instead of trying to get to the bottom of it in ways that you are uncomfortable with, quit the detective game and straight-up confront him.

Tell him that you have been noticing his unusual behavior and that you are convinced that he is cheating on you.

Chances are if he’s been riddled with guilt and waiting to come clean, you will have all your answers.

On the other hand, he might also try denying it.

If he is being truthful, he will give you actual sound explanations for his behavior, in which case you both can move past this misunderstanding.

However, if he is still being defensive, giving vague explanations, and refuses to even admit, let alone change this behavior, then you have your answer.

Final thoughts

Instant Messaging Applications, like WhatsApp, are one of the most convenient ways of cheating on your partner. It has become difficult to trust people blindly because an unfaithful person will definitely try to mess around.

Do not dismiss your gut feeling and if you are doubtful, look out for the signs, confirm your suspicions, and understand that you deserve better than someone who isn’t loyal.

Life is too short to be stuck in dead-end relationships with people who lie and cannot understand the cruelty of cheating on another person.

Instead of second-guessing your worth, recognize the kind of person your cheating partner is and move onto bigger and better things!