Not Knowing Who You Are; How to Find Yourself?

Not Knowing Who You Are; How to Find Yourself?: For what reason am I living this life? How can I find the purpose of life? How can I make my life meaningful? Why I don’t know who I am!

If all of these questions are, keep popping up in your mind, then; you need to know what self-awareness is. When the mind sucks you with the same repetitive questions in that situation, not knowing who you are can be frustrating.

You have just started your journey of self-awareness or want to step into the world of conquering yourself, then do not worry. We have discussed every step here that could help you out to unlock the powerful capacities of yourself.

It cannot be achieved just by thinking about your behavior, emotions, and strengths. You have to work on it both physically and mentally.

However, thinking about your behavior and emotions will pay off, but to make most from it, you have to make a strategy for how you will achieve desired goals by working on your weak points.

Self-awareness is feeling to know how you behave in a specific situation. It will develop a strong personality and confidence.

It’s a state of mind when you know about your next steps; when you’re learning your behavior.

Don’t Know about Yourself?

You might be thinking about why you don’t have complete control of your thoughts? We are living in the digital age, where our schedules are fast enough to leave us crazy.

Due to the hustle and bustle of life, we don’t have much time to think deeply about ourselves.

When you’re trying to conquer yourself; Then, take a deep breath and take it easy because you already have in the learning procedure of yourself.

In the long run, of course, you will control your thoughts in certain situations. It will not give you the desired results If not practiced continuously.

It isn’t as hard as our mind thinks. Pay attention to your likes and dislikes. When you get angry, what things did you want to improve in yourself?

Finding the answer to this question will greatly help you to understand your inner self

Feeling Lost?

You have no clue what’s the purpose of your life? You have been thinking about it for so long! But now you’re feeling lost?

The possibilities are; you’re taking this too seriously. Although it’s important to know who you are as it plays a big part in personality development.

However, taking it too seriously will only leave you confused, frustrated, and angry. The good news is that feeling lost means yours at the initial stage of conquering yourself.

You know that knowing who you are is what matters a lot to you.

Self-Awareness and its types

Self-Awareness and its types

It’s a skill people used to learn that will able them to lead their employees and make decisions accordingly.

Knowing yourself can be accomplished easily. By breaking it into 2 two types; we can understand the self-awareness deeply.

  • Inner self-awareness
  • Environmental self-awareness

Inner self-awareness is an emotional state; when you start having the idea of how you behave in a particular situation.

How you take action? Do you make decisions on the spot? Or, before making a decision, you take some time to think about it.

It’s the stage where a person can figure out; his emotional strengths and weaknesses. Knowing all your strengths and weaknesses can help if you want to improve your self-control.

If you want to uncover your hidden talents, then it will help you to find out your amazing capabilities.

Social self-awareness helps a lot when making critical decisions. It is beneficial for leaders and decision-makers as it makes us able to see the world with other perspectives.

You will get a better understanding of the behavior, thinking, and mindset of the peoples of your surroundings; If you’re familiar with it already.

Are you still confused? Why should you be completely aware of your thoughts, behavior, and emotions?

It is essential to why you should be self-aware. In that regard, have a close look at how it can help you to unlock your desired success.

Strengths and Weaknesses

workout like a superman

It’s important to start working on your strengths and weaknesses to unlock your hidden talents, and for this, you have to identify your strengths and weakness first.

Strengths are naturally gifted abilities that come within us. Some people can do time management more efficiently as compared to others.

If a person takeout some time to look closely at his strengths, he will know that he has several undiscovered abilities.

After knowing abilities, you will be able to improve them; and as a result, you can get your desired goals.

It makes our personality influential and also strengthens up decision-making abilities.

Thinking for ways to find out more about your abilities then, don’t worry. To find out about yourself, write about your likes, dislikes, and emotions.

First, write down all of your strengths that you could think are in yourself. Think critically about your strengths.

During the thinking process, take your time. Also, analyze your emotions and behavior before writing it all on the paper.

Might be thinking why? The behavior has a deep connection with your strengths. In a specific situation, we behave and act according to our abilities.

George has to complete his assigned task on time. He uses his writing skills to complete the task. Furthermore, If George is fully aware of his writing ability, then he would be able to improve his writing.

We humans need to understand that we can’t be good at all things. If someone can sketch, then chances are you can’t sketch even a face.

However, it doesn’t mean that; you don’t have any talent. Likewise, people have different strengths and weaknesses.

It plays a vital role in building up our personalities. We all can feel our weaknesses. To know a little about weakness will always pay off.

It saves you from big troubles. Don’t be frustrated about your personality’s weak point because it differentiates our personality from others.

Instead of feeling embarrassed, turn it into strengths just by slowly working on your weaknesses.

Learn the difference between the successful vs unsuccessful mindset people.

Achieve Desired Goals

your first step to success

Everyone wants to achieve their goals, but only a few works for them. You can achieve these goals successfully if you make a proper strategy to achieve it, and; it can be done through self-awareness.

So, if you are not knowing who you are, this could be a troublesome situation for you. Therefore, it is essential to know yourself, know your strengths & weaknesses, and then you will be able to invest your energies to achieve the desired goal.

We make goals but work only for those who are important to us. Often, goals just became our lost wishes; only those goals became real where you are completely involved in it.

To achieve your desired success, you have to make a proper roadmap and strategy. When working to achieve your life goal, in that regard self-awareness can help a lot.

For example, Clara wants to get slim, and; she is trying to lose weight.

She started her weight loss journey, but things get off track when she starts emotional eating. However, she also wants to get back on track where she left.

To solve this problem, She analyzes her behavior and emotions; she also observes which situation creates this problem.

With the help of self-awareness, she got to know that; she is eating extremely less; then, she is used to eating. Moreover, that’s what compelled her to emotional eating.

After identifying the problem, Clara starts looking for a solution. She talked with a dietician about her weight and diet concerns.

Now she is losing weight by eating according to the designed meal plan.

Boost Leadership and Management Skills

How Does A 10 Year Plan Help?

To boost up your leadership and management skills, it’s good to know how you behave in certain situations. If you’re looking for how you can level up leadership skills, then knowing about will help you a lot.

Being fully aware of your emotions, abilities, and skills will increase the ability to make sound decisions.

Self-awareness helps a lot to know the peoples around you. You will be able to assess others’ perspectives.

After knowing who you are, you will have a better understanding of your capabilities. It will help you to improve your negotiation, leadership, and management skills for sure.

Embrace Positivity

Don’t Expect, Only Accept

When you’re just getting nuts in your lives, then chances have you’ve surrounded with tons of negativity. It’s a reality that we always not appreciated by the people who surround us.

When a person is facing a negative attitude, the person feels awful and depressed.

The best way to handle it is to live a life with a positive attitude.  It has a deep connection with happiness, but it doesn’t mean that you will stay happy forever.

However, other things (gratitude and self-acceptance) also matter when it comes to the positivity.

Positivity is the feeling when a person doesn’t care about negative thoughts. He knows that noticing harmful thoughts will only waste his time.

It has a deep relation with career success, leadership, and healthy emotional and personal growth. But with a positive attitude, one can get success.

Indeed, positivity doesn’t only focus on happiness. You can’t stay positive all the time when negative things happen.

But introducing yourself slowly with it will always work. Don’t mix-up positivity with a toxic positivity.

Because it only concentrates on enforcing happiness on yourself, whether you are happy from inside or not. Positivity not just to stop negative thoughts; it’s a way of living your life.

When the world is already flooded with leg-pulling and negativity, why not adopt a lifestyle that encourages positive attitudes and behavior. However, following it for long will always pay off later.

Learn how to be happy and positive every single day.

Boosts Confidence

Confidence is the key

Confidence is a skill that able us to perform our work with full determination and passion. It makes us believe in our strengths. It’s key to success as it’s a factor that makes us believe in our capabilities.

It’s a feeling when knowing about himself completely. People with high confidence levels always have a crystal clear idea of their personality and behavior.

Not everyone is confident around you. It’s a skill that you should learn to improve yourself.\

Confidence is the key to success.

Self-Care and Self-Acceptance

Accepting the Trauma and self care

Many of us always misunderstand self-care with selfishness! It’s the worst mistake we can make because self-care is a sweet term that can do wonders in our lives.

When we are talking with the peoples in our surroundings, we always try to behave well by talking with them nicely.

When no one is around and; we are talking with ourselves, we always criticize ourselves. If you have been talking rudely to yourself, then you should stop right now. Because negative Self-talks always, make you feel depressed and anxious.

In self-love, we stop blaming yourself when results are not too according to your desires. It’s a condition in which the person heals his with positive behavior. It’s a way of thinking in which one stops negativity.

If a person is self-aware, he knows how to act and think in a particular situation, then; it would be easy for that person to accept and start accepting himself.

We have to accept ourselves; that we are perfect in our way. Although, if you want to adopt a good habit from others, then it’s great thinking because you’re thinking of how you can improve yourself.

However, the disturbing situation is when we want to be someone else. People are extremely afraid to accept their looks due to insecurities. In that situation, self-acceptance and love can solve the problem as they encourage a positive lifestyle.

To live a healthy life, you should accept and love yourself first. But it can only be done if you know yourself.

After having a clear idea of why it is important to know about yourself, you might be thinking about what things you should do to uncover your real potential.

At times it could be a challenging task, as we know that judging and criticizing others is easy, but when it comes to ourselves, we feel hard to know and find ourselves.

Sometimes we are too harsh to ourselves or step into the unending self-accountability process that hurts us both physically and mentally.

So, to avoid such negative processes, we need to focus on ourselves and find what we don’t know about ourselves.

There are many steps which can really help you to know more about yourself.

Some of them are listed below. Make sure you also check out our post on “How to find your direction in life?

Don’t miss out on your Passion.

Know your Weaknesses and Strengths

Strength and Narcissists

As we’ve talked earlier, that self-awareness will help you to figure out our weak points where we need to start working to turn our weaknesses into our power. Instead of only focusing on weaknesses, your strengths may also need improvement!

Still, thinking how? Take a deep breath and give yourself time to think about which things you’re good or bad. Maybe you are good at writing opinionated news pieces and need to work on your negotiation skills.

To know how much we are self-aware, we can receive feedback from others to get a rough idea of how they think about themselves.

Ask your friends and family about what they think about you. It might be tough to listen at first.

Maybe you don’t want to open up about your life with someone else, but it gives an idea of how peoples of your surrounding think about you.

Of course, that feedback is not 100% correct but gives you an idea of other perspectives.


You will be your best friend

Meditation is a process in which a person tries to concentrate on a particular object. It can help to lower your stress and depression. It has numerous benefits.

It can help you to know more about yourself. While spending some time alone in meditation, it can help you to unlock your real potential and capabilities.

Meditation will enable you to focus on your inner self, and you will be in a position to discover what was unknown to you before that particular point.

Therefore, it is critical to take some time for meditation, and the results will be encouraging.

Write Down your Future Goals and Stick to It!

To take advantage of knowing your capabilities, make a future goal. If you have decided then, write it down and start working on it.

Be sure to write your feelings and emotions when writing about; your plans and goals. After writing it all up, create a proper strategy, and start taking steps to achieve your goals.

In the beginning, take baby steps and strictly stick to it. Even the journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

It is a common phenomenon that those who plan their moves well ahead of the implementation process are highly successful people in life.

Success is a sequential process, and nothing happens overnight. You have to make plans for at least ten years, if not more, to pursue your long term goals successfully.

Kick-out Toxic Past and Relations!

Effect of INFJ personality on career paths

You are making yourself a fool; if you’re sticking your nose with the already tested and failed relations.

Therefore, if you are in toxic relations, then stop right now and reconsider your moves and options. Because sometimes we have to make hard decisions for feeling good about ourselves.

Similarly, if you’re not living in the current moment, then it may leave you depressed, although everyone has some memories. Some are good, and others are bad.

However, living in the past with wasting your beautiful today can develop a feeling of unhappiness in your life. Because we are living in our present, then why waste time thinking about the toxic past, which only left us depressed and sad.

You will see the change with your eyes how kicking them out will bring back your happiness; and as self-awareness is all about knowing your emotions and behaviors.

Learn why do you attract toxic people.

And then cut these toxic people out of your life.


Not knowing who you are?

This question might suck at first, as it’s confusing and can make you feel lost. But discovering about yourself is the journey where you will learn about your behavior and emotions.

It boosts your confidence, decision-making ability, leadership, and management skills.

Not knowing who you are could be stressful. When you don’t know yourself, you know nothing.

It is the most important thing in life to know about yourself, to find yourself. However, when you try to find your hidden treasure, you will soon achieve it.

When you find your strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, comfort zone, and areas of interest, then it will make it a lot easier for you to look at things and yourself with a different lens of understanding.

As a result, you will get to know about your hidden talent and abilities that help you to pursue your goals successfully.

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Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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