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Top 7 ISTP Careers to Avoid | Life Falcon: ISTP personality is known for their artistic interests, detached, critical, guarded, independent, and resourceful work habits.

Quite a number of different reasons contribute to why we have specifically highlighted the careers to avoid for this persona type.

Mentioning a few will help you understand what severe impacts can a wrong career path impose on this divinely artistic persona type and also on our society.

5% of the total population, in general, falls into this category. (Read about all of these Myers – Briggs Indicator 16 personalities here)

Studies further show that it is the 3rd most common personality in males.

They have creative powers to transform the space around them. So the world will be devoid of these mastermind artists if they get into the wrong profession.

Moreover, working in an environment which is not as per their work demands can quickly disturb their adrenaline fix by boosting their levels of impulsiveness and hedonism.

Thus, this impatient behavior can affect the peace and aura of the workplace in a very unhealthy way.

Saying this let’s get into further details about this personality and the careers to overlook.

Natural Behavior of an ISTP and how it can affect their Career:

Boring job

The natural behavior of an ISTP is very spontaneous. They are clearly not known for their patience or calmness as most other introverts.

Rather being impulsive is one character trait of this persona type. Their risk-taking nature can be a threat to others at times.

However, this daring nature can also seek long term benefits through Risk-seeking and then winning at that.

They have a remarkable ability to fix things and are problem-solvers by instinct. This makes them very suitable for mechanics and engineering-related jobs as such jobs mark an ISTP zone of interest.

ISTP’s can create artistic masterpieces and are excellent at designing, creating, and playing with colors.  This makes them a cool choice for arts-related careers as well.

The thought of getting into immediate action energizes them. They would rather jump in and start the work instead of sitting and plan or theorize.

Being stuck at a desk and sitting long hours in front of a screen is mostly hated by all ISTP’s. They enjoy jobs involving physical activities with a light flavor of risk or danger.

Bureaucracy, rules, and procedures or jobs that tend to over-burden people are least appreciated by ISTP’s. ISTP’s have strong interests in jobs that demand efficiency, flexibility, and are logic-driven.

Weaknesses of an ISTP:

gratitude and yoga

Learning about ISTP weaknesses is very important as only then can we sum up the reasons why certain career paths are not suitable for an ISTP.

ISTP’s are extremely honest, direct, and logical people. This can be a benefit at some points as it shows their honesty.

But, being brutally honest can be a big weakness sometimes as it puts ahead an insensitive and rude image of a person.

Their comfort lies in meeting with people who directly match their way of thinking and if the situation goes contrary to this an ISTP may instantly get offended or irritated.

ISTP’s are habitual of taking quick risky actions without realizing the costs of their behavior. This is a big weakness. (See in-depth review of the ISTP Personality)

Their reckless behavior can end up with disastrous results sometimes and that can affect both the personal image as well as the image of the organization they are working for.

Most ISTP’s are strong believers of the quote:

“You only live once”

And thus live for thrill and adventure which can at times prove to be very unwise on their part.

Being patient and waiting to figure the right way out can be very very hard for ISTP’s it also gives a very negative boost to their adrenaline rush hence resulting in hedonism.

This can lead them to make hasty and bad decisions thus causing harm to the organization they are working for.

And another important thing to know about ISTP’s is that they are true introverts. Which doesn’t necessarily count as a weakness.

But, this introversion can at times lead to dangerous extremes which may hurt an ISTP later.

They often complain of being lonely which is due to the reason that they themselves push people away from them when it comes to effective communication or intimacy.

Considering all the pros and cons of this personality we have compiled here a list of 7 ISTP careers to avoid.

Our Picks for The Top 7 ISTP Careers to Avoid:

Pinpointing the careers one should avoid is always a good start as it helps reduce the effort in deciding the right one.

These careers have been shortlisted, keeping in mind all the natural abilities, tendencies, behavior, strengths, and weaknesses of an ISTP.

A thorough read through the content below will provide you a clear vision about which career paths may not suit your ISTP personality and why.


Receptionist Jobs

Like we mentioned above an ISTP is poor at communication skills.

And what possibly is the job of a receptionist??

You got it right, it is all about excellent communication skills. A receptionist is the first person clients come in contact with when they enter a place.

So from greetings to making sure that the clients are receiving maximum comfort, all lies under the responsibility zone of a Receptionist. (Also not suitable as ISTJ Career choice)

Not only that but a receptionist is also expected to maintain a cool behavior and keep a smile on his/her face no matter how rude the client may get.

All of this is completely out of an ISTP’s zone of comfort. Not only will he hate to meet and greet different people but also will he hate this code of behavior.

This marks the first big no towards this profession.

Next, we see what natural abilities of an ISTP will go unnoticed and unused in this career path.

And there comes a long list.

The most important one being that there is nothing so creative or artistic in the duty zone of a receptionist and ISTP’s are particularly known for their creativity and artistic abilities.

This means that if an ISTP opts for this profession all their natural tendencies will go completely down the drain.

And considering how talented ISTP’s are what a loss it is for the society as well as the ISTP himself that all his precious energies become a complete waste.

So for all these above-mentioned reasons this particular career gets a red flag.


Reporter Jobs

Being a reporter may seem very appealing to you apparently as it demands honesty which is one prime feature of an ISTP.

But the reality of this profession also runs contrary to an ISTP personality.

Being a reporter demands dealing with people from all races of life. In other words, this is a career more inclined towards extraversion this is where it contradicts the introvert personality of an ISTP.

The second issue is that although ISTP’s are known for making hasty decisions due to their impatient persona they still struggle with making tough decisions under pressure.

This career on the other hand is very competitive snap decisions can make or break the story and here is where it gets tough for an ISTP.

Thirdly, choosing this profession will permanently block the passage of creativity and artistic passion of an ISTP.

It may appear monotonous, dull, and hectic to an ISTP and in turn, can drain all their valuable energies.

Hence all of this clearly supports why being a reporter is not an ISTP’s best choice.


Actor related Job

Acting can never be appealing for any ISTP as it really is not meant for an ISTP. (Also not suitable for the ESTJ (See ESTJ careers to avoid) and the ISTJ (See ISTJ jobs you should avoid)

Acting demands a person to act on unrealistic and created situations.

But for brutally honest ISTP individuals this can be very discomforting.

Moreover, ISTP’s are true introverts and the fear of being introverted itself is huge to overcome.

Whereas, an actor needs to be highly an extrovert only then will he enjoy the spotlight and fame.

Someone who is as introverted as an ISTP will rather prefer to stay behind the screen and work with the production team instead of being on the bright side.

And what is most important is that acting can never calm the hunger for creativity in an ISTP.

Undoubtedly, actors are artists but their zone of work is not even near to the kind of artistic passion possessed by the ISTP’s.

Through all of this, we conclude that if an ISTP gets stuck into this profession. Nothing can keep them from being depressed, frustrated, and feeling useless.

Thus acting is majorly an ISTP career to avoid.

Pre-school Teacher:

Career in Teaching

So here comes another big no-no if you are diagnosed with an ISTP persona type.

A pre-school teacher has to deal with a lot of stuff. A lot that is necessarily out of an ISTP’s comfort zone.

For instance, how comfortable will you be if you are made to deal with dozens of little kids on an everyday basis?

Well, it would be a nightmare for you as an ISTP.

Dealing with kids automatically means dealing with their parents as well. In order to inform them about the daily progress of their kids.

This demands a person to be excellent with their inter-personal skills and ISTP’s, on the other hand, are pure introverts and have the least impressive communication.

The next important reason for this career being on our list of top careers to avoid as an ISTP is, the work demands.

Pre-school teachers have no choice but to follow the designed work rules of any school. This can get monotonous for an ISTP.

Moreover, teaching someone and making others learn basic stuff has never been an ISTP forte.

They would rather prefer sitting in isolation and creating stuff according to their own artistic approach than to teach others how to be creative.

Hence this is a definite career to overlook.

Social Worker:

Social Worker Jobs

Well as the name suggests this profession demands a person to be socially active. It clearly explains why it is on our list.

A social worker needs to be very polite and nice to the people around. But this highly introverted and brutally honest persona type will never mind being a little rude to someone they don’t quite understand.

Which makes them unfit for the career itself.

Secondly, they are not emotionally sensitive and the work demanding them to understand the plight of other human beings will not at all come to them naturally.

But that is what a social worker is supposed to do i.e work for people. Hence marking another no.

Also, the risk-seeking behavior of an ISTP can hurt the ones around them.

So, any role that involves public dealing should never be opted by an ISTP not just for themselves but also for the security of others.

Last but most importantly this career hinders the natural abilities of an ISTP, as there is no room for being artistic or creative.

Depriving an ISTP of their natural work zone can result in frustration, aggression, and a depressed attitude which is certainly opposite to the work ethics of this career.


Clerical and Accounting job

We don’t see many successful entrepreneurs around who carry an ISTP persona type.

Well, that already hints at why this career is a misfit for this particular persona.

This may appear attractive to you because being an entrepreneur itself demands one to be able to take risks.

But starting and running a business is all about making big decisions. And you are not good at taking risks while making important decisions.

This will make you struggle with starting and running your business.

Moreover, a businessman needs to be a good communicator. You require to have good communication skills as well as good listening skills.

Not just that but reading and understanding the mind and intellect of your client is also very very important. All of which complies the least with an ISTP natural personality.

Being true introverts ISTP’s like to stay reserved and communicate less. This preference to keep themselves to themselves can lead to inhibition and downfall in the growth of their business.

This career is also not offering any creative space to satisfy the artistic hunger of an ISTP.


Editor Jobs

Just another unsuitable career that may attract an ISTP. by saying this we mean that you as ISTP desire to be creative and require the artistic freedom to work. Writing may seem to offer you that.


You need to understand that writing is not physically demanding. And you as an ISTP crave for something that is physically more demanding and stimulating for you.

Sitting behind a desk for hours and hours and investing quite a good amount of time in mere writing can leave you bored and frustrated.

It does offer the freedom to create but it also offers a tedious work zone.

Writing is also not a major forte of an ISTP and compiling piles of articles into a book or typing long articles for the internet can be monotonous and hence tiring for an ISTP.

With that said we end here our list of ISTP careers to avoid.

Top Careers to Opt for:

Make your existing job interesting

Now that you know all about what career paths to completely ignore, we should also help you reach the road to your desired careers or the careers that an ISTP should look up to.

First of all, anything that demands the creative powers or craftsmanship of an individual is a definite yes.

Thus being an artist, a designer, architect, carpenter, engineer or any such profession with the demand for creativity will suit a natural ISTP flavor.

Secondly, another important thing is that ISTP’s are analytical and creative people. The knowledge about how facts come together, how different things operate, minute details about tools and machinery, etc can fascinate an ISTP.

Thus such careers can provide them with a natural energy boost and should definitely be explored by an ISTP.

Winding Up:

Every person may vary from the other even if diagnosed with the same persona type.

So, before making your final statement about what careers are a big yes or no for you, you must be completely aware of your individual taste.

Before making an opinion, just get a pen and pencil and write down all the things and actions that make you happy and boost your creativity.

Only then can you select whether you fit in the artistic, designer, or mechanically creative fields.

Similarly, only then can you make a final opinion about any career to be definitely avoided by you.

So, before you explore the different career paths make sure you have explored your own self enough.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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