3 Thomas Edison Lessons on Failure and Success

Failure happens. It is a part of everyone’s life. If you think that it’s only happening to you, then it is because people around you have never opened up their failures in front of you. And it is nothing to argue upon that failure can certainly have a bad impact on us. Thomas Edison teaches us a lot about failure and success.

I haven’t just failed. I have found 10,000 ways that it won’t work out


Thomas Edison returned from school to home one day and handed over a paper to his mother, saying that it was for her, given by his teacher.

The paper read something like this:

Your son is a genius and this school is really small for him. We don’t have good teachers to train him. You will have to teach him yourself.

Thomas’s mother was in tears after reading the letter.

After years of failure and rejections, when Thomas was a successful genius of the world, his mother passed away.

He was going through his family belongings one day when he found that paper.

He unfolded it and read it.

At the end of the letter, the teacher had written:

Your son is addled. We won’t let him come to school anymore.

Thomas Edison cried while he read the letter and felt proud that a child, who was accused of being mentally ill, was then standing amongst the list of most genius people of the world.

And he still looked up to as one of the smarty pants, for sure.

What Does Thomas Edison Teach Us?

Thomas Edison is a great inspirational figure to look at.

And there is so much that we can learn from him, which will obviously be our helping hand in the journey of motivating ourselves from within!

1. Accepting Failure:

If you read the quotation at the beginning, you will understand how Thomas actually embraced his failures.

He accepted them.

He found a positive side to it and believed that he could be as normal as anyone else because failures at least mean that he is trying.

And it is said right, isn’t it?

We need to learn how to fail in order to learn how to succeed.

You cannot know the depths of success until you haven’t worked hard for it.

2. The Greatest Weakness is Actually Giving Up:

Once we fall, we try again and when we fail again, we decide that it’s time to give up.

And that is where the trouble actually starts; in giving up.

Giving up is what stops people from becoming what they always wanted to or to achieve something in their life.

They might have the ability to change the world and become what they wish for but they decide to give up or just blame destiny for it.

We all can just shake that point off and not listen to the world around us.

We can easily make it happen if we set our minds to it.

And that is what Thomas did. All the times he failed, he decided to stand up again and try even harder the next time.

3. There is Always a Way to do it Better:

As humans, change is the core of our life.

Everything changes with time and situations.

Once we have overcome all sorts of changes, there is nothing that can actually stand in our way of achieving our dreams.

Whatever you do in life, there is always another way that it can be attempted in a better manner.

That is what makes you do better, every time you fail.

And that is what Thomas Edison believed in.

He believed in the fact that he could do better every time he failed.

And so he did what he believed in, becoming one of the most famous geniuses for the century and years to come.


Thomas Edison2

Failure is an inescapable part of our life. It has been happening to everyone since forever. To some, it becomes more of a habit, just like it did for Thomas Edison.

It is all about breaking through the mindset and barriers of failure.

We all fail and it is something that we cannot escape. Knowing what you want to achieve from your life is a great success for you.

But to achieve it in all is a big story…it is the big picture.

The crux of the story is that failure is going to make you go down on your knees and that is what it wants. But it is you, and only you who decide what you want from your life.

If you fail, stand up again and don’t give up.

Find a better way to do it again and fulfill your dream. Don’t lose hope and stand strong for what you name as your passion and one day, you will be rewarded.