Things You Should Remind Yourself Every Day

Things You Should Remind Yourself Every Day: There are a bunch of things to remind yourself every day, to make the beginning of a fresh sunrise filled with gratitude and positivism.

A wise man once said…

There are billions of people out in the world and still you are born. It means God is expecting you to do something that billions of others can’t”…

and trust me that this person is right.

Life can be hard sometimes and during these hardships, staying motivated is a struggle.

There was a time when I became a victim of depression too. The memories aren’t pleasant at all. I practically threw my studies and writing career in the dustbin.

The unfortunate events don’t go well with us sensitive people you know. So, in order to come out of my self-misery, I did go through a series of motivations and give-ups. And in those times of struggle, I came across some very helpful statements.

These are small things that we should remind ourselves every day.

It might sound cliché but these lines gave me the motivation to keep going and this is what motivates me in life, on my gloomy days, till yet.

I placed post-it notes everywhere around me. They were full of motivational quotes but nothing inspired me as much as these simple lines.

The walls of my room, the door, bath mirror, study table, and my books were covered in these post-it notes. It was my kind of effort to keep reminding myself that” I’m important, I matter, and my success is dependent on my actions.”

The results were amazing. In a short time span of one month, I came to value myself more than ever.

I started to develop a strong opinion and a sense of security in myself. But along with these lines, there were some other things too that I kept reminding myself all the time.

Here I’ve listed the important things that I kept reminding myself every day and I still do. We should remind ourselves of our inner strengths and how we are amazing, just the way we are.

16 things to Remind Yourself All the Time

Showing Independence

There goes a saying that “hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.”

The first thing you need to remind yourself is, whether you’re successful or in crisis, don’t give up on your dreams.

Keep your hopes high and keep hustling, with the belief that you will attain what you aim for.

You don’t need to jump big to gain success. Just be consistent, and keep following your dreams.

A success earned by hard work tastes the sweetest. So here are some things to remind yourself every day. This is what motivates me in life because I keep telling them to myself and my brain starts believing them.

They work just like positive affirmations do.

Forget about your past and move forward

We will get through this together

A hindrance on our way to success is the past. It’s a pity that we waste a lot of our precious time mourning over the past.

One unfortunate incident shouldn’t have the power to decide our whole life.

Revenge, grudges, and regrets should not take over the original path of our life. Sit down and think about it. If you exclude the past from your life, would you be standing where you are right now?

You could do much better than this.

Then why keep thinking about the past?

Make a post-it note and place it on your side table or nail a big painting on the wall facing your bed, with a statement that says:

Past isn’t a part of my life anymore. Let’s think about today and make it the best.”

Make it your goal and remind yourself every day that your past is not what makes you.

Everywhere you go in your home, there should be a post-it note to remind you of what’s your original goal. Set multiple reminders on your phone to keep reminding you to look beyond present problems and focus on your ultimate goal.

It helps boost your energy and enthusiasm. You need to keep realizing that despite the present situation, you have a bigger goal and the hurdles on the way don’t matter at all.

Let’s take for instance that you want to be a writer or a musician. There should be reminders for you to practice to achieve your goals. If you keep being rejected by publishing agencies or music studios, does that change your goal? No, and it shouldn’t.

You can start publishing your works online or make a music channel, all the while striving to improve yourself. Nothing and no one’s perfect. Perfection comes from practice. So keep practicing a lot and remember your goal.

Stay grateful, no matter what

She never pays for the date

For everything you are blessed with, you need to be grateful. We often keep being grumpy about our lost projects and people who left us. As kids, we’re always complaining to our parents for not loving us enough or loving our siblings more than us.

When in a relationship, we’re always demanding from our partner to do more and more for us.

Let’s be realistic here. Why can’t we be grateful that we are able to work on several other projects? So what if I lost one project in the process of moving forward in life? I at least have the talent to work on more projects.

While complaining to our parents for favoring our siblings, why can’t we practice gratitude and be thankful for having a family? There are millions of people out in the world who spend their whole lives on the footpath and ultimately die there too. Millions of children are abandoned in the orphanages, deprived of family and home.

If anything, we can’t even pay back to our parents for the time and money they invested in our childhood alone.

While demanding our partners to give up their activities and always be by our side, don’t we need to be grateful for the fact that we have someone who loves and cherishes us? Even if he isn’t always by your side, you’ve his heart full to yourself.

According to research, 49 million people have some sort of disability with which they have to live with every day.

In the US alone 1 in every 5 babies born are disabled. They can’t read like you. They can’t see. They can’t write.

With every passing moment, 12 people in Africa are dying out of hunger. If you’ve got food to eat, a shelter to live in and clothes to wear then you are richer than 70% of the world’s population.

Realize this every day that you, my friend, are blessed.

Don’t compare yourself with others and remind yourself every day that you are blessed in some way or another. Being ungrateful all the time, every day, will lead to a gloomy life. It will keep you surrounded in self-pity all the time.

Everyone here has his own life, fortune, and miseries. Don’t compare yourself with others. You shouldn’t live your life while trying to be what others are. You are unique in yourself. Be yourself and let your style be a new trend. No matter how hard you try to be like someone, in the end, you’re recognized as a follower or copycat of the first person.

On the other hand, take some time and sit down to ponder over what you really want to achieve. Set your goal and then don’t waste your time noticing the people who used to be behind you and now are going ahead of you. Work for the satisfaction of your heart and one day you’ll have your own identity, not like someone else, your own unique identity.

Time is really money

Break out of a Career Rut and Find Your Motivation

Earl Nightingale explained the importance of time once by saying:

If you spend one extra hour, each day, studying your chosen field, you’ll become a national expert in that field in five years or less.

I love this quote. It’s something that changed my whole perspective of seeing things in my life. After reading this quote, I felt like I can do anything and I can be anyone I want.

I always wanted to learn to play guitar but it always used to seem so overwhelming, but then I applied this rule and thought that okay! 1 hour for 5 years is almost 1800 hours of practice. I can do this.

It’s been now, two and a half years since I started playing guitar. I give exactly one hour of practice to it daily and can’t believe that as someone, who used to take the help of the other hand to put chords downright, I can now sweep arpeggios which seemed too challenging of a guitar technique to master at first.

I advise you here to see the importance of time in two ways; first, make a schedule to give some time to your goal every day. Second, keep in mind that you can’t rush things and don’t tire yourself with excessive practice.

A schedule is the best way to keep your progress in check. Make a schedule and paste it at the most prominent place of your room as well as set reminders. You can then bring your life to a more organized and peaceful state.

Accept what you can’t change

Not everything in this life is supposed to work on our will. It is life and there are mishaps bound to happen. So one thing you need to learn is,

its okay to accept what you can’t change.” 

Life is a combination of I won’t give up and I have to let go. It’s up to you to decide what phase of life you’re in and what the best option to choose is. I once gave up my dream to become a doctor and chose literature instead. Back then it wasn’t an easy choice but now, I can see the wisdom in that decision. I didn’t give up Medicine willingly, I had to accept some harsh truths.

Now, I’m satisfied that I made peace with what I couldn’t change.

Did you workout today?

Best Shoulder Exercises To Do At Home

Exercise is the best way to get your body and mind in shape. A regular workout helps you not only avoid health problems but also refreshes your mind. So, in order to live a successful life, you first need to work on your physical and mental health.

If you’re wondering what happens when you exercise? Well, a workout helps relax the tensed muscles in your body with the help of endorphins released by the mind. Endorphins are natural painkillers in our body which are effective in improving sleep quality too. A good sleep accompanied by reduced stress levels due to exercise helps your brain function at its best.

So whether you join a gym or customize your own exercise schedule, make sure to workout daily.

Some things in life are worth giving up. Some, however, aren’t. When you have a goal for life, you’re the one to decide its importance. If you’re a writer or love to play guitar or motivate people, don’t care for what people have to say about you. Be consistent and keep working hard.

Laugh and smile often

Remember all the Good Times With Your Friend

As we grow older we start judging all the humor around us. We keep making standards that whether this particular joke is worth our laughter or not? We start categorizing things as childish, disgusting, careless, and nonsense.

We keep making higher and higher standards for fun, not realizing that having fun actually means letting go of your aged self and let the light things in.

Remind yourself every day that you need to laugh more. Research shows that people who smile often, are found to be more energetic and happy.

A smile to your loved ones is a natural remedy for your heart. So keep smiling and laughing wholeheartedly, it gives a sense of satisfaction in life, something we all need to live normally.

Research shows that children in the age of going to nursery school laugh way too much than the adults. A study showed that these children laugh as much as 300 times a day whereas an adult only laughs 16 times a day.

I don’t know who said that “laughter is the best medicine”, but he/she was absolutely right. Indeed it’s the best medicine and that too, a medicine with no side effects.

Health professionals have found that laughing helps to decrease the levels of blood pressure and stress in our body by releasing endorphins (hormones which reduce pain). It gives one a sense of well-being.

A good laugh is also a workout for your belly, diaphragm, and various other muscles including your heart.

Helping others bring joy

Helping others will allow you to socialize with them and the more you interact with them, the lesser your stress levels get.

Stress is actually a fight or flight response and it happens because your brain feels you are not safe. When you help others out, you feel connected with them and a sense of accomplishment takes over your mind. The satisfaction that you’re able to help someone, automatically wards off the insecurity.

Research shows that whenever you help someone, the sense of accomplishment in your mind brings calmness to your body which results in the release of endorphins. Thus, the calmness and satisfaction brought by this act support you to keep going without breaking.

It’s okay to ask for help

You don’t always have to pretend that everything is fine. Sometimes, you need help and you should admit it.

We’re only human beings and just like us, others need help too. Remind yourself every day that it is okay to ask for a helping hand and likewise, if someone wants you help, lend them a hand too.

It’s okay to say No

Why Is My Friend Ignoring Me?

Successful people may listen to others but they have their own strong opinion. Make a standard for yourself and don’t agree for anything less. Once you agree for what less than you deserves, it’ll become your new standard. Therefore, it’s okay to say no when you’re uncomfortable.

If you made a mind to help others, that doesn’t mean that you have to say yes all the time. Be comfortable with yourself first and follow your heart. Learn to say no. this has been a life changer for me and this is one of the top things to remind yourself every day that it is okay to say NO because you already have your plate full.

Justify People around you

We all are going through hell, just different levels. So when you feel bad because your friend or family refused to help you in a specific situation or had an argument with you, keep in mind that they have their own problems too. Maybe they don’t want to be sour but are agitated by their own problems. Try to be supportive and understanding. It’ll bring positivity in life and ward off the negativity.

Celebrating your victories keep you motivated

As a human being, we lose motivation to do something if the outcome is not coming out great. We need acknowledgments for our successes in order to move ahead.

Don’t wait for people to appreciate your successes because all of them have different standards. Some will really like your work, some won’t even care, and some would simply hate it. So you have to count your own successes and celebrate them.

You cannot look up to someone all the time, to understand the pain and efforts you had to go through, in order to attain something.

Every success no matter how big or small it is should be acknowledged and celebrated. Count your successes every day.

Take one hour to date yourself every day

Top 11 Aries Woman Weaknesses

Yes! You read it right. More than anyone else, you need to cherish your own self. Take one hour to appreciate yourself every day.

Read the books you love or listen to your favorite music. Take a cup of coffee or tea and go have a seat on the balcony. Breathe in the fresh air and think about what fascinates you.

You can think about your dreams or anything pleasant. For this one hour, forget about your tensions and only do the things that make you happy because more than anything or anyone else, you need to love yourself.

Your self-worth isn’t dependent on other people’s opinion

Trust yourself and be the best in your own way. You don’t have to look at people to appreciate you or give up what you’re doing because people might hate it.

You’re the best and it’s you who decide your worth. People are only that, people.

They can’t look within you and evaluate things the way you do. So, don’t depend on others to decide your self-worth.

Some one-line things you need to remember all the time.

  1. I’m beautiful in my own way.
  2. I can do it.
  3. I deserve the best and I won’t settle for anything less.
  4. I’ll do as I wish. It’s my life and I have every right to live it my way.
  5. I don’t have to rush things and mess up. Let’s make a schedule and work things out accordingly.
  6. I am not to judge anyone. Everyone has their own reasons and choices.

And last but not least.

Keep your Ego in check

Light can revolve 6 times around the earth in less than 1 second. That same light takes 4 years to reach the nearest star, the Alpha Century, and takes 100 THOUSAND years to cross our galaxy “The milky way”. We can’t even imagine how vast our galaxy is and how small we actually are.

Now think about this universe. There are more than 100 billion galaxies in the universe, more than there are grains of sand in the whole world. Most of them, thousands of times bigger than our own galaxy, the Milky Way.

The Universe is so gigantic that light is still coming from the big bang, which means that when we see at the moment right after the big bang (via NASA’s huge telescopes, like Hubble), we actually see 13.5 billion years in the past.

There is just no way we can comprehend how huge the universe is and yet some scientists even believe that there could be multi-universes.

All of this, matter, time, and space was all created by a single point. Look how perfectly balanced everything is.

And then there is this tiny earth revolving around the sun. Where light from the sun reaches us in 8 minutes. If a sun dies off somehow instantly. We wouldn’t know it for another 8 minutes. That’s 300,000 Kilometers we are talking about, that the light travels in 1 second, it’s nothing.

And it would still take light 8 minutes to reach us just from the sun.

We are SMALL!

So next time, you have any big problem going on in your life. Just look up at the sky. Your problem is nothing when so much is happening in the universe.


A successful life is led through purpose and passion. Finding direction in your life is important as it makes you live life to the fullest.

These are important things to remind yourself every morning or every day so that they can help you accomplish those goals by motivating and comforting you. The first rule to live a happy life is always, “live your own life and dreams”. It might be hard as there are temptations around. Also, there are some people who make us look like a failure, and there are problems that keep pushing us back. Everyone has hurdles.

All you have to do is block them out and focus on your goal. Remind yourself every day that you are striving to be better and appreciate all the efforts you are putting in.

They really help boost your confidence and courage.

Hang in there and don’t let anyone snatch your confidence and identity. That’s what I did during the depressing days of my life and I could never stop reminding these things to myself every day till now. Life might be hard but we can fight back and rise, always. This is what motivates me in life and I hope they will help you too.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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