Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Not Sexually Attracted To You

Signs That Your Girlfriend Is Not Sexually Attracted To You: If you are worried about it and thinking that your relationship is of no worth now, STOP HERE. Because it happens to most of the couples as they move on with their everyday life.

According to our research, a psychotherapist named Dr. Tina B. Tessina phrases that: “…decreased attraction is very common as time passes in relationships.”

Another transformational psychologist and health, mindset, and personal-development speaker concluded that: “decrease in sexual attraction to your partner happens when your needs and expectations are unmet.”

In addition to that point, Dr. Tina added that it’s easy o get yourself attracted to your partner when you are not living together, but as long as you started sharing homes, romantic moments are no longer automatic.

As it’s easy to fall into a rhythm when your relationship evolves by sharing the same space, everyday things no longer feel exciting.

But how do you know, if shes simply not sexually attracted to you rather than:

(We have covered all these topics in the links, and there are many more, so let’s fix your relationship, but first, let’s check out the signs…)

Sign #1: She would rather do it herself than have sex

Love yourself more

There are a lot of times when you would instead choose to masturbate than having sex, but your girlfriend is repetitively denying to have sex with you and making the other part a recurring habit.

If that’s what you are experiencing all the time, it isn’t a bad thing, but you should try to find a cause of why she is acting like that mostly.

That can be a great sign that she is not sexually attracted to you anymore.

Now the solution to this is you have to analyze your appearance.

Women always find it sexy when a man is carrying a proper style that reflects his comfortable behavior, start looking for your clothing, hair, perfume, and, most importantly, try to look proportional.

Always be careful about your hygiene, skin, breathe, and clothes that should be neat and clean.

Sign #2: She is distant towards you when you become physical

Accepting the Trauma and self care

You are trying to touch her, or you are trying to get things physical with her, and she is pulling away.

You are trying to arouse her what is already arising inside you, but things don’t work out.

By touching her, she is not touching you back, or if she touches you, that’s very calculated and shallow.

To overcome this, you have to feel free to ask a question about the needs and be open to their honest response.

Make sure you are acting mature and listening without getting defensive.

Give her the space she wants, and once they have room, try to ask again to solve this pulling away.

Stop making assumptions and communicate openly, which would end up the distance between you and your girlfriend.

But communicating defensively would do nothing but only escalate the problem, and you’ll never be able to go to the bottom of the issue.

Sign #3: You are feeling a switch


You are examining day by day, deep inside you that something has changed.

You don’t know precisely what the pinpoint is, but something is very off.

All the love you have with you or she has with you are still the same, but for your partner, you are not feeling the reciprocation.

Is it that she has changed her mind, in her mind, is she thinking that you’ll not work, so she lost interest?

It might be possible she had fun hanging out with you, but when it comes to something sexual, she is not willing to invest in it.

Sign #4: She usually makes remarks about your body

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First of all, that’s not appropriate to pinpoint the flaws in someone’s body, but if she comments you with your faults, then definitely, that’s the most probable sign that your girlfriend isn’t sexually attracted to you.

Do remember if she is not having sexual connections with you; there are definitely the second thoughts in her mind.

Maybe it is just because you are moving too fast and she wants some more space, so she tries to give you signs to get stop here.

Don’t make sexual contact as your habitual routine as they are nothing but romance killers. To bring back the spice, let her take her time until she gets back to you.

Sign #5: Her body language changes when you touch her

Fear of being judged

Of course, she is your girlfriend, and you want to show her your attention and affection by giving her hugs and kisses.

Oh, so are you noticing that she is not giving you welcoming vibes when you try to be physical with her or go for a kiss/hug?

She gets tensed when you are close to her, and she tries to push you away, making an excuse. Also, kisses and hugs are very shallow.

To overcome this, pulling away, avoid physical touch for some time, and try other ways to show her affection.

Like, you can make your morning time special with her by bringing her a cup of tea or coffee while she is still in bed. She’ll definitely feel cherished, and hopefully, the kindness will be returned.

Whenever she tries to talk to you, give your 100% time to her, put down the remote control, or whatever you are doing. In this way, she will feel loved and important to you.

Create a romantic relationship by telling her how beautiful, wonderful, and sexy she is. Hearing that our looks are noticed and liked by someone is a fantastic feeling.

An uplifting act, which is to buy her present whenever you are shopping alone, will be remembered for a long time by your partner.

Sign #6: You are the one initiating everything

Real Company/Friends

Everything means everything. She used to touch you by kissing and hugging, but all that has now come to a slow stop.

Now, if you are desiring to have any affection, you have to ask her every time you want, or even if she is providing you with what you want, you are not feeling right.

It might be possible that this is all happening because she is unsure of her feelings about you and the future with you.

But give her space and try to understand what she wants.

The worst thing that can completely ruin a relationship is to force your partner to make a decision quickly when they try to pull away.

Another reason for all this can be that you are frank to other women or can’t stop flirting with them, this results in a lack of trust in you, and she is unwilling to invest much in this relationship.

Moreover, if you are moving too fast to comfort her, likely, she pulls back. She will try to put distance between the two of you when you will be clinging on too tightly.

Sign #7: She told you, her sexual feelings have changed

Secret regrets from past

Maybe she tried to give you hints that she is no more sexually attracted to you, but you haven’t paid attention to what she wants.

If this is so, then going back and looking for what you have missed and what’s causing her to lose sexual attraction in you might work out.

According to new research, women want closeness after having sex more often than men; maybe you are not paying attention to that after any sexual contact, so try to sort this out.

Sex is a mutual decision for the sake of joy to frustration, but if she has negative feelings after sex, that is very common, according to Heitor Barcellos, give her some time to get back to you.

Maybe she regrets having sex because she is worried about her reputation, which is experienced in almost all the females, so try to comfort her by giving her the closeness she wants after sex.

Sign #8: She is turning into a pillow princess

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Couples go through different phases in their sex, but that is very normal.

Firstly, they have intense sexual attractions, but there will be dry spells after a long-term relationship.

But here comes, the sex has changed, which means she is not as engaged as she used to be; this is giving you the feeling that you’re the one who wants to do everything, and she is no more than a pillow princess.

Maybe she is acting lazy intentionally because she wants you to notice that she is not sexually attracted to you, now this is worth thinking.

Talk to your partner frankly on this, give her the margin that she wants, and able to tell you the truth, whatever she feels when she used to have sex with and what she is missing right now or what’s causing her to pull away.

Is communicating with your partner necessary to run a healthy relationship?

Of course, yes, that’s the most essential factor, especially when you are in a long-term relationship, and the glow of newly married is fading off.

Someone who is no more interested will try to avoid the subject altogether because saying they are not interested in a way is too blunt and harsh.

The leading causes of all this; maybe you lack chemistry with her, signs that she is trying friend-zoned you, ignoring your calls, and making an excuse not to respond to your texts.

Will ignoring her sexual needs would help to return?

Yes, not all the time, but sometimes ignoring her would be healthier for both of you. She’ll definitely feel curious and will try to be physical with you.

Ignoring is a factor that can lit up the anger as well as the feelings that have been faded by time; she’ll make efforts to find what is causing you to ignore her.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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