Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better When She’s Sick

Ways To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Better When She’s Sick: Being stuck in the same household with an unwell lover can lead to pretty confusing times especially if you don’t have any prior experience. Your girlfriend, like any normal human being, can get sick and the responsibility for her well-being rests upon your shoulders.

You must’ve said that you love her a thousand times but its times like these when you can prove yourself to be Mr.Right.

As exhausting as it is to be unwell, we have come up with a few ways in which you can make your special girl feel like she’s still living a normal life withh just some extra pampering and lots of love.

Give Her a Massage:

Even when she isn’t sick, there’s nothing better than a mean massage.

Giving massage

Massages not only soothe the body, also but relax the mind at the same time.

Massages are medically known to release endorphins, which soothe the mind and body.

Giving a deep tissue massage or a foot massage is one of the best ways to make your girl’s day without putting much into it.

We’ll let you in on a little secret, girls love massages and OH to receive one when you’re sick is a dream come true.

Surprise your girlfriend with a soothing massage and she’ll definitely feel loads better.

Bonus points if you can add to that oomph factor with scented candles, warmed up oils, and some incense sticks.

If her brain is relaxed, surely her body will follow suit.

Care packages:

Let’s be fair for a moment, who doesn’t like to be met with a personalized care package when they’re down with a cold or something.

Care Package

Here’s a hint: no one.

Care packages are always a great way to make your girlfriend feel better, since the thought that goes behind one adds to the contents of it and you can consider it as if the happiness is doubled.

There’s nothing better than running to your nearby store and picking up things that you think will out a smile on your girl’s face. Now there’s plenty that you can do with a care package. Some might say, the more the merrier,  but we would suggest to keep it small, thoughtful, personalized, and useful. The last thing you want is your girl wrapped around in useless products.

Here’s a list of things that have proven to be great care package ingredients:

  • Chocolates (nobody says no to chocolate)
  • Scented candles (to make her feel better, but with a great aromatic atmospheree)
  • Snacks (to munch on)
  • Face masks (to encourage her to pamper herself)
  • Flowers (to make her feel extra special)
  • Fresh fruits (if she’s into them)
  • Medicine (in case she lives alone)
  • Home cooked meal
  • Something to read (to kill time)
  • A bath kit (to help her draw the perfect bath for herself if you aren’t around)
  • Ice cream (there’s something magical about eating ice cream with a cold)
  • Love notes because why not?

Do her chores:

It’s pretty normal for your girl to fall behind on her chores when she’s sick.

Chores and cleaning

That’s where you come in. you can always lighten her burden by getting some of her chores done. It not only lets you help her, but also conveys the message that she can count on you when the going gets tough.

If she has a dog, you can curb her dog, if she has a cat, you can clean the litter box. You can take the pets on a walk and bathe them.

You can do her laundry and the dishes, water her plants, get her mail and pay her bills. Normally, these are things everyone hates doing when it comes to yourself, but  everything is possible if love and war (LOL).

As easy as it sounds, We regret to say that’s not the case with some boys as doing someone else’s chores can be daunting to them. So if you’re one of those people who can’t ensure that they’d get such a job done, then we would suggest you to keep your hands out of it.

Moreover, sometimes people don’t like it when someone else does their chores for them and see it as an invasion of privacy. So if your girlfriend has some reservations, then respect her choice and take a step back. You can always take care of her in other ways.

Draw her a bath:

Out of everything we choose to do to relax our mind and body, a bath has to be on top.

Giving bath to girlfriend

A brief amount of time in a hot water bath, that  too prepared by someone else, is always therapeutic.

You can always pamper your girlfriend by drawing her a comfortable and soothing hot water bath.

Guys, don’t be shy to show that you do care about your girlfriend.

Draw a bath with  bath salts, some rose petals, scented candles, a nice shower gel, and for the  cherry on top, a glass of champagne.

Baths have been scientifically proven to relax tightened muscles and improve sleep, and it’s a known fact that better sleep always leads to faster recovery.

Guys don’t agree to that but guys love a bath too. And come on, what’s not to love here?

Tuck her in:

So you see, all throughout our lives, we all want someone to care about us, be affectionate towards us, and pamper us.

Tucking your girlfriend in

When your girlfriend is sick, it’s your time to shine.

A day spent sick can be extremely frustrating for anybody, so why not end it with a sweet little gesture that might make your girl feel better?

Make your girl’s bed,  heat the sheets, put on some fresh sheets, spray on some lavender most for that extra relaxation, adjust the temperature of the room, get a weighted blanket out, and tuck her in.

The best way to recover is to get enough and a comfortable slumber, and with a night that starts with feeling like a queen, your girl is surely going to feel better by the time the sun comes back up.

Be the perfect boyfriend:

Now boys, this can sound a tad bit confusing but it’s actually quite the opposite.

Being the perfect boyfriend

All you have to do is try to not annoy your girlfriend.

There are so many things that annoy girlfriends and guys don’t even know about that, but don’t fret, that’s where we come in and we’ve got you!

  • If you two live together, don’t play games with your squad, no matter what your girlfriend says, she hates it. And she’ll hate it even more when she’s down with a banging headache and she has to deal with it alone.
  • Be attentive to her tiny little details, listen to everything she says. Most importantly,don’t be insensitive to her pain. If she complains about her health, then try to come up with a solution instead of ignoring.
  • Cuddle her and shower her with as much love and kisses as you can.
  • Do what she asks you to do.
  • Don’t complain to the boys about her being sick.

Make your presence known:

It can range from checking up on your girlfriend every 2 hours to taking a full day off to care for her.

Girlfriend and boyfriend in love

It depends upon your relationship actually and the lengths you are willing to go to.

During sickness, one doesn’t want to be bothered with anything and that is exactly what you need to work with.

Try to take a full day off and pamper her.

You’d be surprised at how some love and care can do wonders for your girl, your motive should be to be available for her every need, not only say that you love her, but also prove it.

Treat her like she’s the one.

Because she is.

Here are some of the ways how you can care for her by staying back home:

  • Take her temperature at regular intervals.
  • Bring her medicine .
  • Keep her hydrated.
  • Keep her warm.
  • Make things easier for her. Bring things closer to her reach.

Even if you do nothing special, just your presence can mean a lot for your girlfriend as it is human psychology to not want to feel alone, especially when we are sick.

We always need someone by our side and so does your girlfriend.

But if you have to go to work, don’t go MIA on your girl.

There are still a lot of ways to make your presence known.

Text her, call her, video call her, ask her how she’s feeling, and let her know that you miss her and can’t wait to get your work done so you can come home and be by her side.

This lets her know that you’re worried about her even if you’re not there.

Believe us, it does help immensely in the recovery process.

Movie night:

Movies are actually a great idea to make someone feel good and have a good time at the same time.

Movie night with girlfriend

In the age that we live in, renting movies have been replaced by Netflix, so there’s no such reason for you to not pursue it.

Make some healthy snacks and have a fun movie night with her so she doesn’t feel like she’s caged in her sickness.

It’s a sneaky way to make her feel good without doing much.

It not much, but its honest work.

Make her a meal:

One of the greatest ways to make your girlfriend feel good when she’s sick is to bring her food.

Making your gf a meal

Or cook her a meal if you both live together.

A meal can range from a simple chicken soup to a gourmet meal depending upon her condition really. It’s always the thought that counts.

If her health allows you can even order her favourite food in and set up a little candle light dinner to help her not miss any fancy dinners you both used to go to before she fell ill.

Nothing says that your partner cares for you louder than a home cooked meal, you don’t necessarily need to make a four course meal, keep it light and simple, just don’t let your girl starve.

Here are a few recipes you can prepare at home with minimal effort;

  • Chicken soup.
  • Oatmeal with fruits and honey.
  • PB and J sandwiches.
  • Some eggs, toast and a cup of coffee/tea for a luxurious breakfast in bed.

It’s really not that tough of a job, you’re an artist and the kitchen is your canvas but, make sure not to make a mess, you don’t wanna piss your girl off, especially when she’s sick!

Keep your calm:

Staying calm and cool

As difficult as it is for your girlfriend to keep her calm when she’s sick, it can get frustrating to take care of a sick lover too.

Suddenly,  life’s not fun anymore.

You can’t go out, home feels like a hospital, everything is distorted.

However, in such a time, it is crucial to keep calm and put your frustration aside.

If you think things are getting out of hand, take a short respite and let out some steam instead of getting infuriated at your girlfriend. That will only make her feel worse and alone.

You should make her feel that you will always be by her side and shouldn’t be grossed out at her sickness because its’s not something she can control.

To Conclude:

Caring for a sick lover can be a confusing experience and if not done rightt, it might not end well for you but if things take the right direction, it will most definitely strengthen your relationship and allow you to better understand each other.

It will allow your girlfriend to fathom that she can always count on you and that you would stand by her side even if she’s not well.

We suggested plenty of ideas about how can you make your girlfriend feel better when she’s sick.

You can bring her food, give her a sensual deep tissue massage, bring her care packages, draw her a bath, be the perfect boyfriend she wants you to be, arrange a movie night for her at home and most importantly always be calm when dealing with her.

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