Swingyde Vs Tour Angle 144 – Best Golf Swing Trainer

Learning how to play golf can be outright frustrating. There are certainly lots of different techniques that you want to learn in order to become a pro at golfing.

It takes practice, time, and making a lot of mistakes at first. But now you can learn the art of golfing with even greater efficiency. We have picked out some of the best golf spine angle training aid that will help you learn that technique you’ve been wanting to nail.

We’d be comparing Swingyde vs Tour Angle 144 reviews thoroughly. Both of these provide the best golf spine angle training aid. Tour angle 144 golf swing trainer is 2nd on our list.

Our team practiced golfing with the products Swingyde, the Tour Angle 144 and Pro-Head 2, and we saw them progress in a matter of days and let me assure you our team has never tried the sport before.

With these golf swing trainers or golf spine trainers, you will learn new techniques to improve your driving, pitching, approach shots, chipping, and putting!

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Tour angle 144 Vs Swingyde

After a tiresome few days at practicing golfing with these products we have come to the conclusion that “Swingyde” is the best golf spine angle training aid ever.

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Swingyde is very easy to use and effective golf spine angle training aid that can be utilized by the left and right-handed men, women and also amateur players.

Swingyde is a lightweight golf training aid intended to help you create the right golf swing positions.

Why it’s the best?

Although our choices have many overlapping features yet after a rigorous selection process we have rated Swingyde as our top choice. We think it is the best purchase out there due to the following characteristics:

  • Swingyde can be utilized while hitting balls at training.
  • Lightweight golf spine angle training aid
  • Swingyde sets the right pivot position at the highest point of your backswing

The Swingyde is not expensive at all and is used by beginners and professional all around the world.

Why do we like it?

Swingyde is easy to use small gadget made of plastic, which is attached to your golf club and helps to train your wrist hinge and face alignment throughout your swing. It is also really lightweight as it is made of plastic. Due to its small size and lightweight, it can fit into the golf back easily. Swingyde also comes with a DVD which shows you how to install and utilize this golf swing training set. Also, it can be used by left handed and right handed men, women and juniors. The Swingyde is not expensive at all and is used by beginners and professional all around the world just like the golf GPS watches.


Swingyde is less expensive than other golf swing training aids.


It is very effective in letting you know where your clubface is during your swing, which will help you to improve your game.


Due to its great quality of plastic, you can use it for a long time without the fear of breaking it.

Easy to use

Swingyde is not at all complicated to use and can be used by left and right-handed people.

Correct your swing positions

It is specifically designed to perfect your swing positions.

Who is it best for?

If you want an affordable golf swing training aid that will make your swing positions perfect and is also easy to use, then Swingyde should be your go-to tool.

Once appropriately set up, you basically take swings with the club – incomplete, full, or hitting balls – and the support end gives you important criticism on your swing plane and club face angle.

Also, it comes with a DVD that will help you to install and utilize the golf swing training aid.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Easy to use
  • less expensive
  • Comes with a DVD
  • Can be used by left and right-handed people
  • Great for correcting your swing positions
  • Lightweight


  • Maybe tedious if you work with different clubs
  • not that comprehensive

Tour Angle 144 (Our 2nd Choice)

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Why The Tour Angle 144 is not the best on our list?

The Tour Angle 144 is second on our list because even though it has many plus points, that will make your experience better, it has a few setbacks.

  • It is way more expensive than the Swingyde.
  • The aid only works if you address the ball with a cupped left wrist.
  • Does not work for hitting a full shot.
  • May not fit in your hand, if you have small hands.
  • The video quality of the DVD is not great.

Why do we still recommend it?

Tour Angle 144 is hardly noticeable when you are using it and it is great for low chip shots. The Tour Angle 144 comes with many other products. Tour Angle 144 comes with accessories like a carry pouch, a DVD with some amazing tips and drills from Steve Bosdosh on how to utilize the Tour Angle 144 in your practice, and an instructional pamphlet, which is very helpful.

The Tour Angle 144 is the best golf spine training aid utilized by golf experts and beginners to enhance golf swing consistency, power, accuracy, and accomplishment in the course. It is another approach to consider how to swing the golf club, from your pitching wedge to your driver. At the core of this remarkable golf spine training aid, is an idea that is established in the swings of the best visit players in the PGA.

The Tour Angle 144 is intended to recognize and settle the most well-known swing flaws, and additionally, train a golfer to create one fundamental golf swing. The Tour Angle 144 encourages an ideal posture, a one-piece takeaway, and trains you to defer the release of the club until effect. These components are the basic parts of a great reliable golf swing and components that golf instructors everywhere throughout the world make a decent attempt to show their understudies.

Why do we prefer it?


It is very effective for the chipping yips. When you interface the Tour Angle 144 to one side lower arm and make the chipping movement, it will assist the golfer with using their body to hit the shot instead of the hands.

Comes with other helpful products

Tour Angle 144 comes with a DVD in which Steve Bosdosh gives really handy tips and instructions, a pamphlet with all the instructions and a carry pouch.

Not easy to see

When the Tour Angle 144 is in your hands, it is not hidden in your hands and is not easy to see. This saves you from getting any strange looks.

Used by everyone

As it is so easy to use, Tour Angle 144 can be used by professionals as well as beginners. Also, it can be used by left-handed people and right-handed people both.

Who is it great for?

If you don’t mind spending extra bucks on your golf swing training aid. The Tour Angle 144 is simple, lightweight, easy to utilize, and could be utilized when hitting golf balls on the range or course amid typical practice or an exercise. Also, it is effective and powerful. It is outlined to give direct criticism which is its immeasurably vital qualities. It is implied that it should be joined to the club or grasp with no screws, clamps or any difficult tools. So if you want a golf swing training aid with all these qualities then you should go for it.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Easy to use
  • Hides in your hands when you’re gripping on it
  • Does not require any screws or clamps to attach
  • Cures the chipping yips
  • The downswing use is great


  • Bad video quality
  • Expensive
  • Tedious to use, when changing clubs

PRO-HEAD 2 (Our 3rd choice)

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The Pro-Head 2 Trainer is a spine training aid which is really simple and effective to use. The Pro Head 2 Trainer includes a movable arm and a stand that additionally changes for stature. A player can either rest his or her head delicately on the cushioned help toward the end of the arm to feel the manner in which the head moves and experience perfect stance. The Pro Head 2 Trainer has a cushioned help additionally can be pivoted to lean against the side of the head to battle any swaying on the backswing or downswing.

Why we prefer it?

Can be practiced indoors and outdoors

The Pro-Head 2 Trainer allows golfers to practice the swing both outdoors hitting balls and indoors making practice moves without a club

Maintain spine angle

It develops good posture, rotation, and body angle.

Easy to use

It can be used by professionals and beginners, men and women of all ages. Also, it can be used by left and right handed people.


Provides an opportunity to build efficient swing by holding the head as steady as possible

Easy to assemble

Pro-Head 2 Trainer takes only about five minutes to assemble and only requires one tool, which is provided with the product.

Who should buy it?

If you want to attain a perfect posture driving, approach shots, pitching, chipping and putting, then the amazing Pro-Head 2 Trainer is perfect for you. Also, if you are looking to correct your spine angle then this golf spine training aid is the best for you. You will get an instant feedback for your faulty head movements and body sway. It will also better early extension of your swing.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Perfect spine angle training aid to maintain spine angle
  • Fast and easy setup
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Perfect for all skill levels.
  • Instant swing improvement
  • The ballast base can be filled with water or sand at the location, or use the included sandbag


  • Expensive
  • Too big to carry


Spine is a very sensitive area and for that spine aid is a must during golfing. Some electric massagers may help your spine relax even more by removing all sorts of knots and tied muscles from your upper and lower back.

We have rendered The Swingyde to be the best golf spine training aid. It is simple, effective and easy to use. Also, it is not expensive which makes it the best.

However, The Pro-Head 2 Trainer is the best golf spine angle training aid as it deals with correcting the spine angle and makes your posture perfect.


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