Swingyde Vs Tour Angle 144 – Best Golf Swing Trainer

Learning how to play golf can be outright frustrating. There are certainly lots of different techniques that you want to learn in order to become a pro at it.

It takes practice, time, and making a lot of mistakes at first. But now you can learn the art of golfing with even greater efficiency.

Some of the best golf angle training aids are there that will help you learn techniques you’ve been wanting to nail faster.

Comparing the two: Swingyde is a better trainer when it comes to the golf swing, because it lets you know, how to swing correctly by setting the left arm parallel to the feet. On the other hand, Tour Angle 144 is more of a posture corrector. While swing sometimes the hands are too high or low. Tour Angle helps to correct that and automatically sets you in the right posture.

If you are serious about golfing, we would recommend you consider them both. With these golf swing trainers or golf spine trainers, you will learn new techniques to improve your driving, pitching, approach shots, chipping, and putting!

And speaking of golf aids, do take a look at the golf watches as well.

Swingyde Review

With a few days at practicing golfing with these products, you will easily conclude that “Swingyde” is a better trainer when it comes to correcting your swing.

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This lightweight trainer (0.5 pounds) is very easy to use and effective golf spine angle training aid that can be utilized by both, the left and right-handed.

Both trainers have many overlapping features but overall Swingyde sits at the top. It gets attached to your golf club and helps to train your wrist hinge and face alignment throughout your swing.

That’s because Swingyde can be utilized while hitting balls at training. It also sets the right pivot position at the highest point of the backswing.

And comparing the 2, it’s cheaper at the time of writing this.

It is made of plastic (which makes it durable). And has a small size, so can fit into the golf back easily.

It also comes with a DVD even in this 21st century. (again at the time of writing this). It helps you get started. You can also visit their website for that as well.

It is very effective in letting you know where your clubface is during your swing, which will help you to improve your game.

If you want an affordable golf swing training aid that will make your swing positions perfect and is also easy to use, then Swingyde should be your go-to tool.

Once appropriately set up, you basically take swings with the club – incomplete, full, or hitting balls – and the support end gives you important criticism on your swing plane and club face angle.

Apart from all of this it maybe tedious at times if you work with different clubs.

Tour Angle 144

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The Tour Angle 144 is a good option if you want to work on your posture more than the swing. It is an idea that is established in the swings of the best visit players in the PGA.

It’s a small gadget and is hardly noticeable when you are using it and it is great for low chip shots.

At the time of writing this, it comes with accessories like a carry pouch, a DVD with some amazing tips and drills from Steve Bosdosh on how to utilize the Tour Angle 144 in your practice, and an instructional pamphlet, which is very helpful.

This product can be used to enhance golf swing consistency, power, accuracy, and accomplishment in the course. It is another approach to consider how to keep your posture while swinging, from your pitching wedge to your driver.

Tour Angle 144 is intended to recognize and settle the most well-known swing flaws (associated to posture), and additionally, train a golfer to create one fundamental golf swing.

It encourages an ideal posture, a one-piece takeaway, and trains you to defer the release of the club until effect. These components are the basic parts of a great reliable golf swing and components that golf instructors everywhere throughout the world make a decent attempt to show their understudies.

It is very effective for the chipping yips. When you interface the Tour Angle 144 to one side lower arm and make the chipping movement, it will assist the golfer with using their body to hit the shot instead of the hands.

If you don’t mind spending extra bucks on your golf swing training aid. The Tour Angle 144 is simple, lightweight, easy to utilize, and could be utilized when hitting golf balls on the range or course amid typical practice or an exercise.

It is outlined to give direct criticism which is its immeasurably vital qualities. It is implied that it should be joined to the club or grasp with no screws, clamps or any difficult tools. So if you want a golf swing training aid with all these qualities then you should go for it.

Comparing the two, it is more expensive. And the aid only works if you address the ball with a cupped left wrist. Moreover, it may not fit in your hand, if you have small hands.

And if you want more the DVD quality was also not that great. But that’s not really a negative point. Just mentioning.

PRO-HEAD 2 (Worth considering as well)

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The Pro-Head 2 Trainer is a spine training aid which is really simple and effective to use.

It includes a movable arm and a stand that additionally changes for stature.

A player can either rest his or her head delicately on the cushioned help toward the end of the arm to feel the manner in which the head moves and experience perfect stance.

It has a cushioned help additionally can be pivoted to lean against the side of the head to battle any swaying on the backswing or downswing.

It allows golfers to practice the swing both outdoors hitting balls and indoors making practice moves without a club. Also develops a good posture, rotation, and body angle. And is easy to use.

If you want to attain a perfect posture driving, approach shots, pitching, chipping and putting, then Pro-Head 2 Trainer can be considered as well.

So basically, it helps in posture positioning when it comes to head movement and position during the golf swing.

But it is too big to carry, there is no denying that.


Consider Swingyde for training your golf swing. Tour Angle 144 should be considered if it’s the posture you believe is your weak area during the game.

Also, make sure you look into Pro Head 2 as well for fixing your head posture flaws.

All in all, these products help alot in overall golfing performance.