Functional Decomposition Analysis – All You Need To Know

Functional Decomposition Analysis – All You Need To Know: When redesigning a business plan or reconstructing an engineered object, what confuses the most? Well, we are always confused about “and” or “or” present between different steps. Going on a straight road is better than moving towards bumpy turns. So, why not divide these steps into reproducible confusion-free steps, rather than leaving ambiguities.

Although these ambiguities are paving paths towards different arenas, we might not be interested in digging them.

This implicates the importance to devise a complete flow chart of reproducible steps or smaller pre-components, such that when these components are joined together, they reach the global function representation.

This division of function into smaller parts, in a way that creates a smooth running towards the whole function, is referred to as functional decomposition.

Analyzing this process for further refinement is the functional decomposition analysis, applicable almost in all businesses and engineering setups.

In general, we can assume that a bigger chore is divided into its constituent tasks, each essential for fulfilling the main one.

This raises an important question, how this decomposition is planned initially?

Of course, a detailed step-wise flow is formed. For simplicity, a decomposition diagram is formed.

Functional Objectives:

What are we missing?


Well, for accomplishing any plan, whether business, engineering or any other field devising objectives is critical.

The same is true for functional decomposition analysis.

Its objectives revolve around What, how and extent of break down, completely covering the whole function properly.

Let us check about the coverage of these objective foundations.

  1. Assessing the function and its parts, for measuring the expected outcomes. Plan for managing any uncertainties caused by broken parts.
  2. Identifying the original design without sabotaging its originality. Devising a way for clarifying any glitches.
  3. An important step, evaluating the specific properties of each part.
  4. The above evaluation helps experts to identify and analyze personal performance and reduce chances of vagueness. This directly affects the expenditure and supplies designated towards each part.
  5. At this point, it becomes clear and easy for the experts to roughly draft a proposal, which helps in completing the important steps required towards complete function.

What comes to mind?

An augmented plan, with a complete road map towards a bigger function.

What if certain functions are too complicated?

Well, If the above point has missed your attention earlier. We have researched a perfect solution for it.

The breaking down of complex systems into sub-parts and then analyzing these subparts for further breakdown helps in understanding these parts individually. Moreover, they also aid in assembling the whole function properly.

Isn’t it a bounty?

To cherish the bounty entirely, decomposition diagrams are formed.

Let us see how this decomposition diagram helps to understand the process and fulfill its function.

Decomposition Diagram:

Decomposition Diagram

A team of experts sits to understand generic descriptions for fully understanding the main function.

The function is broken down into subparts until refined detail is obtained.

This diagram is a flow chart, which provides a piece of firsthand information regarding the whole process.

Isn’t it a perfect solution for completing complex plans?

We have formed a general flow of decomposition, that will help to identify functions and their subparts more profoundly.

A General Flow Chart for Decomposition

This general flow of function elements helps to identify the unplanned entry of secondary functional perspectives. These discoveries aim towards the early elimination of ambiguities and paths pointing towards other directions.

What happens when we reach the root of a plan?

It gives a better understanding of the confined issue, which is otherwise difficult to address. Problems not easily visible in a complicated plan can be addressed properly.

Another concern arises about the types of decomposition diagrams. They completely depend on the customized plans.

Let us give an insight into the different types of diagrams used in this technique.

The most common types of methods used for representation include Tree structures, Use case charts, Nested diagrams, Flowcharts, State transition, Cause effect models, Decision trees, Mind maps, Component diagrams, Decision models, and notation designs.

The usage depends on the type of plan which needs to be presented in broken parts.

8 Top Uses of Functional Decomposition:

Originally functional decomposition analysis came from mathematics, where it was used to solve the relation between complex variables.

As the technology has advanced it has found its uses in many different areas, including engineering, businesses, microservices, software engineering, database theory, machine learning, knowledge hierarchical representation, and signal processing.

Let us get a brief overview regarding all these fields.

  1. Engineering:

Engineers are always busy devising specific processes completing different functions, which are helpful in the functioning of devices.

With the use of functional decomposition, they breakdown the complex systematic hierarchy into sub-tasks, form a relation between these tasks, and in return get a complete image of their work.

Is it enough?

Well, no it further helps them to get familiarize with any problems and develop abrupt solutions to them. A step is necessary to remove ambiguities in the structure and function of the designated product.

A better strategy for working on damage-free devices.

  1. Businesses:

Businesses revolve around a simple draft that contains a framework explaining the design and detailed plans to achieve it.

But what they require as a helping hand?

A simple procedure to breakdown the whole draft into simple steps or tasks.

The tasks are unique. They are constructible, independent, and at the same time inter-linked with each other.

It’s like a web, where each string gives strength to the other one.

The nature and cost of each are estimated by experts during the diagram construction phase.

Don’t worry, business proposals usually incorporate such diagrams in the form of flow charts, tables, or hierarchical arrangements, depending on the particular nature of the proposal.

This also helps in the arrangement of each subpart according to its importance and relation for achieving the overall functional results.

How does it help organizational success?

As the complex processes are simplified, this helps organizations to obtain step-wise success as well as get a step-wise resource allocation image. In this way, they can minimize their cost-effectiveness and help to achieve goals more profoundly.

  1. Microservices:

What are the fundamental players in a microservice?

Of course, an employee and a client.

If the case is between fewer clients, functional decomposition is quite easy.

For the decomposition of microservices, it is important to understand the complete requirement of users.

Firstly, the users are categorized and a microservice is established for both user and employee.

Depending on the nature of microservice, its supportive techniques are identified. After this, a simple mapping of individualized functions to the microservice is achieved.

The above is the simplest layout but in higher applications, static view and call chain analysis are also kept in mind.

It is helpful where a fixed requirement for early development is decided.

But as the system grows its complexities increases and such simple decomposition might hinder performance.

  1. Machine learning:

Machine learning revolves around computer superiority.

The world of Artificial Intelligence, where the internal programming of computers keeps them updated without any human involvement.

It mainly functions around identifying predictions from the new information with the help of already installed algorithms.

A fascinating experience.

But guess what, these predictions are identified by codes that are developed for specific functions.

These codes help to map an image around the information that it identifies like a built-in function.

Many such codes are simultaneously anticipating the information around a rapidly changing world.

A decomposition diagram of these codes helps to formulate algorithms about general topic information.

These codes form certain patterns, such patterns identify and join related news. Whenever any new happening is reported, the data is changed without human intervention.

It has found active usage within e-commerce, media, and marketing industries.

  1. Software Engineering:

How programmers develop their coded programs with minimized error rates?

Although minimize errors are often associated with more exposure to work environments, but smart ones outcast others by their smart strategies.

A software engineer while working on a new program forms a functional diagram. In this way, his work becomes organized and he can start formulating codes from the basic level reaching the complex steps.

Isn’t it amazing, how complex programming can be simplified by organizing one step at one point?

It might appear time-consuming, tedious, and tiresome, but some difficulties are bound to get us towards a smooth result.

  1. Database Theory:

Databases provide some useful information for structuring future intelligence. These database tables are formed following certain rule adhering forms.

This benefits retaining the integrity of the databases.

Functional decomposition helps in maintaining database normalization, during database formation.

Abruptness in entries and ambiguities are properly addressed in this way.

This helps to provide data in a more user-friendly way. Errors are easily removed, and data integrity is maintained.

Moreover, database tables are interlinked, easing access through a complex system of different data.

Easy sharing, independence, and advanced recovery facilities help to keep database systems safe.

Functional decomposition if such complex data aids in user-friendly interference. Complicated data are divided into smaller representation blocks which may be either in the form of tables or graphs, with easy access and linkage to one another.

  1. Knowledge representation:

Another artificial intelligence tool, knowledge representation provides a basis for the computer to understand and solve real-world problems without errors.

Humans tend logical reasoning, but machines completely depend on built-in artificial intelligence.

It is also seemingly distinct from databases as it not only stores information, but it enables it to learn experiences from that data. These experiences help to formulate its response against different situations.

Knowledge representation often starts with the perception of a situation, followed by learning and representation.

The complete implementation of the task depends on the reasoning of the implemented perception.

The use of robots in carrying out certain functions is one such example.

Where it is programmed to tackle and solve real-world problems, like giving emotional support to its human companion.

An amazing invention including artificial intelligence.

  1. Signal Processing:

An engineering field, which uses the signals or waves from audio, visuals, lightning, or any scientific phenomenon.

Functional decompositions have helped to split the whole process of these signals reaching their target.

This aids in the overall transmission of signals through different barriers, the storage capability of them, and easy recognition of our interesting components.

Have you wondered about spaceships and communication between Earth and space station?

A set of customized signal components is developed to help communication across the universe.

What now?

Yes, our satellites, wireless systems use these signal processing variables to interconnect with anyone irrespective of space and time.

What will aid this communication?

Of course, the decomposition of complex signal arrays helps to achieve the end product by minimizing error risks.

Functional Decomposition Benefits and Drawbacks:

Each technique has a certain associated set of pros and cons, so does functional decomposition analysis.

The diagram aids in understanding the complicated functional plans. An organized setup helps to better understand complex structures. It not only divides work but also helps in estimating the cost and variables that might affect the overall process.

As perks are always surrounded by bugs, so is the case with the pros and cons. They work side by side.

For breaking down complex systems, experts are needed. Moreover, tedious work often results in causing errors.

Excess of everything is bad, so is the case while breaking down components. Some important parts might be neglected while others might get undue importance.

Excessive workload is required for starting from scratch.

Well, the cons can be minimized by developing a detailed worksheet and getting professional help from experts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question 1: Is functional decomposition applicable in forensic industry?

Answer: Yes, it is applicable for breaking down complex data of forensic databases.

Question 2: Does it require opinions from stakeholders before breaking down business plans?

Answer: Yes, the immediate stakeholders discuss their requirements aiding in the overall process.

Question 3: Are subparts independent ?

Answer: The sub parts are independent as well as interlink to establish a uniform function.

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