11 Reasons why a Scorpio man hides his feelings from you

Scorpios are that one star sign that is infamous for their mysterious personalities and actually suffer from quite a bad reputation due to it. A star that is ruled by their boldness and fiery passion, more than often does being secretive come out as a prominent character trait in Scorpios.

As it is known about their personalities, similarly, Scorpios are not an easy star sign to deal with when you’re in a relationship with them. In fact, when it comes to love, they are actually quite the deal overall in general, no matter if you’re already dating or are on the road to getting together. They are a sign that goes from 0 to 100 in a second and there’s actually no in between when it comes to them.

Extremely private, struggling when it comes to trusting someone, and having mood swings that not everybody can deal with, Scorpios naturally also tend to keep their emotions bottled up inside them, especially when it comes to romantic ones.

As frustrating as it can get when someone holds their feelings off from you, there are quite valid reasons why a Scorpio man may do so, so let’s look at some.

He has a shy and closed-off demeanor

Before jumping to any serious conclusions as to why a Scorpio man may hide his feelings from you, it is always best to start by considering what’s on the surface first. Maybe it’s not deep at all, and he’s just holding his emotions from you because he doesn’t know any other way because of his personality. When someone is shy and reserved, it can get challenging for them to immediately open up in front of someone.

If you think that he has feelings for you, but he isn’t conveying the message to you, it is most probably because he himself is too nervous to do so. He must be finding the right way and time to break it to you so that he doesn’t get rejected.

On the other hand, if you’re already dating a Scorpio man and struggle with his lack of expression when it comes to his feelings, then no need to worry as well. You should sit him down and have a civilized conversation, discussing why him sharing his feelings with you is important to you. Politely ask him why he does not share his feelings with you himself without forcing him into answering anything. Once you have this talk, there is going to be an air of trust developed between you two and he’s going to think of you as a safe space for the emission of his feelings. Describing the importance of him sharing his feelings with you will help the both of you get on a track that is most beneficial for your relationship.

Scorpio men, when they have feelings for you, whether they’re your boyfriend or not, will tend to hide them, but deep down, under that coat of in-expressiveness is a man who is weak for the woman he’s interested in. He will be fearful of doing or saying anything that may end up hurting you, so this could also be a reason why he prefers to keep his feelings to himself because he’s uncertain as to how they will affect the course of your relationship.

He has a hard time with trust

Having trust issues is a big personality trait when it comes to Scorpios. They’d rather die than trust someone blindly and this could be a big reason why your Scorpio man is not sharing his feelings with you and is instead of hiding them.

However, while this personality trait may sometimes come off as rude, it has a deeper reason to it. Actually, Scorpios deeply fear rejection and betrayal, so they do not make the mistake of trusting someone that easily. They also hate it when someone is dishonest to them, especially in a relationship, so in order to avoid any rocky road in their relationships, they simply prefer to keep their feelings to themselves so they are not vulnerable enough for anyone to hurt them.

Also, if he feels like you do not have these qualities that he has a deep regard for, then he will prefer to keep his feelings bottled up inside him instead of sharing them with you.

A past relationship taints his heart

As said above, Scorpios have a hard time trusting someone. And when it comes to the case of a past relationship that broke his heart, it will certainly take him quite a while to get through the pain and heal completely. During this time, as anyone else would be, a Scorpio man would also find it very challenging to open up to someone else.

So if you have a Scorpio man in your life, and you think he’s concealing his true feelings about you from you, then this could well enough be a reason why. Scorpios are very serious when it comes to honesty and loyalty in their relationships, so if you want him to believe that you can truly give him both of these things to his broken and damaged heart, then you need to help him regain his trust in love.

He’s still figuring it out himself

Scorpios are very clear cut about what they say, feel, and do. They won’t give off any double signals in any situation because they themselves hate dual-faced people and their actions. Hence, whatever a Scorpio man does, he does it with extreme caution and in a rational and well-calculated manner. He will never wish to do anything that gives off the wrong signal, so if you think yours is hiding his feelings from you, then it could be because he wants to thoroughly think of the pros and cons before diving face-first into something with you.

In such a situation, your best bet is to step back and give him some space and time so he can think everything out with a clear head. If he is very sure about you, he will surely end up letting you know in some way or another. And if it’s the opposite, then you would get to know as well, for sure.

He wants to wait for when the time is right

Scorpio men are big on a relationship that’s built on the foundation of trust and honesty if it weren’t clear as of yet. Another possible reason why your Scorpio man may be quiet with his feelings can be because he is waiting for the right time to open up.

Perhaps he wants to fully get in touch with his feelings for you, see if he can even trust you with them, and then he will make his move by telling you all about them. It can get frustrating at times, but sadly that’s how Scorpios work. They want to make sure that their relationships are as transparent and good as possible, and for that, they want to wait it out as much as they have to until the bond between the two gets to the level that they desire.

He wants you to make the first move

Despite the fact that Scorpio men are very bold, they might step down a little from this title when it comes to confessing their feelings for someone. The reason behind this could majorly be his great regard for trust in his relationship again. Yeah, that’s pretty important to them if it wasn’t already clear.

As said previously, Scorpio men tend to thoroughly wait it out in order to confirm their feelings for a person, as well as the prospects of the particular relationship if they were to pursue it. The main reason behind all this cautiousness is their need for a trustworthy life partner, and a relationship that stands on the foundation of transparency, unity, honesty, and of course, trust.

Since in some cases it might not be a walk in the park to determine whether the person in question has any similar feelings for them, they go down the path of waiting to find out. Scorpio men may decide to step back and wait for the woman to confess her feelings first so that he’s totally assured about her intentions, as well as the future that he might be having with that woman.

He’s just going through one of his moods

Scorpios are well known for their frequent mood swings and actually have quite a reputation, all thanks to these moods that go from hot to cold with the flick of a switch.

Even when it comes to a relationship, before you get into one with a Scorpio man, you must keep in your mind that dealing with his moods can be a big rocky road in your relationship. They go from happy to agitated to angry all within one sentence sometimes so it’s not just frustrating for you to deal with, but it also greatly affects their relationships and how they deal with them.

The point is that since you’re dealing with a Scorpio man here, and you think that he’s hiding his feelings from you, it could just be that from the looks of it. Maybe in reality he’s just going through one of his mood-changing phases and naturally giving off confusingly mixed signals to you.

Your best bet, in this case, is to take a step back from him and let him breathe so his head clears up and he can figure his emotions out in the right manner. Overthinking and making yourself go crazy after negative thoughts will only make it worse for you so it’s best if you stay chill and let him do his thing until he approaches you himself.

He’s sensitive about his emotions

Scorpio men may come off as emotionless and mysterious in some ways, but when they come down to loving, they can make their partner feel like the luckiest person on the planet with all the romance.

The truth is that Scorpios are extremely reserved and most of the time hold off from exhibiting their emotions in front of someone because they’re touchy about their feelings. They don’t want to risk anything when it comes to forming relationships and certainly are very afraid of making themselves vulnerable. They don’t want their feelings getting hurt in any case and it could be why the Scorpio man in your life may be acting a little closed off from you.

Maybe you’re not the one for him

As said, Scorpio men take very great caution in forming relationships. They don’t want to take risks that may end up jeopardizing their relationships. They take every step in a very calculated manner when it comes to relationships. They don’t want to enter into something serious without being absolutely sure about it.

Hence, if you think that your Scorpio man is holding his feelings from you, it could be because he’s not entirely sure about you. Maybe he still wants to give the idea more thought or maybe he’s made the decision but he isn’t sure of how to break it to you.

The best thing to do in such a case is to let him be on his own and let him figure his feelings out so he can clear his head. It’s never advisable to stand on his head and make it worse for yourself.

He doesn’t want to look sensitive

Scorpio men can be big givers in their relationships once they get the chance to. They will do their best to make you feel fulfilled and happy, and as far away from any stress as possible.

For such reasons, they sometimes end up hiding their emotions from you because they don’t want to get you all worked up regarding their feelings. They like being the dominant ones in the relationship, so the last thing they like to do is make you feel like you need to emotionally support them with anything.

In such a case, have him sit down and bring your concerns to the table in front of him. Tell him that it bothers you when he doesn’t share his feelings or problems with you just to not burden you. Make him feel comfortable enough to let his guard down in front of you and come clean about his sentiments. Let it be known that you want him to be vulnerable in front of you and gain his trust that you won’t judge or hurt him.

He is overanalyzing

Scorpios put a lot of deep thinking into their relationships. They don’t take any big steps without completely being sure about them first and definitely make sure that they don’t end up doing something that might hurt their potential partner.

If your Scorpio man isn’t coming open about his feelings with you then it could be because of his habit of overanalyzing and thinking about all aspects, pros, and cons of the relationship. He wants to make sure he’s completely sure about every step he takes so that the outcome is a healthy and happy relationship.

Hence, if he is not coming clean about what he truly feels like about you, it could just be because he’s still figuring it all out himself! He just needs time and if you two are truly meant to be together, then he surely will get to you once he has made his decision.


Whether it may be that you’re dating a Scorpio man, or that you’re on the road to it, or he’s just a friend to you, reasons why Scorpio men keep their feelings to themselves range over various reasons. It could be because of his reserved and closed-off demeanor, because of his lack of assurance regarding your relationship, or just simply the inability to figure his own feelings out. Whatever the case may be, it surely truly is quite frustrating to deal with a man who is not willing to open up and be vulnerable in front of you. However, with the right tactics opted, the right actions done, and the right words said, you surely can bring him towards a relationship that’s built on mutual trust, understanding, and being open to each other about your feelings.