10 Signs He Is Thinking Of A Future With You

Even if you’re in a stable and healthy relationship and things seem to be pretty smooth with your dream partner, the ambiguous thought regarding what the future behold is always very daunting. If your partner doesn’t mention your future together as a couple, it might drive you crazy thinking about what if he just runs away after the charm is gone?

Generally speaking, men are hesitant and scared to directly ask you to be their wife. They are usually scared of commitment and the drama it brings with it. However, obviously, that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t want to know about your partner’s true inteintentions. So to make this task seem like a piece of cake, we dug deeper and deeper to compile a list of signs to look out for if you want to know if your man wants to be with you long term.

Some straightforward signs that a partner may channel if he wishes to have a future with you are:

  • He considers everything that he owns as your property too
  • He considers your family as his
  • He wants you to spend more time with his family
  • He’s protective of you (in a healthy way)
  • He wants your opinions on everything
  • He is inquisitive about your thoughts regarding the future
  • He frequently talks about family and fatherhood
  • He asks you to move in with him
  • You both adopt a pet together
  • He lets himself be vulnerable when you’re together

1- He replaces ‘I’ and ‘mine’ with ‘us’ and ‘ours’

Happy couple

Whenever you see him discussing any future plans with you and you observe that he uses words like ‘us’ and ‘ours,’ it means he naturally thinks that both of your futures are connected to each other.

For example, if he is talking about getting a new car, he will ask for your opinion on it as, according to him, he is getting it for both of you.

If he says things like ‘our home’, ‘our family’ it indicates that you don’t need to spend time worrying about the future as he is pretty serious about you.

2- He wants you to meet his family

Introducing you to his family is a big step a guy takes when he really starts considering you as marriage material. If he introduces you to his friends and family, it means he considers you to be an important part of his life.

When he wants you to accompany him on all social events it shows that he is not ashamed or afraid to tell the world about his relationship with you probably because he’s sure you two will end up together.

He will want you to spend more time with his family so that you feel more connected to him, given that you adore the people he loves besides you.

In return, he will also embrace your family as his own and will give them the same amount of love and respect since he considers that you both are connected.

3- He’s protective of you

Appreciate his presence in your life

Since he is so much in love with you and wishes to see you as his future wife, he will be very protective of you.

If he is sure of a future with you, he knows that the decisions you take in your life will affect him as well in the future so he is really concerned about all of them.

His protectiveness and concern, however, is romantic when it is within certain limits.

If he becomes overprotective and insecure of all your life choices, make sure you talk to him and work on finding a solution together.

4- He seeks your opinion on everything

When he is making his life decisions, he asks you for your views and stance on the situation. He not only does this to make you feel like an equal in the relationship, but he also does it because he is sure that his decisions will have an impact on your life as well, since you two are to share a future.

Even if the decision is as small as if he should wear the red shirt to office or the black one or major decisions like those of taking on a new job or moving to another country.

He believes that you have a say in all of them since you are a part of his life too.

5- He inquires you about your future plans

Couple discussing future plans

By asking you about your view on the future, he is just ensuring that your thoughts and ideas align with his.

He is just struggling to be sure if you really are going to be the ideal life partner.

He might ask you questions based on where you want to settle and how you plan on managing your personal and professional life.

All these questions will just set up an image in his mind of how you picture and dream your life to be so he can make amendments and adjust his future plans based on yours.

6- He may talk about what kind of a father he would be

When talking of the future, one thing every person would want to be certain of is whether or not their spouses have the same mindset as them when it comes to having and raising kids.

If he shares with you how many kids he wants to have or where he wants his kids to grow up, it means he pictures you as the mother of his future kids and hence, sees a future with you.

He might also share what kind of a father he would make and how strong of a bond he may want to have with his kids in the future, all of which, again, is an indication that he imagines a future with you.

7- He adores your family

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He will make an active effort to bond with your family and the people you love.

Sometimes, he may even struggle with dealing with your family members because of the difference of opinion, but he will try to not give up on them easily, just for the sake of the future.

This is because he wants to adapt every aspect of your life and respect all those people that are a part of it since you two will be a couple in the future and will raise a family together, the foundation of which should be laid on mutual respect and love.

8- He asks you to move in with you

Asking your partner to move in with you is probably the biggest step people take right before they start looking for an engagement ring.

This step will lead to a big step ahead since you are willing to take the risk of living with someone only after you totally trust them and are sure of keeping things serious with them.

The moving-in phase will be a temporary trial phase of how life will turn out to be when you two are married. So, if you two are happy after you start living together, you can soon expect an engagement ring from your significant other.

9- You two adopt a pet together

When you two get a pet together, the responsibility and commitment that taking care of a pet, feeding and bathing him, and sharing equal responsibility of his well being will help you both realize that you two are capable of spending a lifetime of love and happiness together, nurturing and taking care of each other to help your love grow and blossom.

Having a successful experience in raising a pet would also signify that you two may also start a family some day and take good care of them.

10- He lets down his guard in front of you

He lets down his guard in front of you

If your partner is totally comfortable around you and trusts you, he will truly be himself and won’t have to be very picky about what he does or says.

Men are often reluctant to open up to others and expose their vulnerable sides, but once they blindly trust you, there is no stopping them from expressing their thoughts and feelings.

So if you’ve got a guy who lets his guard down whenever he is sound you and is the truest and most raw version of himself in front of you, then there is quite the possibility that he thinks of a future with you.

No guy would ever marry you if the factor of trust is not there, hence if a guy is actually giving you signals that he has faith in you, it means that someday he is going to marry you.

It all comes down to this…

The decision to spend your whole life with someone is as scary to your partner as it may have been for you too. Even if you yourself have made the decision that you’re ready to settle down with the man you love and wish to take things to the next level, you may want to consider the important factor of the human psyche in the whole ordeal.

Consider the fact that if the decision came quickly to you, it doesn’t necessarily have to be the same for your partner or anyone else because both of you are different human beings.

Another point to keep in mind is that men mostly tend to keep their feelings bottled up inside them and aren’t used to exposing them so easily, so even if you are in a strong relationship yet still can’t see any signs of a perfect future in your partner’s body language, it could just simply be because he is having a hard time opening up to you.

Hence, don’t give up on an otherwise perfect relationship only because the guy is not expressing his willingness to marry you in clear words.

If you follow our instructions and observe if your guy has been doing all the above mentioned things, we’re sure that he must have plans of marrying you even if he is not able to express them openly. But if you feel confused and are doubting your partner’s actions and words regarding the matter, it would be best if you sit down with him and talk it out to come to a suitable mutual decision.