7 Reasons why You Might be Getting Bored with your Relationship

So you might be wondering “Am I bored of my relationship” Well, relationships take you to places you have never been and these places can be super tricky sometimes as well. Sometimes, you might feel like you are on top of the world and then there are days when you fall back on the ground, wondering why you ever committed yourself to someone. And you end up saying ” I am in a boring relationship “

And then there comes another swirl in relationships; you start to get bored with it. And don’t go all guilt driven by a lot of people get those thoughts in their minds.

This can even happen when your relationship partner who is madly in love with you and is always beside you.

And that makes you feel guilty even more.

And then the question bubble pops into your mind; why are you getting bored with your relationship. A relationship that opened you to a world of new feelings starts to feel like the dullest thing in your life. Well, mostly relationship gets boring because people don’t do anything to prevent it.

But we need answers.

To Answer “Am I Bored Of My Relationship?”

Humans always need answers and reasons and logic for everything and that applies to relationships too. So if you are bored with your relationship and you can’t just figure why, here are some reasons for you.

And maybe one of these just clicks your mind and you understand why your relationship is boring you.

But hey, don’t go for a relationship breakup. Try doing something to add life back to it.

You can make your relationship work.

1. The Dull Daily Routine:

This is the major reason why a lot of people get bored with their relationship.

You have the same old boring relationship routine and you are already aware of whatever is going to happen throughout your dull day.

There is nothing to surprise you in your relationship.

It makes you feel like you are locked in a room with your partner and it starts to suffocate you too soon.

Going to the same places together over and over again.

Talking about same things or even just staying quiet most of the time (worst part of a relationship)

Of course, anyone will get bored of the same routine relationships and pretty quickly too.

2. The Excitement Spark:

Do you have any idea, when was the last time you did something super exciting with your partner?

Like I don’t know jumping like this sophisticated and super mature lady over here?

When you are in a long-term relationship, you start to take surprises for granted.

If your relationship doesn’t excite you anymore; do something about it.

Do something different rather than just that plain Good Morning message.

Go to different places.

Travel together (you know if you guys are there).

Find things which you both guys love to do.

This will definitely bring in the spark back in your relationship.

3. The Foundation:

People, who fall in love too quickly, are the ones who fall out of the relationship as fast as well.

Sometimes, one of the partners is just in a relationship because they want sex and for them, the foundation of the relationship is the physical connection. Mostly men are in those sorts of so-called “relationships”.

However, it is always suggested that you have a strong connection with one another rather than just sex or physicality. If your whole relationship is just about that then it is not a relationship!

4. Opportunities:

You are obviously going to see different people every day.

You will see couples as well or maybe this fine lady trying to flirt with you or should I say ruin your relationship.

And if you look at someone and wish that you should have been in a relationship with such a girl/guy like that; it’s time for you to let go.

If you think that you deserve someone better, someone more confident and someone more mature, then you will never be able to settle down with your own relationship.

Until and unless you don’t feel like an equal; don’t get indulged with anyone.

And if you don’t feel like an equal with your partner then it is better to let go as that might be a big factor in boring you.

5. Emotional Connections:

This always cracks me up!! I loved this episode of Friends.

Sometimes you are able to connect with other people better. You feel comfortable while sharing your personal relationship problems with them.

And surprisingly, you are not that comfortable with your own partner nor the relationship.

Do you see where this is going? Question the comfort and see if you have a stronger emotional connection with someone else?

6. Sex gets Boring for you:

 I agree that sex can’t always excite you but sometimes you can just swirl things around and make something work.

And somehow you do feel turned on.

However, if you are finding excuses to avoid sex in all in your relationship, then you are surely bored with your love life.

I guess you don’t need to change your sex style; you need to change your partner here dude.

7. Communication:

And then you start giving up, trying to make your partner understand something! You prefer silence. You listen to what they have to say and agree with them because you just don’t have the stamina to make them understand.

That is when you actually feel like dumping that person and moving as far as you can from them.

If you do feel communication relationship issues, you actually need to do that!


Relationships aren’t always going to be super-duper fun. Sometimes you have to fake it till you make it. But just sometimes, faking doesn’t work either and that is when you know that you are bored of your relationship.

Giving it another try is worth it but if you don’t feel the connection and spark; it is better to walk away from it.

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