Why Every Home Should have a Pet?

Why Every Home Should have a Pet?: Owning a pet is the best companionship one needs in their life. They make you feel loved and a sense of belonging that comes along with the ownership of a furry companion, is an extremely cherishing experience.

Are you thinking of buying yourself a pet? Well, that is certainly one of the best decisions of your life that you are stepping forward to make.

We all deserve someone who can love us unconditionally and pets are the perfect examples of it. They do not want anything from us in return, apart from love and care.

And yes!

Pets are more loyal in this domain than most human beings. According to a survey, 94% of pet owners reported that their pets make them smile several times per day. And this alone is the most important reason for every home to have a pet in it.

And a smile never seems bad to anyone, does it?

So you should have a pet because they will keep you happier in general. They will keep you entertained and give you a gateway to a great companionship, along with a sense of responsibility.

Pets are the extra spark to one’s life, and that is why every home should have a pet. They are extremely loving creatures that demand our attention and love and make us understand the real essence of affection.

The feeling of your dog running to you when you return from home is priceless. Or imagine your parrot saying your name when you enter your room. Or maybe your cat is waiting for you at the doorstep. The exhaustion of the entire day spent at work vanishes at the lovely sight of this!

12 Benefits of having a pet:

There are many benefits of keeping pets at home. From kids to retired adults, pets are ready to serve you with their unconditional companionship.

If you are planning to get one for yourself or maybe your kid, then we are completely in support of this idea of yours.

Also, if you are confused then here are some fabulous reasons that will convince you to get a pet for your home.

1- You get to buy cool gadgets for your pet:

Best gadget we like: The Furbo Dog Camera

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Here is something really unique and exciting for all the shopaholics out there. Owning a pet means that you get to shop for them.

Spoiling them is identical to spoiling your kids and every pet owner loves doing that.

You can buy some really cool gadgets and toys for your pets. Or you can just order a pair of cute socks for your pet cat and match them with your socks too.

Sounds fun, right?

Some gadgets make it easier for you to manage your pets and ensure their safety too. So, you don’t have to worry about being unable to eye them all the time.

Thanks to the innumerable technological advancements; you can now keep an eye on your pet, all the time, from anywhere with a variety of products.

You will find millions of cool gadgets online.

This way, you can keep your living space undisturbed and keep your pet happy and safe at the same time.

If you are wondering “Why should I get a pet?”, then here’s a perfect reason for that.

We face a lot of stress in our daily lives and we all have our reasons.

It can be due to work pressure, family dilemmas, or relationship hurdles, and the list can go on. These fears make us emotionally weak, vulnerable, and sometimes, leave us utterly frustrated too.

At the end of the day, you lie down on your bed and feel completely alone and gloomy.

That is where your pet comes to rescue you from this emotional meltdown.

If you have a pet, you more likely to survive all of this.

According to studies, pets can relieve stress. By simply showing affection towards your pet, your heart rate, and blood pressure decrease.

Pets are well-known for being the best comforters too. They can play with you and love you endlessly and this will keep you distracted from all the troubles of the world. Your mind will be diverted and you won’t have time to sit and indulge yourself into negative thoughts.

Pets can calm you down and also bring a ray of sunshine into your life.

However, it is important to know that pets suffer from stress too, and you must be there to take care of them. There are tons of toys and calming treats that you can give your pet for stress relief.

2- Pets are Little Entertainers

pet are entertainting

Pets are the real entertainers in your life. A simple cat wiggle can cheer you up. And when they come up to your lap and cuddle with you; all the worries disappear.

The sad moments don’t feel so sad after that. Even if you are feeling sad and low, they will put you in a better mood by being by your side.

Some people don’t believe it, but pets do respond. You can try it yourself by talking with them or even scolding them.

Sometimes you will get funny faces as a response and even cute voices as if they are trying to convey something to you.

This is not just confined till cats. Dog are also amazing pets and they respond to human connection incredible well!

If you don’t own a pet, you can easily watch videos of pets online and see how they interact with their owners in moments of distress.

They portray their love for us, in different ways and small gestures. Pet owners with families know how quickly kids can befriend pets and get indulged with them. If your kid is an introvert and finds it hard to make new friends, then try getting a pet for them. It will help them get a companion.

Moreover, science has proven that dogs can be extremely helpful in making their owners feel happy and blissful. Playing with them releases happy hormones, i.e., Dopamine and Serotonin in your body. Petting your dog gives a sense of relaxation, just like eating a good piece of chocolate.

Thus, spending time with your pets, and playing with them is a source of entertainment in itself. You can easily get fun toys for your pets online as they is a huge variety, readily accessible.

3- They give you a sense of responsibility:

Pets make you a better communicators

Owning any pet, can change your life positively and incredibly. You grow to become a responsible individual and feel happier than usual.

For instance, you own a puppy/dog and you know that by all means, you have to feed him, give him a bath and take him for a walk. You have to train them in several ways as to where they are allowed to poop and which area is prohibited.

Wireless dog fences can be extremely helpful in training dogs and makes it easier for you to attend to your responsibilities too.

This all shapes you in a responsible person who has patience and knows how to manage their time efficiently too. There is a chance; you might face a little difficulty at first to manage everything.

But in some days, you will see that how close you have become to your pet and how it really changes your personality. It is also essential that you ensure a safe and comfortable environment for your pets.

4- They make you a better communicator.

pets give you sense of responsibility in life

Being a pet owner helps you in enhancing your communication skills too.

Communicating with a pet is challenging as you need to do it verbally and non-verbally both. They easily pick up on body language and your gestures.

A person with better communication and understanding can easily create relationships in both personal and professional life.” If you lack communication skills, a pet can really be helpful in boosting them.

5- Pets guard you (This one goes for dogs)

Pets guard you

Pets are your best saviors, especially dogs. They are well known for their guarding abilities and they don’t run away in dangerous or life threatening situations. They stay by your side and protect you from anything that might seem as a threat.

From dogs to birds, every pet is a special guard of your house who can sense danger immediately. Most people think that only dogs can keep you safe and fight for your protection, but that’s not entirely true. It is definitely undeniable that dogs are trained to keep their owners safe and are aggressively possessive for them too. However, there are several pets who can easily signal a threat to their owner right away.

If you still don’t believe it then there are millions of videos online where pets guard their owners and keep them safe. Those videos will surely melt your heart and convince you why you should have a pet.

6- Pets provide loving companionship:

Pets provide loving companionship

Companionship is the utmost need for every individual as it provokes a sense of love and closeness. Pets make the best companions as they stay by your side, no matter what, even when you travel. They won’t judge you like your class mate Carl and they won’t leave you like your ex-boyfriend did.

They will make you feel worthy and won’t judge you at all. Imagine coming home after a long and tiresome day, to find your pet waiting for you at the doorstep. Isn’t; that the best feeling?

These little moments of pure affection, eradicate loneliness from your life. It will really brighten up your life.

Have you seen the famous Hachiko movie? It is a real example of the faithfulness of pets towards their owners. If you are still confused about whether to get a pet or not? See this movie, and it will melt your heart right away.

7- They keep you socially connected

pets socially connect

Believe it or not, pets can actually help to increase your social circle. A study finds that having pets can help you gain more social connections because pet owners have many common interests.

For example, when you go to park you meet other pet owners and you interact with them. Kids playing in the park will come to meet you and your pet. These little meetings keep you connected with everyone and ensure that you have a happy and positive life.

Even if you don’t go out much you can make many friends and meet new people online. Post a video and picture with your pet on social media and you will get abundance of positive responses. People will also share their memories of pets and pictures with you and this is how your social circle grows.

8- Having a pet is good for kids

Having a pet is good for the kids

Pets are not just for adults. They are amazing for kids too. In fact, it is scientifically proven that pets are good for kids as they become responsible, kind and confident. Apart from these there are so many health benefits as according to a study, kids are less likely to develop asthma and other allergies if they have a pets around them.

Kids with pets are more active. They have a partner to play with all the time. If your kid is shy, getting a pet for them can be the best decision that you make. They will befriend them easily and when they head out to take their pet on a walk, they will gradually indulge with other pet owners too. It is an important reason that will convince you of the idea that every home should have a pet.

Still, wondering why every home should have a pet? Then here is a reason that will convince you, for sure. About 6.5 million animals are admitted to animal shelters every year. And about 1.5 million are put to death due to limited resources. Adopting a pet can save a life and gives a second chance to those animals to live again. These animals deserve a better life too. And you can be their guardian angel.

Moreover, adopting a pet does not cost much. Most animals have already received the vaccination, cutting the costs a lot more.

Additional Advantages of Keeping Pets

Pets counter the lonelinesss

Are you still confused about getting a pet or not? Well, here are some additional perks of keeping pets at home:

  1.     Health Benefits:

You cannot deny the amazing health benefits pets can provide you. According to research, dogs play a significant role in keeping their owners physically active and fit. Taking them out for a walk or training them is not only healthy for the pet but also for you. You might have seen the viral videos OD dogs doing yoga with their owners. Having them at home ensures that you and your family stays safe from asthma and other allergies.

Moreover, they provide you with psychological relief by keeping you in a good mood all the time. Do you that you can also find therapy dogs in nursing homes and hospitals? Even doctors agree that they are real stress busters and can help humans a lot.

  1.     Having a routine:

Are you struggling to maintain your routine? If yes then here is an advice, get yourself a pet. After some time living with a pet you will see that you are becoming more responsible and attentive towards your duties. In a while, you will find so easy to organize everything and even have plenty of time to play with your pet. Therefore, every house should have a pet as they really help you to follow your routine.

  1.     A companion for your retirement:

Life becomes quite dull after retirement because of constant staying at home. A pet can surely infuse excitement and happiness into your life again as they are the best companion one can ever ask for. Do you know that there are so many pets in retirement homes serving all around the world? These little pets keep everyone in retirement homes active all day and make sure everyone has a companion with them so they don’t feel alone.

  1.     Create your pet channel:

People love to watch adorable and hilarious videos of pet animals all around the world. You will find enormous pet videos on social media with millions of views and you can also create a channel for your home pet. It will not only provide you financial benefits, but you will also have a vast social media circle.

These are the main reason why you need to get yourself a pet. The above benefits are totally worth it and one day you will be able to see that how much a pet can comfort you and make you happy.


As mentioned above, 6.5 million animals are admitted to animal shelters every year and about 1.5 million are put to death due to limited resources. This is an alarming situation for the humanity where people are unable to pet these beautiful creatures who just tend to make your life a lot better and positive.

Adopting a pet will not only save a life but will also boost your lifestyle in several ways, as mentioned above. Pets make your life positive and these companions are the best part of your daily routine, once you get one. I think there is simply no reason why you should not bring a pet to your home right away. Be more responsible and get loads of affection without any demands in return.

Written By Isabella

Isabella Martinez, your go-to relationship advisor and creator of Life Falcon. I love diving into love, life, and star signs, sharing helpful tips and interesting thoughts with you.

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