Best RV Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems

Best RV Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems: The most important thing with your RV is the tire pressure. Now interestingly, higher pressure is not the cause of tire blowouts. It’s the other way around. At lower tire pressure, RV tires are more prone to blowouts. That’s because low tire pressure increases the friction, which in return increases the heat.

So, in order to keep your tires healthy, you have to make sure you know the tire pressure at all times, and that’s where these guys come in.

As you move around, there are so many different variables, from the speed to the total actual weight on tires to the temperature. (Higher temperature causes more pressure).

So a real-time tire monitoring system that also gives you the temperature/pressure warnings is a must-have.

TireMinder i10

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Of course, you saw this one coming. And although expensive, it’s still a great pick.

Right off the bat, this unit works just fine. You get your real-time temperature alerts (on 167 degree F or more), and of course the pressure alert (alerts you when you are above 20% of the baseline and 50% below).

You also get the slow leak alert (6 psi or more in 2 to 10 minutes) and fast one too (3psi or more in less than 2 minutes).

Now, leak alerts are important, and it’s not the actual air leak that we are talking about here.

Let’s get an example here, say your RV tires traveling on a dry hot asphalt suddenly meets the rain. In this case, the temperature will drop drastically, and so will the pressure, as it is directly proportional.

Because of this, the sudden pressure drop will be seen by this monitor as the “Leak” and too much of it will alert you.

With these alerts, you get real-time monitoring of up to 20 tires where you are able to swap up to 4 different vehicles for a total of 40 tires. You get 3 inches of the colorful display. You get the toggle button between the pressure and the PSI visuals.

All in all its a wise pick.

Eeztire TPMS

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Another good pick.

The set-up with this one is quite easy and it doesn’t take long to install the the sensors on tires. (the manual gives out clear instructions)

The display screen is bigger than the TireMinder, i.e. 4 ½” x 3”.

The thing that caught our attention is its power-saving mode.  The system continuously checks tire pressure and temperature and sends the data to the display screen at 6 seconds intervals.

However, if the trailer stops and no motion is felt by the sensors for 15 minutes, the monitor will automatically go into power-saving mode.

The system sends audio as well as a visual, warning alarm if it detects any variance in the pressure or temperature of the tire. This is a plus point, in our opinion, we can respond to that alarm in time.

A few months back one of my colleagues went on a road trip in the same RV and the sensors identified an air leakage in a tire, a warning alarm was sent immediately and he stopped the vehicle in time. It surely prevented an accident.

So one thing is for sure, no need to check the tires manually, before embarking upon a journey. Install TPMS on your vehicle and get going.

A basic TPMS starts with 4 sensors, but you can add more. The display screen can show the status of up to 26 tires.

The built-in battery of the monitor can last up to 60 hours on one charge and is rechargeable. That means if it’s drained you can recharge it on the go by connecting it to the vehicle’s cigarette lighter or USB port. The sensors have replaceable batteries.

The one thing that we don’t like about this product is its suction cup windshield mount which sometimes does not work. Although they have two other mounting options as well. So consider other options while purchasing this product.

Note: The suction cup mount sometimes does not work.

2-Blueskysea T650 Wireless Solar power TPMS

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A solar-powered TPMS. Blueskysea T650  TPMS has a rechargeable battery plus built-in glass solar panels which ensure a continuous supply of power to the display unit. We don’t need to engage the cigarette lighter socket to recharge the battery.

The batteries in the sensors can last up to 2 years and after that, we can replace them.

Yesterday, we tried to check the pressure in the tires after inflating them but couldn’t do so as the vehicle was on halt. The display unit updates the data after every 15 seconds but when the tires are in motion, not in stationary mode.

It comes with 6 external sensors for 6 tires so the monitoring screen can show data for only 6 tires.

Our team owns a class A,  RV, and sometimes we experience weakened signals on long journeys. The monitor is unable to refresh data, so we installed a Repeater to increase the strength of the signals.

Blueskysea TPMS is suitable for vehicles not more than 10 meters long. There can be a signal issue in vehicles longer than that. In this case, you can always install a Repeater that can increase the strength of the signal and you can get reliable data.

In the end, what we liked about the product is it’s being solar-powered and the thing that we didn’t like is that the signals of the sensors may get weakened after 6 meters distance and we have to install a repeater with this TPMS to ensure reliable data.

3-Lippert Component 2020106863 Tire

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This will help you know the pressure and temperature of the tires of your motorhome even if it is parked. This features help in keeping a better awareness.

Tire Linc checks the pressure and temperature several times in a minute when the RV is in motion and keeps on checking it even if it is stationary after every 15 minutes. We liked this feature about it.

This TPMS does not require any display screen or a dashboard interface, it directly sends tire notifications to your smartphones.

You just have to download Lippert’s OneControl app on your phone. Once installed, TPMS will start updating you about the pressure and temperature of the tires.

For some people, it is a plus point, no monitor taking up space on the dashboard, but in our opinion,  we can miss the warning notifications while driving and it can be very dangerous sometimes.

This happened to one of our acquaintances, he was on the go and there was an air leakage, The sensors sent him a warning notification on his smartphone, but it was quite late when he saw that notification. Thank God it was a slow leak and no harm was reported.

The thing that we liked about this product is that there is no signal issue. Tire Linc Tire Pressure Monitoring System comes with a Repeater to boost up the signal. The stronger signals enable the sensors to refresh the data several times in a minute.

Another point worth mentioning is that we can monitor 20 tires at the same time, which makes it a better option for larger motorhomes.

4-B-Qtech Wireless Solar Power TPMS

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A solar-powered Tire Pressure Monitoring System that can be installed very easily. We set it up in no time by following the instructions. The sensors were numbered, so it was easy to put them up.

It comes with an LCD screen to display the readings of the sensors and an anti-slip mat to keep it in place even on bumpy roads.

This monitoring system with 2 charging ways i.e. solar power and USB charging enables it to work continuously. The display screen refreshes the data several times in a minute. It can show the pressure and temperature for up to 6 tires.

While trying out the product we experienced some signal issues mostly when the distance exceeded 6 meters. It was suggested by the company to use a Repeater to strengthen the signals.

The downside to this product is that it does not include a Repeater to boost up the signal strength which sometimes gets weakened.

The B-Qtech monitoring system also does not update data when the RV is parked.

Other than that it works perfectly fine. The readings sent by the sensors are accurate and refreshed automatically.

ZEEPIN TPMS Pressure Monitoring System

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Sensors with waterproof and dustproof technology

The ZEEPIN TPMS comes with four sensors that are both water and dust proof. These sensors are installed in in the slots provided for the nuts. While using this system, you can keep a proper check on the health of the tires whether you are driving through dust or rainy weather.

Solar Power and Lithium Batteries

The best RV tire monitoring system comes with four lithium batteries and has a large-sized solar panel. Along with that, to connect, you do not need to use the cigarette lighter socket. It can be connected to any USB port.

Know about the leak quickly

One of the key reasons why this is the best RV tire monitoring system is because it detects the tire leak in a much shorter time frame than other similar devices. If a tire leak is not detected in time, it can increase and burst the tire resulting in a major accident. The ZEEPIN TPMS has a large-sized screen and the driver can view the information displayed on it easily while he is driving. This screen immediately shows an alert when the temperature or pressure of the tire goes beyond the normal range. It is much safer than the other tire pressure monitoring systems available and does not wait for an emergency situation to arise before alerting the user.

Buzzer System

The best RV tire monitoring system alerts the users in two ways. One of them is by displaying the message on the screen. Along with that, it has an alarm as well. When there is a leak in the tire, this buzzer would go off and the driver would immediately know that there is a problem.

Highest standards of safety

Your life is at a big risk if a tire leak is not detected in a timely manner. In the worst situations, the driver can lose complete control and go through a fatal accident. Customers who are using the ZEEPIN TPMS can afford to relax as it is the best tire pressure monitoring system in terms of safety. If there is a leakage in any of your tires, it would be identified and highlighted without any delay.

Enhanced tire life

Car tires only last for a long time if they are not roughly used and repaired on time. If a tire has a leakage and the user continues to use it without any repair, it can burst within a short time span. Apart from being a life threat, this also results in financial damage for the user as he has to replace the tire. ZEPPELIN TPMS users do not have to face this loss as the best tire pressure monitoring system indicates tire leakage on time. As a result, users get the tire repaired on time instead of using it further. In a nutshell, with this highly impressive tire pressure monitoring system, the life of car tires is enhanced.

Fuel Efficiency Improved

The ZEEPIN TPMS has a dynamic monitoring feature through which pressure and temperature of the tire are monitored in real-time. It also improves the fuel efficiency level.

Easy Viewing

The screen of the best tire pressure monitoring system presents information in a very easy way. When you have a look at the screen, you would see the following details.

  • The temperature unit is on the extreme left in the top corner. The top row of the screen shows the temperature data and pressure data.
  • In the lower row, you can view the pressure unit in the left corner and the status of a solar battery in the right corner. The tire position can be viewed in the center.

Vehicles for which ZEEPIN TPMS is recommended

This tire pressure monitoring system is feasible for all kinds of vehicles including the following

  • SUV Vehicles
  • Standard sedan shaped car
  • Minibus
  • Wagons

Fobo Tire Plus Pressure Sensor

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The Fobo Tire Plus is the second-best tire pressure monitoring system for monitoring car tire pressure and temperature. It is a high standard for the device available at an affordable price.

  • Once this wireless monitoring system has been installed, you can monitor the tire condition through your smartphone. It is a wireless

TPMS that supports both iOS and Android-based smartphones. If you do not have a smartphone, the unit can also work in a standalone manner and would give an alert if the tire has leakage

What is in the box?

The box of the Fobo TPMS contains the following

  1. Four sensors that are installed in each of the tires
  2. A unit that is installed in the car
  • The Fobo TPMS is rated as the second-best tire pressure monitoring system because it works round the clock. Even when the car ignition is off, it keeps a check on the condition of the tires and alerts the users accordingly.
  • You do not need to connect the device to a power source in the car. It is a wireless battery operated device and does not need to be charged. This unit comes with two batteries which have a maximum lifespan of two years.
  • One of the most attractive features of this device is that you can monitor multiple cars using it. A maximum of 19 cars can be monitored using one smartphone.
  • The installation process of this TPMS is very simple. By following a few simple steps, you can install this unit in less than 5 minutes.
  • One Fobo TPMS is allocated to a particular user. If it is stolen, it cannot be used by any other user. Each unit is configured with one user account that is cloud-based.
  • At any time, you can get the latest pressure and temperature of the car tires simply by tapping the screen.
  • The second best tire pressure monitoring system is 100% water-resistant and dustproof. As a result, the unit works perfectly fine whether the tires are exposed to dust or rainy weather.

Blue-Net Bluetooth Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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The Smart Bluetooth Tire Pressure system is ranked third on my list. It is an average TPMS system that has a very affordable price.

Here are some of the features of the third-best tire pressure monitoring system

  • This device can be connected easily to a smartphone app. Through the app, the pressure and temperature of the tire can be monitored at the same time.
  • If the tire pressure or temperature deviates from the limits that have been set by the user, an immediate alert is sent to the user in the form of an audio message.
  • The device comes with four sensors that do not have a lot of weight. Thus, once they are installed in the tires, they do not have any negative effect on the rotation.
  • The unit has a compact design and does not require a lot of space to be installed.
  • The installation process is quite easy and the user can complete it without any assistance. First of all, one sensor has to be installed in each of the tires. After that, you need to set the monitoring system in the car.


The three tire pressure monitoring systems have been selected after carrying out lengthy research that comprised several comparisons. If you are looking for the top three monitoring systems for checking tire pressure, they are listed above.

One of the many factors due to which these pressure monitoring systems occupy the top three positions is the time required to alert the user. Unlike a lot of other pressure monitoring systems available online, these three systems require a much smaller time span. They alert the user immediately when an abnormal change in the tire pressure or temperature is witnessed.

When you are purchasing a pressure monitoring system, do not opt for a product without a warranty. Such products create a lot of problems for the customer. For instance, if you buy one of these products and it does not work properly after a week, the company would not make any refund payments, Other than, you would have to make additional payments if repair is needed.

There is nothing bad about selecting an economical pressure monitoring device. However, this does not mean that you should buy a low-cost product without checking the standard that it has. A pressure monitoring system has a major impact on your safety. Hence, you should give the highest priority to the quality factor. Check each and every feature and also consider the reputation of the company before you make a selection.

Users do have concerns about how a pressure monitoring system has to be installed. The top three pressure monitoring systems have easy installation processes, On an average scale, you can set them up in a maximum time span of 5 minutes and that too without requiring any assistance.

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