11 Signs A Libra Woman Likes You

Thanks to her charming and polite nature, you can never really tell if a Libra woman is actually into you or if she’s just being her usual self! Regardless, Libra women are definitely the kind of people who are worth your time and energy.

It is, however, difficult to decipher how they feel about you as the signs they show of being interested are relatively subtle and can often be confused as general acts of kindness.

Note: Owing to their personality, if a Libra woman likes you, she will show it by being candid and genuine with you. She will also give you her all by making you a part of her life, exposing you to her interests, planning romantic dinners for the two of you, appreciating you, and constantly making sure you’re okay.

11 Signs a Libra woman likes you

While all of the above may come in the form of subtle hints, there are 11 sure ways to know that a Libra woman likes you:

Libra Woman Likes You

1) Everything you do will be highly appreciated

Possibly the most significant sign that she is into you is that you’ll find her appreciating you and all that you do for her.

She will tell you what she likes about you and even see the qualities in you that people often overlook. She will notice the little things that you do every day which exhibit your nature.

She will also greatly appreciate everything you do for her, from getting her flowers and checking up on her to planning outings with her.

2) She will check up on you consistently

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When you’re around a Libra woman, you will feel noticed.

She will ask about your day, notice the changes in your behavior and genuinely be interested in knowing how you’re doing.

When you appear to be struggling, she will try and be there for you.

She will get you to open up and talk about what is bothering you and will probably be great at helping you overcome your fears and struggles.

Moreover, when she does anything that has upset you, she will not hesitate to address the problem, admit her mistake, and make sure that you are okay.

3) She’ll be more honest

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If a Libra woman likes you, she will not be afraid to speak her mind. You will always know what she is thinking and what she is feeling.

Libra women are also honest and candid with the people they care about.

If she is honest with you when you have done or said something to upset her, it is a sign that she cares and is not afraid of being vulnerable in front of you.

A huge upside to this is that there won’t be any hidden resentments in your relationship.

When she’s mad at you, she will simply confront you with the problem so that you guys can figure it out together!

4) She will feel secure

Libras are indecisive by nature.

So until she figures out how she feels about you, she will over-think and second guess everything from the slightest changes in moods to her feelings after spending time with you.

You will, however, notice a big difference when she figures out that she does like you.

She will feel more secure about the relationship and won’t hesitate to speak her mind about it either!

She’ll stop reading too much into things that don’t really matter, become more trusting, and won’t mind having to make decisions with you.

5) She’ll let her guard down

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Libra women, in general, are very keen on their looks and persona.

They feel the need to have their guard up, be perfectly dressed up, and act their best at all times.

When a Libra woman starts to feel comfortable around you, she will let her guard down.

While she may still care about her appearance, she won’t bother with it too much around you.

You may find that she lets her hair down and is not afraid to be without make-up or in comfortable clothes around you.

It is a sign that she knows she can relax around you and is not afraid to be vulnerable in front of you.

6) She won’t mind settling down

Libras are not the type of people to have the same lifestyle for long periods.

They tend to keep making changes in their lives, hoping to find what they are missing and exploring new things.

They rarely settle for what they already have.

They’re unsteady and will probably give into all their impulses!

However, when you notice that a Libra woman feels more content with her life and no longer feels the need to change everything constantly, it means that her heart has found what it wants.

She will also be more grounded and at peace which is a sign of growth for her, and she recognizes your role in it.

7) She’ll have a genuine smile and a warm aura

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You can usually see a Libra woman’s emotions written all over her face.

So pay close attention to her expressions the next time she’s around you.

If her aura feels warm and her smile seems bright, that’s a sign that she is being treated right.

She feels loved and cared for around you and appreciates you for it.

8) She will let you in on her adventures

Showing interest in getting to know your family

Libras are passionate, brilliant, and bright.

They love exploring different kinds of music, hobbies, and other activities.

They’re constantly trying out new things which expand their knowledge and definitely give them a lot of fun stories to tell!

When a Libra woman likes you, she’s going to let you into this magical world she’s created in her head that’s filled with all her experiences.

She will tell you all about them and make you a part of her adventures.

Your mind will begin to expand, and you, too, will start to think differently. Conversations and activities with her will be enlightening and illuminating.

9) Casual flirting will begin

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While she may have held off of it initially, once a Libra woman truly likes you, she will be a huge flirt.

Whether the two of you are on your own or out in public, you will find her flirting with you and making you smile.

Although, most of her flirting will probably come in the form of witty humor!

This is another big sign because Libra women usually shy away from showing their flirtatious side to people until they start to care about them genuinely.

So if she’s doing it, she’s probably really into you!

10) Romantic gestures will come into the picture!

Trying to understand you on a deeper level

Libras are also very romantic. When a Libra woman really grows to care about another person and wants to make special memories, she plans romantic dates.

Whether it is a home-cooked candle-lit dinner, a picnic in the moonlight, ordering in and watching a movie or dinner at your favorite restaurant, it will be full of warmth and love.

Libra women have creative minds as well. Depending on her skill, she is likely to plan these dinner nights with an artistic touch.

She may elegantly present food or set the table to match the mood and ambiance.

If she is investing in making dinner nights perfect, it is a sign that she is falling for you and wants to show you her affection.

11) She will occasionally let you take the lead

Despite being indecisive, Libras keep their guard up and do not let anyone make decisions for them.

However, when they find a person they know they can trust, they let them take the lead.

When a Libra woman likes you, she will trust you to make decisions for her from time to time.

From small decisions such as lunch plans to big ones like relationship milestones, she will count on you to make the right call.

Knowing how indecisive she is, chances are, she is probably thrilled to have found someone she can trust with important decisions to take the load off of her.

Final thoughts

Libra women may seem complex, but they are, actually, very simple.

While it may be difficult at first to figure out whether or not they are into you, the signs are always there; small, yet noticeable.

Dwelling on your doubts is not the way to go about it.

Understanding her behavior will tell you where you stand in her life.

If a Libra woman is not into you, you will know right away. She will not show these signs of warmth, comfort, appreciation or fake a spark with you.

If you find her showing through small, routine gestures that she likes you, there is not much else to figure out.

Once a Libra woman cares about you, it will be one of the most remarkable human connections of your life!