How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back In A Long Distance Relationship?

How To Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back In A Long Distance Relationship?: There can be many reasons why a long-distance relationship doesn’t end up working out, and the two people have to part their ways. But sometimes, the infamous ‘spark’ is left behind, and even the separation of paths cannot put out the flame left behind. Simply speaking, you may want to patch up.

If such is your situation, getting your ex-boyfriend back in a long-distance relationship is an uphill task with patience and persistence as a pre-requisite. One needs to solve issues regarding communication and get to know the reasons that led to the breakup. Through rebuilding a solid emotional connection and resolving complications and predicaments mutually, equally valuing each other’s opinions, it is possible to get your ex back in a long-distance relationship.

When entering into a long-distance relationship, it is essential not to get carried away by emotions and settle for a pragmatic objective. It is quite possible to get drawn into the fascination of an imaginative, make-believe reality and fantasize about it round-the-clock.

It is crucial to be crystal-clear about the commitments and intentions when entering a long-distance relationship. Most relationships of this nature end because they weren’t intended to be last long in the first place.

It is mostly the case of the first sight attraction, then after a while, things get serious at a pace too fast for one of the partners, and someone ends up giving up.

With every reality-check, the virtual reality based on fantasies and improbable speculations falls like a house of cards: dreams too good to be true, efforts too little to realize.

A breakup hurts the same, nevertheless, for a partner with complete devotion and loyalty.

Whenever emotions and feelings are invested in anything, disappointment causes suffering and pain. Talking about long-distance relationships, any adversity stings just as much as it would in a normal relationship.

Getting your ex-boyfriend back into your long-distance relationship can be a tough endeavor depending upon factors like the reason for the breakup, the duration of the relationship, and a possible change in priorities over time.

Some matters can be sorted out by proper and transparent communication, while others probably need to be mutually settled by finding a middle-ground. There is a pathway to restore every relationship that requires patience and hard work.

Give yourselves some breathing space

Give yourselves some breathing space from phone

The pivotal action to be taken right after the breakup is to step back and spend some time on your hobbies to free your mind from the recent turmoil and blemishes.

In time, one realizes the substance that their long-distance relationship carried and the actuality of their challenges awaiting you in practical life.

After such realizations, one can decide to pursue or to give up on the long-distance relationship.

Look into social media fasting.

Analyze the causes of the breakup

Girl analyze the causes of the breakup

Understanding why your relationship failed will give you an action plan of improvements and corrections that need to be done if you want your guy to get back in the relationship with you. Guys put up a cold exterior at times, and it can be easily cracked.

No matter how formidable the situation might look, it is still possible to re-construct the relationship by making required adjustments.

Not every requirement can be met feasibly. Be pragmatic and rational while evaluating the predicaments that need to be overcome.

Don’t propose an improbable solution or a long shot with one in a million chances of occurring. Rely as little on hope and belief as possible and compromise where it is a necessity.

A practical plan of action has a much higher chance of success than any make-believe story.

The reasons for the breakup can be a drop or lack in communication or interest over time, but make sure to be honest and unambiguous to yourself.

Think of any unresolved disputes that were swept under the carpet, which kept adding to his bitterness and lack of politeness over the time you spent together.

Make him feel your presence

Make him feel your presence

Before initiating any conversation, let him feel your presence. Comment on a mutual friend’s post or actively voice your opinion in your common areas of interest.

Changing your profile picture might also help.

Don’t get desperate for attention.

Keep it subtle and classy. Make sure to evoke a response in his mind.

Your social media demeanor plays a significant role, so just maintain enough showing that you get noticed every time.

Have an honest conversation


Most likely, he will be the one to contact you first.

Even if he doesn’t, find an excuse to slide into his inbox by reminding him of some important event that he was looking forward to or simply by wishing him a holiday or a festival.

After having a pleasant conversation about his life ever since you broke up or any other topic:

  1. Move onto the actual point.
  2. Be straightforward that you want to give your relationship a second shot.
  3. Discuss why you think the relationship failed and share your assessment and opinions casually, maintaining total transparency.
  4. Don’t be afraid to talk about insecurities and possibilities of a long-distance relationship not working.

Hear his thoughts on the matter and come to a mutual understanding of what needs to be done.

Setup multiple meetings

Physically meeting is much more preferable to face-timing. It is essential not to stick to texts only. Meeting in person will induce a much more honest conversation than texting. It allows looking at the future realistically and assessing the state of affairs currently. Many issues can be resolved with just a good old face-to-face chat over a cup of coffee or perhaps lunch.

Of the matters you need to discuss, first and foremost is how you plan on closing this distance between you and your ex-boyfriend eventually. Talk about the sacrifices you both are willing to make to reach your end goal. Also, consider any financial constraints and primary concerns for both of you at this very stage of your lives.

Set realistic and tangible goals with a time frame in mind to achieve them. Not everything can be decided in a single meeting. Sometimes just one issue might consume all of your time.

Therefore, set up multiple sessions to discuss the various problems you might be facing or worries that you feel regarding your relationship. Such organic interactions will elevate your trust levels and help both of you have a realistic and standard set of beliefs and expectations.

Communicate frequently

Getting your ex-boyfriend back in a long-distance relationship can be a tough hike. But after the situation is made clear enough to the both of you, it is time to take it to the next step. Doing things together over the phone will add to the sweetness of the relationship. Being there for your partner without actually being there shows your love and commitment towards your partner.

Little things can mean a lot in a relationship. Especially in a long-distance relationship, every small concern for your partner can mean a lot to him. By keeping regular checks on each other, you can make your partner feel your presence. Even if you are busy throughout the day, just a five-minute chat before you sleep can mean a lot.

Long-distance relationships can be very demanding and exhausting at times. The two partners can mentally be existing in parallel universes with complete opposite sentiments and feelings. It usually gets very complicated after a specific time passes when every text from your partner starts looking like a rewind from yesterday, and the interactions become monotonous and dull. The relationship can become quite a drag leading to an eventual failure.

As emotionally dull a long-distance relationship might become over the years, its charm is also rare and unprecedented in some cases.

The only limit is your imagination. Although the reality often ends up shattering the delusion that the couple has been living in, the exhilaration and anticipation are unparalleled while it lasts.

On that account, it is fundamental not to take anything for granted and plan ahead of time, keeping your current circumstances and limitations in mind.

Mainly, after a breakup, when one wants to rebuild the relationship with their ex, there are certain things one needs to be mindful of before taking another step forward. Self-awareness and the knowledge of the partner’s intentions and commitments are vital before committing a second time.

A lack of physical intimacy is one of the significant reasons why long-distance relationships usually fail. But when your heart is convinced and overwhelmed by feelings of loss and regret after the breakup, the distance doesn’t mean anything when the person means everything.

Is it alright to flaunt your supposed happiness after the breakup to make your ex jealous?

Such ideas and their implementation vary from relationship to relationship. No one can tell you precisely what to do since no one is in your shoes but you.

If you think you have a good understanding of his temperament and that such a display might be necessary to provoke him to initiate contact with you, it is your discretion.

Just make sure not to cross the line and invoke any negative emotions out of him, making him doubt his self-worth. Such a move will prove counter-productive in such a circumstance.

It might end any chance of getting your ex-boyfriend back into a long-distance relationship with you ever. So just be careful what you wish for; you might regret it when you actually get it.

What are the key factors to be considered when seriously committing to a long-distance relationship?

  • Be clear about each other’s commitments and objectives. Both partners must have a similar and pragmatic end goal in mind.
  • Trust and loyalty are essential to give and take, which is vital for a long-distance relationship to last.
  • It is crucial to maintain regular contact and not let conversations go boring and stale.
  • Any opportunity of a physical meet-up must be availed and shouldn’t go to waste. It is imperative to convey one’s vibes and certitude.
  • Last but not least, work out a concrete plan to close the distance keeping a specific time frame in mind.

Often, long-distance relationships fail because most of this checklist is ignored as the couple lives in an alluring fictional reality.

The Takeaway

Persuading your ex-boyfriend to get back into a long-distance relationship is comparatively straightforward than when the situation is another way around. The actual daunting sail is in making this relationship work. The problem is not as hopeless as the stats may tell you. One needs to realize the emotional investment at stake and figure out a way to go about this peculiar relationship by avoiding the mistakes that most people make.

Lastly, if you want to give your partner a second chance after the breakup, do it right this time and prepare well, keeping a common purpose in mind. Getting your ex-boyfriend back in a long-distance relationship can rejuvenate trust, love, and learning from past mistakes; the relationship can probably become much more impeccable and secure, just like broken bones heal stronger.

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