Ways To Tell If a Capricorn Woman Doesn’t Like You Anymore

If you’re dating a Capricorn woman, has your relationship reached a point where, even though you’re really invested, you’ve noticed a big change in her behavior?

Perhaps she hasn’t even said anything but your gut feeling says that she is withdrawing from you and thinking about breaking up with you. This is the point in a relationship where you usually don’t know what to do.

At such a point, you need to look for the signs that a Capricorn woman does not like you anymore.

When a Capricorn woman does not like you, she will become irresponsive, distant, and get busy in her own life.

She will also act suspicious of you, leave you out of decisions, and do things that put the relationship at risk.

You will also notice her acting bossy and criticizing you.

Top 10 Signs a Capricorn Woman Does Not Like You Anymore

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Being as confident as they are, Capricorn women show crystal clear signs when they are not interested in you.

Since they don’t usually talk about their feelings and avoid drama, they won’t straight up tell you that they don’t like you.

They will, however, project it through their actions.

Here are ten very clear signs that a Capricorn woman does not like you:

1) Suspicions run high

When a Capricorn woman does not like you anymore and is considering breaking up with you, she will act more suspicious and jealous than ever before.

She will find reasons not to trust you and will make sure make you know there is some mistrust. She will read into the smallest of things or mistakes you make and use that as an excuse to be suspicious of you.

The reason behind this is that she is just looking for an excuse to break up with you.

The more things she doubts about you, the more unstable the relationship will be, making it more likely for the relationship to fall apart.

She is not worried that her suspicion will make the relationship fall apart; rather she is hoping that it will.

2) She dismisses your feelings

A major sign that a Capricorn woman does not like you and is looking to end things is that she will not seem to care about you or your feelings.

She will become irresponsive when you talk about your feelings or the future. She’ll probably not indulge in any conversations that make the relationship feel real at all.

You might also notice her being irresponsive in the sense that she often does not respond to your texts and return your calls.

To top it off, she won’t even have a real excuse for doing so. And when you confront her about such behavior, she will most likely come clean and tell you that she is just not interested in you.

3) She leaves you out of decisions

When a Capricorn woman really likes you and sees you as part of her life and her future, she will include you in every decision she makes.

Before making every decision, she will consider its impact on you and her relationship with you. She will also highly value your opinion and consult you before she makes any decisions.

If your Capricorn woman is not doing this, something is wrong.

If she does not include you in her decisions and time after time and you find that the decisions she makes end up negatively impacting you, it is a clear sign that she is just not that into you.

You can try confronting her about her decisions but this will just make her act defensive.

4) Nothing is good enough for her anymore!

When a Capricorn woman does not like you, you will often find her being judgmental of everything you do. This could be your habits, your personality, or your way of doing things.

She will constantly find flaws in you and point them out. She will get irritated by every other thing you do, even if she might not have had a problem with those things before.

You might even find her humiliating you in private, or in front of your friends.

And no, she won’t think twice about her words hurting you because, in her mind, she is already done with you.

She is most likely just avoiding the confrontation and is hoping that her nagging will push you away.

5) She acts bossy

Capricorn women tend to be attracted to people who have a leader inside of them. These are the people who take charge of everything, big or small.

Capricorns are ambitious and goal-oriented and they like to date people who have similar personalities.

They like to grow with their partner towards their goals and build a future together. When they are with people who are not built that way, they get turned off.

If you do not have the personality of a leader, your Capricorn woman will make sure you know it.

She will act bossy with you and make you feel inferior. She will spend her time however she likes and if you say a word, she will dismiss your feelings.

You might be trying real hard but she will just boss you around and never let you say a word.

6) She always seems to be short on time for you

When a Capricorn woman does not like you, she will get busy in her own life. She will spend all her time working and will keep canceling on you.

No matter how hard you try to spend time with her, she will always have some other thing to do.

When she is not working, she will just do things she is interested in. When she feels like being with people, she will choose to hang out with her friends or family rather than spending time with you.

You probably won’t be invited to do any of those things with her because she intends to leave you on the sidelines.

It will feel like there isn’t any time on her schedule left for you but you should know that it’s not a mere coincidence. It’s just another sign that she does not like you.

7) She keeps putting the relationship at risk

When a Capricorn woman does not care for you, her behavior will show you that she is not even trying to keep the relationship going.

When you like another person, you focus your energy on making sure that things go smoothly will them. You will notice that she does not consider this.

Time after time, you will find her doing things that will put your relationship at risk. Whether it is canceling plans, showing interest in other people, or starting up conversations that end up in fights, she will not be scared to do them.

These things happening a few times are just part of a relationship but when you notice that a Capricorn is consistently acting this way and it has become a pattern, it is a clear sign that she is just not that into you.

8) She purposefully makes you feel inferior

Capricorns tend to act superior to people when they are pushing them out of their lives. They think they are better than the other person and no longer need them in their life.

They also make sure that the other person can see it and feel inferior. This is their strategy for letting the person know they do not think highly of them and it’s essentially their way of pushing the other person away.

If you notice that your Capricorn woman is acting like she is better than you and constantly says and does things to make you feel inferior to her, it is because she does not like you and is close to cutting you out of her life.

9) She doesn’t seem to care if you get hurt

Capricorns can be very thoughtful people when they care deeply about someone. They go out of their way to do nice things for them.

When they like you, they’ll come up with interesting ways to spend time together, make plans with you, and make you a part of their social life and all their life decisions.

Plus they’ll be very careful about your feelings, and always find a way to make you feel cherished.

A Capricorn who does not like you, on the other hand, is a very inconsiderate individual.

They will not at all care how their words and actions impact you. They will not care if they hurt your feelings or leave you hanging.

Instead of being thoughtful, they’ll leave you disappointed time and again.

10) She acts distant

A Capricorn woman who does not care for you will act distant. She will become cold and will cut you off from any form of affection or intimacy.

She will often not reply to your texts or return your phone calls, shun all conversations about feelings, and spend less and less time with you.

If you try to force these interactions, you’ll only drive her further away because Capricorns hate pushy people.

When people try to force them to do anything, it is a major turn-off for them and they immediately lose interest.

Then, they cut off the behavior by being distant as a clear way of establishing that they are not interested in you.

Final Thoughts

Capricorn women are serious people. They have very high standards and if they don’t like you, instead of putting on an act, they will straight-up show you how they feel.

If a Capricorn woman is acting distant and unresponsive, it’s likely because you are being pushy in her life, which is a big turn-off for her.

This might also be because she thinks you are playing games with her. If she is being suspicious, she might have reasons to believe that you are being unfaithful towards her.

Capricorn women like people who have a leader inside of them. If you catch her pointing out your flaws or acting superior, it is because she has found a lack of leadership in you.

At the end of the day, Capricorn women do not like to be with people who they can’t trust, who don’t give them their independence, and who themselves are not independent leaders.

They are blunt in their actions and the feelings they show others so if a Capricorn woman does not like you, you’ll know it before she finally breaks up with you.

If you have been observing a Capricorn woman’s behavior and you find that she is showing signs that she does not like you; there is not much left for you to do.

If these signs are there, it is very likely that she has made up her mind and does not want to be with you.

The best way to go about from here is to confront her about these things. She’s probably looking for a way out and will jump at the chance to end things and move on.

It’s what’s best for both of you. She will move onto her many goals and ambitions, and in due time, you will find someone who genuinely likes you for who you are and makes you feel loved and appreciated every single day!