Best Touch Screen Stereos For Cars

Nothing Is more tedious than driving and listening to the hideous sound of traffic. This is where the car stereos come to save the day. One of the best ways to take time off traffic Is to listen to your radio. Now you don’t have to be a car expert to comprehend that technology making is making its mark in the automotive market. Touch screen stereos for cars are an innovation in themselves, many things have been reinvented in the past years, and stereo happens to be one of those items.

Your car stereo does more than just play songs to keep your mind off the traffic.

Having tablets and mobile phones with touch controls is very familiar to all of us, so putting up a touch screen in-car seems like a bright idea.

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Why consider a touch screen stereo??

Touch Screen Radios for Cars

For touch screen stereos there is much more than it meets the eye, touch screen stereos do much more than just playing music, with reinvented stereos one can connect his cell phone and communicate via call or text message, most of these stores hold the capability to support cameras, most important rearview camera, that has made reversing your car trouble-free.

The sound quality is unparalleled, thanks to the configuration feature.

These newly invented stereos work on Bluetooth, saving you from having a harrowing time dealing with entangled cables.

They come with built-in GPS (global positioning service) navigation; most stereos are compatible with cameras, let it be a rearview or side view, some models support up to 4 cameras that make driving more comfortable and more fun.

Things to consider before buying a new stereo:

Things to consider before buying a new stereo

This can be sourced from your smartphone’s Google map or any other sources. A right model of a touch screen stereo can be a prime addition to your dashboard.

However, you should take certain things into account before shopping for a touch screen stereo.

  1. What kind of display suits you and your car.
  2. Is the stereo easily accessible for you, you don’t want to be extending your hand and taking your eyes off the road while driving, that is a prologue to many accidents.
  3. The format you shall be using( VCD/DVD).
  4. Your price range, stereos range from cheap to exorbitant, you don’t want to crush your bank account.

Top touch screen stereos:

Before investing in a stereo, one should consider if the features of that particular stereo are suitable accordingly.

We have listed ten stereos for you based on the following factors:

  • connectivity
  • Display
  • Power
  • Accessibility
  • Price

Pioneer AVHX2 800BS

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One positive feature of the Pioneer AVH-X2800BS is its screen size-6.2 inch WGVA backlit screen display. Its screen offers a higher and clearer resolution and has a built-in 13-channel graphic equalizer that helps you to determine while listening to music to suit your acoustic preferences.

It has an RMS of 14 Watts and channels 2006/50 peak x4.

It also has a Bluetooth built-in system that makes your audio experience more comprehensive and easy.

You can also call by connecting your phone and computer through Bluetooth with loudspeakers. Without much hustle, it also enables you to install an external camera.

The functionality for voice recognition is impeccable and has outstanding Bluetooth communication.

Another good feature of this product is that it is compatible with many devices and has a built-in iPhone, iPad, and iPod control that offers more choices in playing your music. It is equipped with Pandora and SiriusXM capabilities.

It also comes with an adapter that you can use to view and watch any video content from these sources whenever you want.

A no-hands system is included in the Pioneer AVHX2 800BS.

An error in playing various types of videos has been noted, it may be a little difficult to turn on the timer.

Boss Audio lBV9364B

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Boss Audio is the second model to make our list, and it is very much a budget choice.

It does have a variety of useful features for the money, though. The characteristics may not be as impeccable as the Pioneer described before, but it gives you the value of your money.

In playback mode, the greatest advantage is the sheer variety of formats it can handle.

There is everything from DVD and CD playback to Bluetooth synchronization to audio streaming from a phone or MP3 player to a convenient USB slot that you directly plug stored media into.

Both Apple and Android products are compatible with Bluetooth.

There are SD and AV cards as well. Input slots-if you have one, it can also be synched to a rearview camera.

The downside is that it honestly looks as cheap as it costs, and your dashboard’s appearance will not be changed. A few of the bells and whistles you’d find on a more premium model are also missing.

Even, it’s kind of hard for the price to be too low. It has a badly designed GPS system as well,

Jensen VX 4022

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This Jensen model comes with a price tag about twice as high as the result of Boss Audio, but it is still more on the lower end of the scale. It lives up to its reputation, giving it the opportunity to use a variety of playback formats: CD, DVD, access to Bluetooth, and almost everything you can think of.

In particular, the screen size, a 6.2-inch LCD monster that is particularly useful for DVD playback, is amazing. The Bluetooth connectivity that is compatible with Apple and Android products is excellent

So, it’s a shame that the show is pretty dull in any mode other than the DVD.

In Bluetooth playback mode, this is particularly true where there is virtually no visible display at all. Given the effort that Jensen went through to cram such a large and bright screen into the stereo, that seems like a bit of a shame.

Even, from a touch screen car stereo, it does almost all you want, and while it may not do it with the flair of more expensive brands, the midrange price tag makes this a very attractive model.

The show can be very generic, a chink with under-powered performance in the shield.

Pioneer AVH4200NEX Double Din Receiver

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This is a premium level, incredibly well-designed product, but you’d expect it to be for the price tag! Your assurance that you will get a truly quality product is the Pioneer name plus the price tag, but what features does it pack to justify the dent it will make in your bank account?

You get all the standard features you would expect: on-the-fly Bluetooth compatibility for phone calls and a large and extensive media file playback list, including DVDs and CDs.

The iPod, iPhone and iPad built-in control makes it extremely easy to synchronize and use Apple devices, but it also has excellent Android device synchronization (if a little less hands-on control).

The NEX (Network Entertainment Experience) is the crown jewel, boasting a truly revolutionary combination of built-in synchronization and cloud-based external resources to provide an amazingly convenient and intuitive way to access all your apps on the go.

The 7-inch screen is stunning as well as massive and really lets you make the most of the NEX features as well.

This is a model that is very well-designed, very well thought out. You could be on a winner if you can see beyond the price tag-perhaps see it as a long-term investment.

The only downside is the cost of the market, yes, very very very expensive is expensive!!!


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A 7-inch HD touchscreen is supported with the Kenwood DDX770 car DVD player that lets you use compatible devices and software.

You can use your iPod and listen through Bluetooth to music from your computer. Old-school discs can be inserted and DVDs and Blu-Ray movies and videos can be watched.

This can be attached to your smartphone and used for calling, answering calls, and accessing the phone menu with voice control.

To listen to music from the web or via Sirius XM satellite radio, it may also link to Pandora. The connectivity of Bluetooth is exceptional.

This Kenwood touchscreen car stereo has controls that are easy to use.

The big screen lets your passengers watch videos and helps you to monitor your stereo system effectively when driving. It helps the user to execute functions handlessly with mobile voice control, making it a safer option.

Compared to other touchscreen car audio systems, the Kenwood DDX770 car DVD player has larger displays.

With Sirius XM features and voice control, it is compatible with Apple and Android devices. The big screen lets you enjoy the comforts of your car with movies, videos, and games.

With this car stereo player, there are some flaws, but despite these, it remains a decent car player to try this year.


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A car stereo receiver with a 6.2′′ touchscreen is the JVC KW-V25BT. It offers variable inputs, including USB front and rear ports, to name a few, via Bluetooth and CD.

It is also compatible with Pandora and Spotify and has an iHeartRadio app plus connectivity with its Sirius XM satellite radio.

Play powerful music on the speakers of your car from this receiver.

You’ll also enjoy its well-organized show of ID tags that tell you the single, artist, and album title.

This car stereo system can drive safely and still work via Siri. For iOS devices, this is an eyes-free operation.

Bluetooth technology also allows you to use this hands-free technology for easy audio streaming, particularly while you are talking to someone on the phone.

The big screen helps you to enjoy videos or movies that come from various inputs. The GUI is simple to understand and run, making it a convenient device for this year’s car entertainment.

The JVC-V25BT is a digital media receiver for Touchscreen CD / DVD, AM / FM.

On-board applications like Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, and Sirius XM satellite radio come with several inputs. In order to focus more on the lane, you can work eyes-free and hands-free.

It may have a few drawbacks, as there have been some complaints about connectivity and poor audio quality in some cases but it may be the car radio interface you have been waiting for with a touchscreen.

Pioneer AVD-110 BT

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The Pioneer AVD-110 BT is a 4-channel touchscreen car stereo receiver with a wide 6.2-inch monitor, title MP3 ID tag monitor, artist and song, and an AM / FM tuner. It has several reproductions and supports a number of media files.

To access apps and to play content from the user, you can use your iPhone or Android smartphone. With Bluetooth and Android music support, you’ll enjoy the hands-free activity. You can conveniently answer calls and replay audio or video.

A 3-band graphic and parametric equalizer feature with selectable tones and outputs are provided with this Pioneer car stereo. For enhanced car stereo performance, it comes with complete outputs for the front, rear, and subwoofer. This can also be connected to your rear-view camera, additional displays, and other compatible car audio and video devices.

The Pioneer AVH-110BT is a stereo system for a touchscreen car that has flexible functions and inputs. Your radio, CD or DVD player, receiver, USB player, music app player, and video player can be AM / FM. A cell phone, music player, rearview camera, and other Bluetooth devices can be attached to it.

For quick access to applications and features and for vibrant video playback, it has a widescreen. It may have some faults, but despite this, it still has a high potential to become the next stereo device for touch screen vehicles.

The only drawback are the complaints that have been received regarding poor video quality, but the list will still most probably be made..


Having a touch screen installed in your car seems like a good idea until you realize that it comes with a drag, using a touch screen in your mobiles is different.

These stereos work with an operating system, thus making them vulnerable to software crashes.

Even though touch screens are more accessible but having a touch screen in your car means you will have to take your eyes off the road that may prove to be quite foolhardy.

A stereo comes with many connectivity options that may include CD/DVD, AUX cable connection, or a USB port, depending on your preference and usage.

The installation of an infotainment system will not give you a harrowing g time, although, it is better to leave it to the professionals. It may take 1-2 hours for the stereo to be impeccably installed, and it will surely cost you a few extra bucks, but it is worth the while.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while purchasing a stereo is to purchase from a trusted and registered dealer. Should the need arise, they may come to your rescue.

Our choice:

So, Pioneer AVHX2 800BS remains the top contender among all the aforementioned touch screen stereos for cars let alone having all innovative features, it is quite pocket friendly that is a cherry on top.