Surprisingly Incredible Things That A Hug Does To Your Brain

So….Why Hugging Feels Good?

A lot of people just need a hug to revive their mood back to a fresh one. I know, a hug has been so “out-fashioned” by some people these days!

Why hug, when you can directly just kiss a person?

Well, to be honest, you lose on some of the best feelings if you don’t hug off and on.

Who doesn’t love a hug?

Well, some people don’t but a majority does. I mean, when you are low, a hug from your best friend can literally spark up your mood.

Similarly, a hug to your mom can make your fight with her end within seconds.

A hug from your brother is the best and safest place to be and you know you have a superhero to rely on.

And a hug from your partner simply puts your broken pieces back to place.

A single hug does a lot of wonders, doesn’t it?

It can make you just feel fresh and alive again. That is the major reason why everyone, no matter what the age, just loves a hug.

Until and unless it is not from that unwanted aunt of yours, who just holds you for so long that you feel like pushing her off. I can relate you know; been there!

So apart from just making you feel fresh and reviving your mood from a bad one to a good one; what else does a hug offer? Well, you might be just surprised at what a hug can do to your brain!

I know, we all have been linking it to our souls and heart but in an article earlier, I did mention that love is all about your brain sending in the signals for those damn butterflies.

Heart, the poor guy, just pumps the blood around.

But yes, a hug does bring in a lot of emotions to which your body reacts immensely and in completely different ways. However, here are some incredible things that a hug does to your brain. And I bet that a lot of you might not know about it.

The Magic of Hug for your Brains:

So let’s take a deeper and scientific and closer look to what a hug does to your brain and body in all.
The Vagus Nerve:

When a person touches you, the pressure receptors of your skin are activated. When you say that you get a weird feeling, which runs throughout your body. It is the game of pressure receptors.

These receptors give fuel to the already lit fire in your vagus nerve. It is like adding the perfect amount of fuel or sometimes even extra, to light up all the feelings within you. I mean, can you even imagine that a small hug can actually ignite you?

Yes it does, but we actually never thought of the process through which it happens, right? Who has time for that!

Why does a good feeling emerge then?

The vagus nerve is responsible for a lot of important functions of human body, for example regulating blood pressure etc. a great feeling emerges as the vagus nerve starts working perfectly or sometimes a little bit more than just perfect.

This happens more aggressively for those who are hugged by their partner for the very first time, it goes to the next level of feeling just plain good.

Hugging balances your blood pressure:

hugging stabilizes your blood pressure

A hug makes you feel calm and relaxed by bringing your blood pressure to a balanced point.

You start to breathe slowly and all of your tensed muscles become relaxed thus reducing your overall blood pressure and tension.

If I were to go into its science a little bit I will say that when you hug a person, a hormone “Oxytocin” is released. This hormone lowers the blood pressure, reduces stress and even increase one’s memory.


hugging increases your dopamine levels and makes you feel good

I hope you guys know about dopamine, right? Well, if not then what am I here for?

Dopamine is the pleasure hormone in your body and a hug releases it from your brain. Dopamine brings in all those feelings of safety and satisfaction.

So yes, it is not your partner who makes you feel secure in his/her arms; blame dopamine for it!

Hugging lowers Cortisol Level:

Hugging reduces stress and cortisol levels

A recent study also showed that hug can bring out the happy hormones from your body. This happens as the stress level of your body decreases immensely; thanks to that HUG. You feel less stressed and more happier. Stay happy and positive everyday.

The effects of a hug take place within mere seconds, after being touched in an affectionate and passionate manner by someone you love!

This just tends to make you feel less stressed.

Cortisol level is responsible for anxiety and hugs help in lowering that.


A hug from your loved one is all you need when you are stressed up.

Ask your partner or best friend or anyone you are close to, to hug you tightly.

And see how it works like magic and takes away all that anxiety away from you. So let’s just get hugging, shall we?

Life Falcon