Cute things to text that will make your girl smile for hours

There’s nothing that a few words filled with love and affection can’t make right. Whether it is after a fight, a night that you two have spent apart, or a little amped up way to wish her a good morning, sending her texts that express your love for her can do the job within a few seconds and make her smile ear to ear for hours and hours at end.

Whatever the occasion it may be, we have got some of the cutest suggestions in store for you, so follow on.

  1. “You’re so amazing it makes my heart smile.”
  2. “Seeing you happy gives me life.”
  3. “You’re the reason I believe in soulmates.”
  4. “I can’t imagine life without anyone else. You make me feel complete.”
  5. “I see you and it makes me realize that angels are real and I’ve got one all to myself.”
  6. “My love for you increases some and a little more every single day.”
  7. “I hope our love keeps on increasing by the folds throughout our lives.”
  8. “I want to wake up next to you for the rest of the mornings of our lives.”
  9. “I can hear my heartbeat in my ears every time you kiss me.”
  10. “When you’re next to me, everything else fades away.”
  11. “Being with you makes all my worries and fears vanish into thin air.”
  12. “I thought perfect doesn’t exist, but I’m clearly very wrong because look at yourself.”
  13. “Being in your arms makes all my stress melt away.”
  14. “You’re my sunshine, you brighten my life like no other star can.”
  15. “Life is nothing less of a fairytale with you.”
  16. “I cannot stay apart from you.”
  17. “I’ve never felt love like you make me feel.”
  18. “Our love story may not be like those in the movies, but it’s perfect for me because it has you in it.”
  19. “All this joy means nothing to me if I cannot share it all with you.”
  20. “I need no money because your love is the greatest wealth I could ever ask for.”
  21. “Everyday, I feel lucky to wake up as your man.”
  22. “Getting with you was the best decision I’ve ever made.”
  23. “You make my life worth living.”
  24. “I hope I can rightfully fill your life with laughter, light, and smiles because you deserve nothing but happiness.”
  25. “I will die before I think of hurting you.”
  26. “You give me the strength to keep going on the heaviest of days.”
  27. “Your laughter is like music to my ears.”
  28. “Hearing you tell me about your day is pure bliss.”
  29. “My heart skips a beat every time my lips meet yours.”
  30. “If loving you means madness, then the last thing I want to be is sane.”
  31. “I fell so fast for you.”
  32. “I look at you and I see a great friend, and an even better life partner. I love you.”
  33. “There’s no sacrifice that I won’t be willing to make for you.”
  34. “Your absence is the only thing I hate about you.”
  35. “When you are not with me, I feel as if a big chunk of my heart has gone missing.”
  36. “I want to grow old and wrinkly with you.”
  37. “You have given me a love that makes me go ‘I can’t believe I get to wake up next to her’ each day for the rest of my life.”
  38. “I feel like we were meant for each other because when I saw you for the very first time, it felt as if I have known you since the beginning of time.”
  39. “You’re in my head for the whole day, and in my dreams for the entire night.”
  40. “You drive me crazy.”
  41. “I want to kiss away every tear that flows out of your eyes.”
  42. “I don’t want you to cry as long as I am with you.”
  43. “You’re the one for me.”
  44. “It was never before you that I knew that love is an addiction.”
  45. “I look at you and my tongue gets tied. You’re the prettiest girl I have ever seen.”
  46. “I hope together we can help each other grow and go to places that are meant to be for us.”
  47. “Goodnight, babe. I can’t wait to wake up and talk to you again.”
  48. “You’re my forever.”
  49. “Every day I go to bed, unable to decipher that I get to spend my life with a woman like you.”
  50. “It should be illegal to have a smile as pretty as yours is.”
  51. “You make my heart smile.”
  52. “My heart is so full of love with you.”
  53. “You’re my life.”
  54. “I love you more than anything else out there.”
  55. “My love for you is greater than you can ever imagine.”
  56. “If I were to fit my love for you into something, even the sky wouldn’t be enough.”
  57. “Your thoughts keep me up at night.”
  58. “I count the seconds until I can see you again every time you leave.”
  59. “I love how you care for me.”
  60. “You’re the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”
  61. “Seeing you smile is the best feeling I have ever experienced.”
  62. “Your smile is bright enough to light up a dark room.”
  63. “You’re so important to me.”
  64. “I love you to death.”
  65. “There’s nothing but love for you in my heart.”
  66. “Nobody has made me feel like you do.”
  67. “Nobody makes me smile like you do.”
  68. “Nobody can make me feel as happy as you do.”
  69. “If you were to open me up, there would be nothing but love for you in me.”
  70. “All of me loves all of you.”
  71. “Being with you makes me feel like my life is perfect.”
  72. “You keep me going.”
  73. “Thinking about you gives me the strength to keep going.”
  74. “For you, a thousand times over.”
  75. “Nobody compares to you.”
  76. “Life is perfect with you.”
  77. “You’re my perfect.”
  78. “I don’t need anybody else if I have you.”
  79. “I am so grateful that I have someone like you to turn to when I am upset. You calm me down like no one else does. Thank you for keeping me grounded.”
  80. “Some days are difficult to get through, but then I remind myself that I have an amazing girl like you to live my life with.”
  81. “You make me feel so good about myself.”
  82. “You make me feel confident and comfortable in my own skin.”
  83. “Yes, you are flawed, but those flaws are what make you, hence I love them even more.”
  84. “You’re the reason why I’m excited to wake up everyday.”
  85. “I would rather spend one day with you than my whole life with someone else,”
  86. “Your touch makes my stomach somersault.”
  87. “Hey beautiful, I hope you have an amazing day today.”
  88. “I can’t wait to see you smile again.”
  89. “Friendly reminder: I love you so much.”
  90. “Your laughter gives me life.”
  91. “You’re everything I could ever ask for.”
  92. “Life feels better with you in it.”
  93. “You’re like sunshine on a cold winter day to me.”
  94. “I’m so in love with you it hurts.”
  95. “Can’t wait till I get to see you again.”
  96. “You make me believe in happily ever after.”
  97. “I love you as you are.”
  98. “Stay the same because there’s no one like you.”
  99. “Your flaws make you who you are. Anr that’s who I’m in love with.”
  100. “I’m lucky to have gotten the chance to run into you.”
  101. “You make me want to be a better person.”
  102. “You’re an angel.”
  103. “I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”
  104. “I can’t wait to wake up next to you.”
  105. “Waking up next to you is something I look forward to every night.”
  106. “I never thought I could feel this way about someone, but guess I was wrong.”
  107. “You’ve taught me how to love and be loved.”
  108. “I feel fulfilled, loved and understood when I’m with you.”
  109. “Your arms are the only place I want to be in right now.”
  110. “You’re worth every risk.”
  111. “I’m going to fight for you till my last breath.”
  112. “You feel like home.”
  113. “If home was a person, mine would be you.”
  114. “Even when things are going wrong I know talking to you is going to make me feel better.”
  115. “You’re the light of my life.”
  116. “You make me feel like I’m the luckiest person alive.”
  117. “Thank you for being mine.”
  118. “I’ve been 100 times happier ever since I’ve been with you.”
  119. “I am lucky to have gotten the chance to love you.”
  120. “Thank you for letting your guard down and letting me love you the way you are.”
  121. “I appreciate your existence.”
  122. “You make me want to live life to the fullest.”
  123. “I’ll be proud to call you mine as long as I’m alive.”
  124. “Nobody can change how I feel about you.”
  125. “My heart aches when I see you upset.”
  126. “I want to hug you so tight right now that all your worries go away.”
  127. “I’m blessed with such a gorgeous soul.”
  128. “You’re the baddest.”
  129. “I’m always here when you need me.”
  130. “I love that you share your problems with me.”
  131. “I can do anything to make you smile for once.”
  132. “You’re so strong, hold on tight, I love you.”
  133. “I admire the woman that you are everyday.”
  134. “I never thought I could love anyone so much, but then I met you.”
  135. “You’re the purest soul I’ve ever met. I’m so glad I ran into you.”
  136. “I hope we keep on loving each other more and more everyday for the rest of our lives and I hope we never lose sense of how much we wanted to spend our lives together. I hope to marry you someday so I can call you mine for the rest of my life.”
  137. “Knowing you and watching you grow into the woman that you are is such a great pleasure. I pray that I can keep on experiencing it for the rest of my life.”
  138. “You’re more to me than a girlfriend. You’re my friend, my joy, my life, my heart, my peace, all these things combined, and more.”
  139. “You fill my heart with so much love, happiness, and joy that I feel like it’ll burst from the love it holds.”
  140. “You’re my angel on earth.”
  141. “The extent that my love has gone to for you is so crazy. Now I can’t think of living a life without you in it. I’m happy if you’re happy, I’m sad if you’re down, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”
  142. “Your happiness means my happiness, and your sadness means my sadness. Don’t ever think that you’re ever alone in anything that you go through. You’re stuck with me forever, and I’m going to make sure that I never leave your side as long as I’m breathing.”
  143. ” I love you with all that I am. The smallest and tiniest bits of my existence love you utterly and deeply. Nobody does it for me like you do and honestly, good for me because I don’t want anyone but you as well. “
  144. ” I know I can always count on you for making me feel happy when I’m down, or when I need a shoulder to cry on. There’s nobody else that I will go to as long as I have you by my side. “
  145. ” Thank you for bearing with me when I get a littlr annoying. There’s no one else I can rely upon except for you. “
  146. ” The more and more I’ve gotten to know you, the more and more I’ve realized that I don’t want to spend my life with anyone but you. Getting to know something about you everyday makes me fall deeper in love with you. “
  147. ” I love you so much that it scares me every time I think of losing you. Not talking to you makes me feel incomplete. “
  148. “I am out of the right words to tell you how much I love you and that you’re the most amazing woman ever. I don’t think any set of words can do justice to it all.”
  149. “I could tell you that I love you to bits and pieces. Or that my heart is bigger than jupiter for you. But both these things have limits and my love for you certainly doesn’t have any of those.”
  150. “Hearing you tell me that you love me makes me feel like I need nothing more in this world.”


Keeping your partner happy is a great way to keep your relationship smooth sailing. It won’t even take you more than 5 minutes to say something sweet to your girl at the start, end, or anytime during thr day, but it’s going to certainly fill her heart up with a lot of love for you and make her smile for hours.