Best Golf GPS Watch Under $200 Bucks

It is time to upgrade your golf game with the best-rated golf GPS watch. So we are compiling here are top budget picks. Along with that, we will be sharing 3 of the most amazing and best golf watches with you.

Our team has researched the best GPS golf watch for the money which can help amateur golfers to track their performance and get better at the game.

After weeks of research and in-depth study, we came down to the following conclusion: Garmin Approach G10 is the best golf GPS watch under 200 dollars which is loaded with amazing features and is pretty amazing in terms of design too.

It costs you way less than Golf Buddy WTX and still manages to be better in performance and accuracy. And apart from being under 200 bucks it has everything that a golfer would ask for. From the basics to the most important features, Garmin has covered all the important facts.

Although it is not a combination of lifestyle watch (unlike the WTX) but it still holds a better position in the golf world.

We would highly recommend you to buy Garmin Approach G10 if you are looking for the best-rated golf GPS watch. However, if you want a combination of a lifestyle and golf watch then you can get your hands on the Golf Buddy WTX. Otherwise, we consider Garmin G10 the best GPS golf watch for the money in all ways!


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There are a lot of things that set the definition of the best value golf GPS watch but accuracy and ease of use are two major features what all golfers look forward to.

And Garmin G10 has set this definition really well.

Why is it the best golf GPS watch under 200 Dollars?

Garmin Approach G10 is the best-rated golf GPS watch as it is free from all sorts of fuss and is very user-friendly. Here is why we love this watch and consider it to be the ultimate choice to make:

  • Lightweight.
  • It comes along with 40,000 golf courses which are preloaded in it.
  • Great battery life.
  • Amazing features.
  • User-friendly.
  • Beautiful design.
  • No fee involved.

If you ask us what is the best golf GPS watch that you can invest in then we definitely would name Garmin Approach G10 and recommend it highly to everyone. With an extreme ease of use and accuracy, this device has won hearts of a majority of the golfers. It comes with all the basic features that any golfer would look forward to. There is no reason to hate this amazing and simply the best golf GPS rangefinder for the money.

Features of G10

Garmin Approach G10 comes with various impeccable features that make it the best golf GPS watch under 200.

  • The best part about Garmin Approach G10 it comes with 40,000 courses which are easy to understand. You don’t have to pay any fee in order to download them as they are already preloaded.
  • The accuracy of this watch is impeccable. The small GPS provides precise distances to the center, front and back of the green.
  • It comes with a Green view that makes it easier for you to see and understand distances as you see them all through your point of view.
  • The built-in Odometer is another reason why we consider it the best golf GPS watch under 200 dollars because it lets you know the number of steps that you take.
  • Design of this watch is certainly attractive. It is compact and sleek which make it magnetizing for all the golfers.
  • Garmin Approach G10 also has a digital scorecard. It allows you to track your performance which helps you improve with the passage of time.

There is a lot that this best-rated golf GPS watch has to offer to the new and pro golfers. It is really amazing that this compact watch has a battery life of 15 hours (fully charged). Here we have summed up the pros and cons of this remarkable watch for you all.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Impressive battery life.
  • Easy to use.
  • Compact GPS which Is great in performance.
  • Lightweight.
  • A digital scorecard is a great feature. You can sync it with the app easily.
  • No fees for annual updates on the courses.
  • Comes with all the basic features that golfers require.
  • The best GPS golf watch for the money.


  • No notification feature.
  • It is not a lifestyle watch; only suitable for golf use.
  • No touch-screen.


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Golf Buddy is another amazing choice to make if you want the best GPS golf watch for the money. It is affordable and has a lot packed within it. We have tested this watch for weeks and there are some obvious reasons why it could not become our ultimate choice. Although Golf Buddy has a complete series of some of the best-rated golf GPS watch it does lack something’s that might annoy some of you.

Here are some reasons why the Gold Buddy WTX is not our ultimate choice:

  • The battery life of this device is extremely disappointing. It only lasts for around 8 hours which is one of the biggest reasons for it to fall down on our 2nd choice.
  • The manual is also a little confusing. The instructions are not really helpful which doesn’t make it easy to use.
  • The hazard icons on the screen are extremely small although the dial is huge.

But why do we consider it as our 2nd best golf GPS watch for the money?

Here is why:

  • Golf Buddy WTX comes with a touchscreen. It diminishes the need for more and more buttons overall.
  • This version finally has the Bluetooth feature in it too.
  • In comparison with the previous Golf Buddy watches, this one is lightweight. The dial is still huge but it overall it is not heavy to wear which makes it comfortable.
  • This device is water resistant.
  • The best part about this amazing and the best value golf GPS watch is that it brings in accuracy. The distance accuracy is indisputable and works pretty well.
  • Also, it has pretty amazing graphics although they are not really needed in the first place it makes the watch cooler.

Features of GOLD BUDDY WTX

The features of this best golf GPS watch for the money are really great. However, there are some issues with the watch and some features do glitch but a lot of enhancement has been experienced in this device by Golf Buddy. Here is a rundown on the features of the 2nd best-rated golf GPS watch.

  • Just like the Garmin Approach, it comes with 40,000 preloaded courses.
  • Great GPS distance tracking.
  • Lightweight and slim.
  • Bluetooth allows smartphone connection which helps in maximizing the benefits of this watch.
  • Combination of the best golf GPS watch under 200 dollars and a lifestyle watch on a value.

To make your decision easier, we have done a breakdown of the pros and cons of the best value golf GPS watch that you can grab.

Pros. & Cons.


  • Lightweight.
  • Touch-screen.
  • Extremely accurate distance tracking.
  • Water resistant.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Advanced Features.


  • Extremely short battery life.
  • Some features are hard to use.
  • Not too user-friendly; hard to understand how it has to be used.
  • The battery charger is a bit strange as it only starts charging the battery on flat surfaces.

Summing up

There is no confusion about what is the best golf GPS watch for us because we know that Garmin Approach G10 is the boss here.