How To Live An Adventurous Life?

How To Live An Adventurous Life?: It takes us a good 30 years in life to realize how much adrenaline rush we’ve been missing out on. The boring clockwork routine of living a 9 to 5 has our life as still as silent waters.

What we call an adventure is watching Bilbo Baggins later in the evening or commending the balls on the guys in Point Break while feet up on the couch.

I don’t deny the importance of stability in life but having it all figured out is not too different than putting all your eggs in one basket.

Everything has to coexist like the Yin and Yang, Asha and Druj, Night and Day, and so on.

What Is Having An Adventure In Life?

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It is a yearning desire that our body has of hitting the fifth gear, something sanity stops us from. Or maybe it is just taking life as it is without a plan for what’s to come, just hopes.

The first time I went on a snow rally with our local jeep club, I couldn’t believe the utter stupidity of competing on black-iced tracks with at least a 100 ft. fall to the side. That is me putting it nicely how I shat bricks at every turn.

It didn’t take me long to see that the thrill was knowing the danger existed and doing it anyway, I kind of got what Adrenaline junkies had all been about and since then I’ve been going deep-sea diving, skiing, paragliding, and skydiving.

There is something about standing at the door of a plane and thinking “Why did I let them talk me into this?!” but once you take the jump and feel how you can manipulate the air to your use and literally fly for a while, there is nothing but screams of joy.

The thirst keeps getting stronger and stronger, you want to go higher and you want to go deeper, there is no end to it. The thrill of these experiences have an even sweeter side to them, I got to see places and views that I wouldn’t have otherwise.

How I look at it, having an adventure in life is not leaving your comfort zone just once and sitting by the campfires telling the same story to everyone you meet later in life, it is doing it over and over again.

You have to keep going out, try new and different things every time, the things that make you feel a little more alive than how you’re used to feeling in your monotonous life.

It is standing on the edge of a steep cliff, at the front of a lake in a valley, by the shore of an angry sea, and the summit of a mountain that makes us realize how big the world is and how tiny part of it we are, which is probably the closest encounter we get to have with reality in our lives.

There are horizons to having an adventure, it is not specifically limited to few of the things daredevils do But it can be anything that helps you put everything on a pause and just appreciate life with a smile that stretches from ear to ear.

How Can I Live An Adventurous Life?

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For many of us, just to have wanderlust is not nearly enough to get us started. Sure we tune in to Bear Grills sometimes and love watching Indiana Jones but to live so recklessly ourselves is another story.

What usually keeps us from exploring ourselves and the beauty of the world is financial security and stability in life. It is either saving up for a bigger house or a world tour, also we don’t want to lose our job by taking days off here and there. But these are more myths and fears than they are reality.

You don’t have to crazy rich to experiences the brighter side of life. If you’ve been meaning to explore the world and bring some adventure into your life, here are some tips that might get you going along with calculated risks.

What Do You Desire?

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This is the most important question to ask yourself before anything else, discovering your vista. There are many different adventures in life and not all may be as attractive to you as they are to others.

There are sports like rock climbing, base jumping, heli-skiing, and white water surfing that are adventurous. And then there are other adventures as traveling, going to the far corners and living life as the locals do, travel like them, eat like them, sightsee, and learn about other cultures and lifestyles.

You have to make out what attracts you the most. There is no age for beginning and learning something new so don’t let your age hold you back. You don’t have to do everything but pick your niche and stick to exploring it because that is what you’ll end up enjoying the most.

Observe nature’s call as well, because the thing that you’ll be most attracted to is typically that you’ve loved since you were a kid. Maybe it was watching travel logs or never missing out on an event of adventure sports.

If not that, you can get in a comfortable environment and pen down your thoughts about if there was one thing you would rather be doing in life without any strings attached, what would it be?

Make A Plan

Why Make A Plan In The First Place?

The key to making anything happen in life is having a plan. Whether or not you’re a person that likes calculating the risks, it is always fruitful to know what you’re getting your hands into.

After all, living an adventurous life is not abandoning your present life entirely and go out hitchhiking to where the world takes you.

Identifying what you would like to do for adventure gives you a head start in making up a plan anyway. You know what you have to do, you just have to figure out how and when. The key here is to put yourself on the clock, say about 3 or 5 months from now you’ll check an adventure goal off your list.

Figure out how many expenses you’ll need and save up for it, skip on the needless weekends at the bar, or don’t upgrade your car just yet. Plan out the dates and make out whether or not you have to put in an application for leave at work, will it be over a weekend or is going to take up more time than that.

Make out the supplies you’ll be needing and do you have to buy them or rent them out for a one-time thing. Will you be going alone or you have friends and family to tag along with?

It is best to make these details out well ahead in time because they give you the drive to achieve what you’ve set out to do, and timing yourself works every time.

Baby Steps

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You can’t just spring up to do the wildest thing you’ve ever known if you’ve been lacking adventure in your life. It may work sometimes, but that is not how life works.

There is a high possibility that you miscalculated a lot of things and now what should have been the best time of your life is turning into nothing more than dread. Starting small gives you all the time and opportunity to learn and to love what you’ll eventually be doing.

If what you’ve come up with is adventure sports from the first step, then looking up the nearest places where you can kick-off, and if it has been traveling and camping, then starting with national parks is a good idea.

The reason why you take baby steps at first is that national parks and recreational centers are controlled environments, meaning there is a very small chance for things to wrong.

Except for coming home in one piece and joyful memories, you’ll also meet like-minded people and develop new acquaintances. Everything is just easier and more fun with more people around you, the more the merrier!

One thing leads to another and it wouldn’t be long before you find yourself on dessert safaris in the Middle East or sipping on exotic drinks in Bali.

Once you get the hang of the type of adventure you’ve chosen and are well acquainted with the basics, there really is no stopping you from anything. And when an opportunity presents itself to you, push yourself harder because that is the only time when you’ll actually grow.

Learn To See The Bright Side

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The very first thing about an adventure is getting in for something you don’t exactly know the outcome of.

It is very likely for you to get stuck midway between your hikes due to bad weather and landslides or be stranded in the middle of a dessert because of blown tires. But taking these moments to appreciate the calmness in the middle of nowhere builds up for a WOW factor.

Some of the most weathered and skilled athletes have been caught up by the unforeseen circumstances so don’t question your skill or luck. The athletes and travelers generally regard these moments as the ones that have allowed them to grow the most, so who’s to say it won’t improve your skills as well?

Anyone in pro adventure sports know the risk they are taking, a slight miscalculation or even a stroke of bad luck can cost them their lives. But it is this specific experience of getting so close to death, acknowledging it, and cheating it every time that brings about a sparkle in their eyes.

However, modern equipment is much safe than how it used to be 20 years ago. More people die of mosquito bites around the world than they do pursuing adventure, so never let this stop you from doing what you love, learn to do it safely, and find your WOW factor.

Try Different Things Out

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The grass is always greener on the other side when it comes to adventure. You couldn’t help yourself but clench your jaws in excitement as you watch free solo rock climbs or be fascinated by the trekking documentaries of the Everest.

But it is when you start in the field that you realize it is not as easy it seems, maybe you don’t have the time for it, health or even fitness levels. This is why it is always helpful to keep your options open.

When starting out, you fall in and out of excitement and may think a certain activity is getting too monotonous. Switching to a different type of adventure every time keeps you glued on the big picture. You went camping and hiking this summer? Why not try skiing for winter?

There is a common belief that swinging about different activities leaves you nowhere, but nothing can be more untrue about adventure.

The fun of an adventure is trying it all, having done everything. A tip to remember here is when you can’t decide between several options for your adventure trip; always stick with the one that is going to make for a better story!

Start Right Away!

Why we never get to have a sudden change in life is because we always leave starting out for a better time, but what could be a better time than now. Going through this article you probably have realized a set of goals, interests, and ideas that would go as they came.

Get a journal, if not that, any notebook for now, and task yourself to jot down your goals for adventure. Pen down a date before which you should have been through with at least one of your goals.

Forget about the time it takes to write down, it is however much less than watching an Indian guy building a pool out of clay on YouTube.

Commonly Asked Questions…

What Is Life Without Adventure?

At the end of the day, it comes to that echoing emptiness that keeps you from falling asleep. Today we have the privilege of being at any corner of the world in just under 24 hours, so the only thing keeping us from being where would love to be is ourselves. Life can be lived with the black and white routine of our jobs, but everything is more artistic with the colors.

How Is Life An Adventure?

Life too is an adventure on its own. We go into every moment without knowing what is to come out of it. We have plans but we do not have sureties. How we make this adventure of life is solely up to us. Whether we walk the trails marked out like most, or carve out our own path through the woods and discover something better and unique.

Is Being Adventurous Good?

There is nothing better than having a bit of adventure in life. Some people do take being adventurous a little farther from reality and sanity, which can prove to be unhealthy. But the guy who skydived without a parachute and landed precisely on the target net, there are hundreds of ways it could’ve gone wrong, but he’s earned himself unlimited and unconditional bragging rights. So yes, being adventurous is the best thing there can be.

Do I Have To Be Rich To Be Adventurous?

Being able to afford the adventures that you desire? Yes!

Being filthy rich? No!

Having a thirst for adventure gives you a purpose in life and can prove to be your driving force. You may develop healthier spending habits, push yourself to work more, and even find the motivation you’ve been looking for in life. So don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t afford a trip to the Alps just yet, if you want it hard enough, you probably will sooner than you think.

What Are The Benefits Of Adventure?

The benefits of living an adventurous life reflect on your health, mental, and physical. More often than not, you’re getting a lot more physical activity, you strengthen your immune system, build a higher threshold for stress management, develop problem-solving traits, and just go about your day merrier in life.


Our souls long for an adventure in life. It is maybe the genetic trait that has passed down the many generations when humans had to hunt down prey much bigger than their size (Mammoths). It always came with the risk of being carried away with a tusk but once they overcame that, the village had a feast for days!

It is the same lust for adrenaline that pushes us towards adventure in life today. The last thought I would like to share is to have a journal. Keeping a record of adventures in life brings satisfaction knowing all that you’ve done, or maybe you can even have great stories for your grandchildren someday. Pictures, videos, or just the old-school scribbling down a handbook, anything that doesn’t let a moment die and fade away in memory.

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