What type of questions cannot be solved by scientific methods?

Ever wondered “What type of questions cannot be solved by scientific methods?” Science Mysteries are there unsolved. The field of science is full of amazing things because it has produced renowned scientists like Einstein, Newton, Louis Pasteur and much more who have given the advancement in the field of science by their enormous achievements.

But it may jolt that someone middle of the road elements is brain teasers to the scientists as well as tots.

I personally find these questions quite intriguing and don’t really think that science can really answer them.

So what type of questions cannot be solved by scientific methods?

Why do we sleep?

Every living thing on Earth takes rest by enjoying a good sleep at night.

God has made day and night, in which it is assumed that night is for sleep and it is a necessary element for one’s routine. Research suggests that sleep helps memory and learning in two different ways.

First, a sleep-deprived person cannot pay optimum attention and cannot learn efficiently.

Secondly, sleep is also important for memory consolidation.

Scientists have found a gene that will be responsible for less sleep which they call “ period 3” or “ clock gene”.

Normal human beings need average sleep of 8 hours while variants of clock gene need too much less.

Sometimes as little as 4 hours at night without any adverse effects at all.

So scientists are still doubtful that sleeps uselessly?

Why ice is slippery?

Is something that we know as long as we know anything.

Human beings are familiar with the sloppiness of Ice as they are familiar with the wetness of water and hotness of fire.

But when say why?

There is no proper explanation.

Scientists explain that Ice expands when freezes, so when we walk on it, we are actually compacting it into the slippery old water.

But experiments have shown that your body doesn’t exert enough pressure on ice to squeeze even a tiny bit of it into liquid.

Is aging inescapable?

Life expectancy rate has risen in the last century but the process of aging is still inevitable.

Scientists have gone through many types of research but the molecular damage that causes aging is unavoidable.

The damage is an unavoidable by-product of breathing oxygen and other metabolic processes necessary for life.

It is not clear that we would ever be able to slow down or avoid this process.

Why do we dream?

We spend one-third of our lives while sleeping. While sleeping we often dream.

It is believed that dream are expressions of unsuccessful wishes while others wonder whether dreams are random firings of sleeping brains.

But scientists are still searching for a complete explanation of why we dream.

Why are their lefties?

Lefties are like: I am “left-handed” what’s your superpower??

One-tenth of people have a better motor aptitude for using their left limbs than their right ones.

No one knows why righties exist.

This question is still unanswerable that why people have just one hand with top-notch motor skills, instead of a double dose of ability?

Why does lightning happen

We know that there is a positive charge up in the thunderclouds and a negative charge at the bottom.

The electric attraction between the two opposite charges build up on the ground and become strong to overcome the air resistance for electric flow.

These electric charges shoot towards one another and connect with each causing the plasma.

This connection results in an electric circuit which triggers as a flash of light.

BUT why these opposite charges build up in different parts of clouds.

This question is debatable.

The jury of lightning scientists is still out.

Why hair gets charged?

Static shocks are still mysterious and unpleasant.

It happens when the excess of positive or negative charge builds upon the surface of the body.

In the case of hair and wool, one object gets an excessive positive charge and other gets an excessive negative charge.

Both objects get statically charged.

But why do electrons move from one object to another instead of moving in both directions has still no answer.

How do we think?

This monkey is thinking ” Where did my life ever go wrong”, seems super tensed.

We think, but we don’t know why!

Let’s think this scenario that we all have thoughts and thousands of them come daily in our minds but where do they originate from?

Our brains help us to think then process, communicate and act upon that rational thinking.

Do our brains originate thoughts?

Scientists assume so.

So we believe that our body is a spirit as well as flesh and mind is not a fleshy organ.

But scientists are not saying boo.

Is the Universe Infinite?

Light takes 6 rounds around our earth in just under one second.

That same light takes 1 and a half-year to reach the nearest star to us. The Alpha Centauri A.

Getting a glimpse?

OK get this:

Light takes about 100,000 years to cross our galaxy, The Milky Way.

Want more? OK

The nearest galaxy to us, Andromeda is 2.5 Million Light Years away from us and is also on a crash course with our galaxy.

The image shown above is a predicted scenario of what our sky would look like after 4 billion years.

Anyways, I can go like this all day long.

But I guess you got my point.

We can never actually tell how big this universe is.

Although we somehow concluded that the Universe was created almost 14 Billion years ago and that the edge of the Universe is about 50 Billion Light years away, but my question to you is;

What if there are Billions of others Universes?

Since these things are all theoretical, we can never actually answer this!

What would happen if you go to a Black-hole?

Since I am talking about space, I think Black-Holes shouldn’t be left unmentioned here.

Now I have read so many articles on this and I still couldn’t find even a single right answer to this question.

I mean every physicist have their own opinion about it.

Some say you would get sucked into it like spaghetti.

Some say, you will just bur and some say, you will travel back in time.

And some wise guys say that they can’t really tell.


We saw what type of questions cannot be solved by scientific methods. Science is still clueless about these topics.

In a nutshell, we can say that science is man-made and man is not perfect so how can be science.


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