11 Questions That Cannot Be Solved By Scientific Methods

11 Questions That Cannot Be Solved By Scientific Methods: Have you ever found yourself pondering over questions that seemingly have no answers? Do you rely on scientists to find the answers to such questions for you?

Have you ever wondered what type of questions cannot be solved by scientific methods?

As the development of the human race continued, scientists found explanations for various mysteries, however, some matters still remain unresolved, most prominent ones being, the beginning of the universe, the origin of humans, and the possibility of time travel. 

The universe is a mysterious place, with its infinite secrets. Our world is another mystery, and we, humans and its other residents, are yet another enigma.

Although scientists were able to solve numerous questions, there are uncountable mysteries to which no man has been able to find answers.

As advanced as humans and science may have become, there are some very common matters which even they haven’t managed to explain yet.

How did life begin on earth?

Where did water come from on earth?

There is an abundant number of creatures living on earth. So much life resides on our planet, including animals, humans, micro-organisms, and maybe more which we don’t even know about yet.

The question which scientists have been asking for years is how this life began on earth. How a group of cells turned into a taut, living, moving, and thinking beings.

What initiated life is a big mystery, which scientists have been trying very hard to unveil. No solid explanations or conclusions regarding the origin of life have yet been reached by researchers.

There are of course many religious analogies explaining the origin of life, but scientists tend to deny those, considering them irrational and supernatural.

Many scientists theorize that perhaps the formation of life could be a natural occurrence on planets that contain necessary elements and ingredients, such as water, oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, and many more.

Hence, for years researchers have been carrying out laboratory experiments in the hopes of finding the right formula for creating life.

They haven’t found any success in creating life out elements and molecules, and most probably, the question of how life begins will always remain a question without an answer.

Why do we sleep?

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All living things on earth take some time off from their hectic routines to sleep. God created night for the purpose of rest for humans, and what better way there is to rest but sleep?

Research suggests that sleep affects memory, learning, and various bodily functions to a great extent.

Firstly, taking the right amount of sleep at the right times improves the brain’s ability to absorb information and retain it.

Secondly, sleep helps animals conserve energy for times when they’ll need it more.

Sleep is so important that its deprivation can impair thinking and cause severe headaches, and no person can continue to live if they don’t sleep at all.

The need to sleep is like an inbuilt instinct in all animals, especially for humans as they cannot maintain their sanity if they don’t sleep, hence, sleep must have a vital purpose.

Some researchers have theorized that sleep aids human brains in getting rid of unneeded information, developing new skills, and applying those skills to their everyday lives.

However, no solid evidence is there to back these theories up, rendering them mere guesses.

Why do we dream?

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Almost all humans dream while they are sleeping. Some of our dreams have symbols and meanings that may or may not relate to our real-life experience, while other dreams are just vague abstractions.

Scientists have been able to find out what happens while we are dreaming and hence have been able to develop instruments such as ‘REM monitors’ to find out when a person is dreaming.

They have found that people dream during the REM phase of their sleep cycle and that during this time a brain’s electrical patterns are very active.

However, even after knowing the science and workings behind dreams, scientists have not been able to find out why we dream in the first place.

Some researchers suggest that dreams help people dispose of the stress of their tiring routines, some say it is our way of experiencing adventures at a subconscious level, while others say it is an expression and amalgamation of what resides in a human mind at different levels of consciousness.

Scientists have also argued that perhaps dreams could be a body’s biochemical way of sorting, storing, and dealing with past experiences and future probabilities.

However, all of these are just guesses, and no sound answer has yet been found.

Can cancer be completely cured?

Can cancer be completely cured?

Countless humans worldwide lose their lives to the monstrous disease of cancer every year, with the ailment showing its new forms every now and then and leaving the world shocked.

The disease of cancer involves uncontrollable replication of cells, with damaged DNA in the genes, consequently leading to expansion and multiplication of cancerous tumors in different parts of the body.

Cancer is one of the deadliest health conditions that exist, and many cases prove to be fatal for the victims, as cancer contains the tendency to impair various body parts and their functions.

Cancer can occur due to intake of carcinogenic chemicals, mutation of genes, and inheriting defective genes; however, cancer doesn’t necessarily need one of the aforementioned reasons to attack its victims.

While scientists and researchers have been able to locate reasons which may initiate cancer in humans, they haven’t yet been able to come up with a solution to completely eliminate all types of cancer, nor its threat.

However, it cannot be said science will never be able to find cures for cancer, because research is constantly and consistently evolving, and many new and less painful therapies are being found.

Where does consciousness come from?

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It seems that humans and animals have had consciousness of themselves, their surroundings, and experiences since the beginning of time.

Perhaps our minds are the storehouses for this consciousness, but there has always been a ‘perhaps’ in the statement.

Consciousness not only helps humans become aware of their surroundings, but also of their inner selves, identities, and purpose of life.

The brain controls most of the bodily functions and processes for humans and animals, but it is not the same as the mind.

We know that brain is the physical organ inside our heads, but the mind isn’t physical, in fact, we don’t even know what it really is or where it resides.

Also, the brain does its work through a series of electrical signals which are transmitted through nerve cells, and that doesn’t explain the existence of a non-physical mind or consciousness.

According to various religions, consciousness is a gift from God, which is supposed to guide humans.

However, science has always contradicted religious beliefs, and that is why scientists are always on the look for physical, rational, and scientific explanations for everything.

Hence, as of yet, science has failed to find the answer to this question, and it seems unlikely that it’ll ever be able to find one.

How many different species is the earth home to?

How many different species is the earth home to?

Planet earth is a big place, with many exquisite creatures living inside it. From big elephants to humans, from humans to smalls bugs, and from those bugs to uncountable micro-organisms.

The variety of species living on earth is no doubt a great one. No one has yet been able to find out the exact number of residents on earth, and it seems no one will be able to.

As life evolved on our planet, various species became extinct, so it is practically almost impossible for scientists to find out how many types of creatures lived on earth even if they somehow manage to find the current number.

However, it looks like researchers won’t ever be able to find the correct answer because even at present time, many species are under the threat of complete elimination from the earth.

What is reality? Is it even real?

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Reality is something we all believe in, yet the whole concept of it is questionable, and hence many scientists seek proof for its existence.

It could also be a possibility that reality is far broader than how much of it is experienced by humans because of course our senses and minds have a limit to their comprehension of life and surroundings.

Or perhaps, the things we believe to be real are merely our perceptions of what goes on around us.

Our whole life could be an illusion.

Reality is a big thing to question, but researchers really are not sure if how we understand reality is the truth about it or not.

Some even theorize that the universe could be a hologram deceiving humans with different realities. It could well be possible for the universe to have billions of dimensions and hence realities, and this question is a truly intriguing one.

Maybe scientists will find the true nature of reality, or perhaps it’ll always be a puzzle with lost pieces; time shall unfold the truth.

Can aging become Escapable?

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Life expectancy rate has been rising since the last century, but the process of aging has still proven itself to be inevitable.

Even after many years of extensive and thorough research, scientists have been able to only find out that the molecular damage that causes living things to grow old is an unavoidable by-product of breathing oxygen and other metabolic processes necessary for continuity of life.

However, due to a lack of solid evidence, such interpretations cannot be deemed as the final answer to the problem.

The question of being able to stop or slow down growth is a vague one in itself, it doesn’t really seem likely that scientists will ever be able to stop life from aging.

What is the Composition of Souls?

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The soul is such a common part of all life, the most essential one, and yet no one knows what it is. It seems that the concept of the soul is beyond the grasp of science and physics

It is the driving force of all life, and still, there are no explanations available for its existence, and perhaps the case will always be so.

Is Time Travel possible?

Is Time Travel Possible?

Time travel is an incredibly attractive concept behind most science fiction movies, and has been an equation scientists have been trying to solve for decades.

The idea of it could be all be just fiction, a mere product of human imagination.

Yet, many scientists and researchers believe that time travel can be possible, that they just have to look hard enough for the right equation.

According to some scientific theories, there could be wormholes present in the universe, through which humans could go from one temporal to another, or even into another galaxy. We could try traveling at the speed of light, but that may not be possible without the condition of humans bursting into pieces, besides, even scientists believe that nothing can travel at the speed of light.

The whole idea of time travel seems kind of unattainable, but even if scientists do find the equation to time travel, there could be numerous dangers (e.g. being stuck in another time and place) involved.

Hence, time travel has and may always be a questionable phenomenon.

What would happen if you go into a Black-hole?

What would happen if you go into a Black-hole?

Since we are talking about space here, it’d be unfair if Black-Holes were left unmentioned.

Every physicist has their own opinion about it.

Some say you would get sucked into it like spaghetti.

Some say, you will just bur, and some say you will travel back in time, and some wise guys say that they can’t really tell.


We saw what type of questions cannot be solved by scientific methods. In a nutshell, we can say that science is man-made and a man’s thinking is limited in many ways.

Science may advance further in the coming future, but there are some questions that will perhaps always stay unanswered.

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