iRestore vs. iGrow – Hair Growth Helmet Comparison

Your hair speaks a lot about your personality and a head full of hair can really take your game up. But hair thinning and hair fall are common worldwide, and by the age of 35, every 4 out of 10 people are facing it. But there is a solution.

You might have tried a number of things to cure this issue of yours as you’ve come here, but today in this article we’ll introduce you to Laser and LEDs based hair regrowth devices that actually work pretty well and have gone through a number of successful clinical trials.

There are a number of reasons behind your hair not being in the best of their health. So let’s make you forget about this problem.

iGrow has been out there for a while whereas iRestore is in the field of Low Light Laser Therapy. And although both of these devices are known to work pretty well, we still pick another product over them.

A Better Option – Kiierr

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There are a few things that give other hair helmets an edge however based on all the things we have discussed in this article, there isn’t much left to think about and we’ll definitely suggest you go with the best, the Kiierr 148 pro laser hair cap.

Kiierr LLLT laser caps are clinically proven & FDA Cleared to promote thicker, fuller hair in both men and women. In as little as 30 days you’ll start to see those frail follicles transforming into thick & healthy hair once again!

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Comparing iGrow with iRestore – Low Light Laser Therapy Devices

Both of the iRestore and iGrow are Laser-based hair restoring products. The method they use is totally non-invasive, drug-free, and side effect free.

These devices incorporate the best of science using Low Light Laser Therapy to stimulate and energize cellular activity that stimulates your hair follicles and makes your hair grow back in those places.

It enhances the blood circulation and enables your hair follicles to achieve the perfect amount of nutrients and vitamins they require. This is a perfect way to cure hair loss caused by Androgenetic Alopecia.

However, if you are completely bald, you are gone too far and we don’t recommend using these devices in that case.

In the case of Androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness which means that you aren’t completely bald but have just started to develop patches in your head, both iGrow and iRestore are going to work really well.

The laser used by iRestore and iGrow also fixes the damaged hair follicles that are a result of your old age.

No of Laser and LEDs Comparison

iRestore has two variants. You get 282 Lasers and LEDs on the first one also known as the Pro variant and 51 on the other variant. The Pro variant’s 282 medical graded lasers set the seal on giving your head maximum coverage.

This is one of the highest numbers of LEDs and Lasers offered by any brand and this is what makes iRestore stand apart from the others. In addition to that, they are aligned in such a manner that ensures enhanced scalp coverage in areas that are hard to reach like the thinning temples and the lower crown.

iGrow on the other hand comes with a total of 51, constituting 30 LEDs and 21 lasers. The numbers tell you how far behind iGrow is lagging in the game.

Outlook Comparison:

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iGrow looks more like a high-tech bicycle helmet. Both iRestore and iGrow are plastic made helmet-shaped devices but the built-in headphones in the iGrow make it look less of a hair restoration device and more of a tech kind of thing.

Whereas the iRestore though would probably win the battle in comparison of the looks because of its beautiful white color and pink finishing, it would certainly be a device that the guy sitting next to you might wonder about.

The Controller on the iGrow:

The controller is probably the best thing you get with the iGrow and indeed it takes its game to the next level.

The controller enables you to choose between 5 different buttons with 5 different programs, each with a diagram made on it. Each diagram represents different stages of pattern baldness so you can choose the one that’s most similar to yours.

iRestore just has a single working method and a single program irrespective of the condition of your scalp.

Although, a company that is already giving you almost 6 times as much as LEDs and Lasers in its product doesn’t require to make particular modes. In fact, there is simply no need to do so, the capabilities of this device are good enough to overcome that.

Battery Packs Comparison:

Another great thing that both these devices share is enabling you with both battery packs and plug n play options. So you can use them in the comfort of your home or take them anywhere you want.

The battery pack on the iRestore is 1880mAh and is much stronger than that on the iGrow.

FDA Cleared:

A medical device’s FDA status really defines it. Both iRestore and iGrow are FDA cleared under section 510k.

This means that unlike other non-FDA devices in the market, these devices are proven to be safe and efficacious. FDA clearances basically provide you a guarantee that the device won’t cause any harm to your health.

Clinically Proven to Work:

iRestore and iGrow both have gone through a number of clinical trials so you don’t need to worry about their efficiency.

Moreover, the great thing about buying iRestore is that the online consultants there at the iRestore would provide you a chart with general images of stages of male pattern baldness, you could then choose the one that’s the closest to your condition and you’ll get know whether you should buy iRestore or not.

With the iGrow, you might have to figure out those things on your own.

The Headphones: An added benefit

iGrow comes with preinstalled headphones so you no longer need to worry about the hassle of finding your own.

You could simply plug in the auxiliary cable into your phone and listen to your jam while the laser makes your hair grow back.

Clinical Tests:

The iGrow hair helmets as claimed by the company have gone through two patented award-winning clinical trials. In both the trails, every single person was able to regrow hair.

On average, each man and woman grew their hair by 35% and 37% respectively.

Having won the ISLM awards in 2013 for transitional research is what makes iGrow really apart from the others out there.

iRestore has also done clinical trials in which 100% of the participants saw an increase in their hair growth up to some extent, but iGrow gets a bit of an edge here with the trails.

Fitting and comfort:

The good thing about iGrow is that it comes with little pads on the inside that are made to help the helmet sit on the top of your head. Moreover, the iGrow helmet is adjustable and a single helmet can sit easily on different heads.

iRestore just manufactures one standard size, the fitting is decent, you’ll get used to it, but you still won’t be able to adjust it.

iGrow is Heavier:

iRestore weighs a mere 1.27 pounds and is pretty lightweight. IGrow helmet is heavier as it weighs 3.96 but you get used to it and after a while, it no longer feels heavy.

Daily Usage Time:

With the iRestore, once you start your session with a beep, you will hear another beep after 25 minutes and that’s it, you are done for the day. All you need is a 25 minutes session daily for 6 months to see results and continuation until one year to see proper desired results.

IGrow requires you to do a 20-minute session daily for the same number of months. Not much of a difference though, but as they say every minute of your life matters.

Money-Back Guarantee:

Both companies take pride in their products as they provide a money-back guarantee with them. iGrow gives you a 6-month money-back guarantee in case you don’t see results and a one year manufacturer’s warranty if your device stops working due to an internal issue.

iRestore is even more confident about its laser helmet as it gives you a one year money-back guarantee period where they even pay for the shipping fee themselves.

This makes iRestore a bit more risk-free to buy.


The LEDs and Lasers are what matters the most in these types of devices and it’s a fact that other things out there have mere importance in the sole purpose, that is of growing your hair back thicker and fuller again.

There are a few things that give iGrow an edge however based on all the things we have discussed in this article, there isn’t much left to think about and we’ll definitely suggest you go with the beast, the IRestore.

Though if you are trying to save money, don’t go for the iRestores Essential Variant. Rather in that case go for the iGrow you get the same LEDs and Laser capabilities with added benefits and you get to save a hundred dollars too.