Why Are Alienware laptops so expensive?

Alienware is the veteran when it comes to high-end gaming equipment. But non-technical people always ask, why are Alienware laptops so expensive. It is the machine that always resides on the yearly want list of gamers and also in the best-of-the-year lists from critics. If you are buying an Alienware laptop of $2000, the components of this high-tech machine alone will cost about $1000.

What is An Alienware Laptop?

The games in the past were simple and they didn’t require graphics. But the games that people play today are much more advanced and have entered the 3D era. Today, people play high-resolution games on powerful systems, including Alienware laptops. If you want to buy an Alienware laptop, you must have appropriate knowledge about the product and also the gaming experience. To order to determine which Alienware laptop will be suitable for you, you must consider your gaming needs.

Alienware laptops are special laptops designed only for gaming. The best components are combined together in order to make an Alienware laptop and it is also perfect for other applications. They come with the amazing components which include video RAM, top-speed processors and the ultramodern graphics cards. Having an Alienware laptop is the dream of every gamer.

A Recognizable Name in Online Gaming Community

For the people who love online gaming, there is no better choice for hardware than Alienware laptop. Alienware models are not only great in fulfilling the demands of the intense gaming, but the designs of these laptops are also eye-catching and futuristic. Alienware is a recognizable and trustworthy name in the online gaming community and its presence can’t be set apart by any other brands.

Alienware has the edge over its competitors because of its access to the best and latest technology relevant to the online gaming and all the features it has. The major advantage of these laptops is an appealing and unique design. Not only the casing is amazing, but the internal systems and layouts are also quite beneficial with the orderly arrangement of cooling and wiring systems.

Quality is the Key

If you are interested in the Alienware laptop, then quality is one of the things that you will surely consider. For this, you will look for the laptop with the best graphics card. The premium quality graphics card in this laptop ensures high performance needed for the complete gaming experience.

Alienware laptops also come with video RAM. When it comes to gaming, there is a huge difference between simple RAM and video RAM. Video RAM offers extreme gaming. With this RAM, gamers enjoy the Alienware laptop better with all the memory it needs for the games to function properly.

Alienware m17

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To understand why Alienware laptops are expensive, you can take the example of the latest model, Alienware m17. It is the new legend of Alienware that weighs just 5.8 lb. and is 18.6 mm thin. The new m17 is leaner in shape and lighter in weight as compared to the previous Alienware m17. Premium magnesium allows chassis in this laptop offer a new legendary design and there are high-contrast color options to choose from Dark Side of the Moon and Lunar Light.


The new Alienware m17 is hardwired to offer greater efficiency. Along with hyper-efficient voltage regulation, this new model enables Dynamic CPU overclocking on the processor options.

Cooling System

The Alienware m17 comes with the latest engineering enhancements to provide higher speed for more extended sustained periods and power efficiency to the users. The features of the innovative cooling system of this gaming laptop are:

High Voltage Driving Fan: In this laptop, there are 86 unique fan blades that cool down both the GPU and CPU.

Dense Copper Fin Stacks: The new innovative copper fin stack design of the machine offers more surface area for heat transfer. In this way, the ability of the laptop to expel heat is enhanced and it also increases the performance of the system.

Airflow Design: Alienware m17 has dual fan design that pulls the cool air in from the bottom and top vents as well as exhales exhaust out from the rear and side vents to ensure optimal cooling of the core components.

Dynamic Thermal Control: In this laptop, there are built-in accelerometer and gyroscope which automatically adjust the temperature of the laptop and maintain the performance of your system while you are gaming on the desktop.

Some of the other fascinating features of Alienware m17 are:

  • This 17.3-inch laptop has exceptional FHD display, 300-nits brightness, 72% color gamut and the thinnest right and left bezels.
  • With 144Hz panel option, it offers blazing fast gameplay with Tobii eye-tracking, 9ms response time and Eyesafe® technology.
  • With the new precision-point glass touchpad, you can experience a high-quality gaming experience.
  • The newly architected keyboard of this laptop has N-Key rollover, anti-ghosting technology and RGB per-key Alien FX lighting.

Worth the Price

As you can see above, the chassis, display, cooling system, keyboard and even the webcam of an Alienware laptop is unique as compared to other laptops. The best things in life are always expensive, so how can you expect this marvelous gaming laptop to be cheap. Also, the features and the fantastic experience gamers get from this laptop is worth the price. Build quality, custom-designed motherboards and custom software, all add in the price of this laptop.

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The price tag is the major issue with Alienware laptops for most of the people. But the best things do come costly. Alienware is a well-known brand and a powerful name that surely doesn’t come cheaply. However, for those who are not able to pay such a price for the Alienware laptop, there is an easy solution. Refurbished Alienware products or the used Alienware products are a convenient way to get these powerful laptops at a huge discount. 

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