Restricted Number Tracing, Blocking and Calling

Restricted Number Tracing, Blocking and Calling: You will not be able to feel the annoyance and irritation of receiving a call from a restricted number until you become a recipient of such a call yourself. It is infuriating and maddening when you rush to pick up the phone and hear the voice of an AI bot, an audio recording, or even worse, get hung up on by someone.

It is a kind of harassment that can trouble you in ways, you cannot even imagine. In this world, we can not trust anyone. And if you are thinking what a restricted number is or what does it mean, it’s just a term you will see, flashing on your cell phone display screen if you get a call from someone who wants to remain anonymous.

Your list of potential hidden callers may range from a secret love interest to a solicitor or recovery agent. The list can be infinite.

Private numbers calling

Besides the term “Private”, restricted numbers may also occur showing as “restricted” or “unknown”. And sometimes they just appear as a four-digit number or unknown format like 0245 or 33349 as well.

In either case, the target is to keep the number hidden from others. This restricted call number means that the individual or the business entity that is trying to reach you does not want you to know their contact number.

They have, therefore, blocked it so that it is not available for viewing by the general public.

Are you Receiving Calls from a Restricted Number?

Today, you cannot imagine a smartphone without a caller ID.

Are you Receiving Calls from a Restricted Number?

There is no more wondering and mystery left when it comes to phone calls. But this is not totally true.

We do face some instances when the cell phone rings and the caller ID displays only the term “restricted number” on the screen.

It leaves one wondering who is on the other end, but this wondering is different from the older time.

Why you may ask?

Because unlike the past, today it is just not normal, to receive a call from a restricted number.

Not everybody gets such calls and not everyone is able to make such restricted number calls.

Can you Trace a Restricted Number?

Tracing a restricted call is possible, but it will require you to spend some money.

Tracing the restricted number

You may need to pay for certain services and features that will help you find out the caller’s identity and put an end to this unwanted run.

Many people want to find ways on how to track a restricted number on a cell phone.

Below are some key solutions to such a problem.

Your phone service provider can help you in this regard. Or you can contact the local law enforcement agency for this purpose.

However, before all this you should first try and resolve the matter on your own.

If you do not succeed yourself, you have the option of requesting your phone service provider.

Most communication companies have certain security services and features that help you trace restricted or withheld numbers or block them completely.

Calls from restricted numbers can be of different nature.

Sometimes they are harmless calls from telemarketers and resellers, but sometimes they may become dangerous and threatening for the recipient.

If these calls cause harassment of any type it is always better to involve the authorities especially the police.

They will then resolve this matter in their own way.

Another popular but unconventional method of tracing a restricted number is through a private investigation agency or agent.

You can find these agents on the internet. There are several websites that you can use.

You simply need to place your request and different agencies and consultants will give you their bids and quotes.

They will offer their rates with the time required and services offered for a given amount.

You then contact the one that is most acceptable to you.

Caller information on a restricted number can also be traced through various websites like or

There are other popular options available on the internet as well.

These websites may charge you a fee upfront or provide some services for free. However, they do help you trace back a number even if it is restricted and find out the required information pertinent to it.

How Can You Trace a Restricted Call?

Getting called by an unknown number is a nuisance that can be both troubling as well as time-consuming for the recipient.

mobile phones

But there are many ways you can track them back:

Call Tracing through Phone Service Provider

The first and foremost way of tracing a restricted or unknown number is through your cell phone service provider company.

You can put up a request for activation of the call tracking feature.

Once this option is activated, you can trace a restricted or withheld call by simply dialing *57 right after you receive such an anonymous call.

This call will be traceable if it is being initiated from a given local area radius.

Call Blocking through Phone Service Provider

If for some reason you are unable to trace the restricted call, you can opt for the company’s call blocking service.

This feature will route all anonymous and restricted status calls to an automated audio message.

The caller will be notified that your number will not receive any calls from restricted or anonymous numbers.

If the caller and his reason for the call are really important, he will call back from a non-restricted number to reach you.

And you will be able to trace the caller on your own.

In most cases, these services may cost you some fees or service charges but they will help you get rid of these annoying calls for good.

Skip Trace through Phone Service Provider

Every phone company has an annoyance help desk for their customers facing any kind of harassment or criminal problems through the phone.

However, for formal action to be taken by this help desk, you will have to register a formal complaint with the pertinent law enforcement agency.

Once you reach out to the help desk with this filed report of harassment, they will initiate a skip trace feature on your telephone line.

Anyone calling from a restricted number will be traceable to the company through this feature.

This information will be directly given to the particular law enforcement agency for any further necessary action.

Your local police station, cyber-crime departments, and other communication-related agencies can help you in this regard if the calls are really bothering you and become a constant harassment issue.

Check Your Phone Records With Service Provider

Almost every phone service provider maintains records of every call incoming or outgoing from a given number.

Sometime the number which may appear restricted on your phone may be traceable by the company.

By going through the detailed list of incoming calls you can trace the caller by pinpointing to the exact date and time of the call on the list.

Ask the Caller

This is the easiest and simplest way of tracing or finding the identity of the restricted caller.

All you need to do is receive the call from the withheld number and ask for the caller identity yourself.

This may not be as easy and simple in case of some criminal harassment, but for regular spam or telemarketing gig, you can weed out the unnecessary calls.

Although not 100% successful, there is no harm in trying out this method before opting for legal action.

Paid Services

Paid services like Trapcall are popular if the phone company is reluctant to reveal the information of the caller and you really want to find out who is the menace behind all these unwanted troublesome calls.

They help you unmask the restricted or withheld numbers and reject their calls to prevent any nuisance.

They provide a number of packages and features depending upon your own requirements and charge you a nominal fee for it.

Top 3 Apps for Tracing Restricted Numbers

Are you looking for a way on how to find out a restricted number that called you? Then these apps will be very helpful.

  1. True Caller

True Caller is not just a tracing app but also allows you to block unwanted numbers. The app is backed by a huge database or repository of phone numbers.

They have almost 2 billion records collection that they have compiled from various user contact lists all across the world.

It helps you identify unknown and restricted numbers and blocks all calls that fall in the suspicious criteria.

This app is available on both iOS and Android stores.

  1. Hiya

Hiya is a caller ID as well as a blocking app.

Few years back it was only a reverse number look up service provider.

However, now the app has much more advanced and variety of features to offer.

It is ideally suited for the identification of unknown numbers.

It has a database of 3 billion phone users especially in terms of incoming calls.

It is also available for iOS and Android both.

  1. Mobile Number Call Tracker

Mobile-Number-Caller-Tracker being a mouth-full is another great application to look into, that not only tracks back the restricted number but also identifies its location through its amazing analytical service.

It can work even if the internet connection is not accessible to the user.

Can You Block a Restricted Number?

If you are getting repeated calls from a restricted number and are looking for ideas on how to block a restricted number then we will help you.

Can You Block a Restricted Number?

Many service providers offer features that allow you to notify the caller that you would not accept any call from a restricted or blocked number.

This enables the caller to use a number which is not blocked or restricted.

The benefit of this feature is that spam and telemarketers will be strained out as they will not bother calling from another number.

While someone who really wants to get in touch with you will definitely call you from another number.

Caller ID Block and Restricted Numbers

  • Call ID Block for All Callers

You can simply contact your mobile service provider and subscribe to a caller ID block from them.

This will activate the caller ID block on your number permanently.

  • Call ID Block for Specific Number

You can also opt for activating the caller ID block for a particular. In this case, you simply need to dial the *67 number before dialing the actual number.

Your number will appear as the restricted number on the other side.

How To Block Restricted Calls On Android And iPhone?

Sometimes you may be receiving too many calls from a blocked or restricted phone number.

This often becomes very frustrating and irritating for the recipient who is not interested in such calls.

In many extreme cases, this may also become a case of harassment.

It does not matter whether you use an iPhone or an Android device, you can easily find a way to avoid these calls.

Let us look at ways we can do so.

What does it mean when a restricted number calls for you?

If someone does not want his or her number to be tracked or traced by the recipient, then they then use a restricted calling number.

It means that the caller wants to keep his or her identity hidden from the recipient.

How To Block A Number On iPhone?

There a several ways you can block a restricted number on your updated iphone.

  1. Block a Restricted Number through Call History
  • Click on your Phone
  • Select the blue “?” symbol next to the restricted call.
  • Select “BLOCK THIS CALLER”to block the specific restricted call.
  1. Block a Restricted Number through “DO NOT DISTURB” Feature
  • Go to phone settings and reach out for Do Not Disturb.
  • Scroll down to Allow Call From and click.
  • Select whose calls you want to accept.
  • On the Do Not Disturb feature, select your preferences as per your choice
  • Enable the Do Not Disturb button at the top.

How To Block A Number On Android?

  • Click on the Phone 
  • Select the restricted call option followed by the “?” symbol. In some phones it may say “details”.
  • Select Block Number at the bottom of your screen.

How to Unblock a Restricted Number?

Sometimes, you need to unblock restricted numbers to receive an important call from someone. You can do this by following the phone settings on your mobile app or simply calling your service provider if you have subscribed to their call blocking service.

Can you Call Back a Restricted or Private Number?

Yes you can. When you receive a call from a restricted number or a number with the unknown format you can simply call it back by dialing the code *69.

This will immediately route you to the unknown or hidden caller. This code will not work if you have received another call in between.

Other codes that may work in a similar manner may include *71 and *57. If you get a busy signal right after dialing this code, there may be a telemarketer on the other side making multiple calls.

Why Would Someone Need to Use a Restricted Phone Number?

You must now be thinking, that why would someone want their number to be restricted? And if you have been receiving such calls then you must be anxious to know that who calls from a restricted number and why? Well, there are a number of reasons why you opt to keep your number secretive from the public at large. Let us look at some of those reasons.

  • Use of Restricted Number for Security

There are several business organizations that keep their number restricted to enhance their security measures. These companies include recovery agents, collection firms and even solicitors and legal service providers.

Often they have to call people regarding issues that can make them annoyed or angry. In such situations, if their numbers are easily accessible, the disgruntled party would be able to track back to the company’s address. In many instances, this could be a threat for the employees and workers. So, to keep this aspect covered, they often use restricted numbers for making phone calls.

  • Use of Restricted Phone Number to Maintain Privacy

Another very important aspect of caller ID is the privacy of the caller. Sometimes their personal information may be at stake because of this display of phone number. In order to reduce the chances of misuse or harassment issues, they would like to keep their numbers secretive. Otherwise, if a number goes in the wrong hands once, there is no other way to stop the unwanted calls but to change your number to a new one.

This is why many people opt for having a restricted phone number in order to keep their number secretive from the public at large.

  • Use of Restricted Number for Malicious and Criminal Reasons

This is a very obvious and prominent reason why restricted or private numbers are used by people around the world. They want to scam others in fraudulent activities and make unlawful money through their evil actions. Criminals may also use such restricted numbers to make unlawful and threatening calls to victims.

These were three of the main purposes of having a restricted number. But, there can also be some downsides to this.

How can You Call from a Restricted Number?

One must be thinking that how do people get a restricted number or make your number restricted. Is there any proper procedure or application for it? Let us find out.

In general, there are only a couple of ways to hide your number and identity from the recipient.

  • Dial Vertical Service Code

The vertical service code is *67. All you need to do is to dial this code right before the number you are calling. Your phone identity and the number will be hidden from the recipient.

This code is applicable to both mobile services and landline numbers.

This code is not applicable to toll-free numbers and emergency services. You will also be unable to call the recipient if he or she has enabled a call blocking app or service.

  • Use Settings of Your Smart Phone

If you use an Android smartphone you can follow given steps.

  • Enter phone settings
  • Search for Caller ID settings and click
  • From various options select “Hide My Number” option.

This feature will enable you to keep your number hidden or restricted from being visible to the recipient. Similar steps can be taken for Apple users as well.

What could be Some Problems of Using a Restricted Number?

One of the most common problems faced by people using a restricted number is that their phone calls may not be answered by the other party.

Many people just do not want to answer calls from anonymous or unknown numbers.

For organizations using restricted numbers to call customers, this could be a major problem. Their outreach to potential and existing clients may be compromised.

Are there Any Legal Restrictions About Call Tracing or Tracking?

In most parts of the world, phone companies are not legally bound to share the restricted call information with the recipient.

There are, however, legally liable to provide this call tracing information to any law enforcement agency or courts when requested.

Different phone service providers have different security and privacy policies.

In most cases, a complainant will have to have three successful call traces to the same number for legal action by the company.

It is also important to mention here, that telemarketing and sales call although very annoying and frustrating are not illegal even if they are using a restricted number.


Believe it or not, there used to be a time, when there was no way of telling who was calling from the other side of the telephone.

When the phone bell rang, you would answer without having the slightest idea who it is.

Then came the answering machine.

People would let the answering machine pick up the phone to find out who is calling. This ordeal was further simplified through the introduction of the caller ID that rocked the world in the late 1990s. Caller ID is one of the best and most advantageous features available on cell phones and landlines today.

It helps a person choose between calls they want to receive or those that they don’t.

We have tried to answer most of the questions that might come to your mind about restricted numbers and their use in the world.

t is not an unusual phenomenon. Many people want to use a restricted number simply for fun sometimes.

Whether you are using it for fun or business, make sure that the call you are making is legal and does not harm someone in any way.

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