How A Simple Hot Shower Can Help You Sleep Better

Hot showers sound great in winters, I know right? But what if they make you sleep much better in summers too?

A good, long and cold shower is all we need after that long tiring day, isn’t it?

It makes us feel so relaxed and energetic as well. But as soon as we are out of the shower, it seems like everything goes on fire. You start feeling a bit of burn in your feet and it’s suddenly hotter around you. How you wish that you can stay inside the shower for hours. But trust me, it won’t help either. WHY?


When you sleep, your body starts emitting heat from your body and that is why you feel a bit warmer during the night. This happens because all the heat stored in your body escapes during the night-time. Science says the solution to this is that you take a warm or hot shower before you go to sleep.

Science says a lot of stuff that is hard to understand right? Here are some ways to shower that can help you sleep better.

1. Decreasing the Body Temperature:

I just wish sometimes that I could sit on a large ice block and make my body temperature go down. But yeah, I don’t want to die you know.
A lot of people say that they feel sleepy while they are in the car. And yes, I tell my father that our car’s air conditioner works way better than the one in my room because it makes me so comfortable that I feel like sleeping. However, it isn’t the air conditioner that is doing the magic at all. The drop in your body temperature is what makes you feel drowsy.
However, if you take a hot shower it will help more. When you feel come out of a hot place into a cold room; you will see how your body temperature changes amazingly. See how that works here?

2. Releasing Stress and Anxiety:

I know the pain of being desk-bound. Damn those neck and back pains; they can make your life hell. If you step into a hot shower, your body will expand the blood vessels and your blood circulation will improve. This results in the relaxation of your muscles.
If you have a presentation tomorrow and you are having those panic attacks; try showering with warm water.

3. Best Skin Moisturizer:

I know you have a list of all those wonderful skin moisturizers and you have the day ones separate from the night ones.

But I have the best one of all. And that is a hot shower at night.

A hot shower aids in opening your skin pores which allows your body lotion to get absorbed inside properly. Your skin loses all the excessive oil as well which might irritate the hell out of you at night.

4. Helpful for Migraines:

Wow! I mean I can watch this all day long. What an art too. Truly Mind Blowing!!!

Migraines are a big and disastrous result of sleepless nights.

There are so many tips for people who get migraine attacks but let me tell you; nothing works better than a hot shower at night and then straight to bed.

If you want a quick fixie for this one then you can run hot water on your head and neck for 30 seconds.

5. Keeps you Away from Allergies:

Allergies are most common during the spring time! That is when the new flowers are blooming and the sniffing is all around.

My brother gets this allergy and he sneezes like anything like this girl in the Giff. The awkward part is that he doesn’t get this irritating sneezing thing during winters (which makes sense), but gets it after the deserving weather.

Anyhow, we realized it too late that he has an allergy to the pollen.

Anyways, if you are sneezing a lot (that is if you have an allergy as well), it is going to get attached to your clothes. And if you wear the same clothes to sleep, the allergy is going to get worse.

The best idea is to take a warm shower, wear fresh clothes and then go off to bed. The nasal passages open with a warm shower which also gets effective for people with sinus.


The idea of a cold, freezing shower is like a delight. But the heat emitting from the body, later on, makes life worse. So what do you wish for; a good night sleep or a cold shower which hardly lasts for like 15 minutes?

Take a hot or warm shower for once and then step into your air-conditioned room. You are certain to feel a great difference and suddenly, your air conditioner will also start working FOR YOU! yeah, there is nothing wrong with the poor thing…it is you who is doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

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