Dan Lok Celebrity Net Worth and His Lessons

Dan Lok Celebrity Net Worth and His Lessons: A famous Chinese-Canadian Multi-Millionaire entrepreneur who built his career with copywriting and now trains others to be like him. Dan Lok celebrity net worth is around $90 million and growing. He is also a motivational speaker, business consultant, and real estate expert. He failed at many things before he found the formula for success.

Born: 1981 (age 39 years), Hong Kong on 24th of November.
Spouse: Jennie Li
Nationality: Chinese-Canadian
Sign of the Zodiac: Sagittarius
Ethnicity: Asian American

Net worth by Year

The year 2020: $86 million
The year 2019: $81 million
The year 2018: $74 million
The year 2017: $63 million

Now he teaches others how to be successful in business with his personal life experiences.

Dan Lok Celebrity Net Worth & Achievements:

With a net worth of around $90 Million, most of his money comes from his global seminars and businesses.

He also has a YouTube channel with 2.6 Million+ followers and 70+ Million views under his name.

Lok is an author of several self-help books including “F.U Money”, “Unlock It” and “Influence”.

Lok has a huge following on social media. He trains people to become better copywriters and earn millions like him. One of the reasons for his huge fan-following is his backstory that makes him relatable to all kinds of masses.

Personal Life:

Dan Lok is an author, martial artist, entrepreneur, and social media celebrity. He has been married to Jennie Li from 2015. She has an important role in his business as she serves as his business partner and Chief Strategy Officer. They both have been together for a long time. They both met at a Karaoke place when Lok was 26. They started dating and she has been working with him since then.

Lok talks about their personal life as normal and fun: “Her intuition and instincts are unmatched. I remember coming home after giving my first TEDx speech. I’m in a red suit on top of the world, and Jennie tells me to take out the trash. I love that.”

Moving to Canada:

Born in Hong Kong, China (DOB: November 24, 1981), Dan Lok’s family was middle-class and under a huge debt.

So the family decided to move to Canada to try their luck.

Lok moved to Vancouver, Canada with his family when he was 14 years old.

Canada was very new to him so it took him a while to adjust to the norms of the place.

The first problem he faced when he moved to Canada was the language barrier.

He was a Mandarin (Chinese) speaker by birth so it was difficult for him to learn the English language in a short amount of time.

But he overcame the hurdle with time.

Financial Struggle:

The Lok family moved to Canada to live a quality life. But things did not work out between Dan’s father and mother and they separated ways when he was only 16 years old.

The father filed for bankruptcy and moved back to Hong Kong while the mother stayed in Canada with Dan.

But they could barely make ends meet.

While talking about his childhood in an interview,

Lok said:

I will never forget the look of hopelessness on my mom’s face and the tears in her eyes. At that moment, I decided that I would be successful. I didn’t need my dad; I would provide for my mom. I never wanted to see that look again.

They lived in a small 1-bedroom apartment with no source of income. His mother was a housewife before the divorce and had no working experience, so Dan decided to find work himself to support his small family.

He got out to find a job in the big city.

The first job he found was bagging groceries at a grocery store in the locality.

He got minimum wage for that job but he took it because he had bigger plans in mind.

But he could not do the job for a long time.

He told the reason himself:

I was told that I was unemployable because I don’t like being told what to do. I cannot disagree with that statement.

So, this was the first and last job he ever did.

He did not just stop there because he wanted to change his lifestyle.

He had the motivation to work hard and get to the level where he will provide everything to his mother. So he enrolled in Douglas College so that he could have better career options.

But after studying there for a while. He dropped out and planned on focusing entirely on his small business.

Whenever he started a business, it failed. He failed at least 10 businesses before he found success.

He also created some running businesses that helped him make profits. For instance, he owned a business named “Table Tennis Master” that made him $300,000 before he sold it.

Finding a Mentor:

A mentor is very important in every entrepreneur’s life as they tell him what is right and wrong.

Dan Lok also believes in this philosophy.

He also had a mentor whom he gives major credit to his success.

He met Alan Jacques when he was struggling to make profits from his businesses.

After reading Claude Hopkins’ famous book “Scientific Advertising”, Lok wanted to get into Marketing.

But he had no idea about Marketing and its ins and outs.

So he tried to find the person who would teach him everything about Marketing.

He tried to get in touch with marketing expert Alan Jacques.

Lok attended Jacques’ seminars and tried to buy him lunch where they would talk for hours.

He asked Alan to be his mentor.

Alan refused. But Lok did not lose hope.

He went to his office every day for a month to convince him. He even picked trash around the office.

At first, Jacques did not agree to help Lok.

But Lok never gave up, and at last, Alan agreed to mentor him. He taught Lok the skill of copywriting. Lok says that he worked for Alan and expected nothing in return because he knew what he was getting was way more important than money.

Lok would put hours of his hard work in designing a sales letter only to be told by Alan that it was terrible.

He would write a letter many times and at last, Alan would like it.

Jacques himself agreed that the first draft of Lok’s letter was Ok but Ok is not how you master anything.

Jacques taught him how to upsell himself. He taught him all the marketing techniques, becoming a brand, and all the necessary communication skills.

Lok says that he did not earn anything at that time. But that was the time he knew he was going to become a millionaire.

The Copywriting Career:

Alan Jacques taught Lok how to earn from copywriting. Dan says that Alan taught him every possible thing about copywriting and when he was sure that he can work in the market, he started doing it right away.

He started a one-person advertising agency and within a year he was getting millions of dollars from his clients.

When he started making enough money, Alan told him to increase his prices. Dan was afraid of losing clients due to high prices but Alan insisted on doing it so Dan increased his prices. Alan told him to double his price every 2 months.

Dan says that he increased the price to a point that he thought the clients would think of him as insane. But the clients paid him without any hassle. At one point, he was charging $10,000 from one client and was earning a six-figure income.

Fulfilling the Promise:

When Lok started earning enough, he was happy because he had fulfilled the promise he did to himself. Now he was rich and he could provide everything to his mother. As Lok says himself, “I could finally provide for my mom. I didn’t have to go to the ‘Nearly Expired’ section of the grocery store anymore.

He also returned to Hong Kong to meet his father. His father had no place to live. So he gifted him an apartment in the locality. He says that the look he saw on his father’s face made all his struggles worthwhile. He could feel like a rich person after that.

The YouTube Career:

After getting successful in the copywriting business, Lok moved to social media that was a hot trend in those days.

He made a YouTube channel under his name and started posting videos on the platform. “Rags to Riches” is one of his first popular videos that made his channel famous.

His YouTube channel has more than 2.6 Million subscribers and 70+ Million views.

His most popular video is “How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime – SELL ME THIS PEN” with 6.6 Million views. Some other popular videos from his channel include “3 Common Mistakes in a Street Fight”, “7 Things Poor People Do That the Rich Don’t”.

Other Social Media:

Dan Lok is not just popular on YouTube but his popularity and fan following extends to Instagram and Facebook too. He has 1.7 Million likes on his official Facebook page and 1.7 Million followers on his Instagram. He is also active on Twitter.

Becoming a Millionaire:

Lok was getting enough money out of his copywriting business that he did not have to worry about his monthly expenses anymore. So he started investing the rest of the money into real estate. With the right investments, he made millions and became a millionaire at the age of 27.

He did not have to worry about his business anymore as it could run by itself. So, he took an early retirement and enjoyed his days on the beach and watching movies. But he got bored with his retirement just after two months. So he got back in the action.

Life as an Author and a Speaker:

Dan Lok has a successful career as a businessman and social media influencer but he also published a marketing manual “Forbidden Psychological Tactics”. He has also written several books. His books include “F.U Money”, “The Prosperity Factor”, “Lies Salon Owners Believe”, “Email Marketing Madness” and “Unlock It”.

Dan Lok has also been a speaker on TEDx two times. He is well-respected in his field and has met and worked with famous writers and influencers such as Robert Kyosaki, Les Brown, and Tony Robbins.

Life as an Affiliate Marketer and Investor:

While Lok was publishing his marketing manual, he had to sell it online. So he mastered the art of digital marketing to sell his online manual. The skill helped him not only to sell his manual, but he became a successful affiliate marketer who would sell copywriting software and different technological and informational products.

Lok founded and co-founded many businesses including beauty salons and e-commerce. All of the businesses gave profits and now his businesses combined to make more than eight figures annually. He says that the secret of his success this time is based on three things he never had in his youth. Mentorship, Marketing Skills, and Public Speaking.

Personal Regret and Motivation:

Lok says that he has achieved everything he ever wanted. But still, feels an unfulfilled void.

For instance, when his father died, he wasn’t there. Lok says that he told his father that he was going to be there with him but he was in the USA getting the biggest deal of his career.

He thinks that chasing money and not being with his family is his biggest regret.

After this realization, Lok lost motivation to make more money. Now he wanted to help people around the world to be successful like him. So he went out to train people and teach them the skills required to earn a good amount of money.

He now provides his pieces of training through his social media videos, his podcast “The Dan Lok Show”, his seminars and books. He teaches people to make their businesses successful through social media. He also teaches sales and marketing through his Masterclass.

He also has a certification program by the name “High-Ticket Closer Certification Program” where he teaches sales and other business skills and strategies to the public.

“I’m proud of all my students and their success, and it brings me joy to offer them a platform to continually enrich themselves, financially and otherwise.

I’ve even hired graduates of my High-Ticket Closer program to work for me in my business.”

What to Learn from His Struggle and Success?

Lok did every kind of odd job he could to earn money. He mowed lawns, delivered papers, and bagged groceries. But he could not fit in any kind of role. He even went to college but he could not even get the degree. He said it was not for him. He could not work on a minimum wage.

He wanted to get rich and it was not be possible by bagging groceries and delivering newspapers.

He knew that he was not going to learn any business from those full-time business classes he took in college. That’s why he dropped everything and focused on his business.

He always knew that the only thing that was going to make him rich was business.

So he tried many times but failed.

He took loans from his friends and everyone he knew but could not make a decent living out of a business. Yet, he did not lose hope.

Everybody told him to get a job but he knew that a job was not going to end his problems. He said it himself, “I knew that I could ever repay my debts and provide for my family by working for the minimum wage. I knew I would be better off as an entrepreneur, even if it took a decade. I never gave up because I couldn’t afford to quit – and if you don’t quit, then you can’t fail.”

Lok proudly calls all his failed businesses “losses with lessons”. He thought that many people would have quit between their first and tenth business. But the ones who would not quit, only those are the ones who are destined to become winners.

He says, “Success in on the razor’s edge of failure when you think it can’t get any worse, hang on just a little longer.”

Dan Lok achieved a lot in a short amount of time but he never forgot about his past.

He says:

Who would have thought a poor immigrant boy could accomplish so much? No matter where you are from or what obstacles you’re facing, you can accomplish anything too- If you never give up.

From working in a grocery store to becoming a public figure just at the age of 30, Dan Lok has proven to the world that if a man desires something and works for it hard enough, no power can stop him from getting him what he wants.

The only thing he needs in the way is a little motivation and a lot of courage.

The rest of the path will be like a clean road to his reward.

We can also learn from his struggles if we want to become successful entrepreneurs and businessmen.

The only thing we need to do is step out and face it.

The rest will find its way on its own.

Image disclaimer: The person in the image is not Dan Lok

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