8 Best Office Chairs Under 200 Dollars

8 Best Office Chairs Under 200 Dollars: Trust me when I say this, investing in a good

With the style and structure very similar to that of a modern-day robot, this chair will be the star of your workspace! The white hardware, the black mesh, and cushions along with the sleek silver base all work together to make this masterpiece of modern-day simplicity and comfort. The main selling point of this chair lies in it having an extendable footrest and complete reclining properties.

This chair provides spinal support with the help of an adjustable headrest and the backrest. It has an astounding ability to shape itself to the posture you’re holding while supporting your spine, controlling back pains, and reducing backpressure.

The mesh of this chair helps to keep it cool and stops the humidity from building up which allows you to sit comfortably for long hours. It consists of comfortable foam padding on the seat and the chair comes with extra (very sturdy) hardware parts that might be required in the assembly process.

Not only can you adjust the width of the armrests when you’re first building the chair and later, adjust their height as you please; but you can also control the distance of the seat from the backrest. Talk about comfort! Staying in the office for long hours can often cause your feet to swell up- until the extendable footrest comes in to save the day! And of course, the PU covered dual wheel silent casters allow complete mobility.

After excessive usage, if not taken care of properly, the seat cushion and back mesh start to thin out and lose their elasticity. However, that is overshadowed by the amount of flexibility and comfort provided by this chair for people from different fields of work, making it the ideal office chair.

REFICCER bonded leather office chair

If you’re looking for the perfect blend of comfort yet affordability, look no further because this bonded leather chair has got your back (literally)! With a highly professional built, this chair is not only perfect as an executive chair but is also especially great for home offices where it can function as a multipurpose chair (from being used as a gaming chair or by a college student) for different members of the family as needed. Built ergonomically, it provides a lot of flexibility while supporting your body posture as you work.

The chair is covered entirely with bonded leather which is breathable and prevents excessive sweating (which tends to be a problem with most leather chairs). The multi-foam available in the chair provides just the right amount of cushioning to keep you comfortable, but also allows you to take a cheeky little power nap in between shifts! Along with that, not only does this chair provide adjustable lumbar support but also comes with an adjustable back that can rotate and lock in positions from 90 degrees or 110 degrees.

With the addition of leather padded armrests, not only will your comfort level be maximized but you’ll also be maintaining the correct posture while spending hours at a desk. Even though there’s a padded cushion provided for your head, the head support is non- adjustable. It’s important to note that due to its larger size, this chair shines more behind a big desk in a relatively larger office instead of a cubicle desk space.

Office Factor Executive Ergonomic Office chair

Available in a variety of colors, this chair is perfect for filling up the spaces around a conference table, for gaming and even for practicing musical instruments. Offering a variety of adjustable ergonomic features, it is ideal for people with back pains who have trouble maintaining a good posture.

Even though it is lightweight (only 33 pounds), it can easily support a person of weight up to 250 pounds. However, its lightweight does not mean that there’s any compromise on the sturdiness; because it’s five armed base with attached wheels evenly distributes your weight while ensuring that it’s still durable for long working days!

This chair has adjustable armrests made of medium-hard plastic that can be lifted 90 degrees to align with the back of the chair that makes it customizable for various needs. A tightly stretched fabric makes up the breathable mesh back, supported by a plastic frame that allows for proper ventilation, making it ideal for long working days under hot conditions, especially in stuffy offices.

Additionally, the back and bonded leather seats have both been molded perfectly to match the natural curvature of the spine for the maintenance of good posture. Granted, this lumbar support is non- adjustable, so it might not fit people of different heights perfectly.

However, adding to the comfort of this chair, the back support can be tilted and locked in four different positions by using a knob. There are also 2 levers provided to adjust the height. With clear and detailed instructions, this chair is very easy to assemble which is a bonus! Unfortunately, this does lack a headrest so if that’s something you’re looking for in a chair, then try the Hbada Ergonomic office chair or the Ergomax Fully Meshed Ergonomic chair instead.

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair

Offering the best value for the price when it comes to Modway Ergonomic chairs, with its modern yet minimalistic design and adjustable features, this chair seeks out comfort! It’s available in 6 different colors; black, brown, blue, gray, red, and even green, making it almost impossible to not find a variety that compliments your office.

The chair truly gives you the best of both worlds with a 6 inch thick, cushioned, contoured seat (you can choose between mesh and vinyl) and a breathable mesh back which keeps the heat and sweat at bay.

The back of the chair is also molded to ensure your spine rests against it comfortably by providing passive lumbar support. The best part is the adjustable armrest height which can be customized to suit people of all sizes, proving especially useful if you’re tall.

However, the spacing of the armrest itself might be too wide for some people. Fortunately, it’s rather compact design makes it very convenient to store under any regular-sized desk when not in use.

Coming to its base, your weight will be supported by a very sturdy, 5 armed 2 toned base with wheels that glide smoothly, even on low piled carpets!

Provided under the seat are 3 levers; the front lever is used to adjust the seat height, the middle lever is used to adjust the tilt of the seat and the rear lever controls the tilt of the back according to your liking to maximize your comfort!

However, it does lack the proper neck and headrest.

Modway Attainment Vinyl Drafting Chair

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Similar to the Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh office chair, this one has got all the perfect features of a drafting chair for those tiresome jobs behind a standing desk (example- a receptionist). With a mesh back, vinyl seat, ergonomic features, a classic full 360 swirl, and best of all- an adjustable chrome-plated foot ring, you’ll be feeling like a true professional in this chair!

It has a lumber supporting, reclining back with a tension lock.

The seat and armrests are generously padded to provide that much-needed support and comfort during a long day at work!

The arms also flip at 90 degrees similar to those of the Office Factor Executive Ergonomic chair. 

The chair is supported by a nylon base that has 5 arms, each ending in a dual caster wheel.

The seat might have slightly forward tilt, but that resolves with a bit of usage once the springs ease up. The heights of both the seat and the foot ring are adjustable but it still might be harder to fit under smaller desks.

Note that some people have found that the pneumatic pump doesn’t always hold up to heavier weights, causing the height to fall slightly every time it’s raised to the max.

Low Back Computer Task Desk chair

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Not the most stylish one in the bunch, nor the sturdiest, but it is still a great option to look at when you’re looking for a basic comfortable office chair at a very reasonable price.

With an adjustable seat height and a 2inch thick padded seat, since it comes in various colors, you can easily match it with different room themes.

Complete with a breathable mesh back, smooth wheels, and 360-degree rotation, this small and lightweight chair can easily roll over marble or wooden floor.

Since it is such a simple chair, the assembly of this chair is fairly easy and only takes an average person about 10 minutes to do so without the need for the extra hardware equipment.

This chair isn’t our favorite when it comes to back support since it’s not very adjustable (doesn’t recline) which ultimately might lead to occasional back pains.

While this is perfectly alright if the chair is being used for a shorter amount of time, the lack of armrests can get pretty uncomfortable as well when working long hours.

The fabric of the chair tends to trap a lot of dust and needs to be cleaned regularly. Although it’s lightweight is an advantage, if you’re not careful it can easily tip over as well!

Even though it may not have the most out of this world features, it does make the perfect, compact little chair for a small office, especially for younger employees.

Ergomax Fully Meshed Ergonomic

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This chair shares similar features with the Hbada Ergonomic chair but this one comes fully meshed. It has a maximum height of 52 inches, which is adjustable with a lever.

The chair has complete nylon and metallic frame with powder-coated castors, armrests, and a Korean mesh.

This contributes to its lightweight.

The armrest height can be adjusted 3 inches, up or down. The arms of the chair also lack outer padding but they are still relatively soft, and the lack of padding simply makes it easier to clean! The headrest is completely removable and adjustable in its angle, not height.

The mesh of the chair comes in different colors.

However, since it has a full mesh body and no cushioning, some people might find it harder to sit on for long periods without an extra cushion.

Alera Neratoli Series Mid-Back Swivel

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This modern chair is perfect for a clean and elegant office space with its minimalistic design. Sporting bonded leather coated back, seat, and armrests, it not only screams style but also comfort. However, make sure you’re taking good care of the leather otherwise it might wear with time.

The tilting back has 3 divisions and the front edge of the seat is rounded, forming a waterfall seat that not only improves circulation but also takes the pressure off of your back and knees.

Unfortunately, this back lacks lumbar support which might cause discomfort if you were to remain seated for an extended period.

The chair is available in 3 colors, red white and black, and is supported by a silver base, and black wheels.

The installation of the arms is optional but it is recommended to do so because it helps keep the chair together.

Since the chair is made of leather and lacks mesh backings, humidity tends to build up, so this will only be ideal for air-conditioned offices.

If you’re having trouble tilting the chair, pull the lever on the right to release the seat so it reclines and push it in to lock the chair upright.

Why do I need to invest in good office chairs?

  • For the Employee’s comfort/ Your comfort

A comfortable worker is a happy worker; it’s as simple as that. Regardless of whether it is a law firm, a marketing office, or a newspaper office, etc, to produce their best work, an employee needs to be comfortable. For example, if they’re seated on a chair that’s causing back pains and other forms of discomfort, there are very high chances of that affecting the quality of work that they produce!

  • To maximize productivity and work ethic

Going hand in hand with the previous point, the more comfortable a person feels in their workspace, the more productive they will be and a good office chair plays a very important role in that.

  • An ideal workspace keeps employees motivated

This one’s a given! If asked to choose between working by the window at a nice desk, with a decent amount of stationary on display while sitting on a good chair, or in a dusty garage, at a workbench with a single light bulb, most people will choose the former.

Of course, the difference does not have to be that dramatic, but the point is, to keep people motivated to perform their tasks most efficiently, their workspace needs to be inviting!

Most people sit a desk for 9 to 12 hours a day, continuously and it can be very hard to stay motivated for this entire time, so why not make it easy as possible for them!

To ensure the quality of your health, the productivity of your mind, and efficiency if your work, investing in just the right office chair is crucial!

What should I be looking for in a good office chair?

From the backrest to the possible headrests, to armrests and just the size and overall material of the chair, there are a lot of features that contribute to the quality of an excellent office chair!

  • Should be adjustable to suit your needs

The ideal chair for most of comes with adjustable parts, most commonly being the back and height of the chair.

Some have the added benefits of adjustable armrests, headrests, even seats, and lumbar supports! These features are usually found in ergonomic chairs which are designed especially to maximize the comfort level while still looking classy and being fully functional.

  • A sturdy and long-lasting build

When you’re looking at chairs under a certain budget, often the actual quality of the chair can slip past you.

However, it is equally important to make sure that you’re investing in a chair that won’t just give out on you in a few months!

Look for chairs that have stronger metal parts instead of plastic ones. They do not need to be of the best quality, just need to be strong enough to bear a few wear and tears now and then!

Along with that, the base of the chair needs to be quite sturdy as well, you should be able to stretch and recline now and then without having the chair fall over!

  • The material should suit your workplace!

As tempting as it is to fill up every desk with a big leather chair for a classic Godfather moment, leather is not always the most comfortable seat material in most offices.

Especially in the summertime, leather heats up rather quickly and can be quite uncomfortable to sit on for longer periods.

For this reason, a lot of the chairs included in this article have a mesh backing or bonded leather seats, which makes them perfectly suitable for all seasons!

Final Verdict:

The ultimate goal of your office chair is to balance out your comfort and productivity while keeping the budget in mind of course. Before you go shopping for a chair, it might be a great idea to make a list of all of the qualities you’re looking for in a chair and compare them with the options available in the market.

Even though, you might enjoy a good headrest in a chair or padded armrests that might not be someone else’s cup of tea. Just keep the tips mentioned above in mind and Good luck!

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