How to do a Dumbbell Complex Workout?

How to do a Dumbbell Complex Workout?: You might be just a dumbbell complex workout away from that fitness goal of yours! Lifting weights can bring a huge change in your lifestyle and alter your mindset positively too. If you are running treadmills, machines but still struggling to get the results then you are missing out on dumbbell complex workout.

Complexes are among the most efficient and intense workout you can do.

Dumbbell Complex: This is a back-to-back dumbbell exercise circuit that builds full-body strength, amplifies lastingness, and burns the body fat with great embellishment in the overall conditioning of the body.

There is no rest in it and you have to perform this workout without touching the dumbbell to the ground. Dumbbell Complex is a specialized fitness technique that cannot be tried by beginners. This workout is an excellent way to reduce body fat and maintain muscle mass.

Do you need motivation for that?

The best way to motivate yourself for this workout is to imagine the wonderful outcomes it promises.

The best part of this complex workout is that you can accomplish a lot in a very little time.

This exercise will leave your heartbeat pounding and you will be sweating and burning those calories but also getting strong along the journey.

Your success and growth could surely surprise you.

Plan First: Know what you need to do!

Make a workout plan first!

Planning is extremely crucial. You need to choose the right weight that allows you to get at least 10-12 reps.

The weight you choose should allow you to perform without breaking reps or losing form.

Do at least 3 rounds at the start and then keep adding to it gradually.

Take the rest of 30 sec after you complete one round.

Rest on, as needed before moving on to the next complex.

The same set of dumbbells is always used for all the movements of a complex.

All set.

Prepare yourself to get amazed with the results.

Top 10 Dumbbell Complex Workout

Can a full body workout be performed daily?

Here are some of the most practiced dumbbell complex workouts that you can do at a very little space whenever you got time at its premium.

First, do a good warm-up, and then start.

Dumbbell clean

Hold the dumbbells at your sides by maintaining your shoulder-width stance. Bend your knees and move your shoulders down while dropping your dumbbells to the ground.

Jump up quickly but carefully by raising your shoulders and knees to push the weights upwards.

Your palms should remain facing inward.

Upon completely stretching, raise your elbows and thighs and let your arms rise to catch the weight in a squat pose with the dumbbells on your shoulders.

Stretch your elbows and thighs and get back to standing with all the weight on your shoulders.

Do at least 10 reps.

Check this post on how to get bigger arms?

This complex is for building power in your hips.

Front squats

What is the Dumbell Complex Workout?

Stand straight by holding the dumbbells in both your hands.

Dumbbells weight should be on your shoulders with your elbows by your sides and palms facing inward.

Then inhale by keeping your weight in your heels and push your hips backward by taking a squat position.

Hold the body as straight as possible to keep the dumbbells from moving to their initial position.

Breathe out as you stretch your legs and thighs to stand.

Always remember to squeeze the glutes while you stand.

Carry out 10 reps.

The front squat builds up the leg power in an upright stance that offers flexibility in the core. It’s the tough workouts that reach the boundaries.

And that’s how boxers build their strength.


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Stand straight on your feet with the width of the shoulder; hold the dumbbells in your hands as they are directly in front of your thighs.

Your palms should be facing the thighs while holding them.

Then lower the dumbbells down towards the ground and inhale as you hinge at your thighs by keeping whole weight on your heels and bend your legs slightly.

Exhale as you lift your feet and stretch your legs and thighs to stand.

The shins will be upright, and the back should stay flat.

Carry out 10 reps.

This complex improves your strength all along the posterior chain.

Biceps Curls

Can I Do Full Body Workout Everyday?

By standing straight, lower the dumbbells so that your hands are facing your shoulders and palms facing off from the body.

Exhale while bending your elbows to curl the weight in the direction of your body.

Breathe out to reduce the weight to the starting point.

Takedown your shoulder blades from your head.

Keep elbows tucked near your ribs as you curl up their weights.

Avoid extra jerking to heighten the weight.

Carry out 10 reps.

This complex is to strengthen your shoulder and arms.

Squat push press

Stand in a straight position holding the dumbbells at shoulder height with palms facing forward.

Push your hips back and lower into a squat.

As you lift out of the squat, press the dumbbells over-head in one explosive motion coming up on your toes.

Lower back into a squat, as you return the weight to shoulder face.

Carry out 10 reps.

This complex built up your stamina and gives more control over your whole body.

Overhead press

Overhead press

Pick up the dumbbells and take your position by standing straight, keeping weight on your knees.

Choose the hand position of either the palms facing out or towards each other.

Move your hands upward completely straight.

Then hold on the dumbbells at shoulder height while returning to the previous position.

Exhale when you place the weight overhead and make sure the ribs are positioned around your shoulders so that your back doesn’t arch.

Inhale as you drop your weight down to your shoulders.

Keep it in mind to never scrunch your shoulder or arching your back to press overhead.

Try to accomplish 10 reps of this complex to get desired results.

Overhead press strengthens your whole body muscles especially arms.

Weighted crunch

For this complex, lie down on your back and bend your knees.

Hold a dumbbell on your chest and exhale with a tightness in your core body.

Start rolling your shoulders off the ground slowly, while your lower back stays grounded.

Your abdomen should stay strong and smooth.

Take a pause for a short time at the top.

Breathe in as you slowly fall to the ground.

With every reaction, lift your shoulder blades fully off the floor to work the core and secure your neck.

Do at least 12 reps of this complex.

Weighted crunch works from a supine position on the whole core including the deep abdominal muscles, hips, and glutes.

Bent over row

Bent over row

Stand straight on your feet with the width of the shoulder; carry the dumbbells on your hands so that the palms face your body.

Then fold your knees over so that your body is parallel to the ground.

Hold your back flat and keep the weight on your heels. Or it may cause you some back issues.

Your glutes will feel engage in that position.

Bend your knees softly and exhale by pulling the dumbbells towards the torso.

Squeeze the shoulder blades together at the top and stop momentarily.

Breathe in as you slowly reduce the weight to the starting position.

Do at least 10 reps.

This one is also for improving your strength all along the posterior chain.

Front lunges

Standing with your feet hip-width distance apart and holding the dumbbells at your sides, step your right foot forward about an arm’s length.

After that do the same with both knees until your left knee is an inch or two above the ground.

Keep your shoulders stacked over your hips and your right thigh parallel to the floor.

Press into your front heel to return to start.

Then repeat on the left side.

Carry out 10 reps.

You can get muscular strength, cardiovascular, and power benefits from this basic workout.

Renegade row

Take a position of push-up plank but get your feet a little bit wider than you normally would.

This helps you to make your core a little more stable.

Get your chin above the dumbbells.

You’ll definitely need flat-side weights to sit on.

Get in the posture of press-up with a dumbbell in each hand. Secure the neck, then take one of the dumbbells and balance on the other arm.

Row your weight up until your upper arm is marginally higher than your stomach, and then gradually drops it down to the ground.

This complex is amazing for your back, core, and for boosting your metabolism. This one also enhances your coordination system and increases your metabolic rates of body.

If an infinite range of renegade rows can be overcome, what can you not do? 😉

Some Guidelines for beginners

Workout for beginners

So it’s really simple as you have to do some weight training and then begin. You can stay a little bit lighter and learn some of the body movements but you have to master your body weight first.

Stick to the following guidelines if you are a beginner.

Note the exercise date (‘DATE’), the resistances (‘WT’) used, and the repetitions (‘REPS’) obtained with each workout conducted.

Make sure that you have a proper spinal alignment every time you are doing any workout.

Place your feet always right on the positions with a strong grip.

Hold the dumbbells carefully.

Make sure that you’re not punching forward or not leaning too far back while doing any complex.

Your weight should be evenly distributed because if you don’t get the movement or position rightly, it will get harmful or painful.

Our upper body tires easily as it does volume, so try to go lighter than normal.

Get your muscles ready to put in work if you’re out of shape otherwise you will get fatigued extremely fast.

Start with 8 to 12 reps preferably like 10 to 12 reps even up to 15 reps and do about 3 sets of that.

Do 3 sets of 15 if you want to bring it down to 12 reps, then do 4 sets of 12

No need to rush into putting a bunch of weight if you’re not going to be able to do it. So take your time and select the most suitable dumbbell weight.

Push your limits for results, ESPECIALLY if the goal is getting stronger. Studies repeatedly show that strength gains are best achieved when lifting heavy.

As a beginner, there’s no doubt you’ll need all the help you can get. We also have studies showing that people with social and/or coaching support are much more likely to be successful with their goals. So put your pride aside and don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.

Things you should be avoiding while working out

Things you should avoid in workout

Don’t neglect proper form for extra reps as it can lead to injury.

Don’t go to failure in every set. Failure holds your progress and effective for building muscles but this will not increase your maximum strength.

Never skip warm-up as it is a necessary tool to get a good workout day.

Never go with a fast rep speed. Of course, it’s not wrong in general to do an exercise with the fast rep speed but as a beginner, you should go with a slower execution.

If you’re doing too hard exercises or use too much weight, you won’t be able to get your desired results. This counts for all exercises such as push-up variations, deadlifts and squats, etc.

Always start every workout program with the prep phase as you are a beginner.

You should avoid too hard exercises, too much training volume and too much training in general.

You don’t have to go all out in every set and every workout to grow and get stronger. It’s one of the biggest myths out there when it comes to working out.

As a beginner, you first have to learn the movement and to prepare your joints ligaments and tendons.

Make sure you are not sore for too long. If this is the case, find the right balance between workout intensity, volume, and training to failure.

Benefits of the Dumbbell Complex Workout

Benefits of the Dumbbell Complex Workout

Complexes produce the best results if you concentrate on adding more weight and not on doing them quickly.

Complexes are a sure way to escape the repetitive cardio portion of the gym and they help you lose more fat per unit of time compared to slow-go cardio.

They require very less time as you just have to give 20-min to dumbbells and you are all set for the day.

Complex movements also allow you to work with much heavier weights, which is great if you want to build overall strength and muscle.

Dumbbells complexes play a crucial role in joint isolation exercises such as biceps curls, chest flies, or shoulder rises in particular for the entire body.

Dumbbells offer surprising results for both your heart health and flexibility.

Dumbbell complexes can make muscles activate at a greater rate through stimulating inter and intramuscular.

This workout gives you independent control at one point. You could concentrate on one arm or leg using a heavy overload.


While doing push press, do about 3 to 4 sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Take a rest of 45 seconds after every set.

Start with three sets of around 8-10reps per arm in renegade row.

Keep your knee in line with your foot and bend it at an angle of 90 degrees when stepping forward whenever doing lunges.

And of course, Never Give Up!

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