6 Ways on How to Start Being a Minimalist

So, how to start being a minimalist? Minimalism was thought to be an art movement until it became more of a trend in today’s life. The sad truth is that our world is leading nowhere near minimalism.

And we are just pushing away and away from our life.

Everyone is indulged in the tug of a never-ending life race which is all about achieving luxuries and those high-end featured cars and smartphones.

Like buying an iPhone Gold Edition will make you a minimalist, right?

Minimalism is all about simplifying your lifestyle and bringing in peace of mind and life. It doesn’t mean that you have to upload your images to Instagram without using a filter or that you have to give up all of your favorite possessions. Not at all!

It is about making your life less cluttered.

How to start being a minimalist?

Minimalism is to make your life simpler and not to complicate it without a reason. So if you are trying to change your lifestyle and want to gain minimalism in your routine, then here are some ways through which you can do so.

You don’t need to throw out your comfy bed and sleep on the floor for a simpler life.

1. Gratitude teaches minimalist thinking:

Gratitude is the last thing on our generation’s mind.

I mean whatever you have, came to you through a magic wand? No! So why wait until your teeth are chattering and your hands are shaking constantly and you know you are going to die? Just be grateful for all the things you already have!

Have you ever imagined sleeping without a bed?

Or have you thought of sleeping without that comfortable and soft blanket of yours?

(Actually, I love to sleep so all my references direct to that)

Open your eyes and see that a lot of people don’t even have that!

2. Less complaining teaches minimalist thinking:

Why always the complaining?

Well, if you follow the first point, you will eventually find yourself complaining less within some days.

Make a record of all the things you complain about during a day.

While someone overtakes your car while you are driving or when you got up late for office; does complaining solves that issue?

3. Making less future plans teaches minimalist thinking:

We make future plans mostly when we are in our toilet seats.

For example, I mostly think about how many extra fats can I cut off this month (and I actually plan it all). And the next thing I know, I couldn’t reach that goal or plan that I made and all I get is frustration.

What’s the point even?

If I hadn’t planned, I would have been too happy with the fact that I had cut in the first place. It would have been an accomplishment for me anyway. Because hey; I lost fat!

The point is: Don’t overlook all the things and make plans that are hard to complete. Give yourself time; don’t go too harsh on yourself. It’s good to plan your studies and think about where you want to be in the name of your career. Don’t go too much ahead with other emotions and feelings and situations that are out of your control.

4. Workout teaches minimalist thinking:

That hurts.

You might think that I am a gym freak and that is why this point has to pop in almost all life motivational articles.

Exercise helps you in staying relaxed and relieves stress greatly. And it’s not just about lifting weights, you can just take out 20-30 minutes from your life’s day and jog, walk, dance or what this guy is doing or whatever; anything that becomes an exercise for your body!

5. Minimalism teaches minimalist thinking:

Whatever is done and gone, is done and gone! Why regret?

If you are constantly thinking about something that you have done wrong; stop weeping over it like a crybaby. Think about its solution and a way that you won’t do it again.

Stop hiding your feelings for anyone because the next thing you know; someone else did it before you and then you regret it all your life.

6. Appreciation teaches minimalist thinking:

There is nothing wrong with Mondays; you just don’t like what you do.
Ever heard of this one?

Start your morning with something that makes you happy. It can be a cup of coffee, a long run, a good breakfast, your favorite song or serial or simply anything.

Every day, do something that makes you happy. And if your morning is happy; your day also goes in the same flow.

Do it consciously so that you get the feeling of happiness.


Starting to live your life as a minimalist is not that hard. All you need to do is, start changing small things about you.
If you are going to be a stubborn person yourself, then nothing can help you.

But if you start adding an attitude of minimalism in you, you definitely can become someone, everybody thought you could never be.

Life Falcon