Awesome Ways To Get Paid to Write Articles 

The Internet has become a quick and easy way to earn money online. Writing is one of the most frequently used sources to earn extra money. There are various websites where you get paid to write articles. This is one of the most used sources of online jobs to earn money from home. But, if you think that the process to write and earn money online is as easy as a piece of cake; then you are wrong.

Becoming an online writer is not that easy.

You have to dedicate a huge amount of your time in sitting and writing some thousand words that are completely original.

This is difficult but the good news is that it also achievable if you want to. Being one of the top ways to earn money, we will be disclosing the best websites that will pay you to write, in this article.

If you are looking for the best online earning sites and you are good at writing too, then this is for you! Put your talent to use.


This is one of the biggest article writing websites that pay you for contributing your tutorials and articles. Scotch is a web-development blog that pays writers to contribute their pieces to their blog. You can write on topics related to Node, CSS, JavaScript, React, Python and Vue, etc.

You can get paid to write articles on Scotch as a beginner but if you have any previous writing experience than it is a major perk too.

They take a maximum of 2 weeks to respond to accepted pitches so you know after 14 days whether your pitch has been accepted or not. Scotch pays through PayPal and is one of the best websites that pay you to write for web development related topics.

The best part about them is that they are paying you a good amount for an article. They usually pay $150 per article which is a great amount.


Bitch Media is an online platform with a huge mission.

They are providing a very thoughtful, feminist approach to the media and culture. Thus, any piece of article writing that can help them in this purpose, are welcomed at this website.

You can provide them with content for their magazine and online publication both.

The word limit for articles is 1200 to 3000 words. Make sure that your writings do not exceed 3000 words.

The pay usually depends on the nature and quality of your article.

The minimum you get paid to write articles for Bitch Media is $150.

However, if you write a masterpiece, you can get paid up till $1000 too. The payment source is not defined, thus you can always inquire before you start writing for Bitch Media.

The niche is feminism so if you strongly believe in it, you can get paid to write articles on this platform.


Tenderly is another great and reliable website where you can write and earn money online. It is focused on vegan lifestyle publications.

It pays writers who create content on vegan emphasized topics. The target audience contains vegetarians or people who are curious about learning regarding the vegan lifestyle.

You can write articles on vegan recipes, how they help in saving the planet and about how delicious vegan food can be.

An important thing to remember here is that you don’t have to be vegan to get paid to write articles on Tenderly.

Your content needs to be vegan-friendly. If you are good at playing with words, then you can definitely do this.

The word limit ranges from 500-5000 words. Once the article is accepted, you get paid within a month.

Tenderly pays you $200 at a minimum which is the major reason why this website is a potentially growing one.

It is one of the best content writing websites that pay quite good.

However, you need to make sure that your content is unique and you have put in the effort for the research and writing overall.


Writers weekly is a great website where you get paid to write online.

But it is not a blog.

It is an online publication. They pay subscribers. Their main focus remains on “selling” the written word.

They pay for articles that emphasis on this and demonstrate how it is done.

You basically have to focus on how to get paid to write articles and create content that explains everything to people who are interested in doing so.

As the concept to earn extra money online has surfaced rapidly, a huge audience wishes to understand how it can be done.

Furthermore, Writers Weekly also accepts book marketing ideas that are different and creative. If you have something new that isn’t everywhere in the market already, then you can submit that idea to writers weekly and get paid for it.

You get $60 per article and anyone from around the world can write for them.

The payment medium is PayPal only.


Funds for Writers focuses on people who are good at writing and aims to help them.

They prefer articles that help people learn about how to make money online and come up with unique writing ideas for earning.

If you think you have a unique idea for helping people to earn income online, then you can write about it and Funds for Writers will help you!

However, this website does not accept articles longer than 600 words.

You might have to bottle up your creativity but an article of 500-600 words is sufficient enough to demonstrate anything that you are trying to convey to the audience.

Funds for Writers pay through PayPal and you get around $50 per article which is a good deal for just 500-600 words. So try your luck now.


This is one of the best blog sites that pays you to write articles.

Carol Tice is behind this wonderful platform who is a famous freelance writer, earning six-figures.

The basic aim of Make a Living Writing is to help writers in finding better-paying gigs so that they can earn extra money online. You can create content about blogging, copywriting, ghostwriting and productivity.

Your content should focus on how writers can break into the tough competition of online earning these days.

You can also write about the best websites that will pay you to write or any other tools that can help you earn money.

It is best that you join Carol Tice’s writer’s community because their articles are much preferred.

The pay rate is between $75 to $150 per article, depending on the quality. Payment is done at the end of the month, whenever your article is accepted.

The payment source if PayPal only.


Back to College is another amazing website where you get paid to write articles.

However, you need to focus on education and how students can attain financial aid.

You can also write about adult learning programs and strategies for being successful. The articles should range between 1000-1500 words.

The management of the website can easily take up to 90 days to respond to your article request.

Back to College pays you $55 per article and the payment is cleared within 30 days after you are notified about your article acceptance.

The payment source is PayPal only.

These are some of the best websites that will pay you to write.

From Writers Weekly to Scotch and from Back to College to Tenderly, all of these sites are an impeccable source to earn money from writing.

You can visit these sites and sign up, but make sure that you read through the terms and policies!


If you are not interested in signing up for any of the websites that pay you to write, then you can try these following ways to write and earn money online.

Writing is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money online from home.

Start your own blog:

If you are a serious writer and you wish to have your personal writing space then starting a blog is one of the best choices for you to make.

However, this is a time taking process. If you think that your blog is going to be world-famous overnight; you are going to lose the game.

Starting a blog and developing your audience is a long procedure and a lot of effort goes into it as well.

But once it works, you can earn a handsome amount!

On the other hand, you can make a blog to showcase your writing capabilities and add a “HIRE ME” button at the end of the page.

This way, it will be easier for employers to take a look at your writing portfolio.

Pitch a Guest Post:

Being a writer, you will certainly have a few blogs on your favorite list that you read almost daily.

So why don’t you pitch a guest post for them?

This is an amazing way to earn extra money online through your writing skills.

There are tons of blogs out there that accept guest posts.

Look for blogs that accept them and make sure that you read through them for a while to get familiar.

Also, read through their guidelines for guest posting and make sure that you follow them.

If everything goes well, you will be able to have a good addition to your portfolio and a handsome amount of money in your pocket.

Set your eyes on Writing Contests:

Writing contests are an incredible way to earn extra money online.

There is no difference between a professional or beginner; if you are good at writing, then you can showcase your skills through these contests and earn money.

Keep an eye out on writing contests and try your best to win one or two of them.

Become a Copywriter:

If you are capable of writing a clear copy for a content site then you can opt for becoming a copywriter.

Get a Copywriter is a good website to start your copywriting journey.

They have a great range of writing genres. You can write press releases as well. Join a good copywriting website and earn money online from home.

To Sum Up…

If you are in search of ways to get paid to write articles, then this is it for you! We have pitched the best ideas and listed some of the most trustworthy and best websites that pay you to write.

Use these ideas and start your journey of earning money online without any investment. all it requires is your effort and the determination to stay persistent.

There is one key rule; the more you write, the better and faster you will start leveling up and become an expert.