Best Hand Crank Flashlight

Best Hand Crank Flashlight: Nobody would consider cranking to charge unless it’s the absolute last method. When it comes to a certain situation where there is no power, a hand crank flashlight could be life-changing. Any electronic thing that can be used for survival should have a crank charge method. Simply a hand-crank is a mechanical generation of electricity. You simply power it up with the mechanical force which turns into electric force. And that energy is saved for later use.

One of our top recommended products everywhere you would see is the Thorfire Solar crank flashlight.

This product is enjoying good marketing. And it’s fine but we can’t recommend this as a truly purpose-built flashlight.

THORFIRE Solar Crank Flashlight

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Given its weight of 6.2 ounces and size of  5.81 x 1.77 x 2.42 inches, the light output is just okay. One LED is 3 lumens and with that, you can shine up to 35 feet.

But then again this thing is pretty durable and is fine for normal camping use. And we liked that company gave an alternative of solar to make it look more suitable for an emergency option.

The battery is 300 mAh, and it takes 3 minutes to charge this thing to full.

Simply charge it in the solar light for an hour and you will get 2 hours of power.

You don’t have to rely on external power for charging it at all as you can do so during the daytime, as much as you want.

It is not just your best buddy during your home’s power shut down but it is really great for people who enjoy camping and go on outdoor adventures too often. Just charge it during the day and you can camp easily at night time.

Besides that this thing is also portable. It is just the size of your pocket and fits in very finely.

Other than that it is solar powered, IPX6 waterproof (submersible up to 45 feet) and lasts almost 4 hours on a full charge. Solar charging gives you 2 hours of power.

Duronic lantern:

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A hurricane lantern with multiple properties including hand crank, self-powered, flashlight, USB charging function has found a top place in our list. It can be used as a torch, lamp, or lantern. It is considered the best partner for traveling camping, blackouts, and adventurous expeditions.

It has amazing features for tackling emergencies. The most concerning part for campers or Travelers is how their torch will help them in case of unavoidable dark situations or if they run out of battery.

Well, the multipurpose charging facility help to keep it bright. With electricity available USB cable can be used to charge it. Apart from it, wind-up handles can help to generate enough power to keep it running.

Importantly, it has the property of S.O.S red flashing light, to send out signals for help in case of emergencies.

USB port (with cable support) and wind-up functions can also charge a mobile phone or mp3 players during power outage conditions.

It can be considered a handy traveler partner. With handy, comes another important function in mind. That is its hanging ability. A handle makes it convenient to hang it in camps or different places using hanging loops.

Its useful design makes it easy to carry it in all three scenarios, either as a lantern torch or for an SOS emergency flashlight.

A safe, portable, and durable choice to light up individual experiences.

With all its pros, one question keeps bugging. What happens if the wind-up handle is destroyed, or one does not feel energetic to keep winding it?

Of course, a major solar charging function is missing. But don’t get worried, our next options answer this worry quite well with additional features.


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It is a flashlight with multiple charging facilities including solar as well as hand crank and USB charging. Other important properties include portable radio FM and AM, phone charger power bank, a siren alarm, and LED light.

With travelers being ready to explore the unleashed areas of earth, having a flashlight with solar charging ability is a greater benefit. A need of an hour for technological giants.

Apart from this micro-USB and charging crank enables to charge it under power outrages or areas where electricity is not available.

An additional feather in the cap is its radio ability. We can listen to the news even in farther areas, due to its extended antenna.

A flashlight ready for emergencies including natural disasters. With SOS alarm and blink lights, calling for help has also become easier.

This flashlight can be used as a charging bank. Excited?

Yes, the portable charging light can be used as a power bank in case of disasters to charge gadgets.

Isn’t this a must for camping, traveling, and emergencies?

Another important property of lanterns is their compact size and easy to carry nature. In this way, it can easily be adjusted in backpacks, cabinets, and cars, etc.

Although its structure enables it to hang through its handle, still an additional handle can serve the purpose well enough during camping.

Secondly, built-in recharging batteries are missing. Adding these gives extra credit to the usefulness of the product. For this check out our next product review.


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A solar camping lantern, with multiple functions including radio, LED light, 4-way power, and emergency phone charger is another great choice. It is an option for adventurers, exploring different areas.

Multiple power facilities help to charge it under any conditions. Solar power aided by a built-in recharging battery, 3 “AA” batteries loaded in a dry battery case, helps to keep it working.

A simultaneous working is not a question. As they work separately depending upon the conditions. Like, the built-in charging battery will not function if the “AA” batteries are loaded in case.

If we run out of charging capabilities, a hand crank can help to generate electrical power.

A great charging assembly for long-run power outbreaks, emergencies, or disasters.

Radio is a must companion for any outdoor activity. An extended antenna helps to capture far-off frequencies easily. An outdoor companion during outdoor activities.

A two-level brightness of LED light provides brighter light. Aiding in any search operations or field investigations as well as the already mentioned disasters.

The choice of LED bulbs gives a cooler feature to the product, as compared to the previous bulbs used.

Let us talk about its handle. Its handle aids in hanging the lantern-style lights in camping or closets.

Did we miss something?

Yes, the additional advantage of charging mobile in extreme areas where electricity is not available. USB cable helps to charge it efficiently.

It definitely misses an SOS emergency signal light feature. For this feature, our other products can satisfy better.


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It has found a place in our list due to its solar power feature along with crank dynamo and other charging options. Its lumen and the LED flashlight have adjustable settings for camping and emergencies.

An important feature for any hand crank lantern is its multiple charging options. These helps to up the charging game under various conditions.

3 “AAA” batteries in a dry built-in battery port, solar power, hand crank, and AC adapter port provide a 4-way charging facility.

In an area where power supply is not readily available, worries are heard as solar power can help to charge it. Where solar power is limited in areas deep down or darker ones, “AAA” batteries or hand crank do the function properly,

LED flashlights are more economical than early incandescent bulbs, as their light is brighter and stays cool.

This one offers adjustable brightness with 36 LED bulbs giving low, medium, and high brightness settings.

USB port functions as multipurpose, as it can charge gadgets like phone tablets, air pods, etc., making it an ideal outdoor expedition partner.

The icing on the cake is its water-resistant structure, making it easy to carry during rains, hanging in tents during camping, or simply adding it to home emergency kits.

A perfect appearance and features with ambiguous instruction leaflet making it difficult to operate the first time is a major drawback.


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Sometimes a simple design is the coolest option. A handy flashlight with hand crank solar power, LED light, and easy to carry in backpacks, is a fine simple example.

With a simple charging ability either by solar power, when sunlight is available or through hand crank option, no one is left under dark shades.

LED bulb provides a brighter and fully illuminate the surroundings, with cooler effects.

Its handy design and small structure can be kept easily in bags for outdoor sports, camping, searching things in dark closets, or under power shortages.

A simple option to use it either as a torch or to hang it for lantern purposes, it serves both functions quite well.

The biggest click is it does not require any electricity for charging. So, easy charging, and we are ready to use it. No hurry of carrying data cables for additional charging supports.

Its key chain handle enables it to hang while driving, camping, hiking, or in other circumstances.

A super-portable option providing immediate relief to darker rooms under disasters or power failures, without any hustle is the best option.

But, for lacking additional features like emergency SOS, radio, or alternate charging gadgets, it might not be the first choice for certain people. For this, our other options can benefit them in multiple ways.


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A delicate assembly of camping lanterns can please the aesthetics as well as helps in illumination.

Our lighthouse lantern contains, LED light, wind-up crank, USB port facility, solar charging plate, and collapsible legs, which can aid to place them on hard surfaces like tables, ground, etc.

A built-in handle allows to carry it easily and conveniently during walks or expeditions. It also helps to hang the lantern in camps or around walls.

Bright light can be obtained by charging it directly through a USB port via cable, from the sun, or by rotating hand cranks.

A powerful internal battery helps to recharge electronic devices like mobile phones, tablets, headlamps, air pods, etc.

A useful charging partner and handy bag carrier. It can easily fit in bags and be carried along with outdoor camping, adventurous walks, power shortages during hurricanes or disasters.

Multiple arranging options give ease to either hang it through built-in handles or stand it via collapsible legs. What else one wants if such an adjustable feature is provided by a single item?

A 360° bright light illuminating all sides gives a full bright option, but 180° mode can be selected for illuminating half of it. A customized facility for better light saving.

What about the emergency lights?

Well, a red emergency light ring at the top provides this facility to alert or ask for help sending an emergency signal.

No built-in radio is available, but we can charge our gadgets and get our desired functions from them.

Overall a pleasant, experienced item but still the missing functions can be found in other options on the list.


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A long-lasting bright light is always needed for outdoor activities. Mesqool provides a portable bright light with features of multiple charging, power bank with USB charger, compact and sleek design. It has found the right place on our list.

Ultra-long brightness time makes it a perfect candidate for keeping in case of indoor or outdoor situations. A companion of survival kits, in case of natural disasters or electricity blackouts.

Brighter light requires better charging options. For this reason, it is accompanied by 3 charging options.

When electricity is available, it can be charged directly through a charging cable.

In case of no electricity, a winding hand crank can turn electrical signals.

Apart from the above two options, at times a person is stuck in situations where electricity is not present, and his energy is not up to the level to use hand crank ability.

Solar power comes into play. The solar plate can be charged and provide an LED flashlight.

Power bank facility allows charging dead phones in areas, keeping a safe and secure connection.

Its simple design is portable and can be kept in bags easily.

Its easy-to-use operations, sleek and compact design, allows users to place it at the comfort sites. It can be hanged or collapsed to put on a table, either way, brightness is not compromised.

Although radio function or the feature of batteries of the dry port is not available.

Still, it is a good option to keep for traveling adventures, camping, or hiking. For additional properties, check out our next product.


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For adventure expeditions, getting a timely weather update is also essential, along with brighter light options for nights or emergencies.

Our current item has features of emergency weather radio, LED lamp, power bank, SOS alarm, and water resistance. This makes it ideal for Travelers.

It provides two light sources. One is LED reading and the second is a mini flashlight, which can lighten up any desperate situation according to customized needs.

Its 4 charging options give enough room to keep it lighted until situations are cleared.

It can be charged with a USB cable, exposing its solar panel to sunlight, hand crank charging, and 3 “AAA” batteries.

Its emergency radio features automatically warn you about upcoming tornadoes, floods, or hurricanes. This helps to take proactive measures in advance.

Apart from this, its radio can be tuned to AM or FM channels easily.

It also has SOS functions for emergency conditions. While being stuck, alarm sound and red beacon flashlight help to send out help signal to nearby people in the vicinity.

This item can be used as a power bank. With the USB charging port mobile and other gadgets can be charged. This is a plus to get help or keep in touch in case of dangers or electricity outages.

A portable design with advanced features has made this item a priority in time of can easily be carried along with other survival gears.

QOOLTEK Crank Latern

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Our 2nd choice is a cool looking, one of the best hand crank lantern which appears in the outlook of a lantern.

This has to be one of the best hand crank lantern and the coolest one too because it comes with an FM radio.

Seriously, this feature had us so impressed that we had to test it anyway.

However, there are some reasons why this one is not our ultimate choice to make.

Why is it not the best?

  • It is not that portable. If we look at Thorfire, we see that it fits within a pocket. However, this one does not. You need to have a hand free to carry it really well. Or, you can put it along in your bag too. But when you are camping, this one has to be carried in a hand as it does not fit into your pocket at all.
  • We were not really impressed by the radio voice control. The volume control is a bit sluggish. We turned the radio all the way up but then we realized that it is too loud. But when we tried bringing the volume down; it didn’t really work that well.
    Why is it still a good choice to make?
    There are still a lot of reasons why this is the best hand crank lantern that you can get:
  • It gives off sufficient light that you would expect from a lantern. It is bright when it is full charged and you won’t be disappointed with the brightness at all.
  • It offers you 4 techniques for charging and that is what made us love this one immensely. You can either hand crank it or you can charge it through daylight or just charge it with the mini USB that you get along. You can also charge it with 3 dry batteries. Thus, you have a lot of room for charging options which makes it a great pick.
  • Although the volume control of the radio wasn’t very impressive but the fact that this one comes with an FM radio is more than cool to make it an attractive choice. The radio does work great and the antenna is impressive too.
  • The emergency siren is also another reason to make this your choice. The siren is pretty loud to be heard in nearby or a little farther apart areas. If you are stuck somewhere, this siren might be your last hope.
    As it is able to deliver the purpose for which it has been created, we think that this is one of the best hand crank lanterns to opt for.


  • 4 charging techniques
  • 8 LED Lantern
  • FM Radio
  • Emergency Siren
  • Emergency Charge with low conversion
  • Multipurpose usage

Pros. & Cons.


  • 4 charging techniques are a major perk
  • The emergency siren is great as it can be super helpful in hazardous or accidental situations
  • The light it provides is fairly bright


  • Not too portable; large size
  • The radio volume control is very poor; it just doesn’t seem to lower down
  • The cell phone charging function or technique is not really impressive

Who is this for?

This is the best hand crank flashlight or lantern for people who are fine with carrying it around. It is not too portable because unlike the Thorfire, it doesn’t fit inside your pocket. It has to be carried in your hand so your hands need to be free. Also, if you love entertainment while you are on the go for camping or hiking etc. then the radio feature is perfect for you.


“Energy can’t be made or destroyed”, we’ve all heard it a thousand time. So in the case of hand crank flashlight, the chemical energy (from the food we eat) converts into mechanical energy which rotates the “crank” and runs the generator to give out electrical energy which charges the flashlight.

(A crank is anything that turns the back and forth (reciprocating) motion to rotational motion)

To explain the working of hand crank flashlight, we have two magnets facing each other and because they have opposite poles they are trying to come close to each other or in other words, magnetic fields are being generated.

In the center of these magnets, we can see a metal strip which has free movable electrons in it (every metal has).

When we rotate the “crank” the electrons are forced to move (because of the magnetic field), and moving electrons is electricity. This electric current charges the hand crank flashlight.

Owning the best hand crank flashlight & lantern is a necessity these days. When the power goes out unexpectedly and you are out of candles, having the best crank flashlight can literally be nothing less than a savior.

In this post, we have reviewed the best hand crank lantern which is a great investment and won’t let you down.

Our team has tested some of the best flashlights for weeks and we have come down to the following conclusion:

Thorfire Solar Crank Flashlight is the best hand crank flashlight to invest in. create your own power with just a little elbow grease and you are good to handle a power shutdown.

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