Albolene For Weight Loss: Myth? or Fact?

Did you know that in a survey conducted in 2016, almost 39% of the adults aged 18 or more were found overweight!

Everyone wants to look good and they should, with the new ways and techniques being introduced every day, weight loss has been made as easy as it could be. Today we bring you a similar kind of a product called the Albolene, it’s basically a simple moisturizing cream but it can help you lose weight if used in the right manner.

The Albolene weight loss method was introduced by the boxer’s community, they discovered it and it gradually blew up.

There has been a hype that Albolene helps in weight loss. In this article, we shall see whether Albolene moisturizing cream can really help you lose weight, the functionality of how it can help you lose weight, the side effects, effectiveness, and the consequences of using the Albolene weight loss method.

After reading this article you shall be able to understand whether Albolene weight loss is for you or not.

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Albolene – A Boxers Cream for weight-loss

History of Boxing

This method of Albolene weight loss isn’t new at all, it has been there since more than a hundred years, it’s just that there’s been an evolution of brand names and the quality and standards have been improved.

Technically, Albolene is just a motorizing cream or cleanser which can also be used as a makeup remover.

Albolene is also known as Hydroxatone, so its prime function is to motorize your skin, however, the company also claims itself and guides you through its marketing channels on how it can be used for weight loss too.

The Albolne brands itself has been there since 1885. It apparently has a good product rating given by more than 1500 buyers which makes it a really high ranked and satisfactory product. (And you’ll know why in a bit)

Albolene and weight loss

boxers building muscles

A lot of boxers and other fighters use the Albolene cream to lose weight. Besides eating clean and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, they knock off some off those extra pounds of weight by using the Albolene cream.

Although the main focus remains on your diet and workouts, these creams can pace up the process of losing that unwanted body weight to some extent.

The weight here is water weight and not fats. So Albolene does help in losing weight (which is water weight) and not fats.

How to use it?

Boxers and other fighters apply this cream before their fights or before they train. Since they are only wearing shorts while they’re in the ring, they don’t cover the area on which they’ve applied the cream.

However, for the best results, we would recommend you to cover those areas where you’ve applied the cream with some sort of wraps or something else.

We personally recommend you to use Saran Wraps as we found them to be the best option in this scenario.

Apply the cream on your arms, your stomach, your back, or whichever part of the body you want to lose thickness from. Then put saran wraps on those areas. Saran wraps are going to make you sweat twice as much as you were going to sweat without them, hence you also lose two times more weight than usual.

So saran wraps make sure that you are able to get maximum results.

Functionality: How does Albolene work?

Our bodies are made up of almost 85% water. Albolene basically helps you lose that water weight. Technically, when you lose water weight, you lose weight quicker, however, the magnitude of your weight loss isn’t that much,it’s just that you lose weight quicker at a faster rate.

This still makes a difference worth noticeable in your overall progress.

The Albolene when applied helps to increase the circulation in those areas so they can be targeted for weight loss. If you use a Thermo graphic camera after applying the Albolene, you could see those Yellow and Red shades in the camera representing that there’s been an increase in circulation.

However, the cream/moisturizer isn’t going to do the wonders on its own, after applying the cream, do a workout or perform some kind of cardio. The cream will just increase the circulation and as a result will pace up the process.

Expect yourself to be dripping in sweat when you come back from a workout with the Albolene Moisturizer applied. It’s going to be stinky but you’ll soon start to feel good when you see those results.

The results aren’t Long Term:

The truth is that Albolene plays no role in losing fat at all. There’s a difference between fat loss and weight loss and Albolene will only decrease some pounds of weight from your body that too is the water weight only.

Just as fast as Albolene makes you get rid of the water weight, that weight is added back with the same pace.

So these weight loss results aren’t long term at all, they are only for a mere period of time and they’ll vanish again.

Keep yourself Hydrated after using it:

With the Albolene weight loss technique, you are losing most of the water weight. You’ll notice a lot of sweat while using it and it’s basically the water going out of your body.

With that happening, you are going to feel dehydrated which isn’t good for your health at all. So in order to ensure weight loss with your health, not at stake, make sure that you are putting that water back too.

We also recommend you to consume liquids that come with vitamins and electrolytes in order to assure good levels of health.

What is Albolene made of actually?

If you are wondering about the ingredients of the Albolene that make you lose weight this fast, are they even safe or what then you don’t need to worry at all.

Among those ingredients, there are five major ones.

It contains mineral oil which is supposed to perform the main chore of making it a skin conditioner.

There’s Petrolatum which as it does in the other moisturizers, holds in the moisture and eliminates the dryness of your skin.

At number three comes Paraffin which softens your skin, lubricates your skin, and acts as a conditioner too.

Beta carotene is another skin conditioner used in this cream and besides that, there’s Ceresin which is supposed to keep all these things from separating.

All these ingredients and the other minor ones are certified and are safe to use. They have been declared safe by EWG (Environmental Working Group), an organization meant to keep a check on household products for their safety.

EWG has given Albolene some pretty decent grades and has declared it completely safe from Cancer, Developmental & Reproductive Toxicities, Allergies & other Immunotoxicities.

Is Albolene weight loss the suitable weight-loss method?

The first thing to keep in mind is that Albolene isn’t a miracle product and it’s going to show very minor results. The results are also limited for a certain amount of time only.

This is because Albolene makes you lose the water weight as discussed earlier, and hence it brings noticeable results however in the long run, it’s not an optimal weight loss method.

Secondly, again since Albolene isn’t a miracle product, it’s not like those weight loss belts or fat reduction pills in the market which you just use and consume and start showing results.

Albolene can be used to lose weight using a particular method as explained throughout this article. Itself it won’t do any wonders if you aren’t performing some kind of an exercise after applying it. It’s just that it helps you in your physique related goals by playing its part to some extent.


So making the decision easy for you, Boxers and fighter use the Albolene weight-loss method before their fights only because they have to reach the desired weight goal.

If you have a targeted goal to look slimmer for a family function or an event, then Albolene is a fine option and will certainly help you lose a significant amount of water weight.

However, if you have serious long term physique and fitness-related goals, then Albolene isn’t for you, focus more on your workouts and a protein enrich and caloric deficit diet.