Best Pack n Play for Traveling

Raise your hands if you think that Pack n plays are a godsend for all the modern moms out there! Modern Moms are in a constant battle between managing their work life and their domestic responsibilities.

The variety and value of equipment like the best pack n play is definitely a testament to that.

Every baby brand has now launched their own versions of pack n plays.

These are a better, more evolved editions to play-pens, a mommy’s very own assistant if you will.

A lot of moms aren’t a big fan of traveling with their young ones, some of them might even try their Level best to keep away from the trying ordeal.

Constant discomfort for your child isn’t any mom’s ideal trip.

Thanks to modern innovations, there are now pack n plays that are fit for all kinds of environment.

Of course, picking the right one that suits both you and your baby along the journey is no easy task, without proper research, it might even take you a few failed attempts to realize your desired features.

In order to make some mom’s day a little bit better, we decided to do their research for them, here is our list of the best pack n play for travel from good to better to of course the best.

If you would rather skip the details then we would recommend Graco Pack ’n Play Playard for it’s spacious yet breathable design.

5. Lotus Travel Crib and Portable Baby Playard

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This masterpiece is on the 5th in our list of the top best pack n play for travel for its flexibility and portability.

With 12 pounds of weight, it can easily be carried anywhere. The pack n play comes in a back-pack form that can be set up anywhere in under a minute.

For most users, it took almost 15 seconds to set up the whole pack n play.

The item is not just easy to set up and portable but also very safe for your child, the breathable mesh material of this pack n play Green guard Certified for safety.

All the materials are used with extra consideration for your child’s health and safety. The side zipper door is yet another unique feature of this pack n play.

If you prefer falling asleep with your child then you can simply zip the door once your child is asleep.

The thick and soft foam is guaranteed comfort for your child. Anytime you want to hit the road you can pack this baby essential and carry it either backpack or briefcase-style.

We also found that the mesh of this Pack n play was noticeably thicker than most others we tried out which of course makes for greater durability.

However, there were a few things that we noticed after a few days of use, the mattress while initially pulled up at all four corners after a while lay flat.

While the side zipper was installed to make things easier for babies falling asleep, for babies who are light-sleepers it might just work the other way round, it might snap them awake.

But seeing as how the height of the crib is at 25 cm, the side zipper might just be a blessing for older moms with back problems.

All in all, it was one of the best Pack n play for travel.

4. Graco Pack n Play on the go Playard

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This is yet another portable and easy to carry pack n play, however, what makes this one stands out from the previous is the special, removable bassinet that allows you, baby, to grab a nap whenever and wherever you are.

The compact structure offers fewer parts to bring and more comfortable for you. What’s interesting is that despite the extra addition of the bassinet the entire structure does not weigh more than 23 pounds.

This is pretty lightweight with the convenience it provides. And if the removable bassinet wasn’t enough to satisfy the folding feet and wheels definitely should be.

The signature push-button fold allows you to fold up the entire pack n play in a matter of seconds.

Despite its simplistic design and lightweight, the product is very durable, it will probably stand a good beating.

A major drawback to this product is that the mattress cannot be replaced or altered in any way.

The user manual comes with this specific warning and if nit heeded, it might be a suffocation hazard for your child.

This can however be taken care of by contacting the Graco helpline and getting the mattress replaced to suit your needs better.

3. Joovy Room2 Portable Playard

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If this product had to be described in one word, it would be spacious.

After recent modifications like the expanded floral space make it so much more spacious than any other pack n plays in our list.

It comes in a variety of sizes with the largest one having dimensions 39.75* 39.75*31.00 inches.

You will find that this product is suitable for both sleeping and playing around without feeling too stuffed.

It can facilitate a twin nursery and is an ideal buy for twin babies. The mesh fence is reinforced by metal and plastic-coated railing with padding to prevent injury.

The mesh doesn’t just provide a breathable environment for the child but also a 3D view for the mother to monitor the child at all times.

The front wheels add to the easy travel feature. The waterproof sheet allows you to easily wash the material and keep it clean for your baby at all times.

Moreover, the 100 percent cotton sheet and padded mattress add to your babies comfort, he/she can play in all day and fall asleep when tired.

It is the perfect product if you’re looking to steal a few moments to take a shower or read a book while keeping an eye on your baby.

Like the previous two, this pack n play can be folded up and back-packed to travel around wherever needed.

Additionally, it can also carry in any baby items like diapers, baby bottles, and even larger baby accessories which again owes to its spacious nature.

More room for playtime and more comfortable mattresses are probably what make this product among our top 3 picks, these features are unique to and specialized in this particular pack n play.

However, all good things come at a cost, for the spacious nature of this product it weighs 29.6 Ibs which is slightly more than your average pack n play.

2. Evenflo portable babysuite 300

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We had quite a hard time picking out the best between these top two products. This particular pack n’ play wins with its overall convenience and added features.

A full-sized, removable bassinet, a portable playard, a diaper stacker, a toy bar that offers the facility of removable toys, and a play mat, all this with a stylish modern design is a feature offered by none other, even the ones in our list.

Despite the many features and compartments that this wonderful pack n play offers it does not make it complicated to set up or fold up while on the go.

You can simply fold up the pack n play into a self-containing case and carry it around briefcase-style.

If you’re looking to save up on baby equipment then this is definitely the one for you. Its various features make it completely suitable for any and all kinds of environment.

The playard offers complete safety for your child with durability and quality material. The large wheels with brakes add to the stability and make it easier for you to carry this pack n play around.

At 23 Ibs and for all the extras it offers the pack n play is reasonably lightweight, in fact one of the lightest pack n plays in our list.

Before ordering the pack n play you can even customize the size of the bassinet and other equipment as well. You see this product offers overall convenience.

The only possible drawback to this product is that it might sometimes be too difficult to set up.

Although at the first few times it easily sets up and folds back, but upon further use we found that the sidebars could sometimes almost be non -functional.

However, this issue isn’t common with the product and all in all it is one of the best and most durable pack n plays we have reviewed.

1. Graco Pack n Play playard:

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And on top of our list is the product that beats all when it comes to comfort and convenience.

It is made of soft and simple fabric that can easily be cleaned and will not bother your child’s skin, the mesh is airy and allows for full ventilation.

This one too comes with a removable bassinet; the net bassinet has been proven to be more comfortable to children than any other in our list.

With the flexible Crib can be adjusted according to your child’s growing age, which means that you will not have to get rid of it anytime soon, it’s a one-time investment.

Although it doesn’t provide as many extra facilities as the Evenflo version, however, it does come with a toy bar and soft toys along with soft toys apart from the comfortable bassinet.

It features automatic folding feet and wheels to make it travel friendly. Its durable frame will allow it to last quite a while before you have to get rid of it.

The reason for this one to be top of our list is because of its comfortable height and wide space that will not make your child feel trapped in a box or make them too uncomfortable.

The Height is less than 35 inches so that the baby can jump around without climbing over the pack n play, whereas the dimensions 40x 28.5 in length and width are enough to allow play time and a night of comfortable sleep.

Apart from minor damages after a few years of use, this pack n play is a perfect buy for all kinds of parents and for all kinds of environment, It is perfect for travel.

We found that even if your child outgrows the bassinet the playard can still be used for kids up to 2 years old.

With all the convenience that this pack n play has to offer a major disadvantage is that it will no longer facilitate your kid above 2 years of age.


Being a mom is hard as it is let alone, being a new mom. We hope our list of the best pack n play for travel helped you as much as it helped us.

No matter which one you decide to go for, remember to do your proper research and consider your child’s habits, some babies are more energetic than others.

You do not want to get something short heightened like the Lotus travel crib if your kid is likely to jump out of it every now and then.