5 Creative Ways To Express Gratitude

Gratitude turns whatever we have into being enough and satisfactory. For many people showing gratitude means just to say thanks or sorry to someone, but you can’t stop there because gratitude means a lot more than this. You can’t put a full stop after saying thank you or sorry or welcome or whatever you want to say and just go. You actually have you show that you mean it or you are actually gratified in the first place.

So for that, you have to do something big or plainly something creative for that person so that he/she can remember your appreciation for the rest of their life and can build respect and love for you.

Gratitude has always been a pleasant feeling for everyone. Embracing gratitude might not be so difficult if things are going well, but if you show your appreciation to a person who is going through some difficult time, then I assure you that it would be the most powerful gratitude that you have ever shown to anyone.

Showing thankfulness or embracing your loved ones on their success or achievements not only cheers them up but also encourages them to maintain their goals. Every relationship demands a stronger bond. And expressing gratitude is one of the factors which help to maintain the power and respect of relationships.

So here are some creative ways through which you can express your gratitude to your friends, family, and people who support you or challenge you.

In all, here are 10 ways through which you can express gratitude to simple anyone!

Try to give the best compliments:

Giving the best compliments is one of the basic ways to show gratitude. If you admire something then it is good to express it in words. William Arthur Ward said, “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it”. Giving nice compliments is the first step to building a stronger bond with your friends, family or that special one in your life.

Give handmade gifts:

If you really want to show your love and feelings for someone then always try to give them something creative and handmade instead of just buying a branded dress for them. Handmade things are always more meaningful and speak of love.

For instance, if you are giving a present to your friend then try to make a photo album for her/him because in this album you are giving all the best memories. You can also make it more creative by putting some fun quotes. You can also pay attention to its décor. I assure you that it will be the most heart touching and lifetime gift for them and you will be expressing gratitude in the best manner as well. Make homemade gifts with the best crafting tools.

Give full attention:

Always try to give them your full attention. And tell them that you’re always there for them whenever they need you. Try to build a relationship in which they don’t have to hesitate so that they can count on you. This way they will share their burden and problems with you and you will be lightening their heavy heart! Who wouldn’t like that?

Put your phone away when you’re with people:

People who are always indulged into their smartphones and they really don’t care what is going around are usually the ones who don’t maintain relationships pretty well. So always try to keep your personal things and work apart. When you are sitting with family make sure that at that given time your first priority is your family. And the best way to express gratitude is to be fully indulged with them while they are with you.

Teach others about something:

Another way to show your gratitude is by spreading your knowledge to others. So if you know about something then always try to convey it because through this a lot of people will be able to look up to you. They will be able to ask you for suggestions and for your help in time of need.


There are so many ways through which one can show gratitude to their family or friends or their partner. Relationships are always in need of expressions. However, words are not always enough to speak of appreciation and love. Sometimes, you need to go a little over the board to make things matter and to make them last a lifetime.

Expressing gratitude is really essential. You need to be gratified to your loved ones and words do not support you all the time. So let your little actions do the magic. Speak through your actions or do something special for them. Be creative with your thoughts and think of how your special people would love to be loved! You will see how expressing gratitude creatively lightens up everything!