How Can I Make My Fan Quieter?

How Can I Make My Fan Quieter?: Fans are fun and pleasant until they start making irritating noises, more so while sleeping. This is the worst time to be annoyed by the noise coming out of your fan.

Dissimilar to air-cooling, a fan does not really make the air in a room cooler it rather cools the people. However, having a fan in your room comes with a lot of pros and cons. One of the disadvantages is “noise”. When a fan is turned on, its noise becomes quite prominent to the ears.

Muting your fan would not only reduce the stressful noise but can also help in reducing the fan electricity costs.

Some ways to make you Pedestal Fan quieter:

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Keep the fan on a leveled surface

The rotating floor fan may produce a rattling and squeaking sound. It is indeed irritating when the fan produces such sounds. But the solution is easy.

Make sure the fan is resting on a leveled surface or balancing the weight of the fan properly on the ground as it helps reduce the annoying sound.

Placing a soft and thick soundproofing material below the fan

The base of your fan may at times get harmed or twisted with time which happens with most of the devices and there is no need of living with such rattling noises. This problem can be easily fixed by using a soft surface.

Buy a material that can absorb and reduce the maximum fan noise. Using a thicker rug will give out better results or using soundproofing blankets that are thick and dense will also make a difference.

They need to be placed under the fan so they will absorb most of the unpleasant noise and let silence prevail in your room.

Cleaning of fans at the right times

Fans can often accumulate lots of clouds of dust which can distort the moving parts and a major cause for the fans to become noisy. Therefore, the only way to stop the noise is by cleaning your fans at least once a month.

It does not take much of your time and will obviously keep your peace intact.

Fix all the loose screws and knobs of the fan

With time, electronics start to wear out. In the case of fans, since they are being used almost all day long, it is very easy for them to wear out in some places.

Having loose screws and knobs can surely make the fan delicate which can turn a stable fan into a shaky one, resulting in clattering noises.

It can simply be resolved at home. Just by using a screwdriver and a wrench you can easily tighten up the loose screws.

Before fixing the screws and knobs you should ensure that the fan is unplugged from the power otherwise you might get an unexpected electric shock!

Position the fan blades properly

Right after cleansing your fan, remember to place the blades in their proper arrangement. If you skip this step, they can cause your fan to be unstable and produce a weird noise when the fan is turned on.

Oiling the motor frequently

One of the best ways to stop the fan noise is oiling. It helps mechanical rotation to be efficient so that it can move smoothly.

It stifles the clicking and the thumping commotion of the moving parts. It also helps deaden the clicking and the clunking noise of the moving parts.

Use just two drops at a time. Otherwise, you will face a risk of damaging the motor.

Oil your fan motor at least twice a year. Liquid bearing is the best option to buy for your fan because any fans without lubrication will freeze and stiff, over a period of time.

Fluid bearings come with a lot of benefits. Come to think of it, any fans left without lubrication will eventually freeze and not move.

Change of the cushions

The main role of foam is to decrease the sounds of a fan as they absorb and alleviate all the weird and irritating noises. Fans are of various sorts and plans made to fulfill client needs.

While some have foam cushioning in the middle of the caps, each foam is made up of a different style.

Every part of the fan can get degraded, worn out, or get roughen with time. Thus, it is suggested to replace any used and worn-out cushions to get the silence back in your room.

Maintaining the condition of the fan cage

Mostly, the fans are noisy due to its cage which is also known as “the blade guards”. The enclosure is usually metallic with clasps on the side made of either metal or plastic.

But because of the movement of the motor, it is possible for the cage to be damaged or be broken and cause super displeasing and bothersome sounds. However, a quick self-fix is the best solution.

With a distorted enclosure, wedge a bit of thick rubber material between them to close the hole. Then firmly fill the hole and slice the bit of elastic to a size so that the edges don’t hit it when they begin to turn.

The enlivening cap on the front outside can be free. Utilize paste or glue to fix it in its position.

Tighten of the blades regularly

Sometimes it is possible for the noises to come if the blades are not tightened or placed in the wrong order, for an old fan that is. The loose wiggling blades spinning can cause a lot of disturbing noise.

To eradicate these noises, ensure that all the blades are tightened up with the use of a screwdriver. Keep a check on the blades after weeks and service the fan regularly to keep them in good condition.

What are the quietest fans out there?

Costway 16-Inch Pedestal Fan

Costway is one of the best fan towers in the market, particularly if you are searching for something basic that works superbly by reducing noise levels.

It is a durable set in a very modest price tag, equipped with incredible features for you to have a problem-free experience. It has features such as different speed levels, swaying, control, and clock.

You can control the functions of this fan both physically and by using a remote that comes with it which can be used at least 3 feet away from the fan.

In case you’re searching for a basic, calm fan, this Costway fan will not disappoint you. It has all the features you require without spending too much.

Vornado 6803 DC Energy Smart Air Circulator

It is also known as one of the most powerful pedestal fans out there. It works by using its Vortex air circulation. This basically means that the Vornado 6803 DC uses 80 % less energy as compared to other fans of the same type.

Not at all like other floor fans in the market, consider the Vornado a force to be reckoned with. Its airflow settings may overwhelm your experience, because of the 99 unique options available.

You won’t struggle to search for the correct cooling machine, because this one is made just for you.

Honeywell double blade 16-inch

Regardless of whether you intend to use it in your living room or bedroom, it won’t be a problem at all. You can move it across various rooms since Honeywell double blade is extremely lightweight.

Its incredible two-fold edge design can cool a room instantly, and its three-speed settings give you the measure of airflow just the way you need in your room.

Unquestionably, if there’s one fan out there that has a superb incentive for cash, it’s the Honeywell Double Blade Fan.

What is the average noise made by fans?

As a rule, it tends to be said that around 50 dB (Decibels) sounds are perceived as calm or quiet. However, with a fan, it is essential to find the correct balance of sound level and its airflow.

The sound issue can be resolved by soundproofing your fan with the given guidelines mentioned above. But it should be clear that the noise from a room fan cannot be reduced completely. The rotating fan blades will still make creaking sounds.

There are 3 common types of noises produced by fans

  1. Grinding Noise

If you hear rackets like metal parts rubbing together, then it’s clearly not a great sign. This grinding sound will occur at all fan speeds and might be worse at higher or lower speeds.

It is the sound you hear when the metal parts of the fans are being rubbed together which is clearly not a good sign. This sound takes place at every speed of the fan but can get more serious at a higher and lower speed of the fan.

  1.    Buzzing Sound

Buzzing is one of the most common noises that come from fans. It usually befalls when something electrical is involved and can be heard in old fans.

Having control of fans through a dimmer switch is more likely to encounter the buzzing issue.

  1. Rubbing Noises

Rubbing noises are generally rhythmic, with the period of the circulation of the blades. They’ll accelerate and then slow down with the fan.

Rather than simply making a steady stable, it sounds simply like two non-metallic pieces rubbing against each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What more can be done to reduce the buzzing sound?

If you hear the buzzing sound of the fans which is the most annoying sound then you should know the fan is controlled by a dimmer that is used to manage the fan speed.

The problem might also be in the dimmer.

Because dimmer switchers are not the proper and the right way to handle the fan speed, the dimmer control should be replaced with standard speed controls.

Q – How to clean the fan to make it quieter? 

It is very simple. Just follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Ensure your fan is turned off or unplugged while cleaning for your safety.
  2. Remove the front blade cage.
  3. Unscrew the cap at the center of the blades.
  4. Carefully remove the second cap that divides the blades of the fan from the back of the cage
  5. Slowly slide off the back of the cage so that a bare motor is left
  6. To clean the cage, caps, and blades, you must use a dry and clean cloth
  7. Wash all the parts with a frothy cloth. Later, you can wipe them and let them air dry
  8. Use a dry cloth to wipe the covering of the motor as well

Q – When should the fans be replaced?

When you start to hear bizarre noises accompanied by a strange smell from the fan, it means that the fan has a bad drive capacitor and it should be replaced as soon as possible but if it does not work then it is recommended to be replaced by a new fan.

Or when you are seeing sparks with weird sounds from the fan motor then you should immediately change it, otherwise, the motor has chances to catch fire. But most highly, it is important to call a professional to handle these issues.


Above mentioned are some of the best ways to keep the fan away from producing all sorts of irritating, unpleasant, and disturbing sounds. But the most convenient and easy way is to keep a proper cleaning routine of your fans, maintenance and replacing all of the old and worn out devices for peaceful evenings and better nights.

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