How To Get A Girl’s Number On Instagram?

Social media has highly impacted the world around us, nothing has been spared. Not even the dating world.

In fact, this world has overtime grown cooler than ever before.

Reaching your crush through just a few clicks! I mean, it couldn’t be more fantastic.

Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, and all such apps have been a safe lover spot for many years now.

So today if you like some girl and want to ask her out, just get into the list of her friends and followers, show some good behaviour there, get to know her more, let her know you more, built the comfort zone and


All set to grab her attention.

Now ask for those golden digits, yeah got us right, her contact number.

While asking for those digits might be nerve wrecking, it is not as hard as one might think.

There are primarily two ways, first one is either you ask her number by commenting on one of her posts or the other one is by direct messaging her.

We highly recommend you to always direct message her. Direct Message means that the conversation between you both can only be viewed by the two of you and no one else and that the matters are kept private.

Go through her profile first thoroughly

Her instagram

If her profile is public, follow her. Go through her profile, like a few pictures and comment on any that interests you.

BUT, don’t go on liking her posts from three to four years ago.

This will make you seem like a stalker and we don’t want that.

If you comment, try to frame that comment as a question in order to keep the conversation flowing.

Moreover, if she posts a new photo, don’t like it instantly in milliseconds, give it a few minutes, let a few likes get collected and then you like it.

Initially give your best shot to appear neutral and subtle and try not to give away that you are interested in her.

A woman’s Instagram’s profile is a depiction of her personality so, make use of this information to your benefit.

Put your effort in trying to know her better, look for her hobbies and interests, read her captions, go through her comments.

At the same time, beware for any engagement rings or relationships. Try to notice the small, discreet details, they will most definitely come in handy later on and make your girl feel special.

By doing all these things, you will be making regular appearances in her notifications ,that might catch her attention.

No matter what, Stay Confident!

Stay confident on Instagram

It is okay to be nervous but you should never doubt yourself thinking that you’re not good enough for her, whether in terms of looks or social presence.

You are unique and charming in your own way and you don’t need to compare yourself to anyone.

It is vital to be direct and subtle while keeping your confidence in check.

Its okay if you are the one approaching them. It does not make you any less.

Be The Real You:

Be the real you on Instagram

Never message her from a fake account with no posts or zero following and expect her to reply.

Ensure that your profile is worth grabbing her attention. It is important that you have a lively, functional profile with at least three to four posts to avoid the creep sticker.

Just like you get ready before going on a date, you should build an eye catching profile before sliding into her DMs.

Your profile picture should be attractive, avoid using a lot of filters and selfies.

Your profile should be able to spark a streak of curiosity in her.

Remember, ‘looks are the hooks’, if your photos will look good, you will look good and that will massively boost your chances of getting noticed by her.

Add a little something about yourself like your current city or college or a quote that you really like in your bio.

In short, your Instagram profile should be a genuine representation of who you really are and somehow it should standout from the crowd.

Check for mutual friends:

Mutual Friends

A mutual friend between you and that girl is a win-win situation.

This will make it easier for the girl in trusting you as a string of familiarity would be established.

You will no longer be a complete stranger to her now and maybe your friend can help in introducing you to her.

Reply to her stories:

Reply her on Instagram

This is an effective way of striking a conversation, BUT don’t go on replying to every single one of her stories, do it occasionally and try to appear natural.

If she posted a meme on her story, you can react haha to it or a laughing emoji will do the job.

If you see her hanging out at the certain restaurant that you have visited before, you can reply and causally ask whether she liked their food or not and mention that you have visited that restaurant before.

DM her the right way:

DM her the right way

Never use a bland hi or hello as a starter for any conservation, what response do you expect out of such an unaccompanied greeting?

Be creative and unique and get that ball rolling.

If the girl you are trying to approach is a social bee, it is likely that you are not the only one trying to catch her attention.

She must have her DM filled with random thirsty creeps.

In such a scenario, you got to stand out by being a respectful gentleman.

To do that, first you need to avoid any cheesy pickup lines. These apparently romantic lines are out of date and girls are sick and tired of hearing them. So, it is time to grow up and be original.

Find the common interest:

social media fasting

This might be the pillar of your relationship with her.

For example, if you see that your girl is a foodie and she frequently visits new restaurants, you might strike a conversation by asking her views on a certain restaurant you know she visited.

Try to engage her in a back and forth dialogue that is most likely to illicit a response from her.

Don’t feel dishearten if you both don’t have a lot in common, in fact remember, ‘opposites attract” and you both can still develop appreciation for each other.

Connect with her emotionally:

Connect with her emotionally on Instagram

Your dream girl is more likely to share her digits if she feels comfortable with you.

The best way to achieve that  is by connecting with her emotionally.

Make sure that you are good listener and that you recognize her feelings and that you understand her. Respond to her in a timely manner.

Try your best to appear responsive and available. Don’t say something hurtful even as a joke. If she shares something tragic about her life, make sure that you make her feel like you are honored that she chose to open up to you.

Don’t disregard her opinions, in fact accept them even if you disagree with them.

Don’t be too straightforward:

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Don’t rush. While it is important that you are crystal clear of your intentions with her, never ask a girl for her number in your first conversation or be pushy.

Encountering stalkers and thirsty dudes only interested in their looks is a common happening for most girls on Instagram, so remember, a girl is not gonna give you her number just because you asked her to, you need to build a rapport first.

Strike a few conversations by asking her about her hobbies or any other common interest like music or books, ask her views on things, get to know her better.

Realize that there is way more to her then her looks, she is book waiting to be read.

When you feel that she has started warming up to you and things are getting a little bit less formal, compliment her.

Compliment her looks or any other trait you found admirable.

Girls don’t like rushing things, whether on social media or real life or even in bed, they like to build things, build relationships adding meaning to it all the way through the journey.

Another important thing is that you should never start your conversation with a compliment.

That will make you look like a creep who is just interested in her looks.

When you think that adequate amount of frankness has been developed between you two, respectfully tell her that you like her and that you would like to get to know her better.

Here too, avoid usage of slang and be respectful.

Tell her that you loved getting to know her on social media and that you would love to get to know her in real life and then plunge in, grab the opportunity  and ask for her number.

Politely acknowledge her views about you. Be compassionate and don’t allow her to take advantage of you in any way.

Don’t try too hard:

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We know you like her, but don’t go overboard in trying to impress her.

Be original and never lie abut yourself.

Don’t appear as desperate. Don’t hide your opinions and views just to impress her, be honest and transparent. Give it time. What is meant to be, will happen.

If this is not the one for you, there will be another.

Don’t be creepy:

creepy on instagram

This includes nudes and any other inappropriate stuff for example any meme related to one’s race or religion.

If you know that she is uncomfortable talking about a certain topic, don’t force her.

Keep in mind, for any relationship to proceed forward, it is crucial that both partners respect each other boundaries.

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You need to realize that you are not the one trying to get her to notice them.

Her DM might be filled with creeps that she need to filter out.

So, it might take some time for her to realize, that you are not just another dude trying to get in her pants, but you are a genuinely nice person who is really interested her and not just her looks.

Also she has a life apart from social media,which hopefully you will become a part of.

Don’t assume that she is not interested in you just because she is taking time in replying.

Don’t expect her to reply within hours, give it time.

Be ready for rejection as well:

No Contact rule on phone

There are things that you could do to get her to like you back but there is a limit.

If she is not responding to any of your messages or comments or has left you on seen at the same time while she is socially active on Instagram, don’t be baffled and accept it that she is not going to.

Move on, there are plenty of fish in the sea.

However, if she does reply you back and she claims that she is not looking for a relationship at that moment, be understanding and respectful.

Tell her that you understand, politely and add that if she ever feel like trying for a relationship, she should contact you.

Even if she says that she is not interested in you, don’t be rude and act mature and acknowledge it and part ways on positive terms.

Summing up:

In conclusion, always remember, what is meant to be, will happen.

So, give your best but don’t rush.

Once that girl will start trusting you, she will give you her number automatically but keep in mind that trust is not something that you earn in a single conversation.

It takes time and you should be willing to give it as much time as it requires.

Always be respectful and polite. Even if you fail to get her digits, its okay. There are plenty of fish in the sea.