50 Awesome Dares For A Crazy Party

50 Awesome Dares For A Crazy Party: The infamous game of truth and dare has been a go-to since perhaps as long we can remember. Whether a girl’s night in with a sleepover, a house party or an adult get together, no party is complete with a round of the good ol’ truth or dare. That’s why we compiled 50 Really Cool Dares For A Crazy Party. Or several rounds of truth or dare. I don’t know. It is one of a kind, after all.

Truth or dare is the number one choice for parties whether it be middle schoolers, teens, or even adults. Just like everyone else, truth or dare has also seen an intense wave of evolution.

We have almost had too much of the same old and stale dares at this point, so today we have a whole menu of 50 cheeky, hilarious, and some 18+ dares to choose from and make your party one to remember!

Let us get this party started, shall we?

50 Really Cool Dares For A Crazy Party

Cool party dare games
  1. Fill your mouth up with water and try to sing a song

Try opera for this one.

  1. Make an obscene phone call to a random number

A prank call never goes wrong.

  1. Take a shot of soy sauce, hot sauce, and mustard all mixed together

This martini from Hell prepared by the Devil himself will have the victim wanting to scrape their taste buds off.

You can personalize, but please make sure to keep it safe for consumption!

  1. Tell the most embarrassing thing about yourself to the person closest to you

Everyone has one cringe and embarrassing story. Or maybe even more. The worst part is that you are not the only one who knows about it now.

  1. Show your entire browsing history to the group

Old, but gold.

  1. Talk aloud to yourself for the next 10 minutes and make sure everyone hears you

Nothing is better than seeing a friend make a fool of himself in front of a large group of people.

  1. Get a bottle of ketchup from the kitchen and try to sell it to the group for 5 minutes

Perfect for someone who dreads public speaking, let alone look dumb enough to sell ketchup.

  1. Rank the group in order of who you like most to the least

This one will unleash a lot of ugly truths. Make sure you all do not get offended easily. In the end, it is just a game.

  1. Share your most exciting fantasy or dream with the whole group

Everyone has had fantasies. The plot twist is that you have to share it with a group of people and make them laugh at how weird you are. Good luck.

  1. Call your crush, crack a random joke with no context, and then hang up without saying anything

This one will be absolute Hell for the person who has developed a new crush on someone or has had one since forever.

What a great and painful way to make the first move *wink wink. *

  1. Copy someone in the room for the rest of the game

Penalties whenever they miss something!

  1. Teach everyone how to wear socks for 3 minutes

Because no one knows how to wear socks, right?

For extra fun, make them act like a teacher, while the rest of the group sits around like students.

High school just got better.

  1. Ask a plant out

Plants are your future…boyfriend.

  1. Blindfold your friend and present them with 3 objects to lick

I would suggest a newspaper, a stone, and a tablespoon of hot sauce.

Nothing that makes you end up at the hospital though!

  1. Mimic Kylie Jenner until your next turn

We all wish we could be the world’s youngest billionaire. The catch is that there is no money involved in this one.

Time this dare to be fair, or not if you are feeling a little frisky.

  1. Ring the neighbors’ doorbell and ask for a condom

Have you ever heard of meeting the neighbors in such a way?

What a great impression.

Splendid for an adult get together.

  1. Send a blind text to a random person in your DMS

Just pray it’s not a creep who falls in love with you the second minute.

  1. Lay on the floor and act like you are a fish pulled out of water

Get those acting skills out of your friend and feel free to make tons of Snapchat stories.

  1. Call a fast food restaurant and ask them to make reservations under a celebrity’s name

Hello, this is Julia Roberts, I would like to make reservations for a table for two so we can be chic and eat McDonald’s at the same time.”

  1. 7 minutes in heaven with the person next to you

This one will force everyone in all future parties to wisely choose who they sit with. One bad move and you could end up in 7 minutes of Hell with someone you absolutely despise from the group. It is an oldie, but it has always been worth it.

  1. Breakdance to a country song

You can change the type of song and choose which particular song you want your friend to show their moves to. It will leave them feeling like they are back in a middle school talent show. Particularly great if they are shy. Or a bad dancer.

  1. Eat a spoonful of salt, then sniff pepper and try not to sneeze

First, enjoy a trip to Hell, and then go back for seconds as you try to hold those sneezes in. This dare may sound simple, but it is actually a lot more devilish. Enjoy this friend’s sneezes for the rest of the night.

  1. Take a picture of the toilet and post it with a romantic caption telling how much you love it

Get poetic and let it all out. Tell the world how much you enjoy sitting on it.

God. NO pun intended. 

  1. Slide an ice cube into your pants

A squirm-worthy and hilarious dare that will be an unforgettable memory at any party

  1. Send a text message to 15 people inviting them to your marriage

Good luck to them if their parents get that text.

  1. Act out an orgasm

If you are at an adult party, then dares like this one are per-fect to add a sexy touch to your party and make it even more fun!

  1. Call a restaurant and sing happy birthday to the person who picks up

Bonus points if you can sing in a Southern accent.

  1. Go around the room and squeeze each person’s butt

Awkward and cheeky. That pun was totally intended.

  1. Call a Chinese restaurant and ask if they have pizza

Then have them ask you if you are in your right mind or not. Just saying.

  1. Tell the person next to you about their most annoying trait

This one is easy. Unless the person next to you is someone you do not personally know, or if they are too good to have an annoying trait. And trust me, everyone has a trait that might annoy you, so do not use the latter as your excuse.

  1. Exchange a clothing item with the person sitting opposite to you

Another interesting and unique one. And it’ll be even more interesting if you are at an adult party and the clothing exchange can happen between the opposite genders.

  1. Confess something to the person on your left

Daring someone to spill a long-kept secret will have them peeing their pants. It will be even better if the person sitting right next to you is actually someone you have been hiding something from.

  1. Share the last text message sent from your phone with the group

Probably the only you will be dreading sending that freaky text to your partner the night before.

*laughs wickedly*

  1. Call a friend (who is not present at the party) and fake a fight with them

Choose the right friend, please. You don’t want to deal with a real fight later.

But don’t worry, good friends will always forgive you.

  1. Take a shot out of someone’s belly button

This one is wicked, gross, and honestly, very entertaining to watch. It will earn you all the hoots you deserve.

  1. Slide into the DMS of the first person in your friends’ requests

This is ideal for a high school party and will have the group in fits of laughter and the victim embarrassed as hell. Send them an embarrassing picture to scare them. I prefer chin on the neck, double chin on display, tongue poking out, and eyes wide open.

  1. Stick a hot Cheetos in your nose for 5 minutes

Don’t try this on someone who has a respiratory problem. You don’t want to end your party in the ER!

  1. Call a pizza parlor and flirt with the person who picks up

Just make sure your number is blocked, or you could actually end up with a boyfriend/girlfriend….unless, you want to?

  1. Talk in a different accent for the next 10 minutes

Ask them to sing us their favorite song and enjoy the foreign concert. Honestly, One Direction, who?

  1. Put your underwear underwater, then into the fridge for 10 minutes, and then wear it

I can feel how painfully atrocious this dare will be. But it will be particularly fun when you get to see a friend squirming when they feel cold down there. E-n-t-e-r-t-a-i-n-i-n-g.

  1. Go out into the street, find someone, and tell them that you are lost in a baby voice. Do this with 3 people at least. 

Have people think your friend has lost their mind, walking around saying they are lost with their friends walking behind them. If all of you do not want to step out to witness it, then just send a cameraman with the person so their encounter can be recorded for the rest of the group to enjoy.

  1. Take pictures of your feet and post them on Instagram without any context

Then wait for people to hit your DMS and asking for more of them. Ahem ahem.

  1. Crack an egg into your shoes and wear them

A personalized foot mask shipped from hell. Just kidding sorry.

  1. Give a lap dance to the person in front of you

Another one for the grownups.

  1. ‘Meow’ after everything you say for the next 15 minutes

Enjoy your friend looking dumb for the next 15 minutes. I will not even mention how much laughter worth of Snapchat and Instagram storied it will equalize to.

  1. Go out in the lawn and pretend to take a dump until 3 people see you

Even though this is hella embarrassing, you might make new friends on the street willing to join for a couple rounds of truth and dare. That is my way to be positive about this dare, shush. 

  1. Hold a serious conversation with a wall

Come on, let us be real though. We normally come across people who make us feel like we are talking to a wall almost every day anyway, so this should not be very difficult.

  1. Smell everyone’s armpits in the room, then rank them from freshest to stinkiest

This is literally the translation of evil. Not only challenging for the person doing it but also extremely embarrassing for the people presenting their armpits, LOL!

  1. Go out and lick 5 different trees

Make the nature lover in your group really go out and taste nature. Cherry on top if a couple of people passing by stand to watch. Congrats, the victim will have a greater audience. I do not even want to think about the embarrassment this person has to go through.

  1. Pretend you are in love with someone’s feet. Convince them to love you back. 

I really do not need to say more about this. It is as fun as it sounds. Ask them to tell why do they love these feet so much and watch them express their feelings to feet!

A note to remember:

That is it with our list of 50 incredibly playful and amusing dares that you can turn to in order to make all your parties spicy, juicy, and not a snooze-fest. However, while playing truth or dare, even though you want to make it as fun as humanly possible, it is suggested to not do anything harmful, or even potentially harmful for someone as you do not want to cause any emergencies.

Additionally, some dares might be a little too intense for some people and they would prefer to pass on them. In such cases, respect their decisions, and have backup dares ready. Do not force anyone to do something they do not want to do as it is just a game for the purpose of laughs!

So just relax and laugh the moments out with your friends while you make some belly-aching memories without causing any harm to anyone physically or emotional.

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