Best Career Matches for INTP

Best Career Matches for INTP: INTP is one of the sixteen Myers-Briggs personalities. INTP is an introverted personality that is highly creative. They like to analyze theories, ideas, and systems to find innovative and imaginative ways to resolve abstract issues. Their mind is always busy finding and thinking of new ways to do things. A challenge does not scare INTPs. Their analytical thinking, intellect, and attention to detail help them in many ways. This highly intelligent and unique personality values straightforwardness and honesty. In addition, they do not like to be the center of attention and are very private.

Even though INTPs do not open up easily to others, they are not judgmental and are very accepting of others. INTP may be open-minded, but their straightforward thinking and high intelligence may give the impression that they are insensitive. This personality takes their time to understand the entire situation and then make decisions weighing the good and bad. They can make unbiased decisions after examining concepts, beliefs, and ideas. Moreover, they make decisions based on facts, rather than emotions.

However, at times INTPs are so lost in their imagination, they may come off as absent-minded. This may interrupt their daily workload. Though, an INTP is passionate about the projects they like. So mainly, the focus of INTPs depends on if the work they are doing is liked by them or not. They also like having the freedom to work in a way that suits them. INTPs hate being limited by rules and regulations. They may come up with solutions and creative ideas, but they do not like implementing them. Implementation is a responsibility they do not take.

Despite all this, INTPs love tackling challenging work but dislike monotonous work and repetitive tasks. Complexity motivates them and boring jobs dull their creative approach to finding solutions.

In terms of workplace requirements, an INTP will be frustrated to work in a team that slows them down, is not as intelligent as them, or is boring. They prefer similar traits partnership and independence over a team.

Below is a list of nineteen best career matches for INTP personality:

Programming and Development

How to be a Happier Freelancer?

Computer Programmer

A computer programmer is responsible for testing, troubleshooting, and designing programs. A programmer also has to create and write codes. They are supposed to ensure that the programs are bug-free.

Most of the work requires coding and complex issues. INTPs are not afraid of such complex tasks because they can put their intellect and sharp brain to some good use. Moreover, this job is easy for an INTP because they have a detailed oriented eye that does not miss out on small things in long codes. Plus, they use their creativity to resolve the hard issues. In case of any improvements, an INTP will be able to identify it in no time as they love analyzing systems. All the issues are resolved till maximum efficiency is reached with innovative approaches.

They do not rest until they have perfected the program. This career path gives them the complete freedom to do the task according to their freedom. It does not limit them to 9 to 7 pm office hours behind a desk. There are no repetitive tasks. Most importantly, INTP gets to work alone in silence, without interacting with others.

Hence, it is no doubt INTPs will excel in this field that makes good use of their logic and creativity.

Web Developers

Web developers are like computer programmers, but they work with websites mainly. They write codes and programs that create websites for different clients or companies. They are liable for ensuring that the websites are fully debugged and functioning.

INTPs will make brilliant web developers because of their ability to give undivided attention to the details. They also use their analytical skills to write big web codes in computer language. Moreover, they use their creative side to design websites as per the needs of their clients.

In case of any problems, they do not worry because they are able to tackle any issue using their smartness and logical skills.

A job of a web developer is not monotonous and gives INTPs the perfect work environment where they do not have to interact with others. So, without a doubt, this career field is also right for INTPs.


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Software Engineer

A software engineer is an engineer that creates software programs and works with software development, in general. Their main task is to design, create, code and debug software.

INTPs are well suited for this career because software is a complex system and an INTP loves analyzing systems, ideas, and theories. They can find effective and efficient solutions to the problems in the software. Plus, they tackle all the issues innovatively. They find new ways to approach the problems and find solutions to them. Their strong analytical mind comes in handy when they need to test and develop software. Only a strong minded person like INTP can handle all the math and logic that goes into making streamlined software.

Since an INTP loves to make sure everything runs smoothly, they are always a step ahead and ensure that the software will not crash in the future. This job requires a detailed oriented and strong minded person like an INTP.

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace engineers design robots and machines that are able to fly. Since this field requires a mind that understands all the laws and practicality of physics, an INTP would be the right fit. This is so because an INTP is highly intelligent and is able to comprehend such complex applications. They can understand physics and see the bigger picture through just the abstract ideas in their head.

During the whole designing process, an INTP is able to see problems from different angles and use their creativity to think for solutions. They ensure that their solutions are very effective and efficient that produce concrete results. Besides, INTPs can give their undivided attention to the task they have been assigned. This non-monotonous job will keep the brain of INTP occupied till they are satisfied with the solution they have come up with.

However, an INTP in this field will most likely be assigned a team of similar interests and main goals. This is according to the likeness of an INTP and is not much of an issue. The curiosity of how things work and a good set of critical thinking of an INTP are the reasons they will be the perfect candidate for this job path.


Architectures design infrastructures according to the visions of their clients. Since they need to bring the imagination of a client to life, they use their amazing set of creative and imaginative skills to do so. An INTP as an architect does not fail to meet the vision of their client. They are creative and logical enough to understand the design and the development process.

INTPs have a good set of communication skills so they can know in-depth what their client is asking for. Although they dislike working with people, they do not mind such clients who are as serious about their work as INTPs are.

One of the biggest benefits an INTP has is that they only need to design the work, they do not need to implement or do work to bring their design to life. They can give their complete focus on the project and do not miss out on anything because they are very detail oriented.

Lastly, their good sense of aesthetic and love for designing things will surely ensure that INTPs excel in this field of work.

Law Enforcement

Dating a Cop Cons


INTPs career path as a lawyer fits them perfectly. This is mainly because of their strong analytical and logical thinking. In addition, their ability to comprehend a high level of information and complex ideas also aids them in this career.

Although an INTP likes to work in freedom, because of their fine detail oriented eyes, they can follow and abide by the strict rules and regulations. The main reason why n INTP succeeds in this field is because of their capability to look at things from a bird’s perspective. They can look at things from different angles and then make their decisions. Most importantly, they do not let any emotions, beliefs, and ideas affect their decision. They make unbiased decisions after analyzing an entire scene.

An INTP has all the strengths needed to be a successful lawyer. This rational work field will make good use of their logical, analytical, and anticipating skills.

Business and Economy

business women

Business Analyst

A business analyst is liable for making recommendations for businesses where improvement is needed, after evaluating their data. They are required to streamline production, improve the financial status of the business, and organize their ongoing and past projects. INTPs have strong and reliable analytical skills which are very resourceful in this career path. Hence, they will succeed in this work field naturally. Their analytical mindset and a creative side benefit them come up with effective yet innovative recommendations. INTPs technical and problem solving skills help them process all the complex data of the business.

Since this personality is a curious one, they are through with their in-depth analysis of the problems and issues. Moreover, their detail oriented eyes surely help them fulfill the task without any inadequacies.

A major plus point of working as a business analyst for an INTP is that businesses go through a lot over a year, they may be making a profit, going into debt, or working sufficiently. Since it is a changing industry, the work tasks are not monotonous, and this does not bore an INTP. Besides, this work path offers a huge diversity of tasks and complex challenges which gravitate towards an INTPs personality.

Business Analysts make good use of INTPs analytical capabilities. So, without a doubt, INTPs will flourish as business analysts.


The economy is ever-changing and is very fast-paced. Plus, it is also a complex system that the majority do not understand. However, an INTP has a certain likeness towards complex systems, and they are able to fully understand them. They can make a detailed analysis of the economy, as required. Their ability to give extra attention to the details helps them in the process of grasping the complex system and examining it.

An INTP can easily perform all the hard tasks of an economist such as gathering data, using mathematics and statics to study the data, and research it. Moreover, their high intelligence level does not scare them away from structured issues. They can tackle the issues through imaginative and new ways.

The ability to think critically comes naturally to an INTP so they will succeed as an economist.


Jobs for people who have

Information Security Specialist

Information Security Specialist is supposed to monitor a company’s network, ensure all the software’s are up to date, secure sensitive information, develop a secure online system, troubleshoot the software, and be able to handle security threats.

This working field is a crucial and sensitive one that an ITNP takes as a challenge and does not fail at it. They are always ready for an unexpected challenge. Plus, this means no monotonous and recurring tasks, so an INTP does not only stay engaged they also do not get bored of their work life. Such challenges also make good use of their creative side and imagination. Both these skills help them come up with innovative ways to overcome security threats and do other work tasks. Their ability to give exceptional attention to the details help them while troubleshooting programs and developing modified software.

Most information security specialists work alone in calm surroundings which is according to the likeness of an ITNP. INTPs can look at things from multiple viewpoints and this ability of their implemented as an information security specialist is helpful because it helps them think ahead to deal with threats. In addition, their analytical and logical skills also help them find solutions to reverse engineering tasks.

Information Security Specialists make good use of all the strengths of an INTP. It gives them a work environment and works task they prefer and use their strong natural skills.

Arts and Humanities

Editor Jobs


As odd as this career field may seem for INTPs, it is not. INTPs love creating and solving complex issues. This tapped in with their creative side helps them come up with some mind-blowing and highly engaging stories. Moreover, they also find new ways of portraying and conveying their story thanks to their imaginative and creative side. All of their ideas are original because of their imagination and creativity.

INTPs often view things well from a bird’s aspect. This ability of their aids them in creating mind-twisting and mysterious stories well.

Authors work in complete isolation and have complete freedom over their work and work timings. They are not bound behind an office table from 6 am to 5 pm. They have all the freedom in the world to create stories. Their work is not boring as they are their own boss.

INTP’s attention to the details surely helps them add interesting depth to their work. Author is not a poor career option for INTPs.

Creative Director

Creative Directors design, create and develop brand advertisements and campaigns. They are the creative mind behind all the interactive brand campaigns and ads. This job uses tactical skills as much as creative skills. As challenging as this may appear, INTPs are not worried one bit!

INTPs are not only tactical with their work but are also highly creative and imaginative. This personality may not be able to communicate well with their clients, but they surely give results. INTPs use their creative sides to design the whole campaign for the brand. They find innovative ways to make the campaigns and advertisements relatable and interactive to the customers.

Most creative directors work alone which an ITNP also prefers. However, some may have a small team of similar traits as an INTP, with whom they get along. The majority of their work is non-repetitive as each client has different demands for their project.

Hence, INTPs do make good creative directors.


Another job career that makes maximum use of INTPs creative and imaginative side. Both these sides of an INTP help them be innovative and come up with new ways to do things. These skills in addition to their problem solving ability help INTP come up with ideas that are out of the world. Though INTPs do not like implanting their ideas, their ideas are very unique and doable.

Inventors often need to think outside the box, and this is no issue for INTPs. Inventors work in solitude and are not bound to any deadlines. INTPs use their imagination as a motivational force. They have all the freedom in the world to come up with an innovative idea. They can get extra freedom if they are self-employed rather than working with a company or an organization which gives some certain deadlines and limits their creativity.

Inventor as a career choice is a great fit for INTPs.

Technical Writer

Technical writers are required to convey complex information clearly. They are supposed to collect stats and data, analyze the collected data, and present it in simpler words. INTPs have no issue in doing these tasks because they cannot only comprehend complex issues; this profoundly intelligent personality is also able to give undivided attention to details.

Technical workers work independently and INTPs are in favor of working alone in quiet environments. This career path also makes excellent use of IINTP’s creative skills. They are not bound to work in offices which means they can also work from home as long as their work meets the criteria and quality of work demanded.

INTPs problem solving, and logical skills aid them greatly while doing tasks as a technical writer. This career uses strong qualities of INTP character, so surely, they will thrive in this work field.


Musicians not only create music, but also compose music, direct musical events, and manage musical choirs or groups. They may be self employed or work with management companies or in the education sector as music teachers.

INTPs are very private individuals, music to them acts as an excellent outlet of emotions. They do not expose themselves, yet they are able to express themselves. The freedom of creating music and the creativity required for it can be managed by INTP personality.

The freedom, creativity, and detail orientation of INTP helps them succeed in the music industry as a musician.


Chemist jobs


Scientists look at abstract ideas, do research, and make an in-depth analysis of their theories. INTPs love exploring abstract ideas, theories, and systems. It uses their creativity which helps them come up with different, better, and new ways to do things. This ability of theirs help them in analyzing. In addition, their strong attention to the details also does not miss out on any steps when they are following a procedure.

Scientists may come up with ideas and theories in private, but they often require a team to reach their end goal. Although, an INTP does not prefer working with a team, a team that has the same end goal as they do. Scientists overall work in a quiet environment which an INTP prefers.

So, it is no surprise scientist as a career fits INTPs well.

Computer Scientist

Computer Scientists develop hypotheses and ideas about computers and related machines. They not only need to create ideas but also troubleshoot, develop algorithms, computer languages and create solutions to problems in advance. INPTs aptitude to view things from a separate outlook helps them resolve all problems beforehand. Moreover, their detail determined eyes do not miss out on any minor shortcomings in the process of developing and troubleshooting.

Furthermore, INTPs analytical skills help with the whole developing, creating, and troubleshooting process. So, computer science is not a bad career option for INTPs.

In Conclusion

INTPs love solving complex issues. Sometimes they are so lost in their work that they forget the world around them. They are highly intellectual personalities that work in a very creative manner. The one field where an INTP will immensely thrive is any job related to technology.

This rare personality will also do well in engineering related fields like aerospace engineering and software engineering. Healthcare does not offer INTP in any field. Though, science does like a forensic scientist. Some arts and humanities related fields such as musician, author, and a writer will surely get the creative juices of INTPs working.

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