10 Mouth Watering Most Delicious Foods of The World

10 Mouth Watering Most Delicious Foods of The World: Traveling to every country in the world may not be on the table for everyone, but trying their delicious foods is quite simple. It is a good way of tasting their culture and traditional delicacies. You can try the most delicious foods of the world by experimenting in your own kitchens or you can simply go to specialized restaurants around you who offer these services.

You can take an adventure on a culinary journey across the world, letting your taste buds set sail in the wide oceans and seas of delicious foods and cuisines.

Every country has its own taste and traditions. The ingredients of climate, seasons, habits, and soil all add up to the final flavor of their national dishes.

Every country and region has a different taste and style of eating food.

Various elements in their lives define the foods that make up their regional cuisine formula.

Discovering the most delicious foods of various parts of the world can be a treat to savor for a lifetime.

But with so many dishes and cuisines out there, there are certainly some questions about their popularity.

Like what is the most delicious food in the world?

Which is the tastiest food in the world you have ever tried?

What can be ranked as the world’s most delicious food?

There are scores of dishes that can fall into these categories.

You can start tasting them but you will fail to find the most delicious food ever because of the large variety and the difference of opinion and taste between people and regions.

What one person considers the yummiest food may not be of the highest liking by another.

So, in order to have a clear idea of the most delicious food around the world, we will gauge them with overall popularity and likes.

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food,” – George Bernard Shaw.

With so many dishes and foods available to eat all across the world, this cannot be more true.

Food is a necessity of life.

Without food, we can cease to exist. It brings us nutrients and acts as a source of energy for our physical activities.

Without food, there could be no life. In this article, we bring to you some of the most delicious mouthwatering foods from around the world and try to stimulate your taste buds to enlighten the foodie that lives within you.

Wait for no further and let your eyes feast and your mouth water on these amazing dishes from across the globe.

35 Most Delicious Foods of the World

Vietnamese Pho

Vietnamese Pho

This is a highly popular dish made from noodles. It is comforting for the tummy and warm on the tongue.

It is known for its simplicity but offers an amalgamation of flavors that are both refreshing and tasty.

This dish originates back to the late 19th century in the Northern part of the country.

It has a strong influence of French and Chinese cuisines and cooking styles but the Vietnamese taste dominates it.

Canadian Poutine

Canadian Poutine

It might not look as tempting as but it sure does taste fantastic. This dish is Quebec in origin but has become one of the most popular cuisines in the region.

Locals take pride in this dish and its liking stretches across the region to the north-east of the United States.

Based on a simple recipe made from French Fries, it has a strong crunch on the outer layer and soft mushy inside.

A meaty, rich textured and thick gravy is poured over these French fries for the ultimate delight.

It may not be treated as a formal main course dish but is sure wonderful to munch on when you are craving some culinary delicacies especially when it is coupled with cheese curds.

Cheese curds are small-sized cheesy bites that are added to the French fries before pouring in the gravy.

These provide a smooth creamy yet semi-solid texture to enlighten those taste buds.

American Hamburger

American Hamburger

Although this famous food originates back into Germany, it is undoubtedly the most famous all American food. Its name Hamburger comes from a German city, which originally the burger patty was first created by mixing ground beef with garlic, onions, and simple seasoning. It was in the 19th century that this dish was first cooked.

Savored with different kinds of sauces and secret ingredients, the hamburger is no less than a popular America Icon. It is a very essential component of US culture and tradition.

Mexican Tacos

Mexican Tacos

Tacos are made from corn-based tortillas that are soft on texture. These tortillas are then filled with various fillings and sauces.

Most popular taco fillings include pork, chicken, and beef.

The dish was first conceived and consumed in the 18th century by the Mexicans.

You can find tacos on the US as well but the Mexican Tacos are different from their American version.

The former is mostly topped with onions, cilantro, and different types of salsas while the latter have tomato, cheese, and lettuce as their most popular toppings.

The Mexican tacos are most delicious when topped with locally made guacamole.

Laotian Som Tam

Laotian Som Tam

Coming from the ancient region of Laos, this is more like salad full of vegetables and fruits.

It is has a crunchy texture and is spicy in its flavor.

The main ingredient of the dish is unripe and raw papaya mixed with a variety of vegetables and fruits.

The salad’s dressing is quite unique as it includes palm sugar in addition to basic chili and lime juice.

Although the dish was first created in Laos it is equally popular across neighboring Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Arepa from Colombia & Venezuela

Arepa from Colombia and Venezuela

This is cornmeal bread that is traditionally eaten in both Venezuela and Colombia. It comprises of fillings and stuffing which may either be sweet or savory.

The shape of the bread is round and flat and it is cooked on a grill mostly.

You can also fry it, steam it, bake it and even boil it.

It is one of their staple dishes that may be eaten even on a daily basis and this relishing is continuing for centuries.

Spanish Paella

Spanish Paella

They say you cannot complete your visit to Spain if you have not tried this locally tasteful dish from the 19th century. Although it is even older than this, its modern version was introduced in the 19th century.

Initially, the dish was prepared in a small town called Albufeira near the city of Valencia.

The workers there would cook this most delicious food on open fires.

It is a combination of rice served with seafood.

It has one of the most amazing flavors and is cherished by the Spanish people like the sunshine.

The locals consume this dish with different variations like adding chicken to it or combining chicken with seafood.

Paella Valenciana is the name of the dish when made with chicken only and paella mixta is its version of chicken and seafood together.

As per the locals, you can create as many Paellas as you can think of.

Turkish Kebab

Turkish Kebab

This is one of the most delicious foods on earth. It comes with a rich historical presence and is considered as a cultural heritage of Turkey.

It was first cooked by Turkish soldiers in the 14th century when they used to hunt and relish their freshly hunted meats.

The dish was cooked mostly open fires.

Over the past centuries, the kebabs have evolved into a number of variations and versions.

Some of the most popular and delicious ones include the doner and shish kebabs.

Other regional forms are testi kebabs and Adana.

As per traditions, you can only make kebabs with lamb’s meat. But now modern versions can be made with different forms and types of meats.

Middle Eastern Falafel

Middle Eastern Falafel

Who would not have heard about Falafel from the Arabian Lands? It is a delicious and tasty dish made from ground chickpea flour shaped into patties.

The flavor is added in with various traditional spices, onions, and herbs.

The patties are generally deep-fried for the yummy rich texture. It is a vegetarian delight that is almost a 1000 or more years old.

As per history, the dish was originally started in the land of pyramids, Egypt. It was a special alternative created for Coptic Christians.

Back then Falafel was made from lava beans but later on as it moved towards the Levantine region, it was substituted by chickpea flour.

Hawaiian Poke

Hawaiian Poke

The meaning of poke in the local language is to slice. It is a native Hawaiian dish that is made from raw fish diced in small cubes.

It was not popular many years ago, but as the world started concentrating on healthy food forms, dishes like poke became famous.

The dish was originally devised by the natives of these islands.

They would season the fish they caught from the sea with traditional types of relish called inamona, sea salts, and seaweeds. This would make their fish taste exotic and unique.

Lebanese Manakish

Lebanese Manakish

This is a famous dish originating from the Levantine region of the world. It is primarily made from flatbread that is served with a variety of different localized dressings.

The most popular dressing includes onions, tomatoes, the scrumptious zaatar, and feta cheese with a savory flavor.

The dough is rolled out and pressed manually with fingers to make room for the dressings.

It is a very commonly consumed food in many neighboring countries in the vicinity including Syria, Jordan, Palestine, and Israel as well.

It is mostly eaten as a breakfast item even on a daily basis.

Thai Pad Thai

Thai Pad Thai

Recognized as the national dish of the country, the Pad thai is one of the most delicious street foods of the region.

The dish comes with a number of versions and variations, the primary ingredients of the dish includes fried eggs, rice noodles, dried shrimps, and tofu.

These are flavored by the addition of tamarind paste, peanuts, red chilies, palm sugar and fish sauce.

It is an amazing combination of savory, sour, umami, and sweet tastes.

Georgian Khachapuri

Georgian Khachapuri

Made from a specially prepared dough, the bread is shaped to form a bowl or a vessel to contain the main food of the dish.

Its gravy is made from butter and cheese coupled with an egg that is in its runny form. Regarded as the national dish of the country, it is a very widely consumed and liked dish in the country.

With so many people consuming dishes on a daily basis, it is added as an economic indicator for the country as well.

Known as the Khachapuri Index, it helps to measure the inflation levels in the country.

Chinese Dim sum

Chinese Dim sum

These are steam fried dumplings of very small size and are regarded as one of the most ancient delicacies of the Chinese tea houses. It is sweet as well as savory can take the form of rolls and buns as well.

The food is presented in a localized Chinese manner in steamers made from bamboo material.

The name of the dish also has a Cantonese significance and means touch the heart in the local language.

It can be consumed at any time of the day with pleasure.

Indonesian Beef Rendang

Indonesian Beef Rendang

Indonesia is famous for its curries and gravies. This is also a curry-based dish that inherits its amazing flavors from the long hours it is cooked.

Originating from the West Sumatra region of the country, it is made from beef that is combined with a variety of exotic ingredients including onions, garlic, ginger, red chilies, lemongrass, black pepper, turmeric, satr anise, bay leaves, turmeric leaves, kaffir lime and lastly galangal.

All this flavor is then combined with local coconut’s milk and let to cook for several hours.

The dish is ready the meat is fully tenderized and the gravy is just about to caramelize.

Japanese Sushi

Japanese Sushi

Sushi is a signature dish of the oriental Japanese land.

It is a combination of raw fish, rice, and seaweed.

It the local language the meaning of the word sushi is “it is sour”. This famous is now available in almost every part of the world with many variations and versions.

The most popular sushi types include the following

  • Nigiri, sushi with fish and rice
  • Maki, Rice with the wrapping of seaweed
  • Temaki, cone-shaped sushi
  • Sashimi, fish sushi without any rice
  • Uramaki, rice coating on the outside

French Cassoulet

French Cassoulet

This dish comes from the Languedoc region of France. This is a very famous and loved food in the country.

People like it so much that there is actually a festival dedicated to this dish. It is called the Cassoulet Night.

The dish is primarily a stew brewed in an earthenware cooking pot.

The main ingredients of the dish are haricot beans that are coupled with some kind of meat.

In most cases, pork sausages and mutton are used. Duck and goose meat are also hot favorites.

Indian Masala Dosa

Indian Masala Dosa

An all-day-long dish that can be eaten anytime, masala dosa is mainly a crepe made from fermented batter of rice and black lentils.

It has been eaten in this part of the world for more than 20 centuries now.

The crepe is relished with a number of different fillings and stuffing which are mostly vegetarian.

To make the taste more enjoyable, it can also be eaten with different sauces and chutneys like tomato, green chilies, and coconut chutney.

Belgian Moules Frites

Belgian Moules Frites

Another yummy dish made from French fries is the Belgian Moules. It is loved not only by the locals but is also very popular in Brussels. It is a lunch item that consists of crispy French fried that are coupled with mussels. The mussels are steamed together with various sauces and broths to enhance their flavor. The most favorite margination of the mussels includes the mixture of shallots, parsley, butter, and of course white wine.

Moroccan Tagine

Moroccan Tagine

This is a centuries-old cuisine that mainly comprises of a stew cooked and served in a handmade terracotta bowl. The name of the dish has also been extracted from this pot. With a dominantly sweet taste, it consists of meats mixed with vegetables and fruits. The seasoning includes ginger, saffron, cumin, turmeric, and most exotic cinnamon.

This is one of the most mouthwatering foods in the world. It has been descended by the Berbers but today it is a renowned dish, not only in the Arab’s world but also in some European regions like France.

Swedish Meatballs

Swedish Meatballs

Considered as the national dish of Sweden, it is actually a dish that comes from Turkey.

As per history, the recipe of the dish was brought back by King Charles the XII in the 18th century from the Turkish lands. It consists of boiled and mashed potatoes that are served with brown colored creamy gravy and jam made from lingonberries.

Italian Neapolitan pizza

Italian Neapolitan pizza

This is a food that needs no introduction. It is famous worldwide. You can find a pizza anywhere in the world. The Napolitana Pizza is the original pizza that started its journey in Italy.

It is made from Mozzarella Cheese made from buffalo milk and amazing tasting Italian tomatoes. The pizza is cooked on a wood fire oven for its great taste.

American Gumbo

American Gumbo

This is the official food of the state of Louisiana in the United States. It comes in different forms and varieties. The origin of this amazing dish is not very clear but some say it has a West African and French influence.

It is mainly a stew brewed together with celery, onions, and bell peppers.

German Sauerbraten

German Sauerbraten

Regarded as the national food of Germany, the Sauerbraten is a one-pot dish that is traditionally cooked with beef.

The meat is kept in a margination for many days before it is pot-roasted.

The margination ingredients include red wine, vinegar, exotic spices, local herbs, and water.

The pot roast is served with a strong-flavored gravy that has a sweet and sour taste.

As per the locals, the dish is dated back to the 9th century. It was inspired by the era of Julius Caesar and Charlemagne.

West African Jollof rice

West African Jollof rice

Another very delicious and famous one-pot dish comes from West Africa.

It has originated from the many western African countries like Ghana, Senegal, and Nigeria.

It is prepared with slight variations in every country as per their own likings.

It primarily consists of rice flavored with tomato sauce full of spices. The mixture is cooked together on slow heat until it is ready to serve.

The most common ingredient is basmati rice.

Jamaican Jerk chicken

Jamaican Jerk chicken

Jerk chicken is popular not only in the US but also in most parts of the western world. It is a specially marinated meat that is native to the Jamaican Islands.

The margination includes a twist of the all-spice powder and scotch bonnet pepper. The meats that are mostly used in this dish include chicken and pork.

The marinated meat is chargrilled for that amazing smoky flavor.

It is known to have influences of Spanish and Peruvian cultures but it is truly a loved dish in the Caribbean Islands.

Russian Chicken Kiev

Russian Chicken Kiev

Made from top quality chicken breasts, this dish is also one of the most delicious and mouthwatering foods that is loved all over the world.

The marinated chicken breast is coated with bread crumbs and stuffed with butter and sautéed garlic.

As you cut through this fried delicacy, the garlicky butter oozes out making your mouth water with delight.

This is a feisty cuisine that has a rich traditional history. The dish has been named after the name of Ukraine’s capital city. But its actual origin is somewhat shady and there is no evidence where this food was first introduced.

Singapore noodles from Hong Kong

Singapore noodles from Hong Kong

This dish is known to be from Hong Kong but has been misnamed with a Singaporean origin. It is a form of noodles with curry.

The noodles are stir-fried and seasoned with curry powder. Vegetables, meat and scrambled eggs are then added to enhance the exotic flavors.

The dish has a Cantonese origin and is not even known in Singapore.

Argentinian Asado

Argentinian Asado

This is a famous barbeque dish that dates back to the 18th century. The name is devised from its recipe which involves roasting a large piece of beef on a metallic structure called asador.

The meat is placed near a fire that burns slowly and gradually cooks the meat.

It is the most popular food item in Argentina and is part of their common family foods.

Austrian Wiener Schnitzel

Austrian Wiener Schnitzel

This is a veal based dish that has a unique and exotic taste. It consists of a cutlet that is made after the veal meat has been pound and seasoned with salt and spices.

The pounded meat is then coated with eggs, flour and crumbs to give a crunchy texture on the outside.

The cutlet is pain fried in shallow butter.

It is one of the most popular Viennese culinary delicacies.

Today, the dish has evolved its ingredients to offer variations like using pork instead of the meat of veal.

It may also be served a side dish like boiled vegetables like potatoes.

Afghani Kabuli Pulao

Afghani Kabuli Pulao

Named after the capital city of the war-torn country Afghanistan, the dish is a must-try if you love eating rice.

It has a very illustrious history and is actually part of the country’s cultural heritage.

Made from top quality basmati rice, the dish is completed with meat mostly beef, and a flavorful amalgamation of spices and sweet dry fruits.

The taste of the rice is multiplied by cooking it a broth extracted from the meat.

The rice is then covered over the meat pieces and place in an oven for baking on low heat.

The add on ingredients include raisins, Julian cut sliced and fried carrots, almonds, and orange rind.

English Fish and chips

English Fish and chips

Life in the United Kingdom is incomplete without this delicious food called fish and chips.

It is a popular food item in most night clubs and pubs.

Loved by people of all ages and likings, the dish originated from London and Lancashire County in the 19th century.

It is actually a foodie’s passionate delight to eat their chips with white fish covered with flour batter and fried to provide you the ultimate food item.

Greek Moussaka

Greek Moussaka

This dish is not only popularly eaten in the Greek region but also in other countries like Lebanon and Turkey. It is believed that it was adopted from the Arabs when they carried the aubergine to the Greek country.

The dish consists of various layers of ingredients like potatoes, wine sauce, meat grounded finely, and of course the main ingredient aubergine. It is a traditional dish that is a must entry on family feasts and special occasions.

Pakistani Nihari

Pakistani Nihari

A commonly loved food in the entire subcontinent, this is considered as a breakfast entry. However, people can consume this rich textured gravy dish any time of the day.

It is mainly a stew that contains large pieces of meat preferably shanks from lamb or beef. The stew is brewed on slow heat for several hours to extract the flavor of various spices and herbs in it. The gravy is thickened by adding flour and serving it with ginger, onions, lemon, and coriander.

Nepalese Dal Bhat

Nepalese Dal Bhat

Another delicious food item from the south Asian region is dal bhat. Made from lentils and rice, it is an extraordinary combination to try for every foodie in the world. It contains a number of spices and herbs that help enhance the taste of this aromatic cuisine.

Let Your Taste, Buds Rumble!!!

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf.

What is the world’s most delicious food? It is a very simple question. For a second we all might think that this simple question can have a simple answer. But when you give it a thought, it is not that simple after all.

We may think that we know which are the most delicious foods in the world? But the list is so long that deciding on a few dishes can be difficult. In this post, we have shortlisted some of the yummiest dishes that you can try from across the globe.

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